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Read The Amazing Spider-Man () comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next. Read The Amazing Spider-Man () Issue #1 comic online free and high quality. Unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next page. Amazing Spider-Man #1 – + Annuals () (Digital): The Amazing Spider-Man (abbreviated as ASM) is an American comic book series published by Marvel Comics, featuring the adventures of the fictional superhero Spider-Man. The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #1 –

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Amazing Spider-Man #1 (): An alien invasion hits New York City and the only one who can stop it is Spider-Man?! And if even that's not. Amazing Spider-man #1 - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Amazing Spider-man #1 Marvel Comics - Amazing Spider-Man 01 - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Marvel (eBook - Comic) Marvel Comics - Wolverine-The Origin #1.

Kane then succeeded Romita as penciler, [53] although Romita would continue inking Kane for a time. Archie Goodwin and Gil Kane produced the title's th issue Nov.

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Jonah Jameson was introduced to his eventual second wife, Marla Madison; and Aunt May suffered a heart attack. Wein's last story on Amazing was a five-issue arc in Jan.

Marv Wolfman , Marvel's editor-in-chief from to , succeeded Wein as writer, and in his first issue, July , had Parker propose marriage to Watson who refused, in the following issue. Cover art by Ron Frenz and Klaus Janson. The Amazing Spider-Man Jan. The Annual featured a team-up with Doctor Strange [70] while the Annual showcased a meeting with the Punisher. One lasting change was the reintroduction of Mary Jane Watson as a more serious, mature woman who becomes Peter's confidante after she reveals that she knows his secret identity.

DeFalco helped establish Parker and Watson's mature relationship, laying the foundation for the characters' wedding in Notably, in Oct.

Other notable issues of the DeFalco-Frenz era include May , with the first appearance of Spider-Man's black costume, which the hero would wear almost exclusively for the next four years' worth of comics; the debut of criminal mastermind the Rose , in June ; the revelation in Nov. David Michelinie took over as writer in the next issue, for a story arc in July-Sept. The " Kraven's Last Hunt " storyline by writer J.

McFarlane revolutionized Spider-Man's look. His depiction — large-eyed, with wiry, contorted limbs, and messy, knotted, convoluted webbing — influenced the way virtually all subsequent artists would draw the character.

McFarlane's other significant contribution to the Spider-Man canon was the design for what would become one of Spider-Man's most wildly popular antagonists, the supervillain Venom.

The latter issue featured Spider-Man reverting to his original red-and-blue costume. Other notable issues of the Michelinie-McFarlane era include Feb.

McFarlane left the title in to write and draw a new series titled simply Spider-Man. His successor, Erik Larsen , penciled the book from early to mid After issue , Larsen was succeeded by Mark Bagley , who had won the Marvel Tryout Contest [80] and was assigned a number of low-profile penciling jobs followed by a run on New Warriors in Bagley penciled the flagship Spider-Man title from to The series' 30th-anniversary issue, Aug.

It would be close to two years before they were revealed to be impostors, who are killed in April , scripter Michelinie's last issue. His — stint gave him the second-longest run as writer on the title, behind Stan Lee. Issue was released with a gold foil cover. From October to June , Amazing stopped running stories exclusive to it, and ran installments of multi-part stories that crossed over into all the Spider-Man books.

One of the few self-contained stories during this period was in April , which featured the death of Aunt May — later revealed to have been faked although the death still stands in the MC2 continuity. The " Clone Saga " culminated with the revelation that the Spider-Man who had appeared in the previous 20 years of comics was a clone of the real Spider-Man. This plot twist was massively unpopular with many readers, [86] and was later reversed in the "Revelations" story arc that crossed over the Spider-Man books in late The Clone Saga tied into a publishing gap after Oct.

The series picked up again with Jan. The relaunch included the Sandman being regressed to his criminal ways and the "death" of Mary Jane, which was ultimately reversed. Other elements included the introduction of a new Spider-Woman who was spun off into her own short-lived series and references to John Byrne's Spider-Man: Chapter One , which launched at the same time as the reboot. Byrne also penciled issues 1—18 from to and wrote 13—14, John Romita Jr.

The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #1

With 30 June , J. Michael Straczynski took over as writer [89] and oversaw additional storylines — most notably his lengthy "Spider-Totem" arc, which raised the issue of whether Spider-Man's powers were magic-based, rather than as the result of a radioactive spider's bite.

Straczynski gave Spider-Man a new profession, having Parker teach at his former high school. Issue 30 began a dual numbering system, with the original series numbering returned and placed alongside the volume-two number on the cover.

Other longtime, rebooted Marvel Comics titles, including Fantastic Four , likewise were given the dual numbering around this time.

After vol. That year Peter Parker revealed his Spider-Man identity on live television in the company-crossover storyline " Civil War ", [91] [92] in which the superhero community is split over whether to conform to the federal government's new Superhuman Registration Act. This knowledge was erased from the world with the event of the four-part, crossover story arc, " One More Day ", written partially by J.

Amazing Spider-Man (1963 1st Series) comic books

Here, the demon Mephisto makes a Faustian bargain with Parker and Mary Jane, offering to save Parker's dying Aunt May if the couple will allow their marriage to have never existed, rewriting that portion of their pasts. This story arc marked the end of Straczynski's tenure as writer. Following this, Marvel made The Amazing Spider-Man the company's sole Spider-Man title, increasing its frequency of publication to three issues monthly, and inaugurating the series with a sequence of "back to basics" story arcs under the banner of " Brand New Day ".

Spider-Man quickly stops the crooks. After wrapping them up in webbing, Spider-Man leaves them for the police. As he observes the arrest, he wonders what it will take for the people of New York to stop seeing him as a criminal. Swinging away, the wall-crawler comes to realize that being Spider-Man isn't as thrilling as it once was. Watching New Yorkers milling about in the streets he envies them for the normal lives that they live.

Returning to his apartment, Peter decides that he wants to spend the rest of his life with Gwen Stacy. With the constant danger of being Spider-Man, he decides that in order for Peter Parker to have a life, Spider-Man must die.

Peter then gets to work to create a serum that will strip him of his spider powers. Once complete, Peter drinks the potion and instantly begin getting dizzy. With his head pounding, Peter decides to go to bed and try to sleep it off.

Peter begins to dream, his first thoughts are of how he feels guilty for the death of his Uncle Ben. How, with his Aunt now a widow, he was forced to find a source of income to help support himself and his aunt. To this end, he ended up getting a job as a freelance photographer for the Daily Bugle, whose publisher -- J. Jonah Jameson -- often uses Peter's photos to discredit and demonize Spider-Man. He then recounts how his romance with Betty Brant was lost due to his alter-ego, and how she eventually became engaged to Ned Leeds.

However, he now loves Gwen Stacy. He thinks about how Gwen blames Spider-Man for the death of her father.

The Amazing Spider Man March 1963

In this dream, Spider-Man calls out into the sky, asking why he has to constantly live a life of tragedy. Suddenly, he hears a familiar voice calling out for help and begins traveling the rooftops to help. Suddenly, he is attacked by the Vulture who swoops in from the skies. Although the villain has the element of surprise, Spider-Man is easily able to incapacitate his longtime enemy.

As the Vulture falls to the ground, Spider-Man snares him with a web line, but no sooner has he done this that he is whipped in the face by the Lizard's tail. Spider-Man struggles with the Lizard, wrapping webbing around the man-monster's mouth. He then flees his new attacker to try and find the person calling for help.

He is then attacked by the Green Goblin, who Spider-Man knocks off his glider.

Moments later, he is attacked by Doctor Octopus. Like with the other foes, Spider-Man knocks out Doctor Octopus and continues on his trek across the rooftops.The second installment was the first Amazing Spider-Man story not written by co-creator Lee, [56] with Roy Thomas taking over writing the book for several months before Lee returned to write Feb.

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The Amazing Spider-Man has been the character's flagship series for his first fifty years in publication, and was the only monthly series to star Spider-Man until Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man in , although saw the debut of Marvel Team-Up , with the vast majority of issues featuring Spider-Man along with a rotating cast of other Marvel characters. Peter worries about the Green Goblin returns.

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