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Start by marking “The Lost Book of Enki (Earth Chronicles #)” as Want to Read: Zecharia Sitchin's bestselling series The Earth Chronicles provided humanity's side of the story concerning our origins at the hands of the Anunnaki, "those who from heaven to earth came.". The Lost Book of Enki and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. The Lost Book of Enki: Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial God Paperback – August 16, Browse our editors' picks for the best books of the month in fiction, nonfiction, mysteries. The Lost Book of Enki

The Lost Book Of Enki

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This book is based on the perspectives of the Anunnaki. What motives propelled them to settle on Earth and what drove them from their new home? Through. The “Lost Book of Enki” is written by Zecharia Sitchin who accurately describes the Great Flood that occurred in the age of Leo, some 12, This latest book 'The Lost Book of Enki' compliments the 'Earth Chronicles', but it bears little resemblance to his other alternative science books. Within its pages.

What was life like on their own planet?

What motives propelled them to settle on Earth--and what drove them from their new home? Convinced of the existence of a lost book that held the answers to these questions, the author began his search for evidence. An epic tale of gods and men unfolds, challenging every assumption we hold about our past and our future.

Introduction Some , years ago, astronauts from another planet came to Earth in search of gold. Short of manpower, the astronauts employed genetic engineering to fashion Primitive Workers--Homo sapiens.


The Deluge that catastrophically swept over the Earth required a fresh start; the astronauts became gods, granting Mankind civilization, teaching it to worship. Then, about four thousand years ago, all that had been achieved unraveled in a nuclear calamity, brought about by the visitors to Earth in the course of their own rivalries and wars. The highest peaks of the mountains looked like small islands lost at sea.

Such is the appalling description of the Great Flood. It is in this submarine that he reached the submerged undergrounds of the Atlantic.

In their raft of snakes , Enki, Ziusudra and the other gods survivors have reappeared in the Andes at meters above sea level, in the middle of Lake Titicaca. The Andeans who saw them out of the lake have worshiped face against the ground.

The Lost Book Of Enki

They shivered with fear and cold, soaked by the shower of foam that the submarine produced by bursting out of water. But the demons with snake faces did not seem so bad after all.

Today, his thesis is no longer valid, nevertheless he remains an important author. In my opinion, the causes of the deluge are very different , and Nibiru is not a planet , as you will read on the next page.

The genetic symbol for the double helix is the same that EA, or as he is also known, Enki, used to describe the means he used to make the new people to work for the gods and how they mixed their own code into us.

This isn't precisely news to me, I've been loving this stuff for ages, but this book revels in these facts and goes beyond just the descriptions to gleefully spout, "See!

I don't even have to agree with it to see just how fun this is just from a creative angle. And yet, the other side of my brain still wishes it was structured with a bit less commentary.

Wtf do gods need with gold? I almost put it down at the very beginning for that, all by itself. But I persevered, and gladly so.

It looks like I really want to find some really good scholarship now, but aside from specialty websites, I just don't know where to look.A gigantic tidal wave rose and the sky became a wall of water. What had taken place on Earth, and especially the events since human history began, has been culled by Zecharia Sitchin, in his The Earth Chronicles Series, from the Bible, clay tablets, ancient myths, and archaeological discoveries.

Return of the Gods. Between the two on the plans a line have I drawn, Sixty leagues thereafter a healing city shall come into being, A city of your own it shall be, Shurubak, the Haven City, I shall name it.

It also gave quite a glimpse into how an atrociously arrogant group of beings viewed themselves, perhaps the greatest takeaway from reading this work.

This is the Anunnaki story written AS IF it were translated from ancient Sumerian tablets, not translated from actual ancient Sumerian tablets. Other books by this author.

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