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Object Oriented Programming (OOP) is an approach to program organization and Object-oriented programming is the most recent concept among. The presentation is based on. Feza Buzlaca's Lecture Notes 8. Object Oriented Programming. 1. Introduction to Object Oriented Programming. 2. OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING USING C++ Notes for UG C++ has object-oriented programming (OOP) capabilities similar to an earlier computer language called Simula C++ is called a hybrid language Download pdf. × Close.

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Generalization and specialization. • Inheritance. • Polymorphism and dynamic binding. • Java an example of an object-oriented programming language. Object oriented Programming is defined as an approach that provides a way of modularizing programs by creating partitioned memory area for both data and. Object-Oriented Programming Lecture Programming Notes Pdf.

Humans use class based descriptions all the time - what is a duck? Think about this, we will discuss it soon. Classes allow us a way to represent complex structures within a programming language. The notation used in Figure 1. You could think of a class as the description of a concept, and an object as the realisation of this description to create an independent distinguishable entity.

For example, in the case of the Television, the class is the set of plans or blueprints for a generic television, whereas a television object is the realisation of these plans into a real-world physical television.

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So there would be one set of plans the class , but there could be thousands of real-world televisions objects. Objects can be concrete a real-world object, a file on a computer or could be conceptual such as a database structure each with its own individual identity. Figure 1.

These objects should have their own identity and are independent from each other. For example, if the channel is changed on one television it will not change on the other televisions.

Encapsulation The object-oriented paradigm encourages encapsulation.

Encapsulation is used to hide the mechanics of the object, allowing the actual implementation of the object to be hidden, so that we don't need to understand how the object works.

All we need to understand is the interface that is provided for us.

CS8392 OOPS Notes, Object Oriented Programming Lecture Handwritten Notes

So, as in Figure 1. There is a sub-set of functionality that the user is allowed to call, termed the interface. In the case of the television, this would be the functionality that we could use through the remote control or buttons on the front of the television.

The full implemenation of a class is the sum of the public interface plus the private implementation. Encapsulation is the term used to describe the way that the interface is separated from the implementation.

You can think of encapsulation as "data-hiding", allowing certain parts of an object to be visible, while other parts remain hidden.

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This has advantages for both the user and the programmer. For the user who could be another programmer : The user need only understand the interface.

The user need not understand how the implementation works or was created. For the programmer: The programmer can change the implementation, but need not notify the user. So, providing the programmer does not change the interface in any way, the user will be unaware of any changes, except maybe a minor change in the actual functionality of the application.

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Example 2: The modifiers signed, unsigned, long, and short may be applied to character and integer basic data types. We can still understand the concept of a television, even if it is connected to a DVD player.

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