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Myanmar – Calendar with holidays. Yearly calendar showing months for the year Calendars – online and print friendly – for any year and month. နှစ်တစ်ရာပြက္ခဒိန်, a traditional Myanmar Calendar for years. Look back your birth date or check out burmese traditional festival or today. Latest Myanmar News Around The World. Burmeseclassic Calendar. , · January Capricorn. 22 Dec - 20 Jan. Aquarius. 21 Jan - 19 Feb.

Myanmar Calendar 2015 Pdf

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Burmese Classic. Page Versions. Old Version · English Version. Horoscope. Weekly Horoscope; အပတ်စဉ် ဗေဒင်; Discuss Home; Myanmar Calendar. Burmese calendar The Burmese calendar (Burmese: မြန်မာသက္ကရာဇ်, pronounced, or Archived from the original (PDF) on 6 July Retrieved 6. Download EMP Myanmar Calendar - EMP Myanmar Calendar is a Myanmar- English calendar for the year from Excellence Medicare & Pharmaceutical.

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Accessed on May 18, The NGO gave us rations, but it was not enough for us because I have five children. A friend offered her work in China and sold her. Moon Ja was trafficked in at age Her family was displaced to a camp in I was the breadwinner of my family—I took care of my mother and I had to look after her.

So, to live in the IDP camp—the place is too small, and everything is difficult. Because of lack of space, camps often restrict how long a person can be away without losing their place.

This heightens vulnerability by pressuring families to split up. Several were orphans, grew up in abusive homes, or had faced domestic violence or abandonment.

These factors left some more vulnerable to trafficking. Ja Htoi Tsawm travelled to China often to do agricultural work for a few weeks or months at a time to support her four children after her husband, a drug user, abandoned the family. On a trip there in , at age 29, she was trafficked by a woman she befriended as they worked together in a sugarcane field.

She was held captive for two years. While she was gone, her in-laws sold her house and took the money. They put one of her children in an orphanage, and another of her children died while she was away.

Her five-year-old daughter had been attending kindergarten in the IDP camp where the family lived. People cannot do their own development. But one day the Myanmar army came, and we lost everything.

I hope for a democratic government that can develop the country. Several girls went to China seeking money for education. She was held for three years and left behind a daughter when she escaped. Some survivors interviewed worked in China prior to being trafficked, and several worked there after being trafficked. Some workers cross the border daily; others go for weeks or months at a time, when opportunities arise and economic need dictates.

Most interviewees were recruited by people promising lucrative work in China. The woman sold Seng Ja Ban, who was held for five years before escaping without her child. She offered to find Seng Ja Aung work. On the way, we had to take a motorbike, we had to take cars…all arranged by that girl.

Seng Ja Aung escaped before being sold. Six said they were sold by their own relatives. The man had bought her; it took her three years to escape.

She happily agreed. Fighting was happening near her village, her mother had died, and she and two siblings were staying with their teacher. The man said she had been unconscious for five days, and she believes he raped her while she was unconscious.

Fifteen were recruited by friends, and 12 by acquaintances, often from their village or IDP camp.

One young woman was recruited by a friend from bible school. As a result, border control is haphazard or non-existent. Border security in the region is further complicated by trafficking in the jade and timber trades, which are themselves marked by corruption. Almost all the trafficking survivors interviewed were recruited in Myanmar and escorted to China by a person implicated in trafficking. The movement of these women and girls across the border was facilitated by loose border controls. Some women and girls were trafficked through official border posts, with guards failing to detect trafficking or perhaps aiding and abetting the crime.

Lunar Calendar 2020 (Myanmar)

But most skipped immigration formalities. Crossing the border without appropriate papers is not difficult. In the day there are KIO soldiers on the Myanmar side. You need to get permission from the KIO [to cross the border] but if you go at 6 a. The journeys often involved a sequence of cars and buses, over several days and nights, sometimes while the victim was drugged.

Some survivors thought traffickers might have complicated the journey intentionally, to confuse them and prevent them from finding their way home. Some survivors said they were kept in hotels; a few said they screamed for help, but no one came, leading them to believe that hotel staff were paid or convinced to ignore them. Several interviewees said traffickers took their identification documents.

They get a percentage of the price. The main broker is in Yingjiang [a town near the border on the China side]… There is a group—a broker in Myanmar, one in Yingjiang, one in China [beyond the border region]. The China broker provides a place to stay and food and shows them to a Chinese man and he looks and pays depending on how pretty [she is]. Same thing with a girl, traded from one broker to another. At 14, Nang Nu Tsawm, one of eight children, needed money to fund her studies.

Nang Nu Tsawm and her cousin, 19, went to work there: After a week there, I fainted. I think maybe they gave me some medicine or something. When I woke up, I heard the train and recognized that I was on the train. I saw only the Chinese letters. I could not read them. There were no Myanmar letters.

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I started crying. I saw a woman. Maybe she was a broker—I never met whoever it was who brought me on the train. She pinched my face.

She was a Shan-Chinese woman. She could speak Burmese. It was me, my cousin and the woman.

Nang Nu Tsawm was sold and held in China about seven years. Her clothing was with her, but her passport and money were gone.As a result, border control is haphazard or non-existent. In the second stage, we listed all the wards urban township units in the six selected urban townships and all the villages rural township units in the six selected rural townships.

Nyein Ei Ei Htwe 9 November Tawthalin topic Tawthalin Burmese: Myanmar years Calendar. The use of numbering system may have predated the introduction of the Burmese calendar in any case since each region had its own numbering system. I stayed in the jungle and hid there with my babies.

Minnesota's iron ore operations have a production capacity

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