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[SWE13] Mask of the Pirate - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. MASK OF THE PIRATE QUEEN. In the far-flung reaches of the Outer Rim, a band of space pirates calling themselves the VEILED. SORORITY singles out the. [SWE13] Mask of the Pirate M. Bookmark [ SWE14] Special Modifications - Technician M.

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Download [SWE13] Mask of the Pirate Description. Download [ SWE13] Mask of the Pirate Free in pdf format. Pursue a criminal mastermind across the galaxy in Mask of the Pirate Queen, an adventure for the Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™ roleplaying game!. Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of Mask of the Pirate Queen, an adventure for the Star Wars®: Edge of the.

The Queen laughs. Let them think me a savage. Other legends about Grace seemed to me to be too unlikely, out of character, or not necessary to the narrative. A novelist looks for the stories that help explain the people, and keep the plot humming along. Even the escapades reported at the time bear the marks of partisan reporting from one side or the other.

The accounts written by Grace herself, when she was pleading her case to Elizabeth, are extraordinary, but obviously biased. Although a rebel herself for most of her life, Grace was seen as a defector in her old age. Or it may be because she was a woman.

Or both. What we know now is largely to be found in the English records — the colonisers were nothing if not fiends for filing. Can we? Whose truth is it? That means I have to get everything right — all the biographical and historical data — as well as all those moments that I can and must imagine.

When we write fiction, when we read fiction, we want the woman to leap out of the page, a sword in each hand, roaring. How might she have felt, out on the open sea, or in a prison cell facing execution, or going to the palace to meet her enemy?

In many ways, Elizabeth is just as difficult to capture on the page. How did she feel about meeting Grace? About herself? About Ireland? Elizabeth was keenly interested in the New World, the creation of colonies, and what became an empire.

And she was fond of her Sea Dogs — pirates, ratbags and slavers who also happened to be among the finest sailors of their time — men like Drake, Hawkins and Raleigh. So on one hand, you have this famous profile, a queen portrayed even during her lifetime in extraordinary portraits, more recently played on screen by the most powerful actors of their eras — not just Jackson, but Bette Davis, Cate Blanchett, Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, not to mention Quentin Crisp.

Larger than life, Elizabeth was a prolific author and poet, patron of Shakespeare and Tallis, and perfector of the regal public persona. On the other hand, we have this elusive Irish pirate, this woman of action, and of mystery. How would it have felt for her, to be the obvious leader of a family but never officially acknowledged as such? To be hunted, imprisoned, tormented?

To be, as she must so often have been, a woman in a world of men? Then again, so was Elizabeth. She had ladies in her household, many of whom were extraordinary, and loyal to their graves.

She was one of many brilliant and powerful women of the era such as Marie de Medici, Marie de Guise and Catherine de Medici. But she never met any other queens, never laid eyes on Mary Queen of Scots, and her relationship with her own sister had been fraught — indeed, almost fatal.

Grace, although only a lowly rebel, was arguably the first and only powerful female leader Elizabeth met during her reign. So I started thinking not about the worlds of difference between Grace and Elizabeth but all the things they had in common. I mapped them out — fear, being abandoned or threatened at a young age, finding their power, defeat, victory, betrayal, grief, cunning, courage. I realized that in both their lives, and often around the same age, there were parallel stories to tell, and as they grew older those stories tangled together.

I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and a king of England too. A few weeks after her speech, the shattered remnants of the Armada were blown onto the shores of Ireland. Some ships were wrecked, and many sailors drowned. So these two women had much in common. But there were also tremendous gulfs between them — years of misinformation and outright hostility, vastly different experiences.

Grace had sailed as far as Scotland and perhaps to Spain. Elizabeth never left England. She was queen of all she surveyed but in many ways her life was far more restricted. Grace had two husbands and at least one lover who was very dear to her. Elizabeth was the Virgin Queen, no matter what you might read in certain other novels.

Grace had fought in battle; Elizabeth in many ways hated war, or at least the cost of war. And yet. And yet somehow these two weary, wary, wily women found common ground and, perhaps, some form of mutual respect.

Mask of the Pirate Queen

The journey begins and ends at my desk. I researched a great deal from here in Melbourne — there are a number of biographies of Grace and people around her, endless books about Elizabeth, academic and popular histories of Ireland and Tudor England. I read widely about economics, politics, social history, gender studies, fashion, food, and particularly maritime and military history.

I read contemporary accounts — admittedly many by English or Anglo-Irish settlers and soldiers — studied maps, drawings, Privy Council minutes, government reports. And I walked the ground. In London, you can still see traces of the Elizabethan city, and although Greenwich Palace is long gone, other palaces such as Hampton Court are an excellent substitute if you need to understand, for example, how far away from the Presence Chamber were the kitchens, and what a person might see if they wandered in there.

I bought books of regional and family history from local bookshops, visited tiny museums and archives. And everywhere I went, people told me stories about Grace. Some of those stories might even be true. But there are things that only make sense when you walk the ground — or sail the waters of Clew Bay. The traders heading to or from Galway City were no match for Grace, and they failed miserably in attempts to put her out of business. Now I understand why.

There was once a tower on every crucial headland or island, or in sheltered inlets with a clear view out to sea. Many have vanished. Latest Purchases Special thanks to James H. To other Papal Donators, look for you name here as I purchase future books. Updates and support Things have been pretty quiet here, but I will be changing that soon. I've just ordered all the books I could that are missing from the index. Starting next week I'll be entering them as quickly as possible.

Also, if you're getting value from the site and can afford to do so, please help me with the server costs for this and other gaming aids that I provide. We have Species Sorry I've been a bit slack on this. I've had the details in the background of the system for a while I just didn't have the data in for player races so didn't produce a list previously. There's still no detail view worth talking about but it does provide the index information that you were looking for.

Despite their variation, they each of the crater. The walls are smooth but occasionally marred by what appears to be old damage from blast wear a red armband tied around the left ers or small explosives. Light tubes are embedded in bicep or similar anatomical equivalent. All are the ceiling; in the case of an assault or intrusion these blooded veterans who believe they guard the switch to red emergency illumination.

Pirate Queen herself on Saleucami. The following describes the Vault and its rooms on If desired, a Sorority kill team see page 27 a chamber-by-chamber basis. The room numbers cor can also be found inside the Vault, patrolling respond to those on the map on page When the PCs approach the entrance from Skills group only: Coercion, Cool, Melee, outside, read or paraphrase the following text aloud: Ranged Heavy , Ranged Light. The fifty meters o f ground between the jungle and Equipment: Blaster carbine Ranged [Heavy]; the crater wall has been cleared of all vegetation Damage 9; Critical 3; Range [Medium]; Stun and cover, providing what appears to be a hilling setting or heavy blaster pistol Ranged [Light]; held.

You can see a pair of blast doors embedded Damage 7; Critical 3; Range [Medium]; Stun in the rough rock wall of the crater. While the cra setting , vibroknife Melee; Damage 3; Criti ter wall is otherwise featureless, a large platform cal 2; Range [Engaged]; Pierce 2, Vicious 1 emerges from it at least thirty meters above the or vibrosword Melee; Damage 4; Critical ground. Two laser cannon barrels, motionless in 2; Range [Engaged]; Defensive 1, Pierce 2, the gloom, flank the platform. If the Vault is not yet on alert, six pirates blaster carbines.

If the Vault is currently on alert, the are lounging here, enjoying a meal as they watch the guards are at their posts and looking for intruders video screens. If they have been alerted, two have emerging from the jungle.

The remaining four If no alarm has been raised, its likely that the two have flipped a couple of tables to use as cover against guards are sleeping or otherwise occupying them anyone attempting to gain access to the room, caus selves. Allow each guard to make an Average ing PCs to suffer when shooting at them.

Failure indicates that this guard is not paying attention, while failure plus any number of L. The Vaults lift is a simple elevator between the first Anyone attempting to target the guards in their and second levels of the facility.

It can be turned off bunkers from outside must contend with their cover, from either point via an access panel and can be which adds to any shots that character takes.

It connects the The refresher facilities on the Vaults first level are entryway, barracks, galley, refresher, and lift to the unremarkable. The unit on the eastern end of the hall second level. If the Vault is not on alert, the passage is way is currently occupied, its door locked.

The occu empty and the doors at either end of it leading into pant is a startled, unarmed pirate, who surrenders the barracks are closed. If the Vault is on alert when the PCs arrive here, read or paraphrase the following aloud: It serves as a landing are open doors at either end of it.

Motion from bay, and stores plunder and supplies. Pirates suitable for shooting any threatening vehicles possi firing from either of the two doors gain light cover see bly including the Player Characters ship that might page 21 3 of the Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook approach from the air Fire Arc Forward; Damage 6; on any attacks made against them. The barracks Critical 3; Range [Short].

Whether the Vault is on alert or chambers are occupied by three or four sleeping not, read or paraphrase the following text aloud: The rooms consist of rows of twin bunks, numbering sixteen beds total. Personal effects are scattered throughout the barracks, and jackets and The Vaults flight deck smells of exhaust, ozone, slung weapons dangle from bedposts.

A single airspeeder, painted in powder blue with the words SaieuQuest Over If on alert, any pirates here are instead battle-ready, land stenciled on its sides, sits off to one side. They attempt to Tools and other machines are scattered about the hold the PCs off, but if the pirates are outgunned or rooms floor. Two pirates with blaster carbines outnumbered, they seek to seal the barracks doors stand opposite one another, each near an un and create some kind of barricade with beds and marked door.

All of the facilitys various systems can items. A plethora of cover is available, and any char be accessed from within. The droids make no hostile moves and instead remain at their respective locations until any conflict has been The pirates, on the other hand, fight desper The comm station is an unused room filled with dust ately to keep their attackers at bay.

The number of and old, dilapidated consoles. If the PCs enter this pirates can be adjusted as needed to provide a short room, read or paraphrase the following aloud: If the PCs examine the bulky cargo containers, they This musty room is dark, stuffy, and littered with see that they bear Consortium symbols and contain garbage.

Several old terminals, damaged by items ranging from trade goods to heavy machinery. As you squint in the poor light 9. Whatever happened here took place a This is a simple hallway that connects the lift to the very long time ago.

Two pirates positioned near the doors stand guard. If they are on alert, they immediately fire at anyone who emerges from the lift. If the PCs are entering this room prior to attempting Otherwise, they watch for intruders as per their regu to access the control center, the Queens bodyguard, lar orders, but they are not ready for a fight.

Mandi, lurks here, awaiting her chance to escape while the PCs are otherwise occupied. If the PCs succeed The armory contains a wide variety of weap the shadows behind a terminal with her pistol drawn.

She tells actions. If all Computers check to open successfully. If the PCs are entering this room after storming the control center, Mandi is long gone. If the airspeeder is still available on the flight deck, she uses it to make This small room is stacked with weapon crates, her escape while the PCs are otherwise occupied.

If many of which display Imperial markings that the vehicle has been destroyed, she makes her way have been stenciled over with Consortium sym into the jungle along a hidden path out of the crater. Some of the crates appear to hold blasters, while others contain power cells and grenades. Mandi is the only member of the Sorority on Saleu- The PCs can take a few moments to reload or rearm cami who knows that Revah is not the real Pirate with the discovered blaster pistols. They may find the Queen.

She possesses ambitions of her own, however, armorys grenades a mix of frag and stun grenades, and these include engineering Revahs capture or with exact numbers left to the GMs discretion useful death so that she can claim her mask on Saleucami. To this end, Mandi ensured that Krezo Wasanti knew The CM should keep the tension high, however, with the name of the pirate bases location when she sold loud alarms and the sounds of running guards in the him a large amount of Consortium plunder.

Adversary 1 upgrade difficulty of all combat checks against this target once , Deadly Accuracy add two damage to one hit of successful attack made using Ranged [Light]. Read or paraphrase the following text aloud:.

The Vaults control room is a large chamber filled with blinking computer terminals and miscel laneous equipment. At the center of the room stands a tall woman surrounded by pirate guards, her face obscured by a silver mask.

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Shes dressed in fine clothing, as if she were about to leave for a dinner engagement. Allow me to match the pay ment you expect to receive from the Consortium, and then leave this place at once. I guarantee well all be much happier that way. At this point, the Queen allows the Player Char acters to consider her offer or discuss it amongst Like Revah, Mandi is a human woman, but the themselves. Shes unwilling to allow them too many comparison ends there. Mandi is in her early thirties, concessions, and she orders her people to open fire with olive skin, braided brown hair, and dark eyes.

There are two Sorority pirates see page 31 rust-red cape over a laced black blouse, and skin-tight armed with heavy blaster pistols for each PC, divided leather breeches tucked into cuffed, knee-high boots. She carries a vibrosword in a scabbard on her belt, and looks every bit the buccaneer of legend. If the PCs allowed Graf his own chance at Talents: Adversary 1 upgrade difficulty of all com vengeance in their hunt for the Queen, this bat checks against this target once , Soft Spot may is the moment hes been waiting for.

Pirate Leader may spend a maneuver giv when the PCs confront the Queen. When the ing orders to other pirate allies within medium range, Queen makes her demands, Graf points his granting them on their next check.

Blaster pistol Ranged [Light]; Damage 6; they should all do as his Queen asks, if they Critical 3; Range [Medium]; Stun setting , vibroknife know whats good for them. Melee; Damage 3; Critical 2; Range [Engaged]; Pierce 2, Vicious 1 , Sorority mask upgrades all The Queens strategy is a simple Deception skill checks made to dis oneto kill the Player Charac guise the wearer once; removes ters as efficiently as possible.

Regardless of the circum The pirates who guard the Queenor stances, though, the Queen keeps at least the woman they believe to be her silence and allows the PCs to the Queenare some of the best come to their own conclusions. In addi tion to red armbands, each wears a The leader of the Veiled Sorority on Saleu- crimson sash about the waist. One of the Queens decoys, she wears a mask that is nearly identical to the one worn by the Sororitys leader. Without her mask, she appears as a rather plain human female with high cheekbones, blue eyes, and braided grey hair.

Despite being a Abilities: Blaster carbine Ranged [Heavy]; Dam leader who hopes to be elevated to the Queens posi age 9; Critical 3; Range [Medium]; Stun setting , vibro- tion in time. If con before hoisting it over his shoulder with ease. With that, Venlana excuses herself and leaves the ware tacted with the good news, Venlana is quite excited house with Porel close behind her.

She informs the PCs that she will meet them at a warehouse in Taleucema to take pos session of the Queen, or whatevers left of her. Read or PCs were able to claim it as proof of her identity. She paraphrase the following text aloud: Telltale electronic noise, al Unless the PCs have other adventures they wish to most too subtle to notice, indicates that her comm pursue in Blackwind Crater such as looting the Vault signal is being scrambled.

When they arrive We have a problem, she says, her words tense at the warehouse, Venlana and Porel are waiting for and deliberate. The Queen you brought to us was them. Venlana inspects the Queen quite thoroughly, an impostor. She congratulates the Player Characters on a job well done. If the Queen is still alive, read or para Venlana informs the PCs of the events of the past phrase the following text aloud: In short, the mask worn by the Queen was a facsimile of the real thing.

As if that werent bad Venlana tucks the mask away as she gives the enough, another Consortium shipment, previously a Queen a final, contemptuous glance. So much highly guarded secret, is now also in the hands of the trouble caused by one woman and her motley Sorority.

Although the ships crew risked Tyber Zanns band of thieves. The Queen sighs, answering, Its hardly over. After eliminating the ships crew and jettisoning the bodies into space, the Veiled Sorority transmitted a I doubt that very much, Venlana replies before message to the Zann Consortium: Queens do not die nodding to Porel.

The Twilek produces a slim so easily. You cant be serious, she says. It almost sounds like a plea. Standard experience point rewards for Episode I: Following up on one or more of the leads pro Youve served your purpose," Venlana says, nod vided by Venlana: Collecting additional useful intelligence for the Zann Consortium: Blackwind Crater: She mentions that the transfer for roleplaying and engaging with the PCs Motivations any further funds, such as those gained from other and Obligations.

I smell'blood, death, and opportunity!

Tracing a signal sent by to speak with Micael Torval, a talented sabacc player who is the Queens lover. Now that they know the loca capital of Worlport to find the real Queens hidden tion of the Queens palace beneath Worlport, palace. Unfortunately, the PCs need to perform the PCs disguise themselves in order to infil some objectionable deeds if they want to earn the trate the complex. Though the elusive Queen is still Ord Mantell: An overview of Ord Mantell, pro at large, the PCs have likely captured Ryale Wei, viding additional information on the planets her majordomo.

Under duress, Ryale reveals history, population, and inhabitants. A gazetteer detailing Ord Mantell's next stage of the adventure. The adventures be in Taleucema when Venlana requests a meeting opening reveals the imposter Queen and defines at the Paradise cantina see page Venlanas Worlport contact, Jander, arranges a meeting with a mysterious aboard their ship instead.

Though Venlana disap crime boss named lllo Vandin. Vandin has infor proves of this breach in protocol, she is willing to mation that could lead the PCs to the Queen, put aside her misgivings, considering the urgency of the situation. I I I hen the war between the Galactic Repub- s the majority of this episode takes place in Worl- I W lie and the Sith Empire ended, a number n port, the planetary capital of Ord Mantell, a wealth of information concerning that world is presented of scandals rocked Ord Mantells capital city of Worlport.

The most visible revealed that here. For a more general overview of Ord Mantell, see some cabinet members had accepted bribes page of the E dge of the Empire Core Rulebook.

However, a small-yet vocalsegment of Ord Mantells citizens had had enough. Corellian explorers employed by the Galactic Republic These citizens declared that the Republics colonized Ord Mantell nearly twelve thousand years response to the corruption had been little ago. The expanding Republic desired a world usable more than a half-measure. Unfortunately, conflicts between no longer be exploited by the ruling class. A cry for secession rose above the din, and soon the entire planet was involved in a ter Despite the low but clear intellect of the Savrips, rible civil war.

Sibling fought sibling, and the Republic portrayed them as mindless, dangerous the worlds industrial capacity was reduced beasts that needed to be culled. It placed large boun to rubble. The Mantellian separatist forces ties on Savrip hides, drawing hunters from across the seemed unbeatable, and Republic reinforce galaxy to Ord Mantell.

Overhunting drove the Savrips ments were called in to help quell the insur to near-extinction, but the hardy and cunning crea rection. Despite the fanaticism that fueled tures were never completely eradicated.

Ord Mantells proximity to the galaxys law Even today, the scars of this civil war can less frontier, combined with the relaxedsome say be seen in battlefields that have long been criminalattitudes of its original Corellian colonists, abandoned. Though the secessionists were ensured the world would never be quite as civilized as defeated, something of their rebellious nature the Republic Senate preferred. As its significance to the Republic dwindledmost notably, after a corrupt admiral sold off the local During the Clone Wars, the Republic investigated fleetthe planet became attractive to free agents and smugglers looking for a convenient stopover.

Diplomats The outright departure of the Republic military only approached Ord Mantells government, hoping to increased Ord Mantells allure to the galaxys seedier reestablish a small and hopefully profitable pres ence.

In addition to helping to repair the damage elements. This appeal was reinforced by the fact that from recent skirmishes between Darth Mauls Shadow the Republics military spaceports on this world were never decommissioned.

Still fully operational, these Collective and the Separatists, the Republic wished to abandoned ports quickly became home bases for reoccupy and renovate a handful of its original star- opportunists and criminals, as well as for corporate ports, building barracks and weapon storage facili elements such as Czerka. The Senate also planned to bolster Ord Mantells manufacturing capacity in an Despite its reputation as a shadowport, Ord Mantell attempt to raise the planets pitiful tax revenue.

Though Though this did augment the planets economic Ord Mantell continued to be a member of the Galactic contributions to the Republic, it was never the windfall Republic, its senators were rarely sent to Coruscant, it was intended it to be.

Nevertheless, while the Sen and the majority of votes they cast in the Senate were ate's overtures were initially rebuffed by Worlports abstentions.

As much of Ord Mantells economy was ruling class, the proper bribes to Ord Mantells gov driven by untaxed criminal enterprise, tax revenues ernor guaranteed the planet would remain a Republic provided to the Republic were often meager at best. Outside of the segregated villages and communities in the O is the Blockade Runners' Derby. Originally established in the comet cloud that surrounds wastes and mountains beyond Worlport, no single Ord Mantell, the Derby began as a good- species dominates the population.

Wherever one natured competition between smugglers, looks, both exotic and familiar aliens can be found rogue pilots, and other thrill-seekers. Over with ease. While this might trouble travelers unused the years, the stakes have risen with the risk, to such diversity, Ord Mantells natives are quite com and competitors have come to take it much fortable with their planets cosmopolitan nature.

Given the historically shady nature of their home- The Derby has been held every year since 69 world, Mantellians prize privacy and discretion above BBY. Many famous and infamous smugglers all things. When dealing with strangers, Mantellians have participated, including three-time win often operate under simple pseudonyms or nick ner Han Solo.

Prizes include lucrative and names. Though polite and accommodating, Mantel less-than-legal business opportunities, thou lians resist the urge to form strong relationships with sands of credits, and the prestige of being the people they do not know.

Once their trust has been best pilot in the sector. The Blockade Runners Derby runs along a treacherous course that changes every year. To most outsiders unfamiliar with the cultural norms, Though good sportsmanship is expected of the natives appear possess a mixture of competing every participant, accidents and foul play still personality traits.

In settlements popular among tour claim a large number of casualties. Ord Man- ists and pleasure-seekers, the overwhelming Mantel- tells citizens closely follow each Derby, and lian attitude is congenial, inclusive, and welcoming. The Grand Marshal of the Blockade Runners' Until a strangers worth has been ascertained, that Derby is usually chosen from previous years person can expect to be treated as an outsider. The Grand are still polite and civileven to their enemies.

Much of the plan shall always take place. Considering the Man- tellian view of the Derby and its importance to the world's culture, the race is sure to con ets power was instead consolidated under tinue much longer than that.

Black Suns banner. This resulted in the world becoming the last bastion of the Shadow Col lectiveDarth Mauls criminal empire cob Mantellian communities far from the bustle, com bled together from elements of Black Sun, as merce, and cosmopolitanism of major cities and star- well as Pyke and Mandalorian warriors. Blending in with such a community is nearly impossible for strangers When the Separatist forces attempted to unless they know a member of the community who stake a claim on Ord Mantell, the Shadow can vouch for them.

Even then, respect must still be Collective violently resisted them. Maul was earned through a difficult and lengthy process built able to defeat Count Dooku and General upon repetition and familiarity.

Grievouss forces, but ended up moving the Shadow Collective away from the planet in an attempt to retain its secrecy. When the Republic arrived to investigate, they found nothing more than the struggles aftermath. North of Worlport lies a barren expanse of junk yards, strip mines, and dumping grounds col lectively referred to as "the Scraplands. While other such waste lands exist across this world, none are as vast or as inhospitable.

The Scraplands are perpetually cloaked by thick smog that blows north from Worlport. The smog, combined with the smoke from thousands of slow- burning fires beneath the rubbish some of which have been burning for centuries , makes breath masks indispensable survival tools. This toxic vapor impairs visibility, as well as respiration.

Compounding of the poisonous atmosphere, the Scraplands are rife with other dangers.

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The ground, formed from millennia of garbage and scrap, is often unstable. Towering piles of refuse can collapse without warning, forming dangerous scrapslides. To make matters worse, Mantellian Savrips find the Scraplands to be productive hunt ing grounds. The majority of the Scraplands population con sists of small groups of nomads who roam the wastes expanse, picking through the garbage for more valu able materials as they go. Such bands are small and aligned by species, typically consisting of one or two family units.

They survive by selling the still-usable scraps to junk dealers in Worlport, as well ne squat of note in the Scraplands is Yala- as to fringe communities.

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O wua. Inhabited solely by numerous Jawas, the squat is akin to a huge insect hive in Villages and small towns, which the nomads who tra verse this region colloquially referred to as squats, depth and complexity. The Jawas survive by are common within the cluttered wastes. Despite selling and trading refurbished droids and their prevalence, these settlements arent always easy machinery to neighboring communities.

They to find in the Scraplands; they are generally buried, are rumored to be excellent guides who know well-camouflaged, or both.

Hospitality in such loca the region better than many trash-nomads. Some spacers insist that having lost their community on Tatooine to a Tusken Raider attack, they traded what remained of their possessions in order to charter a vessel to a planet with new oppor tunities.

Whatever the truth of this tale might be, Yalawuas Jawas have certainly made the best of their circumstances. Two of these lines are still maintained and used to transport cargo and individuals to the Scraplands Most of Ord Mantells native species, such as Man- more civilized locations.

The larger of the lines, com tellian pterosaurs and the much-maligned Savrips, monly known as "the Worlport Line," runs out of a are descended from warm-blooded reptiles. Even dilapidated station just north of Worlport.

Though it the look of the Mantellian flutterplume, a dangerous only has two regularly scheduled destinations, any avian scavenger festooned in colorful plumage, hear one willing to pay the price can arrange a stop nearly kens back to the raptors of Ord Mantells prehistory. Those that continue to survive and, in a few cases, flourish Ten Mile Plateau is a flat expanse of uplands north of have somehow adapted to the degradation of their Worlport.

Amid the Scraplands surrounding it on all habitats. Whether their continued existence is due to sides, the plateau is an oasis rising up from the trash, mutation, adaptation, or luck is something that many smog, and noxious vapors like an island in the clouds. Explorers and natural ists have attempted to learn more about the plateaus Mantellian pterosaurs are large avian reptiles dis environment, but few have returned.

Though far less A stellar energy station was established on the pla intelligent than their terrestrial cousins, pterosaurs teau nearly a thousand years ago, but it was subse are still cunning and vicious predators.

They roost in quently abandoned for unknown reasons. Historians highland areas and mountains, and often fly hundreds point to Savrips as the likely cause of the stations of kilometers in order to hunt for prey.

Mantellian pterosaurs have the look of massive, In the time since, a number of groups and individuals grey bats with long, tapered skulls, snakelike heads, have laid claim to the facility, but none have stayed and wide maws filled with sharp teeth. Their wing or survivedfor more than a few years at a time. The primary tactic of pterosaurs when hunting is to grab their prey with their talons, Worlport is the political and economic capital of Ord drop them from an especially high altitude, and then Mantell.

It is a starport as well as a shadowport where descend to feast on the remains. Considered lawless by some, Worlport is an exotic destination for tourists from across the galaxy. Visitors flock to its numerous casinos, or come to enjoy Ord Mantells illicit pleasures in an environment that is in equal parts seedy and opulent.

The city of Worlport is described in more detail on Skills: Athletics 2, Brawl 5, Coordination 4, Percep page Flyer Mantellian pterosaurs can fly as per page of the Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook , The shoreline that spreads out southeast of Worl Keen Eyesight add to any Perception checks port is known as "the Coral Coast.

Though fortunes have been made on this murky shore, the best most of its residents can hope for is mere subsistence. Pre ferring to hunt wastes and Scraplands from on high, these creatures can often be seen gliding on thermal currents in the distance in flocks of three or four. Their eyesight is quite acute, and they are always hungry. Flutterplumes have four legs, each terminating in a set of sharp, hooked tal ons.

Their faces and necks lack feathers, while the rest of their bodies and wings are covered in colorful feathers. Brawl, Coordination, Survival. Flyer Mantellian flutterplumes can fly, as described on page of the Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook. Though Savrips have long been considered semi-sentient by xenobiologists from the Core Worlds, their perceived intellect remains a contentious subject.

To the people of Ord Mantell, however, there is no doubt that Savrips Skills: Athletics 2, Brawl 3, Discipline 2, Melee 2, Per are cunning, intelligent, andmost of alldangerous. Nearly four meters tall when standing fully erect, Talents: Savrips move in a hunched posture that disguises Abilities: Poisonous Bite anyone bitten by a Savrip their height while exaggerating their already pro must succeed at an Average [ i Resilience check digious bulk.

Their necks are long and topped by or lose his free maneuver for five rounds , Silhouette 2.

Large club Melee; Damage 8; Critical 3; the ground. Though primitive, Savrips prefer to wear Range [Engaged]; Disorient 3. The last semblance rest of the galaxy. Its various industriesmost notaof law and authority was gone, and the Corellian spirit bly gamblingdefine the world, attracting billions of of freedom and enterprise grew strong. Despite or visitors every standard year. Whether they come for because of this, the planetary governorship estab games of chance, to satisfy their craven appetites lished by the Republic finally rose up from the anar with illicit pleasures, or to earn their fortunes in an chy to keep things somewhat civilized.

This veneer of illegal endeavor, W orlports visitors always expect to decorum, however, could never completely disguise be entertained. Much of W orlports sprawl-is constructed with round When the Republics interest in Ord Mantell was domes, elaborate facades, and carved obelisks placed rekindled by its prosperity, the governorship rec seemingly at random throughout the city. Closer to ognized the potential profits in acknowledging its the Path of Coins and Government House, the archi relationship with the Galactic Senate.

Despite these tecture is older and more authentically Corellian. Though there is no grounds, and demographics. Given W orlports cosmo central military or security force in place, every busi politan bent and numerous offworlders, traders, and ness in the city has its own private security to main criminals from every corner of the galaxy, its people tain some semblance of order and to keep its custom are welcoming and willing to do business with just ers safe.

The scofflaws and criminalsof whom there about anyone. This appreciation for business partners are manyknow better than to stir up trouble within doesn't equal blind trust, however. Mantellians are as the citys walls. This is not to say that Worlport is safefar from it. The city still features all manner of petty crime, livened up by the occasional murder or two.

Even hardened criminals appreciate the implicit hazards of the place, ber of interconnected neighborhoods and districts. The lay out of its streets and avenues is particularly chaotic.

Worlport began as a humble trading post in Ord This tumult, coupled with the fact that buildings are Mantells distant past, providing basic amenities to rarely numbered or marked, makes getting lost as traders, Republic agents, and big game hunters.

Over easy as tripping over a gambler in the citys casinos. The arrival of countless Worlport spreads out from Morro Spaceport like an Mantellian settlers caused it to flourish into one of oblong wheel. Most offworld visitors are wise enough Ord Mantells most profitable and populous towns. Though there is no central law enforcement was much seedier. Dark cantinas nestled amid open- agency, individual security firms are paid to keep air marketplaces comprised most of the settlements the peace in much of Worlport.

The citys walls, origi industry. Republic troops on shore leave would come nally erected many centuries ago to deter Mantellian to entertain themselves, providing the citys criminal Savrips, have fallen into disrepair as the Savrip popu elements with a wide variety of customers and victims. District bor ders outside the more affluent and secure areas of the The Industrial District is the stretch just south of the city fluctuate all the time.

Visitors unfamiliar with the meandering slums that separate Worlport from the citys layout should be cautious when venturing into Scraplands to the north. The districts wide streets high-risk areas. The effluvium sits heav ily among the stained buildings before rising up and The southern edge of Worlport, known as "the Break drifting toward the slums and Scraplands. Working with waters of Worlport Bay.

Maritime industry dominates, little oversight from Ord Mantells government, the and merchant marines rub elbows with fisherfolk and various businesses and manufactories of the Indus scavengers in its winding, salt-crusted alleyways. Here, the wealthiest Mantellians and offworld landholders Ord Mantells central government, such as it is, is own mansions, palaces, and posh retreats among the housed in this opulent, palatial building.

Designed wide, cobblestone avenues. Unlike the rest of the city, with classic Corellian motifs of rising spires and domed the Jewel District was meticulously planned, allow roofs, it stands as a symbol of order in an otherwise ing for space between individual estates. A handful chaotic environment. The governor and his family live of these estates, dating from Ord Mantells earliest within, as do visiting dignitaries from other planetary days, feature subterranean chambers and complexes systems.

Moreso than anywhere else on the planet, seen by only the most privileged eyes. The Jewel District is accessible by permit or invita Individuals with official business are more likely to tion only. The security firms that patrol its streets and visit the administrative offices in Government Circle, guard its walls are paid well to keep the rabble out, the area surrounding the capitol.

Courts and other and they have few qualms about employing deadly offices are there, as is the Red House, W orlports force in order to do so. Only the naive and desperate hope the ruling party will act on their behalf without compensation. Nearly anything can be bought or sold here, from weapons to slaves to any variety of spice. Legal Of W orlports three gambling districts, Herglics Folly ity is never an issue, though some kinds of merchants is the most dangerous.

What little security the district garner more respect than others. Slavers and their boasts is spotty and unreliable; brawls, duels, and customers, for example, are often looked down upon firefights erupt there nearly every day.

Most of the by other businesspeople and are referred to as bot gamblers and thugs who dwell in the shadows of the tom feeders by just about everyone else. Follys alleyways are desperate and willing to do any thing in order to make a score. This requires most customers to know in advance what theyre looking for and whom they can The outskirts of Worlport, especially those on the buy it from.

Guides, known colloquially as vetters, northern and eastern edges of the city, comprise can be hired to direct clients to where they want to go mostly slums and lower-class shanties. There is no in exchange for a percentage of the merchants prof easy way to distinguish one slum from the next, and its on ensuing purchases. Vetters claim to be honor- colloquial designations for different slum districts can bound to serve the interests of their clients, though change from day to day.

Security is provided by local most of them are paid by unscrupulous merchants gangs, which stake out territories and intimidate resi who are more interested in fleecing their customers. Morro Spaceport, the central feature of Ord Mantells The White Zone is what remains of the original Repub capital, is named after one of the planets original lic garrison. Though co-opted by the planetary gov Corellian colonists. Encompassing W orlports central ernment, the facilities were given over to the Empire hub, the spaceport also services other private dock as a demonstration of goodwill and noninterference.

Scores of vessels Since then, the White Zoneso called for the many take off and land each day, making Morro one of the stormtroopers who patrol its streetsis home to a busiest spaceports in Bright Jewel sector.

Pilots must subcontract with one or more security W orlports government views the Empire as a nec firms to secure their own vessels. Captains without essary evil that allows Ord Mantell to maintain much their own security who fail to foot the bill risk both of its autonomy. The typical Mantellian, on the other vandalism and theft.

Standard docking fees, which are hand, is uncomfortable with the Empires presence in actually quite reasonable, are collected separately by the city. The Rebel Alliance has had some success in the spaceport authority. Imperial troops can often be seen patrol ling the streets outside the White Zone, and these The largest and most public of W orlports gambling patrols have only increased in frequency. To make districts is the Path of Coins. It stretches uninterrupted matters worse, stormtroopers have begun to ven from Morro Spaceport's central gate all the way to ture further and further from the White Zone as the Government Circle.

The casinos and gambling halls, months wear on. The Path of Coins bustles with activity at all hours of the day and night. Celebrations spill out unpredict- ably from casinos onto the districts wide and bustling streets, and impromptu parades and processions are commonplace.The GM should also con ter could be employed by Jander or sider granting XP during or after sessions in which lllo Vandin, and sent to help the PCs the PCs complete any of the objectives for the cur with their tasks.

If the Vault is not yet on alert, six pirates blaster carbines. Whatever the truth of this tale might be, Yalawuas Jawas have certainly made the best of their circumstances. As its significance to the Republic dwindledmost notably, after a corrupt admiral sold off the local During the Clone Wars, the Republic investigated fleetthe planet became attractive to free agents and smugglers looking for a convenient stopover.

To this end, Mandi ensured that Krezo Wasanti knew The CM should keep the tension high, however, with the name of the pirate bases location when she sold loud alarms and the sounds of running guards in the him a large amount of Consortium plunder.

That said, Graf can provide gen desire to use another or to include an organi eral information about the Veiled Sororitynothing zation the PCs have had dealings with in the more detailed than what a simple success would have past.

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