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Explore History Curated by the editors of TIME. Ilhan Omar Clashed With Venezuela Envoy Elliott Abrams Over Washington’s Role in Latin America. President Trump’s Approval Rating Is at a Near-Record Low. Check out the online archives of TIME Magazine: complete coverage since of world news, politics, entertainment, science, health, history, business and. TIME Magazine Archives - TIME Archives allows users to search past covers, articles and TIME Magazine back issues.

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Polls may show that upwards of 90 percent of Americans check the "yes" box when asked if they believe in God. But when they are asked what they mean by God, it turns out that what was dying back in was God as the cloud-dwelling, white-bearded male overseer in Michelangelo's classic image.

As it happens, in subsequent decades that anthropomorphic deity has largely been replaced by a conception of the Divine that's more akin to The Force of Star Wars, or a coherent energy like something physics might describe, or the Brahman of Hinduism -- formless, eternal and transcendent, and yet also imaginable in any number of forms.

The Time reporters were tuned into the zeitgeist. In the spring of , baby boomers were in high school and college.

They were the best-educated generation in history, and they also had plenty of spending money, free time, and unprecedented access to information, thanks to postwar advances in communication and technology. They also had free-thinking role models: the beatniks, the hippie vanguard, the early adopters of LSD, the political activists and others for whom "question authority" was a mantra.

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And speaking of mantras, the West also had easy access to Eastern wisdom for the first time. The Beats had ushered Zen onto the scene; the Hare Krishnas had become a fixture in be-ins and other counterculture happenings; Yoga and Transcendental Meditation classes were cropping up on campuses; George Harrison had put a sitar riff on " Norwegian Wood " and was about to be mentored by Ravi Shankar , setting the stage for the Beatles' historic sojourn in India; and books by interpreters of Hinduism and Buddhism, like Alan Watts and Aldous Huxley , were making the rounds, along with the Bhagavad Git a, Zen Flesh, Zen Bones , the East-infused novels of Herman Hesse and J.

Salinger , and Paramahansa Yogananda's Autobiography of a Yogi. All in all, conventional religious beliefs were being called into question as never before, and the search for answers was not confined to the young; large numbers of grownups were also questioning what they had been taught about God.

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People were discovering new ways of understanding and pursuing spirituality, and adopting new language to discuss it , often eschewing the very word "God" because it was laden with connotations they wished to leave behind. Time was onto something with that cover story four dozen years ago, but not exactly what most people who cite it -- and it has been cited thousands of times -- think it was saying.

It foresaw a religious revolution marked by the emergence of an independent, pluralistic, non-dogmatic, spirituality whose ramifications we won't fully fathom for quite a while.

That process continues, taking on new forms all the time. The Caracas-based collector, who was featured in TIME in , has about 1, issues of the magazine autographed by the cover subject.

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Never before or since has a sitting president testified on behalf of a defendant in a federal criminal prosecution. Your browser is out of date.

Please update your browser at http: Browse by year s. Browse by subject Arts. All Foreign Relations Local U.

Government U. Presidents World Leaders. Thomas Jefferson at Work Thomas Jefferson—born on April 13, —is still a controversial figure in American history, but his work in crafting the Declaration of Independence remains for many his crowning achievement. April 12, Browse this issue.

The Apple Watch is just the start. How wearable

April 11, April 10, Browse this issue. Roger Viollet—Getty Images.

Siblings Day Is April 10 Siblings matter—and whether they're older or younger does, too.The wristwatch made the idea of not knowing the time seem bizarre; in five years it might seem bizarre not to know how many calories youve eaten today or what your resting heart rate is. Phablets, devices that straddle the divide between smartphones and tablets, have become more popular. The prices you see are the prices you pay, we do not add additional shipping costs during the checkout.

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Your chosen terms will automatically renew unless auto-renew is cancelled in your subscription area 24 hours before the end of the current subscription. In his statement, Best included a quote from Henry R Luce, the founder of TIME magazine: "Journalism is the art of collecting varying kinds of information commonly called news which a few people possess and of transmitting it to a much larger number of people who are supposed to desire to share it.

TIME thoroughly covers topics related to business, history, health, entertainment, politics, technology and the world at large. But the dream didnt die. Consider the watchs fitness applications: your body is constantly throwing off data, and now the watch gathers them up and stores and returns them to you in a form you can use.

The Time reporters were tuned into the zeitgeist. In fact, for a mass market piece on religion, the text is remarkably nuanced, and the reporters were perceptive enough to identify a trend that was about to explode.

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