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Microsoft Access is a Database Management System (DBMS) from Microsoft that combines This is an introductory tutorial that covers the basics of MS Access. ESSENTIAL MICROSOFT OFFICE Tutorial for Teachers The database component of MS Office is designed to act as an "intelligent"1 electronic. Microsoft Access – Notes. Canceling Changes to a Field or Record (The ESC key ). If you wish to cancel some changes you've made to a field and the pencil is.

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Version a: Note on AutoNumber added to Figures C and s. Version b: sic behind Access. MS-Access is also a good illustration of many princi-. Some basic features of MS Access, including tables, queries, forms, and reports It is important to note that MS Access sometimes uses different terms from. MS Access Notes - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

For those who need help or are not aware of what tables their project would require can make use of the templates available for them. Microsoft Access templates has a huge compilation for some commonly used databases that would be required by users. Even new users can create a database using a template by the following steps Open Access and open the backstage view by clicking on FILE. Find the required template among the templates you would see there.

If the required template is not found, users can search Microsoft Office online to find additional templates. Tap or click the template which is suitable for the purpose and ensure that the selected template is specific for either for a desktop database or Web Publishing.

Enter a file name and select a location to store the created database. Tap or click the Create button to create the database. It is as easy as that. The feature is available as a text box on the ribbon in Microsoft Access that says Tell me what you want to do with a bulb beside it. Users can enter words and phrases in the text field related to what they want to do next and quickly get to features they want to use or actions they want to perform.

It also provides help related to what is being searched for. Users do not have to hunt any feature down through a maze of menus with Tell me bar available.

The instructions will cause actions to take place automatically when the program is executed.

This powerful feature allows developers to extend basic custom end-user solutions to a professional solution by using advanced automation, data validation, error trapping, and multi-user support in their databases.

Some of these components are common to other Office apps whereas others are unique to Microsoft Access. The ribbon contains five tabs used to accomplish various tasks on the computer related to organizing and managing the contents of the open window in Microsoft Access.

It is located near the top of the window below the title bar and provides easy, central access to the tasks performed while creating a database. The ribbon available in Microsoft Access consists of tabs, groups, and commands.

Each tab contains a collection of groups, and each group contains related functions. This will be explained in more detail within these notes. The ECDL access module requires that the user is familiar with:.

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The first thing that you need to do to begin a new database is to open MS Access and create a database using the following steps. Select where you are going to save the database and name the new database then click the create button to set it up. The next step is to construct the tables that will hold your data. Fields The lowest level of data e. Name or Surname Records A collection of fields e.

Name and Surname and Age Table A collection of records. Use wizards to construct your forms and wizards.

To construct your table: Make sure you have selected the Table selection from the objects menu 2. Select Create table in Design View. The Table view will be displayed on your screen.

MS Access Notes

Enter the details, see example below: Enter the following details into a Table: Primary Key? To arrange the field properties you select the field you would like to edit, and then change the properties in the field properties pane located at the bottom of your interface.

Field Properties For example if you require that the Name field would allow the operator to enter 30 characters then change it from the Field Properties.

In this field you can also change the numric type e.

Primary Key Definition: The Primary Key ensures that no two records in a database contain the same value for that field. It is the field that uniquely identifies the record.

MS Access Notes

In Malta your ID Card number is unique so it is ideal to be used as a primary key for a database; another example is a Passport number. Close the table view, a window will pop up asking if you want to save your table, save with your required name.

This will come in useful when you need to make a report and a table and a form have the same name Your finished table now shows in the Table view. Relationships Relationships are formed between two or more tables. The idea of relationships is to join tables that are inter-related, for example a DVD shop would have at.

Introduction to reports in Access

See example below. You now need to add the tables that will show in your relationship to do this either click on the table you want to include and click ADD or else double click the tables you would like to include. To create the relationship drag the Membership ID in this case from one table and drop it onto the same field in the other table, the following window will appear.

Once you have completed the above this is what your screen will look like, note the relationship symbols, there is now a one to many relationship between the Clients and the DVD tables. One client can now borrow many DVDs. Adding data into the tables To enter data into the tables you can double click or right click on table and select open. In the open table enter your data, see example below. Indexing Indexing is an auto sort of the data entered into the fields so that the database search engine would be able to retrieve the data faster in a search.

To activate the indexing select the field you would like to index and then the Index icon from your menu bar. The following window will open. To set a field to indexed select the field name in a blank box in the field name column, a drop down list will appear and select the field you require to be indexed. Duplicate Indexed Fields Fields that allow the user to insert duplicate fields are set in the Field properties window of that field.

Queries There are two types of queries: Simple Query asks one question to your database 2. Compound Query asks two or more questions to your database Remember: For queries it is NOT suggested that you use the wizard. Select the Query Tab and then select to create a Query in Design view.

From the window that opens select the tables and add them to the query, you can do this either by selecting each table and the clicking Add or else by double clicking the required tables. To add fields to the query, you can: Simple Queries To perform a simple query enter the details you are looking for in the criteria cell under the required field.

In the following example we are looking for a client with the surname Smith.

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Once you have entered the text press the red exclamation mark on your toolbar. When you have entered the data to lookup press the red exclamation mark. To save your query either: Compound Queries As mentioned earlier a compound query looks up two or more criteria. Delete and move columns in queries To delete a column in a query select the grey area just above the field name, this will highlight the entire column, now press the Del delete key on you keyboard.To create a report, follow the steps below: 1.

It can be further customized to suit the user requirement. We no longer need the ID column.

Select the style, remember that is the examiner asks you to leave all the default values, then do not effect and changes. When you place a calculated control that uses the Sum aggregate function in the group header, the sum is for the current group.

In the open table enter your data, see example below. Deleting a field will delete the records in the field. A report is a database object that comes in handy when you want to present the information in your database for any of the following uses: Display or distribute a summary of data.

The next step will ask you to name your table and set a Primary Key.

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