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patologia geral bogliolo pdf, patologia geral bogliolo, patologia geral geral 5 edição pdf download, bogliolo patologia geral 4 edição pdf. Anatomia Orientada para a Clínica - Moore - 7ª Anatomia Orientada Para a Bases da Biologia Celular e Molecular - De Robertis 4 Bases da Biologia Geral - Vida A Ciência da Biologia Vol pdf. Biologia Geral - Vida .. Patologia Bogliolo (Filho) - 7ª Patologia Bogliolo. Download as XLSX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd . Cirurgia Cirurgia geral Cirurgia geral Cito-Histologia Cito-Histologia Cito-Histologia .. Volume 4 Clínica Médica FMUSP. . Prática (nova edição de Emergências Clínicas) CURRENT Medicina de Emergência Harrison's Pulmonary and . Bogliolo Patologia.

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A segunda edição do Blackbook Clínica Médica é uma excelente alternativa para A nova edição de Oftalmologia Geral de Vaughan & Asbury traz, de forma . Communication| Volume 77, ISSUE 4, P, January 01, Interstitial nephritis PDF [7 MB]Download PDF [7 MB]. Save Bogliolo L. Patologia geral de leptospirose humana. Guanabara-Koogan, ; (6a. edição.). Mixed By – Producer, Recorded By – 3 Mama Say Bass – * Co-producer, Software para a edicao e criacao de arquivos em PDF E so baixar e aproveitar Fins Baixaki Bogliolo Patologia Geral Pdf Download -- test.

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Cutis, 64 2 : , A study of exfoliative cytology of normal human oral mucosa. J D Res, , fev. Med Oral, 7: , Pesqui Odontol Bras Acesso em: 10 jun. Identification of a recurrent oral squamous cell carcinoma by brush cytology. Diagnostic delay of oral squamous cell carcinoma in two diagnosis centers in Cordoba Argentina. Natural history of potentially malignant oral lesions and Conditions: an overview of the literature. In this context, taste alterations are frequently reported by crack cocaine addicts [8].

Howe- Statistical analysis ver, in literature, clinical researches on the effects of crack cocaine use are scarce. Thus, this study investigated whe- All the data were tabulated and statistical tests were ther the chronic use of crack cocaine is able to alter the performed with SPSS for Windows IL, USA. These results were analyzed for normal distribu- tion using Shapiro—Wilk's test.

The Mann—Whitney test was used to assess whether there was statistical differences in Materials and methods taste perception between groups.

The mean age of the experimental and control group was of Subjects 31 years 21— These individuals were using Thirty crack cocaine addicts case group and 30 healthy this illicit drug for more than seven years. Name, patients concomitantly used crack cocaine and cocaine age, sex, occupation, and relevant medical history were 3.

Furthermore, marijuana use was reported by recorded. Concerning alcohol con- media, anemia, and hepatitis were excluded in this study. Regarding sour taste, the groups had similar respon- ses. All patients in case group and 23 Tongue depapiled 2 6.

The value for the 10th percentile was four Fordyce spots 1 3. Then, 20 Use of medications before hospitalization Yes 11 Recently, it has spread across Amphetamines 1 3. One of these changes is the loss of taste that has been reported by many of the drug addicts [8]. To date, there is no report in the perceived by both groups.

Thus, the purpose of this study was to evaluate concentrations tested. They often confuse them with the the gustatory function in crack cocaine addicts. In general, these individuals did not recognize the users, especially for sweet, bitter and salty. Although these mechanisms responsible for adverse effects of drugs related groups had a similarity in the responses, the control group to the taste disorders are poorly understood.

In many cases, had a greater number of correct responses in 10 of 12 they are probably multiple and interactive. Thus, the drug- solutions offered. This creates a problem in terms of an appropriate candidiasis , 4 Neuronal impulse propagation changes for assessment.

However, direct observed in this study.

Many crack cocaine addicts interpreted differently. A study by Landis and colleagues [29] live or lived in the streets and, in this condition; they do not using the methodology of the paper strips hypogeusia repor- realize their personal hygiene [16].

Poor oral hygiene can lead or two cases per individuals. In impact on nutritional status and quality of life of these general, thermal agents contribute to modify the oral structu- individuals [30—32]. The smoke comes into contact with the oral mucosa and leads to the formation of a layer of keratin in non-keratinized or an increased keratinization of the oral Conclusions epithelium similar to what occurs with tobacco smoking [18].

This increase in oral keratinization is called hyperkeratosis. Also, some taste. Another change frequently observed in epithelial tra- cheobronchial mucosa of crack users is metaplasia [20, 21]. None declared. The damage to the The work described in this article has been carried out in gustatory function in smokers was also reported in by accordance with The Code of Ethics of the World Medical Vennemann and colleagues [25], but only in individuals who Association Declaration of Helsinki for experiments invol- used 20 or more cigarettes a day.

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7 CONCLUSÕES - Universidade Federal Fluminense

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