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Numerical Reasoning Tests: How to Give Yourself the Edge www. .. Amazon: “ Practise and Pass - Professional: Numeracy Tests” by Alan. Redman. 3. How to Pass Numerical Reasoning Tests a Step by Step Guide - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Although taking a numerical reasoning test is not the same as taking a maths In this PDF we offer a short guide to basic as well as advanced formulas that.

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PDF | 5 minutes read | On Oct 31, , Rob Williams and others published Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests. test. The most common are numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, It is important to note that a poor performance on a psychometric test may not lead to .. How to pass numerical reasoning tests: a step by step guide to learning the basic. Pass The Numerical Reasoning Test With Ease Second Edition - [Free] Pass The Numerical SDA Measuring Instruments pdf manual.

Find the product of the distinct prime factors. Now follow the same process to work out the prime factorization of 9 by the same process. Find the product of the prime factors Multiply all the prime factors together. Line up common prime factors Line up the prime factors of each of the given integers below each other: When you see a common prime factor.

Find the lowest common multiple of the following sets of numbers: This is a cruel test trap. Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 Q10 2 and 4 and 5 and 6 6 2 3 3 3 4 and and and and and and and 5 5 9 5 7 5 6 7 6 6 and and and and and 6 7 8 11 7 Working with large numbers Test-writers sometimes set questions that ask you to perform an operation on very large or very small numbers.

This section reminds you of some commonly used terms and their equivalents. The terms vary and the UK definition of these terms is different from the US definition. Operations on small and large numbers are dealt with in Chapter 2. Add that number of zeros to the result of Step 1. Worked example What is the result of 2. Count up the number of zeros in each number 2. Multiply the digits greater than 0 together.

Multiplying large numbers To multiply large numbers containing enough zeros to make you go cross-eyed. If you are in doubt and do not have the means to clarify which notation is being used. Count up the number of zeros in each number.

Set a stopwatch and aim to complete the following drill in three minutes. US definition Multiplying large numbers: Worked example 4. To find the mean. This is a technique used in statistical analysis to analyse data and to draw conclusions about the content of the data set. Arithmetic mean The arithmetic mean also known simply as the average is a term you are probably familiar with.

What is her average arithmetic mean score? Emma scores The three types of averages are the arithmetic mean. There may be more than one mode in a given set of numbers. Subtract the sum of known values from the sum of values Sum of values. Worked example What is the value of q if the arithmetic mean of 3. Worked example What is the mode in the following set of numbers?

Worked example What is the median in the following set of numbers? So the mode numbers are 0. So the mode is 22 as it appears most frequently. The median The median is the value of the middle number in a set of numbers.

Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 Q10 8. Q11 Q12 Q13 Q14 Q15 What is the arithmetic mean of the following sets of numbers? Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 Q10 4 Q11 Q12 Q13 Q14 Q15 23 -2 1 1 4 A part of a whole number. The number below the line in a vulgar fraction. Equivalent fractions: Fractions with equivalent denominators and numerators. The same principles apply to decimals and fractions as to whole numbers. What a fraction is Proper and improper fractions A fraction is a part of a whole number.

For example: In Chapter 1. Mixed fractions: A number consisting of an integer and a fraction. The number above the line in a vulgar fraction. Vulgar fraction: A fraction expressed by numerator and denominator. Prime factorization: The expression of a number as the product of its prime numbers. Proper fraction: A fraction less than one. Lowest common denominator: The lowest common multiple of the denominators of several fractions.

The line that separates the numerator and denominator in a vulgar fraction. In this chapter you will practise number operations on parts of numbers. Improper fraction: A fraction in which the numerator is greater than or equal to the denominator. The number above the fraction bar is called the numerator and the number below the fraction bar is called the denominator.

A proper fraction is a fraction less than one. There are two types of fractions. An improper fraction is a fraction in which the numerator is greater than or equal to the denominator.

Finding the lowest common denominator To find the lowest common denominator of two or more fractions. Worked example What is the lowest common denominator of the following fractions?

Review Chapter 1 now if you need a reminder of the method to find the lowest common multiple. Working with fractions Finding the lowest common multiple In Chapter 1. Comparing positive fractions Often you can estimate which of two fractions is the larger. To compare positive fractions. Worked example Are the following fractions equivalent? Cross-multiply denominators and numerators: Worked example Which is the larger fraction? This is a technique you will find useful to compare ratios and proportions.

You can also use this technique to find out whether two fractions are equivalent. There are two methods to reduce a fraction to its lowest terms.

Method 1 Continue to divide the numerator and denominator by common factors until neither the numerator nor denominator can be factored any further. The fraction on the right side of the question is the larger fraction. Follow the arrows and write your answers on either side of the fractions. Comparing positive fractions: This is a useful technique to use when the numbers are large. Factor out the numerator and the denominator: Worked example Reduce to its lowest terms.

You multiplied the denominator 3 by 5 in the first fraction to find the common denominator You multiplied the denominator 5 by 3 to find a common denominator. If you find it easier to find a common denominator by multiplying the denominators together than to find the lowest common denominator at the start.

Just remember to reduce the fraction to its lowest terms as your final step in the calculation. Set up the fractions with a common denominator of Note that this method will not necessarily always give you the lowest common denominator. Multiply the denominators to find a common denominator When the numbers are simple.

Most Companies Use Psychometric Tests to Assess Candidates

Rewrite each of the fractions with a denominator of The lowest common multiple of 6 and 9 is the product of the prime factorization of each number. Find the lowest common denominator First. Now set up each fraction with a denominator of To add mixed fractions. Now find the lowest common denominator. If you get into the habit of reducing fractions before multiplying. Reduce the result to its lowest terms. Worked example When subtracting numbers.

The difference between 32 and There are no decimal spaces to consider in At the end of the calculation. Insert the decimal point here. Q1 Q2 Q3 1. Multiply To do this.

Multiply both numbers by Multiply both numbers by a multiple of Dividing decimals: A key measure of industrial performance may be the rate at which a finished part is produced. A ratio that establishes the relationship between two or more different quantities measured in different units. Knowledge of rates is very useful for any commercial activity that requires you to measure productivity. Worker productivity may be Openmirrors. The following table is a guide to common time units.

Rates are a useful method to compare different units. Time Time is the unit that is most frequently converted when working with rates. The following drills aim to hone your quick conversion skills and will remind you of the common units that you are likely to come across in your test. Where it is critical to know conversion rates. The basic units of time are seconds. Converting units Before we reintroduce the formulae to work out rates questions.

While these formulae do not account for quality control. You will have the opportunity to practise these conversions in the practice drills. The table below gives the common equivalents of metric measures of distance. Convert the following temperatures to the nearest whole number: This chapter will demonstrate how to substitute the variables into a common formula.

The relationship between the three pieces of the puzzle is expressed as: There are three parts to a speed-distance-time problem.

The key to answering these questions correctly is to identify the pieces correctly and substitute the information to the relevant formulae. Hints on how to recognize other variables you may come across in the test are also provided. The examples use time. Rates are used to measure proportions between different units and are a useful method to compare quantities of the different units.

If she travelled a further hour at 18 mph. On approaching her first set of rapids. As the actual speed is quicker and the time spent travelling longer. She paddles for 2 hours at a rate of 8. How far is Ruth from her launch point when she reaches her first waterfall? Estimate the answer There are two speeds to consider here. Calculate the answer Apply the formula to find the distance: How far does the car travel? Estimate the answer If the car travelled at 40 mph for 5 hours. If Ruth travelled for 2 hours at 8 mph.

The distance from the mooring point on the island to the mooring point on the mainland is half a mile. He rows his boat at a rate of 2 miles an hour when the wind is still. Calculate the answer Apply the formula and plug in the numbers: Since you know that the total distance he has to travel is less than 2 miles. How many minutes does it take Iain to row to the mainland on a calm day?

Estimate the answer If Iain rows for an hour. What is the total flying time for both pilots together in hours and minutes. On the return journey. Calculate the answer Apply the formula to find the time for both the outbound and inbound journeys. Outbound journey: Captain Danger. On the return journey of miles at a speed of mph. Estimate the answer At a speed of mph. Bengel and his wingman. On one particular exercise. If the time spent walking were 1 hour.

So the total time for both pilots is minutes or 2 hours and 24 minutes. As the time taken to walk the distance is longer Openmirrors. The distance between his home and work is 6 miles. Worked example Sanjay sets off walking to work at 7.

What is his average walking speed? Estimate the answer The actual walking time is 1 hour and 30 minutes and the total distance covered is 6 miles.

He stops to buy a coffee and read his newspaper for 15 minutes and arrives at work at 8. In this particular biathlon. Jamie cycles at a speed of 12 mph and runs at a speed of 6 mph. Calculate the answer The formula to find the average rate of two or more rates is: You can assume that the average speed will be closer to the lower of the two numbers ie 6 mph as more time will be spent on the leg of the journey that has the lower rate.

Now apply the formula and plug in the numbers. Your answer will therefore be less than 6 mph. RATES 81 than 1 hour. The rate is therefore 4 mph. Worked example: What is her average speed for the race? Estimate the answer When you combine average speeds.

Thorpe Bay to Chalk Park: Chalk Park to Thorpe Bay: It may help you to draw a diagram to facilitate your thinking. Thorpe Bay 24 miles at 12 mph 24 miles at 6 mph Chalk Park First work out the time it takes Jamie to complete each leg of the journey by plugging in the numbers to the relevant formula. Now apply the formula to find the average rate. In this instance. He cycles at a steady pace of 9 miles an hour and crosses the finishing line 6 hours later.

Q1 Yousuf sets off on the annual London to Cambridge bike ride. How far will the boat travel in 2 hours? A farmer leaves a bale of hay every morning at a location on Dartmoor for the wild ponies. After 2 minutes. How wide is the stage? Standing together. What is the distance of the London to Cambridge ride? Jo walks along the South Downs Way at a rate of 4. One pony starts at the hay and trots along a track to the location of the oats at a rate of 12 mph and remains at that location for the Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Openmirrors.

What is the total distance she intends to walk? A singer is on stage with a bass guitarist. The singer shimmies across the stage at the speed of 1 foot every 10 seconds.

Part of the dance routine requires them to move to opposite ends of the stage for one section of the song. One is travelling at 70 mph and the other is travelling at 80 mph.

What is her average speed? What is his average speed in miles per hour? Bob drives a cab in London. His round trip journey takes exactly 2 hours and he always starts the journey at the location of the hay. In the morning.

The family car completes the journey in 8 hours. What is the distance between the location of the hay and the location of the oats? Q6 On a particular stretch of railway line. What is the minimum time a traveller must allow to complete a journey of miles? A hosepipe discharges water at a rate of 4 gallons per minute. On the way home he is in a hurry to watch the start of the Crystal Palace match and drives one and a half times as fast along the same route.

After how long will the two cars meet? A small car with an engine size of cc and a family car with an engine size of 3 litres set off on a journey of miles.

How long after the family car will the small car arrive at the destination? How much time does he spend driving? Two cars. He picks up a passenger at Gatwick Airport on a Friday afternoon and drives 26 miles to a Central London location.

How long. Q14 An egg timer contains The sand passes at a consistent rate between the top and the bottom cylinders. Q15 Work rate problems Work rate problems require that you work out the time involved to complete a specified number of jobs by a specified number of operators. Worked example Work rate formula 1 To find the combined time of two operators working together but independently on the same job at different rates.

After 2 minutes and 24 seconds. Choose the method that is easiest for you. Justin enters the competition and is given the following split times for each leg of the competition: RATES 85 minutes. At what rate per minute does the sand pass through the timer?

In the Ironman Triathlon. Then he drives an additional 4 miles to Waterloo station. This section shows you two methods to tackle these questions. Apply the formula and plug in the numbers: Work rate formula 2 The total time required to complete a task by more than one operator is equivalent to the following formula: Working together but independently.

Numerical Tests: Score in the 99th Percentile (2019 Article Update)

How long will it take both computers working together to run half the set of tasks? Q2 Q3 Openmirrors. Calculate the answer You can work out the rate for one of the two to traverse the whole stage by finding the average speed for both performers: She still has 6 miles to walk.

In 1 hour the boat travels: You can set up an equation to help you to solve this. To find M. The return journey will take 2M minutes. In order to set up a ratio.

Set up a diagram to help you to visualize the scenario. Calculate the answer In 1 second. Now you can plug in the numbers to the relevant formulae: Calculate the answer Apply the formula for Time and plug in the numbers: Calculate the answer You are looking for the time required to fill the paddling pool.

Therefore your answer will be at least one hour and less than two. If the train travels at 50 per cent of mph. Apply the formula to find the rate: If Mike drove twice as fast on the way home. Calculate the answer You may find it helpful to sketch a diagram to help you visualize the problem.

Your answer will therefore be between 2 hours and 15 minutes and 3 hours. So on the return journey he drives 60 miles at 60 mph and the journey takes 1 hour. The cars will meet after 40 minutes. Set up the relevant formula to find the time. Now apply the formula to find time: Now apply the formula to find the rate: Apply the formula to find the rate and plug in the numbers.

Calculate the answer Find the total distance Jenny runs in four laps of the park: Since she completes four circuits in less time. Calculate the answer In order to find the average speed of the small car.

The family car journey takes 8 hours and the small car journey takes 9. Calculate the answer Set up a proportion to find the fraction of the sand that has passed through the timer after 2 minutes and 24 seconds. Calculate the answer If Jake managed to pedal for another 30 minutes at the same speed.

Calculate the answer Apply the formula to find the average of two rates and plug in the numbers: This will allow you Openmirrors. If Now apply the formula to find the average rate and plug in the numbers. Calculate the answer Remember that you cannot simply add the rates together and find the average. The question asks for the answer to the nearest mile.

First convert the time to the lowest unit ie minutes: If it takes 36 minutes to complete a set of tasks.

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A percentage is a special type of ratio. One part in every hundred. Expressed as a fraction. Test-writers love percentages! In most aptitude tests you will have to work out percentages. Converting between percentages. This chapter provides a reminder of the background to percentages. This section shows you how to convert between percentages. This chapter will guide you through the concepts and formulae to help you tackle percentage problems.

Many percentage questions require you to interpret data from tables.

Top 10 Tips – Numerical Reasoning Methodology

Practise as much as you can. The key to understanding problems involving percentages is to ask yourself first what the problem is about.

This is the same as dividing by This is the same as multiplying by Become familiar with equivalents to save time in your test. Decide Openmirrors. The relationship between the three pieces is expressed as: In percentage problems. Method 1 Multiply the whole number by the decimal equivalent of the percentage: You can check your answer with an alternative method.

Working with percentages: Method 1 When you are working with simple percentages. Method 2 Set the percentage up as a fraction over and cross-multiply the fractions to find the whole number x: Then calculate by how much you would need to multiply that quantity to obtain the whole. You are looking for a whole number. Method 1 Use the formula and substitute actual values: You are given the part 30 and the whole number and asked to work out the percentage.

Find the percentage Q11 Q12 Q13 18 is what percentage of 48? What percentage of is 4? This will lead you to the right order of operations and will help you to identify the place where you made an error in your calculation.

Being familiar with basic formulae and estimating techniques will save you a lot of time during the test. Increasing or decreasing a value by a percentage Percentage increases and decreases are one of the most common calculations you will be asked to perform in aptitude tests.

Method 1 Find the actual value of the percentage increase or decrease and add the value of the increase or decrease to the original value. The key to working out a percentage change quickly and correctly is to estimate the answer first.

Pick the method that suits you or your numbers and use the other to validate your answer. There are two basic methods to work out a percentage increase or decrease.

Amount of decrease Openmirrors. By what percentage did the price of oil increase during this period? Calculate the answer Use the formula to find a percentage increase and plug in the numbers. If you purchase the flight online direct from the airline. By what percentage is the flight discounted if you buy online? Calculate the answer Use the formula to find a percentage decrease and plug in the numbers. In this question.

Calculate the answer To find the new value multiply by the original whole. For how much.

By the end of the s. At how much more or less is the flat valued in than in ? You are asked to find a new value following a percentage increase and then a percentage decrease. The questions are not difficult as long as you remember a couple of basic rules. By January What is P in terms of Q? When it is planted. After the engine has been tuned. By the October half-term holiday. How much petrol is required for a round trip? In the first few minutes of trading the next day.

In which year will the tree exceed 1m in height? Between and If the wholesaler buys 30 puzzle books from the publisher. The distance between Lovetts Bay and Noe valley is miles and a car uses 25 litres of petrol to make the journey. His projected salary increase for is 0. By what percentage has the stock gained in price? What was the original price? In two years. This is very important in compound interest calculations.

A question that requires you to calculate interest is designed to test your ability to decide whether to perform a simple percentage change calculation or to combine cumulative percentage changes.

Simple interest To find simple interest. Compound interest is the amount of interest earned on an investment plus interest earned on previously earned interest. Use the formula and plug in the numbers to verify your answer: The clue will usually be hidden in the question.

To work out how much interest is paid in one year. Simple interest is paid at a rate of 3. If the total amount payable to Katie at Q2 Q3 Openmirrors. What is the simple annual interest rate on the account?

To the nearest penny. In compound interest. How much interest will Shifty have to pay at the end of the 2-year loan? Recall the formula to find compound interest: The value of his house increased over 6 years. Q5 Openmirrors.

Which is the more profitable investment option?

You may prefer to use another method to check your answers. Express the percentage as a fraction over and multiply by the whole number To solve the equation for a whole number. Multiply by the whole number 60 to find the percentage to find the part: Percentage 0.

Divide both sides by Solve for x by setting up the percentage as a fraction over and cross-multiply: Reduce the fraction to its lowest terms: Year 1 2 3 Whole 90 cm Now solve for O: After the engine tune. The question asks for the total amount in the account at the end of the term.

Final sum. Plug in the numbers to the formula: The comparison between two or more quantities. When you define the relationship between two or more quantities of the same kind you are finding a ratio. Equality of ratios between two pairs of quantities. A ratio tells you the Openmirrors. In this chapter you will learn first how to work with ratios. Simply divide both sides by the same number. The ratio of black cats to white cats is 5: Method 2 Separate the quantities with a colon.

You can set up a ratio in several different ways. In aptitude tests. This can be reduced to its lowest terms like an equation. Method 1 Define the ratio in words. When you compare two ratios. Working with ratios Ratios work in a similar way to fractions and are usually reduced to the lowest term. Q1 1 2 3 What is the ratio of shoes to feet? Shoes to Feet Shoes: Feet Shoes Feet Openmirrors.

The ratio of 25 g: This method ensures that you work with common units throughout your calculation. Stems 3 Flowers Stems Q3 1 2 3 What is the ratio of guitarists to bandmembers? Guitarists to Bandmembers Guitarists: Bandmembers Guitarists Bandmembers Ratios and common units of measure In order to compare two quantities.

Over 550 Practice Questions

Worked example What is the ratio of 25 grammes g to 5 kilogrammes kg? Convert the larger unit kg to the equivalent measure of the smaller unit g: Worked example What is the ratio of 20 minutes to 2 hours? Convert the larger unit 2 hours into the smaller unit minutes: To set up a ratio when the original units of measure are in different units.

Express the following ratios in their simplest forms. Express the following ratios. Types of ratio Two types of ratio are typically tested in numeracy tests. For example, players in a football squad are the complete set the whole and those players picked for the starting line-up are the subset the part.

Once you understand how these ratios work, you can use ratios to determine actual values, for example the exact number of players in the squad.

What is the ratio of willows to oaks? Divide both sides by 2 to express the ratio in its simplest form: The ratio of top secret files to all files is therefore: Note that this does not give you actual values the number of files , just the ratio between quantities. Worked example A software company decides to expand its floor area by building additional floors underground for the software testers. When the construction is finished, one in four of the total floors in the building will be underground.

What is the ratio of floors above ground to floors underground? The floors can only be underground or above ground, so you can be sure to know all the subsets of the parent set. Therefore you can determine the part to whole ratio. The question tells you that for every floor underground, three are above ground.

Both quantities are expressed as quarters, so you can form a ratio with the numerators: Using ratios to find actual quantities A frequently tested concept is the use of ratios to find actual quantities. Ratios only tell you the relationship between numbers, not actual quantities. However, if you know the actual quantity of either a part or the whole, you can determine the actual quantity of the other parts.

Worked example In a bag of 60 green and red jellybeans, the ratio of red jellybeans to green jellybeans is 2: How many are red? You know the actual value of the whole and the ratio between the parts, so you can work out the actual values of each part: This tells you that for every 5 parts, 2 are red and 3 are green. To find the actual quantity of red jellybeans, multiply the ratio of red jellybeans by the actual value of the whole. Worked example A certain spice mix contains 66 g of a mix of cumin and coriander in the ratio of 4: If 24 g of the mix is cumin, then 66 g — 24 g 42 g is coriander.

Divide both sides by 6 to comply with the format of the ratio in the question: The ratio of cumin to coriander is 4: Worked example At the Tedbury Rolling-Rollers, a race open to skaters and bladers, the ratio of skaters to all racers is 2 to 3. There are a total of Rolling-Rollers in the race. How many are on skates? Multiply the ratio expressed as a fraction by the actual value of the whole number to find the number of skaters: Worked example After a hot whites wash, the ratio of the pink socks to all socks emerging from the washing machine is 3: How many socks are not pink at the end of the wash?

Assume that all the socks that go into the washing machine also come out of it. What is the ratio of time taken to bake a potato to time taken to bake a pie? Southwold United won 18 games and lost 9 games. In Week 2 he cycles miles. Ratios practice questions Give all your answers in the ratio format x: What is the ratio of games lost to games won? It takes 1 hour 20 minutes to bake a potato and 45 minutes to bake a pie. What is the ratio of stringed instruments to all instruments in the ensemble?

Q4 Q5 Q6 Openmirrors. In a musical ensemble. Q1 Q2 Q3 In a school there is one qualified teacher for every 32 students. What is the ratio of miles cycled in week 2 to miles cycled in week 3? What is the ratio of currants to sultanas in a fruitcake consisting of 1 lb 2 oz currants and 12 oz sultanas?

There are 16 oz in 1 lb. What is the ratio of students to qualified teachers? Last season. Express the ratio as a fraction: At a rock concert, out of the capacity crowd of 30, are left-handed. What fraction of the crowd is right-handed? Assume that no one in the crowd is ambidextrous! In a certain yoga class of 32 attendees, 8 can stand on their heads unaided. In a restaurant, the ratio of vegetarians to meat-eaters is 3 to 5.

What is the ratio of vegetarians to vegetarian fish-eaters to meat-eaters? The ratio of cups to mugs on a table is 1: The following questions require that you use a ratio to calculate actual values.

A company issues dividend payments to two shareholders, Anne and Paula, in the ratio 5: How much does Paula receive? How many games did they play last season if all the games were either won or lost and Burnford won 6 games?

Charlotte ran a marathon How long did the first half take? In Factory A, the ratio of paper clip production to pencil sharpener production is to 1 and the ratio of pencil sharpener production to stapler production is 3 to 5. What is the ratio of paper clip production to stapler production? Proportions When you compare two equivalent ratios of equal value you are finding a proportion. You can think of proportions as ratios reduced to the simplest terms. For example, if you simplify the ratio 30 computers to 48 televisions you are finding a proportion.

When you know how to work with proportions, you can check easily whether two ratios are equal, find missing terms in a ratio, work out the greater of two ratios and work out proportional changes to a ratio.

Knowledge of proportions is a good trick to have up your sleeve in an aptitude test. Swift multiplication of the elements in a proportion will help you to verify the answer to a ratio problem quickly.

Method 1 In a proportion, the product of the outer terms equals the product of the inner terms. Does the ratio 24 apples to 36 apples equal the ratio 2 apples to 3 apples? Method 2 Another way to think about proportions is to set up the ratios as fractions and cross-multiply.

Are the following ratios equal: Set up the ratios as fractions. The ratios are equal, as both sides when cross-multiplied produce the same result. Especially as they usually allow for calculators.

The typical characteristics of a numerical reasoning test include but are not limited to: Multiple choice answers - no longhand answers or showing your working-out. No prior knowledge required - no equations to memorise or surreptitiously write on your arm. Strict time limits - some are generous while some are very short. Relevant to the workplace - modern tests are based on the kind of numerical information you would deal with in the job.

Based on only the information given - you should not make assumptions about data you are not given. The maths required for a numerical psychometric test The maths required in a numerical psychometric test is determined by the difficulty of GCSE level.

How to Pass Numerical Reasoning Tests a Step by Step Guide

The part required from you, is to interpret and figure out what calculation is required from the question, and under pressure of time. If there is a style of question that you find most challenging, we recommend you take a moment to focus your practice on that type of question. And as stated above, remember that you are usually allowed to use a calculator on your test. The correlation between people doing well on their psychometric tests and performing better at their job is clear.

This is why employers use them. Sometimes the difficulty of the psychometric tests between graduate and professional level is no different. The difference lies in the norm group - reflecting the calibre of candidate they are trying to select.

Useful preparation for your numerical psychometric test Practice is so useful in preparation for the reasoning test as it helps reduce the element of surprise and will give you the confidence to perform at your best. Be that as it may, there are some other, simple ideas you can use to help prepare from your test. Learn about the test you are going to take - ask the employer what test s your are taking.

Perhaps ask for the test provider. This way, you can find out precisely how long the test will be and how many questions. Also, this will tell you what practice material will be appropriate.Practice as many questions as possible prior to sitting your assessment to maximise your chances of success and your exam performance. You may prefer to use another method to check your answers.

Remember that speed is a key indicator of success. Solving the question using arithmetic: Translating the language Part of the difficulty of aptitude tests is in understanding exactly what is being asked of you.

If you are in doubt and do not have the means to clarify which notation is being used.

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