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The best source I have found till date to read magazine of any genre, from any country is You can get any magazine in pdf here for free. Ⅰ. The Collection of The Economist PDF Ⅱ. Year in review Ⅲ. Audio for those who like reading magazines on smartphones, tablets or e-readers. A large archive of magazines from Business, Finances and Economics true PDF, download and read magazines The Economist UK Edition – March 23,

Irene Adler.

Inspirations - April Cosmopolitan UK — May Liudmila Ivanova. The Nation - April 29, Overview: The Nation speaks to an engaged audience as a champion of civil liberties, human rights, and economic justice.

Well-written or witty responses from anyone are considered, and controversial issues frequently produce a torrent of letters. After The Economist ran a critique of Amnesty International and human rights in general in its issue dated 24 March , its letters page ran a vibrant reply from Amnesty, as well as several other letters in support of the organisation, including one from the head of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.

Letters published in the news magazine are typically between and words long and began with the salutation "Sir" until the editorship of Zanny Minton Beddoes, the first female editor; they now have no salutation. Previous to a change in procedure, all responses to on-line articles were usually published in "The Inbox".

Visualisation of the Big Mac Index in January The Economist's primary focus is world events, politics and business, but it also runs regular sections on science and technology as well as books and the arts. Approximately every two weeks, the publication includes an in-depth special report [79] previously called surveys on a given topic.

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Every three months, it publishes a technology report called Technology Quarterly [80] or TQ, a special section focusing on recent trends and developments in science and technology. The company records the full text of the news magazine in mp3 format, including the extra pages in the UK edition. The weekly MB download is free for subscribers and available for a fee for non-subscribers.

The publication's writers adopt a tight style that seeks to include the maximum amount of information in a limited space. Bradley , publisher of The Atlantic , described the formula as "a consistent world view expressed, consistently, in tight and engaging prose".

Tables such as employment statistics are published each week and there are special statistical features too. It is unique among British weeklies in providing authoritative coverage of official statistics and its rankings of international statistics have been decisive.

Babbage Technology — named for the inventor Charles Babbage , this column was established in March and focuses on various technology related issues. From July [87] until June [88] it was written by David Rennie. Since April it has been written by Adrian Wooldridge.

Current and previous issues

Banyan Asia — named for the banyan tree, this column was established in April and focuses on various issues across the Asian continent, and is written by Dominic Ziegler. Bartleby Work and management — named after the titular character of a Herman Melville short story, this column was established in May Buttonwood Finance — named for the buttonwood tree where early Wall Street traders gathered.

Until September this was available only as an on-line column, but it is now included in the print edition. It is written by Philip Coggan. Chaguan China — named for Chaguan, the traditional Chinese Tea houses in Chengdu , this column was established on 13 September Erasmus Religion and public policy — named after the Dutch Christian humanist Erasmus.

Game Theory Sport — named after the science of predicting outcomes in a certain situation , this column focuses on "sports major and minor" and "the politics, economics, science and statistics of the games we play and watch".

Johnson language — named for Samuel Johnson , this column returned to the publication in and covers language. It is written by Robert Lane Greene.

Business, Finances and Economics

From June until May it was written by Peter David , until his death in a car accident. Schumpeter Business — named for the economist Joseph Schumpeter , this column was established in September and is written by Patrick Foulis.

The very development of an ever more aggressive military stance toward China and Russia raises, not lessens, the likelihood of war. You only have to look at how they are spending their money. Russia is upgrading its nuclear-capable missiles, bombers and submarines. China is rapidly expanding the size and capability of its far smaller nuclear forces, as are Britain and France.

Discussions are underway in ruling circles in Germany, Japan and even Australia on acquiring nuclear weapons so they can resist the nuclear-armed states. The madness of a nuclear arms race in the 21st century arises inexorably from the contradictions of the capitalist system.

The struggle among rival nation-states for global geostrategic and economic dominance is the inevitable outcome of capitalism's intractable crisis and the ferocious conflict for control over markets and resources. The epoch of world war, wrote the Marxist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, is the epoch of world socialist revolution.

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The overthrow of the capitalist system, which gives rise to the war danger, is an urgent necessity for the survival of human civilization.But it has also endorsed Harold Wilson and Bill Clinton , and espoused a variety of liberal causes: opposing capital punishment from its earliest days, while favouring penal reform and decolonisation, as well as—more recently—gun control and gay marriage.

Babbage Technology — named for the inventor Charles Babbage , this column was established in March and focuses on various technology related issues. The decapitation claim was retracted [] and allegedly fabricated by the woman's husband.

The Economist UK — It's just a bit of text with a format that identifies robots by a short, agreed-upon name, and tells them what they may and may not do. It is written by Robert Lane Greene. The weekly MB download is free for subscribers and available for a fee for non-subscribers.

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