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Start by marking “No Woman No Cry: My Life With Bob Marley” as Want to Read: A memoir by the woman who knew Bob Marley best--his wife, Rita. Rita Marley grew up in the slums of Trench Town, Jamaica. No Woman No Cry book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Digital Sheet Music of No Woman No CryComposed by: Vincent. Rita Marley's new book about her life married to and collaborating with reggae musician Bob Marley is the poster book for the great old cliché “behind every.

No Woman No Cry Book

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A unique, intimate biography of Bob Marley by the person who knew him best, his wife Rita. Fans of reggae legend Bob Marley will welcome this no-nonsense biography from his wife, Rita, who was also his band member, business. No Woman No Cry [Rita Marley, Hettie Jones] on No Woman No Cry: My Life with Bob Marley and millions of other books are available for.

She also has the ability to assess her own situation in a clear way. For Rita, the childrens' well being was always top priority, which is why she was adamant to move out of Trench Town as soon as possible and she even took in and raised the children Bob fathered with other women.

Next, she was supportive of Bob's music dream even if it meant that he would have affairs with other women and would leave her alone while he toured. Rita also reveals to us that on top of Bob's womanizing, she also had to find herself - who is Rita? Who is this woman whose husband skyrocketed to fame? What does she really want out of life? What does she value exactly and what means the most to her.

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I think she did a very well job in keeping her head level, especially after Bob's death and when the legal drama began. She is guided by her faith in Rastafari and Jah, and by her own intuition of what's right for her family.

It is indigenous to the island and grows quite rapidly, often attaining 20m 66ft or more in height. I love Bob and Rita Marley equally The love that this woman had for this Man and the connection that they had throughout their careers and relationship is amazing Sometimes i questioned how did she do it?

The older i get I realized she did it with Love Great Book In No Woman No Cry, readers will learn about the never-before-told details of Bob Marley's life, including: How Rita practiced subsistence farming when first married to Bob to have food for her family.

No Woman No Cry

How Rita rode her bicycle into town with copies of Bob's latest songs to sell. How Rita worked as a housekeeper in Delaware to help support her family when her children were young.

Why Rita chose to befriend some of the women with whom Bob had affairs and to give them advice on rearing the children they had with Bob. The story of the attack on Bob which almost killed the two of them.

Bob's last wishes, dreams, and hopes, as well as the details of his death, such as who came to the funeral and who didn't. Rita really goes in depth as to what it was like living as the late great Bob Marley's wife.

You really get to know alot about her as an individual as well. The way she tells her Rita was married to Bob Marley in , when she was nineteen and he was twenty-one, and she remained his wife until his death in The mother of Bob's children, she performs worldwide.

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She makes her home in Ghana, West Africa.But Bob said, no no no Wow I read this within 24 hours, on a very bleak, foggy and cold Sunday. He reciprocated her care by showing concern for her daughter from another father.

NO WOMAN NO CRY: My Life with Bob Marley

Why Rita chose to befriend some of the women with whom Bob had affairs and to give them advice on rearing the children they had with Bob. A purposeful-looking woman got out and exchanged some intemperate words with Marley's girlfriend, who had spied the truck from the porch.

The rest is history: No Woman No Cry: There were his liaisons with other women--some of which produced children and were conducted under Rita's roof.

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