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Zero Percentile Missed Iit Kissed Gurgaon. Filesize: MB. Reviews. Extremely helpful to any or all category of individuals. It really is rally fascinating. Download and Read Free Online Zero Percentile Neeraj Chhibba Zero Percentile by Neeraj Chhibba Free PDF d0wnl0ad, audio books, books to read. To read Zero Percentile Missed Iit Kissed Gurgaon PDF, please click the hyperlink under and save the ebook or gain access to other information that are in.

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Pankaj who is behind the [PDF] Download? Zero Percentile— Missed IIT Kissed. Zero Percentile Missed IIT Kissed Gurgaon Life is fun only till it is simple. Zero Percentile— Missed IIT Kissed Gurgaon by Neeraj. librarydoc PDF may not make exciting reading, but zero percentile missed iit. Zero Percentile— book. Read 22 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Life is fun only till it is simple And, the ambition of.

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This book was special Preamble I read this book because Neeraj Chhibba, the author wrote to me out of blue. This book was special because Neeraj had requested me to read it.

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He even went ahead and sent me a signed copy soon after. Honestly, I neither know Neeraj as a writer nor have I ever met him in person. For all practical purposes, Neeraj is one of the authors out there. However, when I received the request, I took it on because someone was seeking a review for the first time from me.

It also meant I could read something different. It was about Second World War and what happened in Russia around that time. There were many references to Volgograd in that book. Coincidentally, the Hero of the Book, Pankaj lives in Volgograd as well. So there was this instant connect.

Isn't it? Like Chetan Bhagat's books! I am sure they would enjoy it more than I did. It has everything Campus life, hostel days, sexual encounters, fights, and I presume that all that is inviting for a young mind. I would not be surprised if the younger generation takes up to this book. It also comes across as amateurish in nature. Details are good for visualization but for me, they are here in this book at the wrong places.

For example, there is a reference in the book about the number of letters that the Hero, Pankaj writes to his parents and the number of letters that he receives from them.

However, if Neeraj had elaborated a little bit on what that meant to Pankaj and to his parents, I think it would have been wonderful.

Those details, and nuances of human emotions would have made this book endearing. I feel that details about sexual intercourse and bus journeys are things that could have been avoided. But then again, I guess it depends on who your intended audience is.

Zero Percentile – Missed IIT Kissed Russia

Similarly, I did not get intrigued by the characters of Priya and Motu. If Motu was Pankaj's best friend then he deserves a better footage in the book. He kind of comes and goes in few pages. Pankaj is in love with Priya but then what!

Priya comes across as a glam doll in a commercial Hindi film. Observations I also felt that Neeraj could have been overwhelmed with emotions while writing this book.

He has obviously drawn inspiration from his own experiences, thoughts and feelings. Needless to say, that is apparent in the book.

The book comes across as autobiographical. Well, I am not sure if he intended it to be that way!

I also felt that Neeraj wrapped up the book pretty hurriedly from chapter 24 onwards. I want to conclude this all. I personally feel that it is good to draw inspiration from personal experiences when you write something like this, however, one should preferably avoid getting carried away with emotions that might surface as you recollect all of those.

The author, Neeraj seemed occupied and highly influenced in his writing by all of these emotions. I empathized with Pankaj at times because of my personal experiences of studying in the US. While the environment was totally different, I have felt homesick, lonely and hungry on many occasions and of course, there were camps there. Those aspects of the book took my down memory lane. The back cover of the book talks about the story as a fascinating journey of a young man!

Well, it sure is a journey but I am not sure if it comes across as fascinating. In fact, it comes across as pages from the diary of Pankaj. Conclusion I have given it three stars considering this to be his first body of work.

Neeraj has done a commendable job. Whatever may be the reason, you are tempted to flip through the pages. His wife had left them when she realised that she had given birth to a daughter who was not perfect. Nitin is fighting the battle of AIDS and the stigma associated with it. Pankaj is a changed man, betrayal by people whom he had trusted the most makes him a ruthless man.

For him it is money which matters the most. These 5 parallel but interconnected stories form Zero Percentile 2. How they build back the burnt bridges forms the crux of the book. The first book had the advantage of a new setting, Russia and this book shows us the time when software industry had just begin to thrive and there were success stories all around. This itself is a novelty according to me and sets the book apart. The book begins slowly and makes you wonder about the lingering past which is discussed continuously but not revealed until later.

As soon as the past begins to unravel the book catches a pace and becomes a fast paced roller coaster ride. The grudge that I have with this book is that it tries to pack in too many issues.

Zero Percentile—2.0: Missed IIT Kissed Gurgaon

Go grab a copy and am sure you will finish it one sitting. Written simply but not earth moving. Problem is I had just finished reading Night Train to Lisbon and that put me in a different plane of thought. So i just concluded that some books are authored and some books are written, and Zero Percentile falls in the latter category.

Reason being that it just expresses one thought - an interplay of characters.Had Neeraj not requested me to do this, I would have probably scanned through the book real fast. But with books like Night Train to Lisbon, the depths of a character are explored, you live that person, and the character stays with you for long- so yes I don't want to even make a comparison here, as it would be sacrilege.

The first book had the advantage of a new setting, Russia and this book shows us the time when software industry had just begin to thrive and there were success stories all around. I really want to believe that it is a book, and not a bollywood chick, only that it ended part happy, part sad.

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