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ELLA FRANK · MF Romance · MM Romance · PNR & Fantasy Romance · Anthologies · Events & Signings · Connect with the Author · Privacy Policy. More. Try. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Ella Frank is a #1 Amazon Best-selling Author. She writes both contemporary and erotic fiction and is best known for her . Try book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Try – verb: to make an attempt or effort to do something or in this case som.

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Ella Frank Temptation. Temptation 1 - Try - Ella KB. Temptation 2- Take - Ella KB. Temptation 3 - Trust - Ella. Try (Temptation #1)(14) read online free by Ella Frank. Try Temptation 1 Ella Frank Pdf Ebook alternative versions of the lord’s prayer the way of your . Try (Temptation Series Book 1) by Ella Frank [PDF EBOOK EPUB MOBI Kindle] Try (Temptation Series Book 1) by Ella Frank pdf d0wnl0ad Try (Temptation.

TRY is an easy, very sexy and fun read and I enjoyed it very much. Ella, you did a great job with TRY and I'm looking forward to reading the next installment in this trilogy!

Recommended read. Buckle up coz you're in for a steamy ride. View all comments. Jun 26, Shelley rated it did not like it Shelves: You know what I love about this book? The hype! No really, I love it. I absolutely love that, and for that reason I really, really wanted this book to be a shiny sparkling example of what new readers can expect from this genre.

Ella Frank is not an author I have read before but she comes with a reputation for writing good hetero erotica and so I thought if Joe You know what I love about this book? Ella Frank is not an author I have read before but she comes with a reputation for writing good hetero erotica and so I thought if Joey W.

Not according to some necessary, but I do feel it is courteous and respectful. If the roles were reversed I suspect there would be uproar. Logan is the bisexual initiator and Tate is the confused straight guy. Yes, but not for food. Mark my words. How old are they? Why is Tate a barman, did he not get a college education?

All I know is their petty high school jealousies and the need for constant girly reassurance. No matter how many times at least 49!! I am reminded of their physical attributes I found them uninspiring; together they fired up about as much chemistry as a bowl of milk. This book is labelled erotica and yes there is a lot of sex.

But each scene is like a copy of a copy of the scene before it — the mechanics might change but the descriptive is the same: I really couldn't care about a 20 page blow job scene that might as well have been performed by a woman.

I was bored while Ella Frank worked her way down her list, ticking every off each sexual act to eventually reach a point of ultimate surrender. I want to embrace all these brave new readers and welcome them into the genre with open arms but I fear that this book not a good representation at all. So please believe me when I say that in comparison this book really sucks is the poor relation. I find myself bitterly disappointed with this book. All of it. We recommend anything by Heidi Cullinan or Cameron Dane.

There are so many more wonderful authors like Brandon Shire and Tom Webb that offer heartfelt, beautiful descriptive prose and genuine quality to call on. There really is nothing to see here, you have read it all before. I cannot recommend this book to anybody.

View all 69 comments. Third time re-reading Just as good as the first. Never got bored. Logan and Tate are still one of my favorite couples ever! And yeah This book is hella hot Re-read in anticipation of Take on the 8th! Tate and Logan were H. So ready for more Two Words: This book made me Logan is what I like to call an equal opportunity lover.

Man, woman, both When he sees Tate Tate's all I'm straig Third time re-reading When he sees Tate Tate's all I'm straight. I'm screaming Do it!! And once Tate does Followed by about 10 more orgasms! I seriously loved Logan and Tate. Navigating their way in the first relationship for both of them.

Tate discovering his feelings for Logan and a man in general. Logan wanting something more than a one night lay.

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The build-up and exploration between Logan and Tate was addicting. Tate learning all of the different things he could feel and experience with Logan And when it finally happened That is All!!! Logan and Tate's story is just beginning. Logan convinced Tate to TRY. Take Temptation 2 cuming Summer !!! You guys sure gave Philippe a run for his money. So I added it to my TBR without even knowing what this book was about.

This is a light and hot as hell read and even though I am not a huge fan of erotica lately, I loved this one. We have two completely different male characters. We have Tate who is a confused bartender who crosses paths with Logan, a lawyer who will make him question his own sexual tastes. But what happens when you think you know everything about yourself and suddenly you start questioning your feelings?

Are you able to accept it or will you fight against yourself? You need to read the book to know what happens but trust me when I say this is a book that will make you feel those butterflies in your tummy.

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I loved the banter between them, I loved how they were fighting each other with their words but they were eye fucking each other with their eyes. You could cut the sexual tension between them. And yeah, this book only spans over two weeks of their relationship so you guys need to have this into account. I absolutely HATE reading books where characters love each other after one kiss or one quick fuck. So I am very grateful that Ella stuck to reality and showed us a real relationship during their first two weeks.

That being said, I must also admit there were two emotional moments that were completely outstanding for me: So, are you ready to TRY? Jun 11, Christy rated it it was amazing. I really loved the characters, the humor, the steam, just everything about this one!

When Logan Mitchell first sees new bartender Tate Morrison, it is lust at first sight. When he wants someone, he wants them. H 5 Fantastic Stars! I like to try a bit of everything and everyone. He has never been attracted to a man, but there is something about Logan. The way he looks at Tate, pursues him. All Logan wants is for Tate to take a chance. To just try. The build up and sexual tension between Tate and Logan was great. Do you know how insane that is? But do you know what else is insane?

Some of my favorite Logan lines- Just when he figured life was going to be easy and hand him a woman to bend over his desk, it threw him a nice fucking curve. Batter up! I want to play with some balls. But, Tate? He wanted Tate, but he wants a lot of people.

Tate is the first person in a long time to make him want to try something different. Bring out new wants, needs, and desires. Sexy, intriguing, funny and sweet. The chemistry that Logan and Tate shared was off the charts hot! And the humor and back and forth witty banter was great. I loved Logan and Tate together in all ways.

This is a must read!

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Just give it a try. View all 81 comments.

Aug 06, Heather K dentist in my spare time rated it liked it Shelves: I honestly was prepared to hate this fully and completely. Surprisingly, I didn't. But you might. Does this book work as a convincing romance?

The main characters literally spend no time getting to know one another. Logan is a pushy jerk and Tate is practically forced into each step of his "relationship" with Logan. I hated Logan. I thought Tate and Logan were horrible together.

I didn't get them at all as a couple and I thought it was not convincing at all. I haven't read any of her books before this one and I though it would be tentative for some reason. I was knocked off my feet by the amount of graphic sex in this one. And so Well, I have this kind of fetish, as some of you might know. I love, LOVE "gay for you" books. Give me a gay virgin and I'm as happy as can be.

I could have read about hesitant, drawn-out first-timer sex all day long. I have a whole new world to show you. Cue "Aladdin" music:: View all 50 comments. And I failed. To this book, I say: Cut that shit out.

Every couple paragraphs, it flipped, and since the MCs were interchangeable, I couldn't even bring myself to care who did what to whom. VAIN, so bloody vain. God, there was just so much wanking and angst and wanking. Logan was this crazy, stalkerish predator who wasn't bi as much as a sex addict. And Tate was wishy-washy and virginal scared to try cock! The focus was on the sex in lieu of everything else.

Plus, the ending is a non ending. We're left with a question without an answer.

And that's a NO for me. But I tried. View all 54 comments. Apr 14, When I saw Ella Frank was coming out with a new book on the month of my birthday Then I really thought about it Imagining it AND now that I've finished it: LOVED it!! In this story we are reacquainted with Logan, Cole's brother. He's not afraid to go after he wants and when he wants something he attacks, and won't stop until he gets it.

One night after work, he pops When I saw Ella Frank was coming out with a new book on the month of my birthday One night after work, he pops in for an after work drink and sees Tate.

Upon seeing him, he's immediately in lust.

Tate though doesn't take bite because he's very much straight and he feels confused by the pull he feels toward Logan. This book is the beginning of a series. Here we get the beginning of a relationship. The chase and the sexual explorations that come at the start of a new relationship- and holy hell are these two hot. This will probably be you while reading it: My suggestion would be not to read this in public and wait until you're tucked away in your room. As always Ella Frank's writing is flawless.

The story has great flow. Chemistry between the MCs if off the charts. Although this book is not a standalone it's safe to read. I myself was afraid to take the plunge because I loathe cliffhangers!

This story wraps up this stage of a relationship but sets you up for the next stage of one. When feelings, families,and opinions are more involved. After I finished reading my iPad wasn't in danger of being thrown against a wall. Instead I was eager for the next book!! Logan and Tate are now my favorite MM couple and I'm counting down the time until we are reunited again.

This is an easy 5 star rating! View all 39 comments. Jan 18, Lola rated it it was ok Shelves: At least, This book was too excessively hot.

And I mean it: Not in a good way. The repetitive sex was omnipresent, past the sexual tension in the first chapters, and it annoyed the hell out of me. Not at first though. Oh, not at all.

When Logan met Tate, I was oh so hooked and clutching my tablet hard as if I thought that would make me even more connected to the whole story and everything inside it. The sexual tension and dialogs that followed are unforgettable and kept making me grin. And so they discussed, flirted, flirted, flirted, argued, flirted and then things got even more steamy.

But there were no events. No plot. Barely a conflict. Barely any secondary characters. Way more sex scenes than welcomed.

Way more flirting and dirty talk than necessary. It simply got boring and predictable. But the long ones — three hundred pages plus — tend to get repetitive and rarely held any surprises, after a good amount of pages.

But this is not one of them, apparently. At first, he was calm, a little cocky and definitely chattier with people. Dec 23, Bibi rated it really liked it Shelves: Bi-sexual Tate: Double Delish. Seperated but in the process of divorcing the wife. Who needs a plot when you've got 2 alpha males I kid. I kid maybe. This was a deliberate obliteration of boundaries, with Tate being the object of Logan's attention, leaving Tate strangely attracted but bewildered. I'm not GAY he says. Well, that argument got old rather quickly and who could blame him as Logan's overwhelming sex-appeal brought Tate's walls tumbling.

Then the story became stuck on repeat. Sex really hot sex. Need to know how Tate handles family and soon to be ex-wifey, as the inevitable happens. Effortless, blisterering hot, and engaging.

Good one. View all 19 comments. Try, book 1 of 3. Thanks to all the lovely ladies for buddy-reading! It was truly EPIC! Tell me how I can have you. Book 1: Try Book 2: Take Book 3: Untitled Try book 1 is the story of successful attorney and man-whore extraordinaire Logan Mitchell in his pursuit of Tate Morrison, a straight bartender fresh out of a divorce. One night he spots a new bartender and decides he wants him - at all cost and so his relentless flirtation, seduction and taunting of Tate begins.

After his divorce Tate is not looking for a relationship with another woman, much less a man. He just likes to flirt a little with customers to ensure a good tip, but he is quickly unsettled by Logan. And naturally the story will touch on the subject of prejudices. Logan, Logan who can resist him? But as the layers of the cocky-mouthed, king of come-backs are peeled off we realize there is much more to him and much more to come in future books.

Seven words to describe Logan Mitchell: Complex, captivating, jaded, dominant, relentless, flawed and….

Conflicted, reflective, loyal, noble, insecure, endearing and sincere. As for ending …. It is clear that there is much more of their story to come! Off-the-charts sexual tension!

See a Problem?

Charismatic and memorable characters! An interesting and compelling journey and a very enjoyable read! Would I re-read this series: Maybe later. Would I read future books by this author: GIF approved GR There's no one here, and no one is going to come in.

Reader beware: Contents of book are extremely hot Please read at your own risk Side effects may include: Total Ovary Annihilation The constant need to attack your significant other A constant and persistent Hot and Bothered sensation The repercussions of having to take care of said Hot and Bothered sens 5 Sexy Steamy Stars "You know what you want to do.

Total Ovary Annihilation The constant need to attack your significant other A constant and persistent Hot and Bothered sensation The repercussions of having to take care of said Hot and Bothered sensation if significant other is unavailable I had pretty high expectations for this book when I first found out about it.

I couldn't wait until Ella's foray into the MM genre.

But I was almost afraid to read this, thinking I may have set my hopes a little too high. Well disappointed, I was not.

I loved the hell out of this book! Try was one hot fucking ride, pun most definitely intended that I didn't want to end. If you're looking for a deep and emotional story, that's not quite what you'll get here. But you know what? It wasn't mindless smut, it had just enough story to keep the reader engaged and begging for more. Given that this is book 1 out of 3, I'm thinking we'll get a whole lot more story in the next books.

I knew I would love Logan after the quick intro we get of him in Edible , and I was definitely right. The man was just delicious. The things that would come out of his mouth? He had me worked up with every dirty and outrageous word that would leave his mouth. What happens to the two percent? More sex? One thing about guys—we like sex. How long has it been, Tate? I loved how hard he tried to resist Logan.

But let's be honest, how can anyone possibly resist Logan for long? The man is damn persistent when he knows what he wants.

He's not shy about voicing his desires, and he was definitely desiring Tate. This changes things. This wasn't a fluke, no matter how much you try to pretend. You wanted it as much as I did, and you should remember that tonight when you jerk off, thinking about my tongue in your mouth. I thought my Kindle just might spontaneously cum bust. Holy fucking hot cock, batman! I think I might have highlited every single thing that came out of Logan's mouth. I sat there for hours trying to pick and choose quotes for my review, and at the end, I pretty much gave up.

Everything he said is pure gold, and I think I'd have a never ending review even if I gave you just a few of my favorites. So this is all she wrote For those that are afraid of a cliffy view spoiler [The end was very satisfying with a HFN scenario. There was no major cliffhangers that will drive you batshit waiting for book 2 to be released. I cannot wait to see what book 2 will bring.

Thank you to all my awesome BR buddies! For more reviews visit This book totally hooked me from the first page until the end!!! Ella didn't disappoint me!! Try is amazing!!! Just do it," "Try. Tate…mmmm he is gorgeous and divorced But he is intrigued from Logan He can't understand what he really feels When they are finally together things start being more serious Can they manage to keep their relationship??

There are problems that they must tide over Wow I loved the chemistry between them from the beginning!!

These two have a passionate connection!

This book is really hot and steamy!!! For me it's one of the hottest books I have ever read!! I fell in love with the boys!!! I like Logan's smart mouth "Tate you're sexy as fuck. The minute I saw you,I got hard. When you opened your mouth,I became one hundred percent interested. And when you kissed me? I lost my damn mind. I'll be as patient as I need to get you inside me. I can't wait for Take! Thank you so much Ella and Rosalinda!!

View all 79 comments. May 31, DKristin rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was going to write over my previous posts in my review but I'm too fond of it to let it go. So I shall just add on to it.

It feels like I waited forever for the next Ella Frank book to come out. I am happy to report that she did not let me down. I am so in love with Logan and Tate. Their bantering was fabulous, the aggression between them was always I was going to write over my previous posts in my review but I'm too fond of it to let it go. Lewis attended Brisbane State High School during the s. In while still in high school, Lewis also played representative rugby union as a Centre , touring Europe and Japan with the Australian schoolboys team alongside the likes of Tony Melrose , Michael O'Connor , and all three Ella brothers Mark , Glen and Gary , all of whom went on to represent The Wallabies , while O'Connor would become a dual international when he played alongside Lewis for the Kangaroos.

According to Lincoln Lewis, Wally and his brother are butchers by trade. After being told he would no longer be selected for any representative teams if he continues to play league, he immediately decided his future lay with rugby league, [21] playing in the Brisbane Rugby League premiership with Valley's Diehards from His father Jim Lewis was the coach of Valley's in Also in , Lewis and another young Brisbane based lock from Wests named Paul Vautin turned down an offer to play in the famed Sydney premiership with the North Sydney Bears.

Playing in the centres for the Magpies that day was a year-old cadet Policeman who would become a long serving Queensland and Australian teammate of Lewis in the coming decade, Mal Meninga.

Lewis made the run-on side for Queensland in the inaugural State of Origin match in at lock forward alongside his hero Arthur Beetson who at the age of 35 was playing in his first ever game for his home state.

There were some in the press who questioned his selection, claiming he should have started from the bench with well performed Brisbane Wests lock Norm Carr in the starting side. The following year a second State of Origin match was played, and captain-coach Arthur Beetson was a late withdrawal due to injury. In what proved to be a master stroke, Beetson coached the team from the sidelines and handed the captaincy over to year-old Lewis who had moved from lock to play Five-eighth.

At the Australian team's first training session at Lang Park , coach Frank Stanton wasn't impressed with Lewis' fitness after he lagged behind in a set of metre runs, though it was reported that Lewis wasn't alone and only lock forward Ray Price had completed the runs without too much trouble.

During the game Lewis had a chance to score his first test try. Backing up a line break, Lewis received the ball only 15 metres out with a clear path to the line.

Hearing someone closing in from behind he passed the ball to his Halfback partner Steve Mortimer to score before he could be tackled. After scoring Mortimer questioned Lewis as to why he passed as there was no French player near him.

Lewis later saw a television replay which showed it was in fact the match referee who he could hear behind him. In the State of Origin series Lewis got his second Origin try and his first man-of-the-match award in Origin and later that year was a member of the Kangaroo tour as tour vice-captain.

The Kangaroos became the first side to go through Great Britain and France undefeated, earning themselves the nickname The Invincibles. The tour raged with selection controversy as for the opening game of the tour against Hull Kingston Rovers , Stanton chose Parramatta 's Winfield Cup Grand Final winning halves Brett Kenny and Peter Sterling though Lewis actually played from the bench , who went about cementing their selection for the first test.

Lewis was left out of the first Ashes test against Great Britain at Boothferry Park in Hull and coach Frank Stanton had been less than impressed with his attitude to training and his off-field habits which had seen him actually gain weight.

Stanton then challenged him to get back into shape and force his way back into the test team and Lewis did just that. He began training harder to lose the weight, including jogging back from training to the team base, the Dragonara Hotel in Leeds.

His form also improved and he became a vital player from the bench in the final two tests at Central Park and Headingley. Lewis' finest moment on the tour came in the second half of the second test in Wigan. Although the Kangaroos had soundly beaten Great Britain until that point of the series, Lewis' pass had a psychological effect on the Lions who were left wondering just how good the Australian's really were if they could afford to leave someone on the bench who could pass like that.

Those long cut-out passes something he learned playing junior rugby union and playing backyard football with his brothers would become a feature of Lewis' game over the next 10 years. During the tour, Lewis captained his first game for Australia in an international when the Kangaroos defeated Wales in a "non-test" at Ninian Park in Cardiff.

Playing in the Centres , Lewis was one of four try scorers in a win for the Kangaroos, with fullback Steve Ella leading the way with four. Wally also kicked four goals with the game played in driving rain. Wally was selected at five-eighth for the first test against France on the French leg of the tour, but missed the second test after again dislocating his shoulder in a minor game between the tests which ended his tour as a player.

In the first and third games of the State of Origin series , Lewis was named man-of-the-match. Trinity won 5 of 10 games during Lewis's stay, including a win over St. Unlimited Publisher: Unknown; 2 edition November 9, Publication Date: November 9, Sold by: English ASIN: Enabled X-Ray: Share your thoughts with other customers.

Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention ella frank logan and tate wait for the next highly recommend well written sexual tension logan mitchell hot hot hot looking forward tate and logan temptation series must read ever read male or female tate morrison even though main characters exquisite series character development really enjoyed.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This book was my introduction into the MM world.

Yep, I popped my MM cherry with this book and I couldn't have picked a better book to be my first. He's cocky and has no filter. He is willing to try anything once whether that be with a woman or an man. He's all about doing what makes you feel good and having fun while doing it. When he see's something he wants he has no trouble going after it.

Even a man that is straight and wants nothing to do with him. But Logan in determined to win the hottie bartender Tate over and he doesn't mind the chase. Tate had no chance. Tate is in the middle of a divorce and is starting over. He has no desire to jump into a relationship and especially not with a man.

Tate is annoyed that Logan keeps coming into his work to flirt with him. He's also annoyed that the flirting is working and making him have thoughts and strange feelings towards a man. The more Tate denies what's happening and pushes Logan away the more persistent Logan becomes until finally Tate caves. What proceeds is some really hot chemistry and sex. They both are having new feelings.

Logan has never done a repeat and has never wanted anyone more than once or twice. But with Tate he can't get enough of the man and he's starting to fear that he may never want anyone else. He's not the committing kind and just the thought of settling down makes him nauseous. But he can't deny the attraction or the connection he has with Tate. Tate is confused by his new feelings for a man. But he can't deny the way Logan makes him feel or the connection and draw he has towards him.

The relationship unfolds a bit slowly. There is more sex than there is relationship. I didn't mind but eventually the reader or just me is going to need more. If you haven't given this book a shot I recommend you do. Happy reading dolls! So started my transition from lover of hetero contemporary romance to lover of all mm romance.

I owe it all to Logan and Tate, they ignited the spark in me! So, why am I reviewing a book almost 4 years late?I can't wait for Take! When feelings, families,and opinions are more involved. Logan can be very persuasive and our disconcerted Tate has a hard time to resist him. Miles had retired from representative football, and Bennett hoped he could remove the team's reliance on Lewis.

Each man will face their fears as they begin to understand the true meaning of give and take. When Maleficent is defeated once and for all, Phillip once again wakes Aurora with a kiss of true love. And Tate was wishy-washy and virginal scared to try cock!

It's angsty and a slow build. I absolutely HATE reading books where characters love each other after one kiss or one quick fuck.

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