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FIT FOR LIFE-THE DIAMOND METHOD. The basic foundation of natural hygiene is that the body is always striving for health and that it achieves this by. Fit-For-Life - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book When Harvey Diamond asked me to review the Fit for Life manuscript. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Coauthor of the bestselling Fit for Life, Diamond here advocates a lifelong diet composed of 50% raw (living) food.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "It is not only what you eat that makes the difference, Buy Fit For Life: Read Books Reviews - Fit for Life (FFL) is a diet and lifestyle book series stemming from the principles of orthopathy. It is promoted mainly by the American writers Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. .. Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Fit for Life book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers . Nutrition specialists Harvey and Marilyn Diamond prove that it's not.

What precisely does "Natural Hygiene" mean? You were on the right track in the beginning if you thought of cleaning your teeth.

Fit for life II : living health

It is the approach of understanding the effect that food has on the length and quality of one's life. Its focus is on prevention and healthful living. It teaches people how to eliminate the cause of their health problems rather than constantly battle the effects of continual violation of natural laws. The underlying basis of Natural Hygiene is that the body is self-cleans- ing, self-healing, and self-maintaining.

Natural Hygiene is based on the idea that all the healing power of the universe is within the human body; that nature is always correct and cannot be improved upon. Therefore, nature does not seek to thwart any of its own operations.

We experience problems of ill health i. The most beautiful thing about Natural Hygiene is that it affords you the opportunity to control your weight by supplying you with useful tools.

Some of these tools are inborn: common sense, instincts, logic, and rea- soning. These are critical tools that we all have built-in, but for one reason or another as life goes on we rely less and less on these attributes. I can't count how many times I have heard people say, after hearing how Natural Hygiene explains a certain situation, "You know, I always kind of felt that's how it should be, but.

Through the passage of time their instincts were heeded less and less until they were not given notice at all.

Many examples of how to use common sense, instincts, and logic to control your body weight will be presented throughout this book. The greatest tool of all—indeed, the greatest gift of all—is the human body and the immense intelligence that directs it. The human body has to be nature's finest creation. It is unmatched in power, capacity, and adaptability.

The intelligence inherent in our bodies is so vast that it is positively staggering. The human heart beats about one hundred thou- sand times every twenty-four hours.

Consider the fact that the heart and its pumping system, which scientists have attempted to duplicate without success, pump six quarts of blood through over ninety-six thousand miles of blood vessels. This is an equivalent of sixty-three hundred gallons being pumped per day.

That is almost one hundred fifteen million gal- lons in only fifty years. The six quarts of blood are made up of over twenty-four trillion cells that make three to five thousand trips throughout the body every day.

This pumping system has the capability of working nonstop for decades without skipping a beat.

And this is only the circulatory system! Consider the heat this machine must generate in accomplishing these functions, yet realize that it maintains a constant temperature of around The biggest organ of the body, the skin, is made up of over four million pores that are constantly acting as the cooling system for this machine. The digestive and metabolic systems have the remarkable abil- ity to transform the food we eat into healthy blood, bone, and cell struc- ture.

Perfect balance is always maintained, and if it were off by only a small fraction, the balance would be destroyed.

The lungs succeed in supplying the blood with the oxygen it needs.

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A complex skeletal system furnishes a supporting framework to allow the body to stand upright and walk. The skeletal system works in harmony with an amazing muscular system that allows locomotion.

This machine can astonishingly reproduce itself! The force and wisdom necessary to turn a fertilized ovum into a fully grown man or woman are beyond our comprehension. The five senses alone can stun the intellect. The list of activities performed by your body on a regular basis could fill a book.

At the helm of this pinnacle of perfection is the brain, overseeing all these miraculous activities, making sure everything is working with a precision that would make the work of a master watch- maker look clumsy.

The brain consists of more than twenty-five billion cells that are the most highly developed of any known. Looking at an individual cell, you will be even more impressed.

A single cell cannot be seen without a microscope, yet what goes on within a cell is astounding. The wisdom of a single cell is said to exceed all the accumulated knowledge of the human race to date.

Fit for Life Diet Plans

Even the smallest cell in your body is about one billion times the size of its smallest compo- nent! The cell is the site of more chemical reactions than all the chemi- cal factories in the world combined. There are thousands of components in a cell: chromosomes, genes, DNA, organelles, mitochondria, en- zymes, hormones, amino acids, and thousands of various chemicals and compounds too numerous to mention. And no one on this earth can explain what makes an individual cell operate. All the thousands of dif- ferent functions can be categorized, but the force behind these functions is beyond our comprehension.

In other words, the innate intelligence of the body is infinitely more sophisticated than our thinking minds. And to think there are over seventy-five trillion 75,,,, of these astounding cells working with pinpoint perfection for some sixty, seventy, eighty years, or more! And inside genes is the stuff of life: DNA. DNA is what deter- mines what color your eyes are, or what fragrance a flower will have, or the iridescence of a bird's feathers. If you took all the DNA from all the genes of all your seventy-five trillion cells, it would fit into a box the size of an ice cube.

Yet if all this DNA were unwound and joined together, the string would stretch from the earth to the sun and back more than four hundred times! That's almost eighty billion miles!

Let's use an analogy to help you understand the size of the numbers we are talking about and what cooperation of titanic proportions is necessary to coordinate them.

Consider that there are some four billion inhabitants of the earth. Now, I realize that it would be difficult to envision even a few million of those inhabitants getting together and cooperating harmo- niously in all things. If that seems difficult, then imagine all four billion individuals on earth acting in unison.

As impossible as it seems, com- pared with the inner workings of the body, that is nothing! Imagine eigh- teen thousand earths, each with four billion inhabitants and every last one acting in unison.

Fit for Life

All have the same political beliefs, the same re- ligious beliefs, and the same intellectual beliefs, and all are working for the exact same goals. There's more of a chance of the moon being made of green cheese. But that is precisely what the trillions of cells in your body do every day! One human cell in the laboratory, free from all bodily influences, will divide some fifty times before dying.

If all our cells divided that often, we would reach a weight of more than eighty trillion tons! Only with such staggering thoughts as these is it possible to grasp some idea of the infinite intelligence necessary to coordinate the activities of such an astronomical number of cooperating cells.

As one last illustration, imagine yourself writing an extremely impor- tant letter to a friend, while simultaneously watching your favorite TV program and listening to a positive-mental-artitude tape. How well will you perform these three functions?

Probably not too well. Now, at the same time, prepare your dinner and wash the floor. Forget it. Trying to do those five tasks at the same time leaves no chance for any of them to be performed with any high level of efficiency. And that's only five ac- tivities. Your body is performing quadrillions of processes twenty-four hours a day! Not millions or billions or even trillions, but quadrillions!

And not haphazardly, but with pinpoint perfection, carrying on all the metabolic and life-sustaining processes of your existence. When we view the vasrness of the human body's faculties and processes, we must stand in awe of the enormous intelligence displayed. It is inconceivable. The same way a plant will reach for the light source from wherever it is located in a room, so your body will forever strive for perfection.

They talk about everything such as the air we breathe, the water we drink, about what kinds of foods we need to eat more of and why, and all facets of health: exercise, sunshine, loving relationships, cleanliness and more This book is a continuation from Book 1: FIT FOR LIFE same authors.

They talk about everything such as the air we breathe, the water we drink, about what kinds of foods we need to eat more of and why, and all facets of health: exercise, sunshine, loving relationships, cleanliness and more.

They talk more in detail about animal products, how to feed our children healthfully, detoxification and what to do when it happens; and they give you an idea of how to plan your meals and what to eat. There are recipes towards the back of the book. I like that they don't "judge" or rant and rave about how eating meat is so wrong and leave it up to the reader to do what's right for them. They do suggest cutting back on meat consumption, and other sources say the same.

It's an all around great book to begin one's health journey. Lots of sound advice in which they've backed up their theories and opinions with several pages of bibliography in the back of the book. As with all health books, no one health book is correct and perfect in their knowledge of knowing exactly what health entails, so some things are just controversial and will probably be argued over till the end of time.

One of those things being the consumption of animal products. So, read this book with an open mind, and then do your own research by reading other health books. Aug 21, John rated it really liked it Interesting theory on why we get sick.Banning dairy products makes it extremely difficult for dieters to get the recommended daily allowance of calcium Calcium is needed to keep bones strong and in many metabolic reactions in the body.

It is true that content discrete facts are easier to assess via multiple-choice tests than are problem-solving, clear thinking, or creativity. They're not eating foods that have had the water cooked or pro- cessed out. I hope I can make it until Friday. This undigested food is forced into the intestines after several hours of being held up in the stom- ach.

That is how dirty it would become. The diet is based on Diamond's exploration of Herbert M.

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