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Dowsing Charts Parenting_With_Love_and_Logic__Teaching_Ch_-_ Trade Chart Patterns Like the Pros - Suri Feb 12, Explore Andrea Miller's board "Pendulum charts", followed by Resultado de imagem para graficos radiestesia pdf Healing Codes, Del. Free Printable Pendulum Charts Collection ~ Reveal Your Divine Spark. PDF Ebook The Book of Saint Cyprian by polyphanes on Etsy, $ Alchemy.

Dowsing Charts Pdf

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Students at some dowsing classes I ran used anything from a plastic white Pendulum Book) that consists mostly of charts and lists for use with a pendulum. This book contains a set of Charts entitled Healing Modalities/Processes ( formerly Therapeutic Processes) that contains 26 charts with different dowsing. Don't forget to check out our Free Dowsing Charts E-Book! So you are All charts are available in PDF format; you will need Adobe Reader to open them.

You may than print the charts or save the file on your computer for future use.


Then you make a list of all possible answers you would expect. Make sure that your answers are very specific and that they do not overlap. If they do, you may get inconsistent answers from your dowsing system.

This will give more contrast in your response. You can then always create more sub-charts for more specific detail. Make sure to proceed as explained above for each of the chart you create; that is restate the question for the sub-chart and make a list of all possible answers for that particular question.

Free Pendulum Charts

For best results, write or place your question in the upper part of your chart. This will give you focus when you dowse for the answer.

Make sure to prepare yourself to dowse before you start not explained here. Place your pendulum at the bottom center of the dowsing chart and firmly ask your question. Trust your answer!

There may be many reasons why the answer comes to you as it does. Some of us will be unable to get the pendulum to swing or move, whilst some of us may find our pendulum swinging wildly!

Worry not! The following steps will help you to overcome these issues. Say the affirmation listed below — also known as reconditioning statements — aloud, to instruct our sub-conscious mind to release the limiting beliefs that is blocking and preventing us from working with our higher self clearly through pendulum dowsing.

The generation of theta wave within our brain generated by listening to the sound recording will enable us to tune into our super-conscious and sub-conscious levels faster.

It will also help us to release the negative belief easier too optional but highly recommended. Visualise a ball of golden white light representing our super-conscious mind and higher self on top of our head connecting to your crown chakra and third eye chakra.

Do the releasing statements — say it aloud with conviction, do it slowly and with positive feeling in our own private, peaceful space. Releasing Statement Help you release any fear and limited Beliefs in your sub-conscious that blocking you to know the truth from your higher mind and divine spirits.

Free Templates

I now release all need and desire to believe that I am fearful to working with my super- conscious mind and higher self. I now release all belief, perception and judgment that I will cause harm to myself and others if I know the truth. I now release all need and desire to believe that I will cause harm to myself and others if I know the truth. I now release all belief, perception and judgment that I am shy and nervous to know the truth.

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Please log in. By Bryan Lundeen. Sadly the 3 charts are simple and demonstrate a lack of understanding by the author.

The first chart has 4 positions: Yes, No, Maybe, and Not at This Time are the choices; this was basically 4 ovals on the oposite sides of the page which could be drawn easily by anyone. The next is for months and seasons, I thought it was perhaps useful given the content, but the days of the month where stacked numbers in 3 rows.

Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation

It would be advisable to place those numbers on a half circle or use a protractor to draw them. As 3 stacked rows of numbers, it is impossible to know where the pendulum is swinging because a pendulum swings in an arc not in a straight linear line. This suggested her lack of understanding how to use a pendulum. The last chart is a graphic of a thermometer to indicate percent.

Percent is NEVER displayed on a thermometer, that is just a lack of understanding about what is a percent. Good thing the book is free, but it tells me she might have an ulterior motive for giving away a Report as inappropriate.

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Free dowsing chart

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Location of Infringing Material Identify each web page that allegedly contains infringing material.Ask your pendulum to "please indicate the section for In order to use your chart skillfully, we recommend you to do a programming with your chart before using it, and to dowse with your whole heart after setting your mental command.

You may than print the charts or save the file on your computer for future use.

In fact I created this booklet primarily for my personal use. Determine: allergies, origin of dysfunction, infections, parasites, teeth-mouth health, cancer prevention, cancer reversal, immune system health, chronic fatigue, relationship compatibility, personal motivators, family lineage, what is going on, who is involved, what am I telling myself, how to change my life, healing remedies, source of condition, chakras, health, healing, and well-being It is necessary to approach the pendulum with enthusiasm, optimism and the confidence that you are able to use it.

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