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This article describes how to generate a PDF file at runtime in For generating the PDF file, you need to use a PDF generator library. Create PDF Report from database in using C# and 14 Feb 29 Aug C# and Download View Demo Download Free Files API. NET PDF library used to create, read, and edit PDF documents. Using this library, you can create a PDF document in Web Forms.

Create And Pdf File In

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NET PDF library used to create, read, and edit PDF documents. Using this library, you can create a PDF document in MVC. For all, I use to create HTML to PDF, my code generate the HtML file then I create HTML to PDF and it is done, much easier than. In this article, we are going to show how to use the DinkToPDF library to easily generate PDF documents while working on Core Web.

BindEmployeesDropDown ;. DataBind ;. ConnectionStrings[ "constr" ]. Fill dt ;. End If. End Sub. ConnectionStrings "constr". Dim cmd As New SqlCommand query. Using dt As New DataTable. Fill dt. Return dt.

End Using. End Function. Below is the code to generate the PDF with Employee details from database. Then I have created the Header of the report with Logo and name of the company. Below that a Horizontal line is drawn which separates out the Header with the Body. To reduce the size of code I have created three generic methods.

Rows[0]; ;. A4, 88f, 88f, 10f, 10f ;. GetFont "Arial" , 12, Font. BLACK ;. GetInstance document, memoryStream ;. Open ;. AddCell cell ;. GetFont "Arial" , 16, Font. BOLD, Color.

RED ;. GetFont "Arial" , 8, Font. FromHtml " A9A9A9" ;. DrawLine writer, 25f, document. Top - 79f, document. Width - 25f, document.

Top - 79f, color ;. Top - 80f, document.

Top - 80f, color ;. Add table ;. GetFont "Arial" , 10, Font. DrawLine writer, f, 80f, f, f, Color. DrawLine writer, f, document.

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Top - f, document. Width - f, document. Please try again. NEW Syncfusion Dashboards.

How to create PDF file in

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My Account. NET Web Forms? Published Date: August 16, Last Revised Date: September 25, Steps to create PDF programmatically: Create a new ASP.

I am currently testing different PDF generation options and have not tested it in live environment. This is actually my concern. The solution that you posted is pretty simple and straightforward and I think I implemented it ok.

But those should be the only 2 differences. Hi David. Once I registered it as a singleton inside the IOC, the error message disappeared. Hmm, yeah, I read through the comments and I see most people made that mistake. Although, I do have a slight difference: Could that be the problem? Should I register it in some other way? I already tried to copy the Dink files in both WebApi and Business roots, but still the same.

Well now, it is really strange. Have you tried, just for example sake, to create a test ptoject and to implement pdf logic, just to see whether the error is going to repeat. But when i run on my local it work as well, but i deploy on azure, it throw error: The specified CGI application encountered an error and the server terminated the process. Please help to resolve it. This is my site: But maybe any of our readers did it, and they could help you. Please check my site: This code looks fine.

But I see your result is not.

Create PDFs in ASP.NET - getting started with iTextSharp

So maybe if you can share your code with us, then I can have a better look. If you have a good result on your local machine, then it is maybe something on the azure side. I have an issue tho: Hello Mika. Maybe that will work.

Do you know how it works under the blackbox of dinkto? My most basic css commands like background-color are executed, so I know the file is read, but apparently it has issue generating the template as it should. I am sorry, but I am not familiar with that at all. Never gone that deep into the dll. But I can only tell, related to CSS complexity, that css flex is not complex at all, in other words it is pretty easy to use, so you can try it for sure. It works perfectly in my development environment.

How to create PDF file in

However after deploying to Azure, I am getting a page not Found Error. I am using the returning as follows: Convert pdf ; return this. Your email address will not be published. Want to make the best API possible?

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Global Error Handling in. SetCompatibilityVersion CompatibilityVersion.

Models ;. Generic ;. Text ;. GetAllEmployess ;. Append ". Name , emp. LastName , emp. Age , emp. Gender ;. ToString ;.

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Contracts ;. Mvc ;. Utility ;. Color ,. Portrait ,. GetCurrentDirectory , "assets" , "styles. Convert pdf ;. GetCurrentDirectory , "libwkhtmltox. Related Posts. Ieuan Walker on July 30, at Marinko on July 30, at Ieuan Walker on July 30, at 1: Marinko on July 30, at 1: Ieuan Walker on July 30, at 2: Marinko on July 31, at 6: Ieuan Walker on July 31, at Marinko on July 31, at Eric Wo on August 1, at 4: Hope this helps, otherwise reply to my comment!

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Thank you! Marinko on November 26, at 9: You are very welcome. I hope you will find our other articles useful as well. Alvaro Lafuente on December 12, at 2: Marinko on December 12, at 5: Marinko on December 16, at 9: I apologize for my impulsivity, but I think to turn the qr code into base64 Reply.Stats GetFont "Arial", 14, Font. Config file.

The Ask Question Wizard is Live! The used PDFSharp code is included in the repository.

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