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Mysore Tourist attractions. Mysore is the second largest city in the state of Karnataka, India. The name Mysore is an anglicised version of Mahishūru, which . Channapatna. Coorg. Kabini. Bandipur. Mysore. B R Hills. Bangalore. Coorg. Cuisine Karnataka mind map in the tourist's itinerary, It conjures up visions. The royal city of Mysore is known for its various trysts with different dynasties. A curious mix of tradition and modernity, Mysore is an upcoming IT and industry.

Mysore Tourist Guide Pdf

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State rank: 5 out of 52 Places To Visit In Karnataka Download Mysore PDF Guide. Free. . What are good nature tourist places in Mysore? Answer: You. Mysore Travel Guide PDF - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. efrd. Mysore is a prime tourist city of Karnataka. The temples, beautiful palaces and flourishing gardens are the main tourist attractions in Mysore.

It is a traditional South Indian sweet dish. History states that this mouth-watering dish was first made in the kitchens of the Mysore Palace which was then ruled by Mummadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar. Architecture of Mysore The architectural style of structures in the Mysore kingdom experienced significant changes during British rule — a blending of European conventions with local components.

The Hindu temples in the kingdom were constructed in typical South Indian Dravidian style. The design is a combination of Hindu, Islamic, Indo-Saracenic and Moorish styles, which for the first time in India, used cast iron columns and roof frames.

One can also find architectural designs from the Renaissance period and exhibits concepts English manor houses and Italian palazzos. These styles can be found in the architecture of the Lalitha Mahal Palace that was built in by E. Fritchley under the commission of Maharaja Krishnaraja IV. Apart from the Mysore Palace, there are other palaces too that house art galleries and museums inside their premises, such as the Jaganmohana Palace and the Jayalakshmi Vilas Palace.

The Brindavan Gardens is a huge park that is frequented by tourists looking for a place to take an idle stroll, or simply to relax. This famous park has been the backdrop of several song sequences from movies of the 80s and the 90s, and if you visit the park in the evening, you can even get to watch a musical fountain show.

Make sure to stay there for a while and enjoy the birds-eye view of the entire town and the hills surrounding it. Another must-visit place in Mysore is the Devaraja Market, where you can experience the vibrant atmosphere of Mysore in all its glory. Standing for over years, this market bustles with life and colour at any given hour of the day. You can get to buy literally anything you want here, starting from flowers to fruits, vegetables and even spices.

Taking in the sights and sounds of the busy market is an essential part of the Mysore experience. Mysore is home to some of the most delicious and authentic food you can find in South India.

With plenty of eateries to cater to all budgets, meals in Mysore are a feast for the culinary senses. City of Palaces Also known as 'the city of palaces', Mysore houses grand palaces, majestic temples, gardens that mesmerise the tourists.

Mysore Dasara Dussehra or Dasara as it is known as in the southern part of India is synonymous with Mysore.

Mysore Travel & Tourism Guide, Karnataka

Its average elevation is 1, meters. A panoramic view of the city is seen from the top of the hills, including views of the Lalitha Mahal palace, Mysore Palace, Karanji and Kukkarahalli lakes.

At dusk, the view of the city is especially beautiful, and on Sunday evenings and during the Dasara festival, the illuminated Mysore Palace glitters. The St.

Philomena's Church in Mysore St. Philomena's Church is a church built in honor of St. Philomena in the city of Mysore. It was constructed in using a Neo Gothic style and its architecture was inspired by the Cologne Cathedral in Germany.

In , Sir T. This relic was handed over to Father Cochet who approached the king to assist him in constructing a church in honor of St. The Maharaja of Mysore laid the foundation stone of the church on 28 October The relic of St.

Philomena is preserved in a catacomb below the main altar. Bartholomew's Church , was built on the land donated by the Maharaja of Mysore, Krishnaraja Wodeyar III , [8] and it was consecrated in The church was constructed in with contributions from military officers and civilians.

In , the church was affiliated to the Anglican denomination and was handed over to the Madras Government in The gateway of the church stands 30 feet high There is a grotto on the right side containing a life-stized statue of Infant Jesus. The church is built in an octagonal diamond shape with granite stne. There are three huge teakwood doors to enter the church. There are carvings of St. Teresa and ST. John on the right side door. The left side entrance has carvings of St.

Therese and ST. Edith Sterin. The altar has a globe and a tree. The church has fourteen stained windows decorated with beautiful pictures. There is a small chapel on the back of the church on the mezzaine floor.

Wildlife[ edit ] Mysore Zoo is one of the oldest and most popular zoos in India. Located on the outskirts of Mysore, the zoo is home to a wide range of wild species. The official name for the zoo is Shri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens, although it is known most commonly by its shortened name.

It was established under royal patronage in , making it one of the oldest zoos in the world. The islets came into being when a dam across the Kaveri river was built in the 18th century.

The ornithologist Dr. Salim Ali observed that the isles formed an important nesting ground for birds, and persuaded the Wodeyar kings of Mysore to declare the area a Wildlife sanctuary in The islands are host to numerous small mammals, including bonnet macaque , colonies of flying foxes , and common small mammals like the common palm civet , the Indian gray mongoose , and the monitor lizard.

The mugger crocodile or marsh crocodile is a common inhabitant of the riverine reed beds. About types of birds [10] have been observed here.

Breeding water birds include the painted stork , Asian openbill stork , common spoonbill , woolly-necked stork , black-headed ibis , black-headed ibis , lesser whistling duck , Indian shag , stork-billed kingfisher , and other common birds like egrets , cormorants , Oriental darter , and herons.

The great stone plover , and the river tern also nest here.

The park is home to a large flock of streak-throated swallows. Libraries[ edit ] The Oriental Research Institute , formerly known as the Oriental Library and established in , contains over 33, palm leaf manuscripts.

Mysore Travel Guide

Jayaprakash Nagar Mysore has an excellent library with a good collection of English and Kannada books. The library compound also offers a mini stadium, an open-air auditorium, a yoga centre and a meter walking tack.

The library is adjacent to a cute niche garden with a good view of the Chamundi Hills. Open billed storks, Ranganathittu B.

Chennakeshava temple at Somanathapura Shivanasamudra Falls Shivanasamudra Falls is the second largest waterfall in India and the sixteenth largest in the world.

Segmented waterfalls occur where the water flow is broken into two or more channels before dropping over a cliff, resulting in multiple side by side waterfalls.

Gaganachukki on the left is a large horsetail waterfall [13] and Barachukki also spelled Bharachukki in the centre is a jagged crashing cascading waterfall. During the monsoons this waterfall grows enormous, perhaps a thousand feet in width.

North India

The right waterfall is the Bharachukki.Then visit St. State rank: Although there are a number of larger, more popular temples such as Somnathpur Temple in Mysore, I find the Chamundeshwari Temple to be far more fascinating.

Located in the foothills of the Chamundi Hills, Mysore is the third most populated city in the state of Karnataka, and its rich cultural heritage draws millions of tourists all year round. Someshwara could have been an old basati.

This famous park has been the backdrop of several song sequences from movies of the 80s and the 90s, and if you visit the park in the evening, you can even get to watch a musical fountain show.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Mysore that captures the true beauty of Karnataka and makes it a must visit destination in India. The old world charm of Mysore city along with its well-manicured gardens, heritage mansions and shady avenues leaves an everlasting memory in the minds of its visitors.

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