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- Talking Book (Audio Fidelity AFZ ): Download - Conception ( An interpretation of Stevie Wonder's songs): Download. Stevie Wonder - Talking Book - Complete LP. Written by Matlo44 in Accueil on 9 May à Stevie Wonder - Talking Book - Complete LP · Download. Stevie Wonder not only distinguishes himself by being one of the that just a year before recording Talking Book, when turning twenty-one and.

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Stevie Wonder, nome real de Stevland Hardaway Morris (Saginaw, 13 de . Lançado no fim de , Talking Book apresentava o sucesso. Stevie Wonder - lead & backing vocals, Fender Rhodes, drums, Hohner clavinet, Moog bass, piano, T.O.N.T.O. synthesizer, harmonica. Stevie Wonder - lead & backing vocals, Fender Rhodes (), talk box (01,06), drums (,), Moog bass (), bongos (03).

A book is having a conversation with you and the thing that you find amazing is the fact that there is a tiny camera in the front cover? We're done here. How are you today? Fantastic, I'm glad to hear it! Listen, I just wanted to drop by to rap a little bit about the merits of this album.

Stevie Wonder CD's

What album? Oh right, I suppose it would help if I mentioned the title. I'm referring to the album Talking Book, released back in by some guy named Stevie Wonder.

Why does that name sound so familiar? I can't quite put my finger on the reason Of course I'm joking waveriders. We all know who Stevie Wonder is and all that he has accomplished musically. Then again, if you happen not to know the man this album is a great place to start!

Talking Book is a full-fledged, chiseled in stone, classic work. Although nothing in this world is completely bulletproof I personally can't find any fault, any misstep, any musical wrongdoing in any of the ten songs on offer.

This album repels imperfections better than a kevlar vest.

Let's discuss why, shall we? First and foremost I would describe this album as kaleidoscopic in nature. The songs, while maintaining an overall uniform vibe, differ from each other dramatically.

If you expected the second track to follow suit you'd be mistaken. Alright, so that is what to expect from song number three? There's something about Stevie's voice in those early records that just embodies joy and love to me, and he maintained a lot of that exuberance even in his more emotionally complex later music. And it felt natural to me for this playlist to mirror my Beatles deep cuts playlist, where you start with the brief and simply recorded pop songs and then proceed into the more ambitious material as they become studio innovators.

So I got to select various milestones as he took more and more control, year after year: "Soul Bongo" is among Stevie's first writing credits on an instrumental, co-written with a rising young singer and drummer named Marvin Gaye. Stevie was certainly fortunate to have his talent recognized early and to have it nurtured by a label like Motown, but there's still just no precedent for how much Stevie Wonder came into his own over the course of the first decade of his career and became one of the greatest to ever do it.

I remember when I first got a turntable as a teenager and started digging through my parents' vinyl collection and acquainting myself with Stevie's big '70s albums. One of my dad's best stories from college was when he and some friends got high listening to Innervisions, and the skit with sounds of police sirens and an arrest freaked them out so much that they'd flushed their pot down the toilet before they realized that there weren't any police in their building.

Who Should Play Stevie Wonder in the Movie?

As with any artist of this caliber, some songs feel almost too famous to be considered deep cuts. Of the classic albums from Stevie's untouchable run, Songs In The Key Of Life is usually singled out as the best, but I always felt that it lags a bit.

Like most double albums, it has as many great songs as the artist's other albums, but it also has a lot of other stuff of varying quality.

I liked it more revisiting it recently, though. Previous playlists in the Deep Album Cuts series:.I'm referring to the album Talking Book, released back in by some guy named Stevie Wonder.

Lookin' For Another Pure Love. The Canadian alternative got it almost spot on, with impressive clarity in the treble plus nice hi-hat definition balanced at just the correct level.

Syreeta – 1972 Syreeta / 1974 Stevie Wonder Presents Syreeta

On the original, with its shelved treble, the distortion is a bit less obtrusive if you are not in comparative mode but once exposed, it is there alright and hard to ignore. For Once in My Life The subsequent song, an extended take on "Joy Inside My Tears," actually brought Wonder to tears, but also did much to illustrate that we were witnessing not just sensational entertainment, but a kind of overarching musical brilliance and artistic genius not readily present today.

La La La La La Of that list - and not in the least discarding the great musical contributions of the remainders - the latter two, stand out as the true pioneer 'rule breakers' from the 'Berry Template'. Tuesday Heartbreak Everything's Alright

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