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A-Z Muslim Baby Girl Names - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf) , Text File .txt) or read online Hafeezah Female Keeper of the sacred book. Muslim Baby Boys & Girls Names. (ALQURANIC. .. The Prophet (S.A.W) intended to forbid such names as Yala, Barakah,. Afraz Most holy book. Page 1 of 7. Meanings of Muslim Names . Haashim (male)—Name of the Prophet's grandfather, Old Arabic name. Haashim .. Waleed (male)—Newborn child.

Muslim Baby Names Book In Pdf

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Thank you for downloading Islamic Relief's guide on baby names for Muslim The third category is the names of Prophets and Messengers – may the peace. of Muslim Names ALMINAR BOOKS & GIFTS. . Ar, A$, and Adh etc. are used to make these names specifie attributes of. Allah Carnel, First bom, the child. Dictionary of Islamic Names - Derived from Qur'an, Seerah and History With Meaning and Pronunciation. Book Author: Hafiz Shaukat Ali Hareeri and Hafiz Muhammad Ikram Therefore, neonate babies should be given good names. is against the teachings of Islam, and unbecoming for a Muslim.

Pashto Names for Baby Girls.

Islamic Baby Girls Names. Muslim Indian Girls Names.

Iranian Names for Baby Girls. Iranian Baby Girls Names. Those which mention naming the child on the seventh day after the birth.

Like the Hadith of Samurah — RA who said: Reported by Al-Tirmidhee. And those which indicate naming the child on the day of its birth.

From these is the Hadith of Anas RA who said: Reported by Muslim and Abu Dawud.

Al-Bukhari and Muslim Another baby was brought to him after birth and he called it al-Mundhir Al-Bukhari and Muslim and there are many examples like this.

Add Banujah Female The daughter of al-Mahdi.

Add Blessing; The nursemaid of the Prophet S. W , she had this name the kuniyah, Umm Ayman R.

A-Z Muslim Baby Girl Names

Pious; The female freed slave of Sayyidina Ayshah R. Barzah Female She was a narrator of hadith.

Add Basilah Female Brave, fearless. Add Basimah Female Smiling. Add Basmah Female A smile. Add Batool Female A true devotee woman of Allah. Add Batrisyia Female Intelligent. Add Bazilah Female Clever, intelligent.

Muslims baby names according to islam with meanings-pdf

Add Beena Female Seeing, clear sighted. Add Beenish Female Vision, sight; the faculty of seeing.

Add Benazir Female Unique. Add Bilqis Female Queen of Sheeba.

Add Binesh Female Clever. Add Bisharah Female A narrator of Hadith.

10,000 Islamic Names Collection with Meanings in PDF >> Boys and Girls

Add Buhayyah Female The name of a freed female slave. Add Bunanah Female Yazid al-Abshamiyah's daughter.

Add Buqayrah Female A narrator of Hadith. Add She was al-Suraymiyah, and a very dutiful worshipper.

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She wept often so she finally lost her eye sight. When Burdah Female every thing was quiet and Add motionless, she used to call out in a melancholy voice, O! Habib O loved one! She was a female companion R. A and also a muhajirah, who migrated to Madinah; she also narrated a Hadith quoting the Prophet; "Apply yourself to glorifying Allah, saying Busayrah Female there is not God but He and Add declaring His Holiness; and count them in your fingures, for the fingers will be questioned and asked to speak; and do not be negligent and so be deprived of mercy.Janan Female Heart, Soul.

Muslim / Islamic Baby Boy and Girl names

Mariya Female Purity. View details. Add Lamisah Female Soft to the touch. Add Its the door of heaven that opens in Rayann Female Add the month of ramadhan.

Add Raidah Female Leader, pioneer. Add Parvina Female Shining star.

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