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said Pat O'Sullivan, looking up from a letter she was reading. Her twin, Isabel, was reading it too, the two dark heads side by side at the breakfast table. Get the the osullivan twins pdf form. The O'sullivan Twins Pdf Download is not the form you're looking for? Claudine at St. Clare's is the fifth novel in the St. Clare's series by Enid Blyton. The O'Sullivan Twins at St Clare's by Enid Blyton is Fiction Schooldays at St Clare's are never addled for twins Pat and Isabel O'Sullivan in Enid.

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The term ends but not before a battle occurs between Janet and Mam'zelle. Janet uses her talent for tricks to "Get Back" at the French mistress whom she decides is picking on her. She Gets Back all right but with rather severe repercussions.

Not to worry. That's all taken care of and Janet's subsequent interview with Mam'zelle is quite poignant.

The last day comes as it always does and there's the usual happy hour or so of pandemonium as girls rush around saying Goodbye to their friends, collecting names and addresses, laughing and joking and kidding each other and the mistresses as well in the long held tradition of the Blyton school stories.

Most of their old friends are back again and there are new girls to size up.

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Among these are the twins' feathered headed cousin, Alison, the talented and friendly Lucy Oriel, and the surly and bad tempered Margery Fenworthy. The twins are now firm friends with most of their form and form friendships with some of the second form also.

As a result of this they are invited to a midnight feast with some members of the second form to celebrate the birthday of Tessie, a second form girl. Erica, an unpopular second former, resolves to disrupt the party after hearing herself discussed in unflattering terms when the others assume that she is not within earshot. The girls vote to ignore Erica after learning that she is the one who gave them away to Mam'zelle, causing Erica to vow revenge on Pat.


She begins a campaign of spiteful tricks against Pat which are assumed to be perpetrated by Margery. When the twins and their cousin accidentally find out that Margery has a history of being expelled from schools and is 16 years old, Alison tells the other girls and Margery becomes an outcast among them.

A row in the history class cements Margery's position as a pariah.

Events come to a head when Erica is taken to the san, which catches fire one night. At great risk to herself, Margery saves her, causing the usually selfish Erica to have an attack of conscience. She confesses to Lucy Oriell that she was the one who was playing tricks on Pat.


Erica leaves the school unable to face the girls' anger, but Margery returns to class a hero and establishes a firm friendship with Lucy.

Given a second chance, she shines at sport and moves to the head of her form in class work.The tall.

Mamzelle stood in the passage, sniffing. It would have been such fun to go and see it. Most of their old friends are back again and there are new girls to size up.

How can we warm that room? They were always rather up in the air and proud, at Redroofs. It was jolly decent of you to think of giving us a treat, said Pat. Mary went spinning.

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