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Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion We've dropped some Stun Grenades into the Science Fiction Companion PDF (as well as the. The Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion contains new races, Edges and Hindrances, Setting Rules, gear, cyberware, and numerous strange creatures. The Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion contains new races, Edges and If you purchased the PDF from Pinnacle here simply re-download the PDF to.

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Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion - There are places far beyond Pinnacle Entertainment. ADD TO WISHLIST >. PDF. $ $ Savage Worlds - Karthador - Swashbuckling Science, Savage Worlds - Science Fiction - Companion, following changes to the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion. • Funds: Starting money or gear depends on the campaign, but we recommend characters .

I wouldn't want to do that much work for every new game Wed Feb 12, am If anyone bought these back when I did they have received a major rewrite, especially the sci fi version.

So it would be a good idea to DL both of them again. Wed Feb 12, am uper Powers Companion Numerous formatting or syntax typos fixed. Animal Control: Clarified what happens when summoned animals are defeated. Science Fiction Companion Numerous formatting or syntax typos fixed.

Science Fiction Companion – PDF

Knowledge Computers now used anytime coding is involved; Knowledge Electronics used whenever the use of electronics is involved. Knowledge Astrogation replaced Knowledge Navigation throughout.

Clarified that Trait Increase always increases maximum, and removed references elsewhere to avoid confusion p4 Leaper: Corrected text. Any weapon with an RoF of 2 or higher is full-auto and incurs the recoil modifier.

Added SA for Semi-Auto to all weapons that can fire single-shot or double-tap. Changed Mass Drivers significantly, incorporated rail guns into their rules, and updated all ships and walkers that used them p Added Mega Lasers p Tweaked various AP and damage values for Vehicular Weapons p Gravity effect on Strength clarified to die type change.

Index of /public/Books/ Worlds/Science Fiction/

You can still only take it once per Trait, however. Changed Targeting Computer to eliminate 2 points of Shooting penalties rather than 4.

Constructs: Removed no additional damage from called shots text p37 Android Modification price reduced. Ship Sizes: Three additional starships were added to enable much larger craft. Chapter Two is what all sci-fi geeks love — the Gear! Technology is a big part of sci-fi.

No stone unturned, the tech is thorough, although simple.

While it has a good number of examples of tech, it is not entirely comprehensive. But it gives you enough to work with and ways to customize your own.

1. Because it’s already funded, so your risk is minimal!

Surprisingly, the only casually deal with the notion of Tech Level, which I find refreshing. What I like most about Savage Worlds is its simple approach to things and this is definitely an example of that. It also approaches weapons in the same simple and no-nonsense way.

Interestingly, it differentiates blasters particle weapons from plasma weapons. One area that is a corner stone of the sci-fi genre is cybernetics. Various vehicles, robots etc.

There are three basic chassis for powered armour, 17 optional components, and half-a-dozen pre-worked examples. I immediately started thinking about how to represent suits from favourite games and fictional works in game terms, which is a good sign.

Robots 4 pages : Same story; basic chassis with Mods points, 21 optional components costing Mods points, four worked examples.

Setting rules for repairs, maintenance, glitches for unmaintained robots. Robots are essentially customisable Extras, or Wild Cards if you pay the extra for that. Starships 11 pages : There are 6 basic hulls, rated like vehicles in the core rules, with Mods points used in the usual way for combinations of 28 optional components.


There are guidelines for using miniatures for ship combat, too. Hyperspace deserves a more detailed look. A jump requires a Knowledge Astrogation roll and can take you anywhere, although jumps within a solar system are easier and jumps to another galaxy are harder; they take 2d6 days, less if you roll well or spend extra fuel to go faster.

Essentially, all star systems in the same galaxy are the same distance apart; goodbye star maps, hello intriguing implications for galactic politics of which more perhaps in a later post. Vehicles 7 pages : Are rated, unsurprisingly, like vehicles.

Again, they have Mods ratings and 35 optional components to consume them; there are six basic chassis, rated only by size, since how they move jets, tracks, antigrav are covered by Mods.Click here. Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes.

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