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The Sum of All Fears is a political thriller novel, written by Tom Clancy and released on August .. "Fiction Book Review: The Sum of All Fears by Tom Clancy". The Sum of All Fears book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. How do you save the United States President from himself? Wha. The Sum of All Fears (A Jack Ryan Novel Book 7) and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view Audible audiobook.

Sum Of All Fears Book

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Clancy evolves from storyteller to novelist in his latest techno-thriller, as gadgets take second place to politics and personalities. In the late s the world is. The Sum of All Fears is the best-selling thriller novel by Tom Clancy, and part of the Jack Ryan series. It was the fourth book of the series and was also later. Sum of All Fears (Om) by Tom Clancy, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

That aircraft was shot down and crashed into mountains in Syria, and the nuclear weapon was lost an empty quiver.

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The U. But the U.

A clever plan to accelerate the peace process was put into action, based on Jack Ryan 's contacts with the Vatican and with support from the Soviet Union and Saudi Arabia , and to everyone's surprise it seemed to work. However, the venal National Security Advisor, Dr.

Elizabeth Elliott hated Ryan and made sure he did not get credit for crafting the "Vatican Treaty"; the fact that she had begun a romance with the widowed President Robert Fowler made this more achievable. She later launched a smear campaign that made it seem like Ryan was having an affair with a woman whose husband died in Clear and Present Danger and almost cost him his marriage before John Clark and Domingo Chavez revealed the truth to Ryan's wife.

Ryan was later told he had to resign, but not before he put together a covert operation involving the uncovering of a deal between corrupt Japanese and Mexican officials giving backstory to the next book Debt of Honor. A small group of Muslim extremist terrorists from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine were not pleased though.


With a lasting peace looming around the corner and the state of Israel still in existence, they were looking at a failure in their campaign. Their anger was directed towards the U. When the terrorists come across the lost Israeli bomb , they manage to recover it and construct their own version using the plutonium as fissile material. They also enlisted the help of a disenfranchised East German physicist named Manfred Fromm. Fromm, an expert on nuclear technology, agreed to help the terrorists because their plan was designed to exact revenge on those responsible for the downfall of East Germany and the unification of his country into a capitalist, democratic state.

With Fromm's expertise, the group was able to enhance the weapon and turn it into a thermonuclear device. The terrorists decided to use the weapon at the Super Bowl in Denver, Colorado, while also planning a false flag attack on U.

The goal of the terrorists was to start a nuclear war between the U. This would accomplish two things. The device however did not detonate fully or properly, based on an assembly error, creating therefore only a partial atomic explosion, or fizzle.

Nevertheless, the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State were both killed, as well as the thousands of fans in attendance and hundreds more residents of Colorado due to the primary and secondary effects of the initial detonation.

Through a series of coincidences, misunderstandings and the attack on American forces in Berlin, the plan was almost a success and for a brief moment the U.

Elizabeth Elliott had lost control and were ready to begin a nuclear war. The crisis was averted when Jack Ryan , after receiving evidence that the bomb originates from the U. Several Palestinians, radical East Germans--who no longer have a country, and even seemingly bored Americans seek to rekindle U.

How do they go about doing this? Meanwhile, in Germany, American and Russian soldiers are tricked into firing on one another.


The suspicion evolves from there and tensions increase to a post-Cold War high. Is war inevitable?

While the political bickering in the White House does get tiresome, it does play a critical role in showing why there was such mistrust between the several characters in the end and a breakdown of communication--when the bomb does eventually detonate.

This book does not provide any memorable Jack Ryan scenes.

It is during these last pages where all the plots seemingly come together--but unfortunately, the story is now drawn out to one long action-scene. At the very least, the action is exciting and easy to follow. Tom Clancy does get very technical in this novel; so avoid it if you do not like that sort of thing.

However, for those who decide to read this extraordinarily long novel--over pages, paperback--the explosive ending covering the last pages is well worth the wait.I had this thought a number of times while plowing through it. Manfred Fromm: German engineer and terrorist who is recruited by Bock to assist in rebuilding and improving the captured Israeli nuclear weapon.

Sum of All Fears (Om)

Themes[ edit ] Written under the working title The Field of Camlan, which was based on King Arthur 's final battle, The Sum of All Fears explores nuclear fears that humans endured during the Cold War , with Clancy warning that complacency regarding such threats is dangerous. Ryan was later told he had to resign, but not before he put together a covert operation involving the uncovering of a deal between corrupt Japanese and Mexican officials giving backstory to the next book Debt of Honor.

If it is canonical, though, this means that the book is not set in the same year it was published. Kathy Ryan - Jack Ryan's wife. Tom Clancy does get very technical in this novel; so avoid it if you do not like that sort of thing.

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