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All stories posted here are male/male erotic romance and contain material not PDF of the first three chapters of the first novel in the Precious Gems Series. Gay . The Gay Triangle: The Romance of the First Air Adventurers by William Le Queux . No cover available. Download; Bibrec. Review of Robert Aldrich's Gay Life Stories by Brian Dempsey - to be published in James Morgan Brown Review Issue # 1 Gay Life Stories by Robert Aldrich.

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Gay Male Cartoon Sex Videos Daddy Fuck Boy And Gay Porn Teens Mo Vintage Peddle The Best of Epic Sex Stories by Epic Sex Stories Like - Smashwords. Stories. A Fifty-Two Stories Production with fiction by. FOREWORD BY CAL MORGAN Catherine Lacey • Roxane Gay • Matthew Norman • Jamie Quatro. Ever wonder how someone becomes a bad boy billionaire? Devlin doesn't have to wonder because if he can convince Sergio, a gorgeous billionaire, to buy his.

Tobias Caulfield never expected to see his ex-boyfriend again - especially not the night before his big art show A Love Story by J.

Evergreen You set the price! March 24, How did you find me? I want you out of my life.

Please go away and leave me alone. He staggered to one side. A Wealth of Unsaid Words by R. Cooper You set the price! March 23, For years, Alex has been worried that someone like Everett—who runs a charity and is never short of romantic offers—would never truly want a man constantly on guard against his own mind.

There will never be a time when Alex is perfect.

But this is as close as it gets, and he is tired of waiting. This Christmas, all he can hope for is that Everett still wants him. Michael's Kisses , Book 2.

Devastated that his first kiss was bad, Michael sets out to find Adam at his college and have a second chance at a first kiss. While spending time in Fresnay, he receives a message from home that turns his world upside down.

Michael's Kisses , Book 1. High school can be tough - especially when you're in love with a straight guy. John has been the object of Michael's unrequited love for almost a year, but fate has a funny way of bringing people together when you least expect it. The Christmas Card by J. I assumed it was a Christmas card, even though it was July, not only because of its size but also because of its Christmas-red color.

Then I noticed what was pasted in the upper right-hand corner — a six-cent canceled stamp. The cancellation date read I wondered where in the world this envelope had been for the last forty-six years. March 20, It was seven years since they met when Pat told Charlie he was leaving.

His explanation centered on his devotion to God. Charlie listened but did not understand.

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God had won and was ripping Pat from his life. And then Pat was gone and Charlie was alone. It was a typical foggy, cold morning when Charlie stepped onto the main span of the Golden Gate Bridge to put an end to the pain of being alone.

Lunar Pack , Book 1.

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March 14, by 5 Times Chaos. Roy never thought that one party with his hot new neighbours would turn his whole life upside down!

Father Mario And Dane by J. March 10, Father Mario Luciani stood alone watching the last parishioner leaving St. Clare Patterson invited him to Sunday dinner which he was happy to accept not only because of the excellent food but because the handpicked guests would offer interesting conversations on many subjects … except the one he kept hidden … his loneliness.

The Vicar by J. March 9, I was enjoying a pint when I noticed him alone in a booth, eating fish and chips. He looked familiar which was interesting since I had never been to this part of London before.

Then it struck me like lightning. When this grease ball sat down at the bar and began ogling my vicar, I sprang into action. March 7, Then, click "Convert Books," make sure the thing in the upper right hand corner says "epub" I think that's the default and click "OK. Calibre will then save it as an epub. You just look in the folder where Calibre saved it and there it is, ready to be uploaded to the web.

If you want, you can also click "Edit metadata" and put in tags basically category identifiers by typing in whatever you want, separated by commas in the tags section, a description and whatever other data you'd like to include. Though that isn't necessary to do. Good luck. If you need more help, feel free to PM me. I'm an author myself though haven't published any of my gay fiction yet and also a bit of a computer geek, so I know my way around all these things, but it's really very, very simple.

And thank you and the other authors very much for making your work available. It's much appreciated. I haven't had a chance to read them yet been busy and have a backlog of other stuff to read am very much looking forward to doing so. PDF is really the poorest choice of source file type and only to be used if you can't get anything better. If it's the author who converts, then the author will also have the option of saving a word processing file, such as for example a.

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But then again, last version created was done by a beta reader when I kept messing it up , so will have to ask. I will try to find time to redo file this weekend. Thanks so much for the info.

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Remember Me? Tip Got Facebook? Page 1 of 2. Thread Tools. Aug Device: Sony Reader PRS Find More Posts by eric Nov Location: Find More Posts by Elfwreck. Jan Location: You can check our Signature Authors , our Classic Authors , our Promising Authors or any of the rest of our authors to learn more. Gay Authors is proud of our diverse community. We have all age groups and gender groups represented. We support our authors, our readers and have a family through our shared love of stories.

Check out our forums , our galleries and our blogs , join up and become part of the community. Stay up to date by checking out our latest news on our blog! You can also sign up for our newsletter, Read! We realize that we can't have everything you are looking for, so if you can't find it here, then maybe you can find it at one of our friends.The book itself is fine, but the reader has no easy way to associate it with an author or publisher, no way to find more like it in the future.

Same-Sex Desires in Post-Revolutionary Iran

Letter; 29 pgs, metadata accurate author is "sjfrost" ; double-spaced text More than Just a Good Book by Sloan Parker: I will try to find time to redo file this weekend.

Michael's Kisses , Book 2. Texas Fall Texas 6 by R.

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