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Hiroshi Yokoyama Ma.K. modeling book by Hiroshi Yokoyama JP Oversized $ 1/20 Maschinen Krieger series MK07 robot Battle V inch surface of the moon for a heavily. Yokoyama Kow illustrator / modeler is using the latest tools & Materials plastic model such as "Ma.K.", resin. Maschinen Krieger Graphics Vol.1 by Hiroshi Yokoyama. Ma.k Maschinen Krieger in Action Bande Dessinee ART Book Sf3d Bande Dessinee NEW. Brick works Maschinen Krieger refresh girl barefoot season 1 / 20 scale resin K . modeling Book 2 ~ How to make Maschinen Krieger [JAPANESE EDITION].

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Our shop retails A4 Kow Yokoyama Ma.K. Modeling Book2 How to Make Maschinen Krieger (Book) Maschinen Krieger Hobby Japan Hobby Magazine. Continuing on from the first volume in the series, this book contains much the same as the first book but covers more. Book Review: マシーネンクリーガーグラフィックスVol - ( Maschinen Krieger Graphix Vol Maschinen Krieger ZbV (or Ma.

Fearing civil unrest and the colonists forming their own government, the Federation gives the Strahl Democratic Republic SDR the right to govern the planet in the late s. The SDR sends three police battalions and three Foreign Legion corps to Earth and uses heavy-handed tactics such as travel restrictions and hard labor camps to restore order, which creates resentment amongst the colonists.

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The SDR immediately establishes a puppet government and attempts to quell the uprising. They attack the SDR forces and the battle to control Earth begins in Over the next four years, the SDR and IMA fight each other at several locations worldwide while developing new technology along the way. The war turns up a notch in June when the IMA deploys a new weapon - the Armored Fighting Suit powered armor - to devastating effect.

Maschinen Krieger Graphics Vol.1 (Maschinen Krieger Graphics, 1)

Model Kits[ edit ] Fan interest from the installments in Hobby Japan resulted in a small Japanese model company, Nitto, securing the license and quickly released 21 injection molded kits from the series during its entire run in the magazine. Most of the Nitto model kits are in scale, while others were made in and scale.

Production of the kits stopped with the end of the Hobby Japan features in , but Nitto reissued many of the original kits under the Maschinen Krieger name, albeit with new decals and box art.

Some of the original Nitto kits such as the Krachenvogel are highly sought after by collectors. Wave, in particular, is currently producing original-tooled kits of various subjects in the franchise, such as the Armored Fighting Suits powered armor.

K license, having successfully branched into pop culture franchises such as Macross. Hasegawa's venture into the franchise came with the release of the Pkf 85 Falke attack craft in March K line has since expanded to at least ten kits either or scale, including a Scale Nutrocker tank [5] and the Mk44 humanoid mecha suit from Robot Battle V, a sidestory to the franchise.

Toys[ edit ] The franchise also contains a line of action and display figures. The Japanese hobby shop and toy company Yellow Submarine and garage kit maker Max Factory released several pre-finished figures in and scale. MediCom Toys included super deformed Ma. Books[ edit ] Numerous sourcebooks and modeling guides that further flesh out the information in the series have been released. Hobby Japan published a compilation of the first 15 SF3D installments in and reprinted them in March Eventually, the magazine re-released all 43 installments in a slipcase compilation called "SF3D Chronicles" in August , which organized the installments into two separate books: "Heaven" featuring articles on aerial models, and "Earth" for ground-based models.

Some sourcebooks also have custom decal sets. Short film[ edit ] Yokoyama collaborated with Tsuburaya Productions to create a live-action SF3D film using miniatures in This mini-booklet was packaged with a Nitto kit, this particular one was supplied with the Neuspotter kit.

The mini-catalogue contained kits that were currently available as well as listing future releases, one which included the Falke. Modelkasten released several cardbinder and decal sets. Finally there was something to put all of those Nitto and Modelkasten camo cards into.

They released a Mercenary and Strahl binder set that came with a decal sheet and a previously unlreleased camo card. While they released a second decal set for the Mercenary forces a second set for the Strahl forces never eventuated. Back v.

Mercenary Card Binder and Decal Set 2. No binder was supplied with this set. Cover sheet.

Strahl Card Binder and Decal Set 1. A card binder and decal set for the SDR. It came with a new camo card and decal set. Four posters were released featuring: MkI, P.

Gustav, S. Fireball and TW47 Krote.

They measured mm H x mm W. This poster was released with the re-release of the newly reboxed P. K Kauz. K Profile Book 1 Ma. Profile Book 2 Kow Yokoyama Ma. K Sketchbook Ma. K In Action. Books and Magazines.

1:20 Ma.K. - Brick Works' Mercenary Woman Space Pilot A Inner Suit Ver. (figure conversion)

Back cover. Front Cover. Back Cover. Merc Binder front.

Merc Camo Card Side one. Merc Decal Set 1. Merc Camo Card Side Two.

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Merc Decal Set 2. Binder Cover. Camo Card. Decal set.The war turns up a notch in June when the IMA deploys a new weapon - the Armored Fighting Suit powered armor - to devastating effect.

If you want to know more about the Snake-Eye's origins and inspiration for the Wave kit - go for it! Over the next four years, the SDR and IMA fight each other at several locations worldwide while developing new technology along the way. See all. Finally, the figure received a coat of semi-matte varnish, on order to play with light reflexes on the dark surface. Taxes may be applicable at checkout. K in Akihabara in the early 90s.

MkI, P.

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