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Travel guide. General information. Travel guide Autonomous Region of Sardinia, Viale Trieste , Cagliari. Texts: Simone Deidda, Rosalba Depau. Welcome to Sardinia, get ready to enjoy a memorable travel experience. Tourist Information; Things to do; Things to see; Ebook local food; Local tips and . Gregor Clark, Kerry Christiani, Duncan Garwood. Sardinia. Olbia, the Welcome to Sardinia. together their first travel guide, Across Asia on the Cheap.

Sardinia Travel Guide Pdf

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Uploaded by: KATIA offers you the Travel Guide to Sardinia. Despite its celebrity as a holiday destination, Sardinia remains remark- Alghero and Olbia has seen tourist numbers rising in recent years, and . Lonely Planet ( Check out the Cagliari destination guide and exchange. Create your own Sardinia travel guide! All you have to do is select the type of places you'd like to include (restaurants, museums, etc.). When you're done, you .

Musicologists and musicians — such as Peter Gabriel, who recorded the music of the Tenores de Bitti group in his world music series — have described traditional Sardinian music as unique in Europe. Today it is undergoing something of a revival. The most well-known example is the Canto a Tenores.

Agriculture and shepherding used to be the key factors in the economy, and there was also a mining boom in certain areas after unification, particularly around Sulcis, an abundant source of both coal and metals.

But the Sardinian mining industry declined, especially after World War II, and is unlikely to recover. Other schemes for promoting industry have badly affected the environment, and have been abandoned.

However, attempts in the s to eradicate malaria, by treating marshy areas with pesticides, produced impressive results: in a short space of time the coast became habitable. The gradual development of The stacks on the Masua and Nebida coastlines Traditional bread from the Sulcis region tourism has, however, made the island famous, opening up Sardinia to the outside world, as well as increasing awareness of its history, local culture, arts and handicrafts.

The vast, wild Gennargentu range is also now a protected National Park. The rare monk seal, previously thought to be extinct, has been sighted once again off the western coast, an indication that it is possible for tourism and ecology to co-exist in comfort.

Sardinia possesses some of the most unspoilt scenery in Europe which, like its other special qualities, can only be fully appreciated by visiting the island. The generally healthy sea beds are havens for both scuba Marine prawn divers and naturalists.

The sheer cliffs along the coast are home to dozens of species of nesting birds and birds of prey.

Expert guide to Sardinia

Years of marine research in the Golfo di Orosei, on the eastern coast, have finally confirmed the return of the fabled monk seal, once so widespread in the area that caves and inlets were named after it. Dolphins and other large sea mammals, such as small whales, can occasionally be seen in the northwestern waters and the Straits of Bonifacio. The area has been declared an international marine reserve.

Neptune grass Posidonia oceanica is a sea plant with shaggy leaves that grows down to a depth of 30—35 m — ft.

Sea grass, as it is also known, has flowers, which is unusual for a marine plant. Rocks of volcanic origin The striped sarago, quite a common fish in the Mediterranean, combs the sea bed in search of prey. Rocks are covered with seaweed such as Cystoseira.

Sardinian coral can be various shades of red or white and lives on the rocky sea bed, between 15— m 50—ft below sea level. The lobster is a crustacean that lives mostly along the rocky shores, but can also be found at depths of up to m ft.

The meat is a local delicacy. Gorgonian coral The sea anemone attaches itself to rocks in shallow water.

Its deceptively delicate tentacles contain stinging cells, enabling it to capture small fish and crustaceans. The flexible branches may be white, yellow or red, and can grow to be 1m 3 ft tall. Wild pigeons build safe nests here and raise their young without being disturbed.

Further up the cliff edge, birds of prey such as the peregrine falcon, the red kite and the rare griffon vulture, build their nests. There is coral and myriad species of seaweed, a wide variety of fish, crustaceans and molluscs and marvellous rock formations for snorkellers and scuba divers to enjoy. Cracks and crevices Fronds move in schools to defend themselves from predators by day. One that I wholeheartedly recommend visiting is Acquafredda castle, in Siliqua, at around 40 minutes drive from Cagliari.

Located on a hill that dominates the city, Castello di San Michele in Cagliari used to have defensive functions.

One of the nicest things to do in Sardinia is discovering the countryside churches. This is Santa Maria di Sibiola, near Serdiana Get a glimpse of the many countryside churches One of the nicest things to do in Sardinia is wandering around the countryside to discover the many lovely, tiny countryside churches. My favorite is Santa Maria di Sibiola, a romanic church dating back to the 11th century AC located in the countryside of Serdiana, at around 20 minutes drive from Cagliari.

Sardinia Free Travel Guide

They are some of the best places in Sardinia for those who want to get out of the typical tourist path. Attending a festival is one of the unmissable things to do in Sardinia — this one is Sartiglia, in Oristano Attend a festival Sardinia is a land of festivals and events.

From traditional religious festivals in honor of local saints to music or wine and food festivals, there is something for just about anybody and one of the unmissable things to do in Sardinia is joining in the celebrations. Attending is one of the things to do in Sardinia to get a glimpse of the beautiful traditional costumes, and listen to traditional music.

Among the most interesting ones there are I Candelieri, which takes place in Sassari each 14 of August; San Simplicio, taking place each May in Olbia; the Corsa degli Scalzi, taking place each first weekend of September in the Sinis Peninsula.

The list of other non-religious festivals is just as long.

Sardinia Travel Guides

Autunno in Barbagia is a series of village festivals during which for 28 weekends, starting in September and until mid December, the villages of the Barbagia region celebrate their traditions, culture and food. Autunno in Barbagia is a favorite of Sardinians, and attending is one of the things to do in Sardinia in the fall. Girotonno takes place every June in San Pietro Island.Rocks are covered with seaweed such as Cystoseira.

The Nuraghe civilisation has left on the island about ruins of Nuraghe buildings ; the most important is the one of Barumini, whose name Su Nuraxi The Nuraghe underlines that its consider as The Nuraghe par excellence. Depending on the winds, it is possible to catch waves in various locations around the island.

A Local’s Guide To The Things To Do In Sardinia

Other schemes for promoting industry have badly affected the environment, and have been abandoned. There also are some great shipwreck dives around the island. It has a surface of about 24, km2 and is therefore the second biggest island in Italy and in the whole Mediterranean Sea.

The airport Alghero-Fertilia covers national Alitalia airline , international and low-cost connections thanks to the British company Ryanair.

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