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SAP Business Objects Interview Questions with Answers - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. SAP Business. Top 50 Business Objects (BO) Interview Questions & Answers Stored procedures; Queries over universe; Free hand – SQL; VBA procedures; SAP; OLAP servers; Personal data files. Define drill mode. . Download PDF. To know more on SAP BO Jobs and SAP BO interview question and answers visit our . and exporting and saving in different format,.rtf,.xls

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Here we have compiled the top SAP Business Objects interview questions and answers to help you in your job interview. This list of interview questions includes . SAP Business Objects Interview Questions Answers by SAP BO Experienced also learn SAP BI & SAP BW Interview Questions and Answers. SAP BO Interview Questions with Latest SAP BO Interview Questions with full explanation and with sap business objects faqs and pdf files.

Once ou create aggregate aware you have to declare what objects compatible and what are in compatible. What is zabo application if you do not have desktop intelligence on your desktop and you are trying to open it from the infoview portal it will automatically get the requirement components from the bo server and enable to open the desktop intelligence i. Universe provides a semantic layer between you and the database. It consists of classes and objects named in business terms. It is basically a mapping of table and the columns in the database to classes and objects respectively in the query panel.

What are Lookup and Fact Tables? Lookup tables: A lookup or dimension table contains information associated with a particular entity or subject. Fact Tables: A fact table contains statistical information about transactions. Loops Too few rows 2.

Fan Trap Too many rows 3. How do you resolve? Fan Trap: occurs when a One to Many join links a table which is in turn linked by another One to Many join.

There are two ways to solve Fan trap: Creating an alias and applying aggregate awareness function. This is the most effective way to solve the Fan trap problem. Using Multiple SQL statements for each measure.

Chasm Trap: occurs when two Many to one joins from two Fact tables converge on a single Lookup table. Can be solved by: Creating a Context. How do you publish BO report?

There are 2 ways of publishing BO reports on website 1 User who has publishing rights for a document can publish that document for other users. What is derived table derived table is smilar to view but it can be used in designer and you can create objects based on derived table columns and use the objects in reports.

How do you do restrict access to applications, objects, data-row level you can do that in universe for row,objects, arond data level, for application you need to do it from cmc, What project you are working mention it is banking project What is your role in project- currently I am migrating from xir2 to xir3.

Phase 4: Create a Universe with designer. Test the Universe with the Business Objects module. Distribute the Universe. Repeat the other steps for other Universes. Phase 5: Update and maintain the Universe. Notify end users of changes. Can we have a report with multiple data providers?

We can add a new data provider to an existing report, where it asks for the source either it may be a universe or other Freehand SQL, Personal Data files, VBA , Stored Procedures Which are the different types of data providers? In a snowflake schema, different hierarchies in a dimension can be extended into their own dimensional tables.

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Therefore, a dimension can have more than a single dimension table. Can you combine data from different sources in one report?

Can all BusinessObjects users build data providers? Star Schema: A common form of dimensional model.

In a star schema, each dimension is represented by a single dimension table. Various Business Objects products? What is Incompatibility? The set of incompatible objects you specify determines which aggregate tables are disregarded during the generation of SQL.

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With respect to an aggregate table, an object is either compatible or incompatible. Users in Business Objects?

A macro is a series of commands and functions that are stored in a Visual Basic for Applications module and can be run whenever you need to perform the task. If you perform a task repeatedly, you can automate the task with a macro. You create macros using the Visual Basic Editor.

Top 44 SAP Business Objects Interview Questions Pdf

What is scope of analysis? Analysis means looking at data from different viewpoints and on different levels of detail. In reports, you can use scope of analysis to ensure that the data included in your report can be displayed at the appropriate level of detail for your analysis. What is a break? A break does what its name implies. It breaks up the data in a table or crosstab by grouping the data according to a selected value.

This allows you to display all the data for each value of a dimension variable together, and more importantly, it allows you to display subtotals. What is drill mode? Universe designers has the possibility for distributing the universes to the end users after moving these as file through the system of files or can be done by exporting the files to the repository.

List out the various kinds of methods related with multidimensional analysis that is inside business objects. There are two different methods related with multidimensional analysis available inside BO and these methods are. Business objects help you in accessing the data from variety of sources. This is a kind of analysis mode associated with business objects and helps in breaking down data as well as in viewing data from all the possible angles and the levels of detail for discovering the factor that has caused good — bad result.

The details regarding such a connection can be usually stored inside PDAC. LSI file.

This is a kind of connection that is usually made used by other user via a server which is shared one. Secured connection is a kind of connection that can be helpful in overcoming the various limitations associated with the former connections.

The rights related with this kind of connection can be set over documents as well as objects. Universes can be brought inside central repository only by making use of secured connection.

The parameters regarding these connection care usually saved inside CMS. The custom hierarchies can be used for defining the universe for facilitating drill down that is customized and can happen between objects from different or same classes considering the user requirements.

Context can be defined as the particular path of join between a specific group of joins or the tables for the purpose of a particular query. A particular object that can be found inside the column of a table, belonging to particular context is supposed to be compatible to all the various kinds of objects belonging to the same context.

In the case of objects that are from the various kinds of context, different kinds of SQL can be generated, and the results can be merged inside micro cube. This is for making sure that there is no incorrect result associated with a loop or any other kind of issue related with join path. What Is Aggregate Awareness Function? Why Do We Use It? Answer : Aggregate awareness function is used in scenarios where we have same fact tables in different grains. Using this function we can define only one object for the measures in the fact tables.

Use: They are used to enhance the performance reports by utilizing arrogate tables available at database and are applied at Universe level as function. Answer : Subqueries provides you a more flexible option to filter the data as compared to an ordinary query filter. You can also compare the values of objects in a subquery with the other objects.

Using Subqueries, you can implement complex logic to limit the size of data which are not possible to apply with simple query filters. They are used in Query panel Question Answer : Database ranking is done by editing the script generated by query.

Answer : Hierarchical data is defined a data with Parent-child relationship and you can analyze the data at different levels of hierarchy. All the measures that are associated with hierarchical data are aggregated as per object level in hierarchy.Answer: To automatically extract structural information from database or from a flat file we use a script known as strategy.

What is BI launch pad? Ask questions Do not leave the interview without ensuring that you know all that you want to know about the position.

Top 31 Most Important SAP BO Interview Questions and Answers

What can be different data sources for BO reports? So, these two topics should also be well-prepared. Prompt is used to create an interactive object. Learn Business Object in 18 hrs from experts.

Answer : Prompt is defined as special filter for users which allows them to enter a value every time data is refreshed in the document. There are two ways to solve Fan trap:

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