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Best 50 Pega Interview Questions And Answers pdf,, You can crack the interview to achieve your Provide Tutorial Videos Scenario based interview. If you're looking for Pega Interview Questions for Experienced or Freshers, you are at right place. There are lot of opportunities from many reputed companies in . Explain in scenario based where u used and worked PEGA Interview Questions pdf Free Download ▽ April (12) What is PEGA? Difference.

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Here are Most commonly asked pega interview questions pdf document. You can expect maximum questions from this dumps. Top Pega Interview Questions and Answers topic wise for experienced and freshers such as What is harness in Pega? How to create work. PEGA INTERVIEW QUESTIONS and ANSWERS pdf pega prpc tutorial pdf pegasystems interview questions pega forums pega tutorial pega testing interview.

The Agent Manager is a master agent that gathers and caches the agent configuration information set for our system when Process Commander starts. Then, at a regularly scheduled interval, it determines whether any new agents rules were created during the last period.

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If there are new agents rules, the Agent Manager adds them to its list of agents and generates agent schedule data instances for them for each node. Because these agents rules are in locked RuleSets, we cannot modify them.

To change the configuration settings for the agents listed in these rules, update the agent schedules generated from the agents rule. The agents in the Pega-ProCom RuleSet process e-mail, service level rules, and assignments, archive work objects, and so on. The agents in this rule provide the following types of processing:.

The agents in this rule provide the following processing:.

PEGA Interview Questions and Answers pdf Download

When you need to modify the behavior of an agent listed in an agents rule in a locked RuleSet any of the standard Process Commander agents rules, for example you do so by editing one or more of the generated. A service level rule is an instance of the Rule-Obj-ServiceLevel type. Each service level rule defines one to three time intervals, known as goals, deadlines, and late intervals, that indicate the expected or targeted turnaround time for the assignment, or time-to-resolve for the work object.

The goal time is the smallest time interval, the deadline time is a longer interval, and the late interval defines post-deadline times. Each time interval is in days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

Service level rules can be associated with a work object or an assignment. For assignments, the service level rule is referenced in the Assignment Properties panel of the assignment task.

For the overall work object, the service level rule is identified in the standard property. The default value is the Default service level. How will it be helpful?

Is it possible to defer load the values in a drop down? Its an performance hit load the more data in clipboard, So in that situation we can use Defer load option it will prevent performance because while u Check the Defer load option it will ask some activity on each tab Cell properties, so when ever the particular tab is opened then relevant activity only will be fired and load the related data…So it will Avoid the performance Yes we can load the values in dropdown PEGA Interview Questions and Answers How many types of portals does PRPC can provide?

Explain About Obj-list-view Method? Answer : Obj-List-View method is used to execute the retrieval and sorting operations, but not the formatting and display processing, of a list view rule.

The system uses rule resolution to find the list view rule and executes it, but does not produce any HTML output display. Explain About Obj-open Method? Answer : Obj-Open method is used to open an instance stored in the PegaRULES database or in an external database linked to an external class, and save it as a clipboard page. The system uses the specified class and key fields to find and open the object and place its data into the specified step page.

The system searches up the class hierarchy as appropriate to find the instance. If it finds the specified step page, the system clears any data that is on it and reuses the page. If no existing page has a name matching the specified step page, the system creates a new page. Explain About Obj-open-by-handle Method?

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Answer : Use the Obj-Open-By-Handle method only if we can determine the unique handle that permanently identifies which instance to open. Otherwise, use the Obj-Open method.

Explain About Obj-delete Method? Answer : Obj-Delete method is used to delete a database instance corresponding to a clipboard page and optionally to delete the clipboard page too. We can cause the deletion to occur immediately, or until execution of a Commit method.

This method can operate on objects of both internal classes corresponding to rows in a table in the PegaRULES database and external classes corresponding to rows in an external relational database.

It uses the table name, key fields, and other aspects of the class rule to mark the instance for deletion. We can reverse or cancel a previously executed Obj-Delete method by using the Obj-Save-Cancel method.

Explain About Commit Method?

Answer : Commit method is used to commit all uncommitted database changes. This method writes all the instances specified by one or more earlier Obj-Save methods to the PegaRULES database for internal classes and to external databases for external classes.

Explain About Obj-validate Method?

Answer : Obj-Validate method is used to apply a validate rule Rule-Obj-Validate rule type for the object identified on the primary page or step page. Explain About Rdb-save Method?

Answer : RDB-Save method is used to save the contents of a clipboard page into a row of a relational database.

The system saves the properties on the specified step page to the specified table in the database. Answer : No. Agent schedules cannot be created manually. The Agent Manager on our Process Commander system generate at least one agent schedule instance for each agents rule. By default, the Agent Manager checks for new or updated agents rule once every ten minutes.

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After we create an agents rule, the Agent Manager generates one Agent Schedule instance for each node running on your Process Commander system the next time it checks for new agents rules. How Do We Do Escalation?How to see values of the local variables of the activity. What is the activity responsible for getting the data in List View?

We can reverse or cancel a previously executed Obj-Delete method by using the Obj-Save-Cancel method.

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If a service level rule is associated with the assignment, the service level continues to run. How do we do Escalation? Rajashekar Rudrarapu 26 February at

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