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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

This is the only official government service for booking the Life in the UK Test. You need to take the test as part of your application for British citizenship or. This life in the UK test is provided to familiarise you with the format of the official test. You are . I read the book once (Life in the United Kingdom 3rd Edition). Read the official handbook "Life in the United Kingdom: A guide for new must read and understand the contents of this book in order to prepare for the test.

Life In Uk Test Book

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Book your Life in the UK test. If you have not yet prepared for your test, please see Each person who wants to take . This website is really amazing and very helpful. I have practised exam 1 – 15 and read a book (Life in the UK Test, Study Guide). Passed my. You must book your Life in the UK Test online at least 7 days in advance. There are around 60 test centres in the UK - choose one of the 5 closest to where you.

Passed my exam in first attempt and took only a few minutes to finish it. Just be confident and Good Luck.

I have made a contribution. Please donate what you can, so, that it can continue to help the people in the future.

Life in the UK Test

Thank you very much Life in UK test website. Many thanks to this website creators, I have donated small amount. I have passed my exam last week. Just took 6mins to complete.

All questions are similar to tests on this site. Special thanks to this website. Good luck everyone.. Just passed exam in 7 minutes. Thanks for website. All questions from 1 to I did not even read the book. Just practiced on this website. Thanks again. Thanks for running this site and maintaining it. My wife and I followed the comments on this site and also recommendation from a friend.

We practised the tests and took our test this morning in Belfast, Northern Ireland and passed it with ease. Passed today! All the questions were from this amazing website. Thank you very much for helping me pass my test. Highly recommended to practice Exam on this website for a guaranteed pass,.

Alhamdulillah, just passed life in the uk. Very easy, within 2 minutes finished all answers. Exams are more than enough for preparation.

None any single question was out of tgose 14 exams. Thanks this website. Omg I pass the first time. All questions came out from question I finish less than 5mins. So glad I pass. Past my test today in Bistol, study exams 1 to 14, and read the book as there were four questions that were not in any of the exams.

Good luck. Without this website I would not have passed the life in the uk test. I had bought the book to read but nothing sank in especially the historical dates. But going through exam on this website was good. That way, you will pass the test.

Life in the UK Test 1

I sat mine today in Birmingham. I took 5 minutes to complete. Passed my life in th Uk test today in Leicester. All the questions in the test were actually from this website. Thank you for creating this website. Very easy,within 2 minutes finished all answers. Thanks this website for help. Passed the test on Saturday. Thank you very much for putting this site up. Good luck to the other applicants. Passed my test yesterday at the Croydon center thanks to this website, It was very useful a very big thank you.

This was my third time taking the test, read the book and downloaded the life in the UK test app on my phone and still failed my test twice. Good luck to everyone taking the test. Me and my husband passed the test today in Ilford centre.

The questions were from exams Good luck everyone and many thanks to this website.

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All thanks to this website I passed my test, I believe I got all of them and was in and out of the test centre in no time. Took me 3 mins to complete the test was very easy I would highly recommend this website for practice. Tips do not panic, read questions properly to make sure you understand do not rush, question can be a bit tricky but simple to our knowledge. Highly recommend doing it for 1 whole week constantly before undertaking the test.

I passed my test today, when i went to get the result I thought I failed, but when they said congratulations, my yes was in tears , thanks God, i pray before my test. So so happy.

Life in the UK Test 44

That said I do think some of the questions need a rethink. I had my test today. It was very easy, however, not all the questions were from the exam I have practised tests and it helped me a lot. Practise as much as you can and you will def pass the test.

If you can do tests from then you will pass the test. I passed my test today.. I passed today at slough test centre took me about 4 minute I done all. Exam best best best. Can any one explained if need to read all test or test by chapter as some of you telling exam Hope you can help me to understand.. Thanks for this grateful.

This website is really awesome… i passed my test all questions from exams section. Thank you. A very big thank you to the wonderful team that put up this web to help a lot of anxious people preparing for the exam. Good luck to all applying.

I did all the exam tests thoroughly over 15 times and passed my test without any problems I actually finished in about a minute — I never read the book I bought it, just never got around to reading it. I should say that I did a bit of work on the app and another website about a month before my test, but this website has the pool of question that they use in the actual test. Make sure you learn the names of the patron saints and their days, as well as the number of people in each assembly.

I have passed with no problems at all. Piece if cake thanks to you. I have passed today, all the questions were very easy took about 2 mins. Exams 1 to 12 should be enough to get your pass percentage required but to be on the safe side just practice the rest too. Hi, I passed my test today, right now thanks to this amazing website.

Amazing work and it was super easy. Hi everyone I just passed my test and its true that just read 1 to 12 but very carefully because all questions came from 1 to Hi, I passed my test right now. The questions were exactly the same as 1. Thanks for your help. Good luck for everybody. Amazing work, great help donation will follow later today.

All questions were from 10 exams. Good luck to everyone! Hi, just passed it today. Fantastic site. Studied all 40 test plus 10 exams. Thanks again for authors of this site. Will donate and good luck for everybody having the exams to come. I passed my test at Stratford today.

I am grateful to have known about this website. A big thank you to each and everyone who work really hard to put this together. I am the happiest woman today all the hard has paid off. Good luck to each and everyone of you who will be going for their tests…. I passed my test some three weeks ago and must say that although they do not tell you the pass mark, I was confident that I answered all the questions correctly.

I also studied the book which I enjoyed and learnt a tremendous amount. I believe everyone should study the book because you do not know what question you may have as they are chosen randomly. I also did all the online test from this site a few times and it has been a great advantage.

I finished my test in less than 3 minutes but also did a recheck as sometimes silly mistakes can be made by reading the question incorrectly.

Before to apply for British Citizen , what duties may have linked to the place where you live , it need to have a minimum number of days at the address where you live at that moment?

Awesome website I did my test 4 hours ago , all my questions were from Exams Just to be safe do the 40 test questions too. Hi congratulations I am doing my test soon, please can you tell me if the exam format is the same as it is on this app. Hello Everyone, Today I passed my test and I want say big thanks to this website owner. Good luck to everyone. I passed my test too. I only went through the practise questions on this website and found them very useful for the test prep.

I have just passed my test, thank you so much guys for this website. All the questions are from exams 1 — Please keep on practicing and I bet you will do well. You only do it once so once you get it you need to keep it in a safe place. Hope this helps. Hi everyone pass my exam an hour ago thanks to this great WEBSITE all the question i was ask came from the 10 exams so i will advice anyone who wants to pass to stick to this website ps the 10 exams it is really helpful thank you for this great WEBSITE good luck to everyone just relax n read the question properly everything will be okay.

Hi everyone! Passed my test today within five minutes! Questions were all from this site very easy with revision. All you have to do is just practice and practice and practice all the questions and the ten exams.

Good luck to everyone about to do their test. And thank you to the people running this wonderful website. I passed my test today.

This website is very good. I would recommend to practice these tests in order to pass exam. I would advise to read all questions with understanding not only remembering answers as on real test questions might be worded differently.

My other advice is to get your head round all these names of sports people, authors, main battles, voting system, and definitely main brithish inventions. Great resource, passed my test quite comfortably, questions were really quite simple. Test exams cover most questions if only worded differently. This website is very good as a revision site, I found the whole process quite interesting as I have learnt a lot of interesting facts. I have read the book times and at the same times done all tests on this website once or twice and I sailed through the real test.

I am going to take my exam tomorrow, although I just discover this website today. Hi guys! Does this test expire? My application is next year in August but I feel like taking the test soon probably within the next two months.

Will it still be ok for my application? Thanks in advance. Very good site excellent job guys. Just passed my test after studying here, all the questions were from here. You have passed the test. Try more tests. Life in the UK Test 1 Time limit: Quiz-summary 0 of 24 questions completed Questions: Find out more about the test This life in the UK test is provided to familiarise you with the format of the official test.

You have already completed the quiz before. Hence you can not start it again. Test is loading You must sign in or sign up to start the quiz. Next to the computer, instructions will explain what to expect and how to take the test. You will have to wait for all the people taking the test with you to go through the same verification process before entering the test room to be seated for the test.

Once everybody is in the test room, staff will go to each computer and open the test software.

They will also verify your ID again. Five minutes before the test, you will be able to take a short practice test 4 questions to get used to the test interface. Make use of it and get used to how to go to the next or previous questions, and how to directly access the questions by clicking on their squares.

If you need to go to the toilet or drink some water, you must do so before the actual test starts. You will have 45 minutes to take the test, so take your time answering each question.

Once you press it, there is no going back. Take your time during the test, relax, read the questions carefully. A staff member will give you a number. You will be called in an office where you will have to show your ID again.

If you have passed, you will be given a Pass Notification Letter that you will have to sign. Do not leave the test centre before you are given this letter, otherwise it will be destroyed. Life in the UK test — if you fail the test You can re-take the test as many times as you need to, but you will have to wait 7 days before you will be able to book your test again.

Do you need help preparing for your Life in the UK test? Did you like this article?Simply go to the website above and create an account. When I arrived at the test centre I was greeted by the security guard. I passed my test today, when i went to get the result I thought I failed, but when they said congratulations, my yes was in tears , thanks God, i pray before my test.

All the questions were from this amazing website. Incorrect Swansea is located in Wales.

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