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Journey Of Two Hearts! -will be cherished forever book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. An Inspirational Romance – Hindu. Journey of Two Hearts book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Can you sail through life despite its terms and. Journey of Two Hearts and over 2 million other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Journey of two hearts: Will be Cherished Forever Paperback – 1 Jan This item:Journey of two hearts: Will be Cherished Forever by Anuj Tiwari Paperback Rs.

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This is an amazing touching love sory by Anuj Tiwari. This book is his life's story. He had gifted this book to Pakhi after they got married, to get. Journey of Two Hearts [Mr. Anuj Tiwari] on *FREE* shipping on " This is a daring, delightful, and transformative book." ―Arianna Huffington. Journey of Two Hearts: Will be cherished forever (Audible Audio Edition): Anuj Tiwari, Homer Todiwala, Audible Studios: Books.

It inspires us that life is very beautiful and we should live it; no matter how difficult the situations we should seek our heart's desire. Through this novel, Anuj seems to take us back to the world of romantic age with the use of thoughts.

The writing style of the novel is really charming, forcing the readers to read again and again. Complete credit goes to the hard work of the novelist, who has engaged so much pain to write such a masterwork for lovers of English literature.

This is a good book and I would recommend this to everyone who has loved somebody at least once in their life. Want to tell the world about a book you've read?

Join the site and send us your review! The cover image could have been done in a better manner as it looks quite pale in comparison to the blurb. The title is also a perfect description of the story. The blurb talks about two people and how their lives shape up when they are in their teens and how it eventually ends up.

The blurb is too lengthy and a few lines and rest of it as mystery could have done the trick. The story is of Anuj, a young boy who stumbles across Pakhi a young girl and from there on friendship blossoms with a lot of false starts.

The journey culminates slowly and steadily as it evolves into friendship, then love and then takes it to a new height. Love makes them inseparable as it prolongs their relationship and make them wary of many new ifs and buts in life.

But with time outside interferences and some unexpected problems galore and dent the sanctity of the whole relationship.

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So will Anuj be able to set right all the wrong? Whose fault is it and will they accept it? Will love turn out to be a saviour in their relationship? That's what the story is all about. A true love story with a lot of complex emotions and truthfulness in itself makes the story readable.

The journey is a turmoil and has highs and lows in equal fervour. Thanks, I left the ticket counter.

You are dumb Anuj, I said myself. Pakhi took tickets from my hand, Which screen?

I was sure she looked at the seats as well, I couldnt see which seat. Hey screen0.

Journey of Two Hearts by Anuj Tiwari - review

We entered. Tsunami of questions flooded. Is she your girlfriend? And if not then whats going? My mind gave a strong punch. I asked. No metro today, lets go by auto, but first one gola, Pakhi said and approached towards gola wala. From CP to Anand Vihar by auto rickshaw? I asked, surprised. It was raining; drops were wetting us continuously.

Baccha its raining and you are having gola, I said her, looking at her and then rickshaw wala. Just one minute, bhaiya one kala katta and one mix wala, Pakhi bought. Come its pm, you are getting late, and its raining, I pulled her left hand. We hired an auto rickshaw for Anand Vihar. For what? For the one of the best day, Pakhi said, holding my hands. I pointed her towards the front mirror through that mirror usually rickshaw wala looked at others. She smiled, held more tightly.

See a Problem?

Tomorrow well go Chandni Chowk, I have never gone there. Tomorrow, you have to go classes, I touched her cheeks and pinched softly. Then Ill bunk my classes, I pinched back on my cheeks. No need to bunk classes, well go later. Pakhi replied and assured me, Tomorrows class isnt important, so we can go Chandni Chowk, I have to buy few books. Aapke aage main natmastak hu prabhu, I laughed, Ok well go. You are so sweet. Yes, I am, I came out from auto-rickshaw and then she.

Journey of two Hearts!

Almost wet, happycrazylucky for each other, we waved hands but next plan for tomorrow. Coffee with ice-cream, kala khatta in rain at pmno limits, no boundariesjust love, we went CRAZY. Next day we both missed our class. Well, it was better to live my life with my shona rather than wasting time in the class. One side where my friends were in class, I was with my shona.

We were having Kachori in Chandni Chowk.

I always liked the place parathe wali gali. Her hands in her pocket and I was giving one-one piece. In between, I put a piece of chilly. Mirchi,pani Pakhi asked for water. Nooo, I laughed. Ill kill you Anuj, give me water, its so spicy, Pakhi jumped multiple times. First say you love me, I choked her. I love you, so muchmuaahhmuaahhmuahh, give me water, Pakhi shh.. Kachori wale bhaiya looked at us, smiled, and gave water.

HahahasryI wanted to listen love you, I said, touching my finger on her cheeks. YouuuIll kill you, Pakhi pushed me back. We moved ahead, she bought some books and then somewhere she found lassi shop. Hey Anuj, Pakhi said. Hey Anuj. Kya hua baccha? Suno na, woo, Pakhi pointed towards lassi shop. Hahahamotu, come, crazy girl, we both moved to that lassi shop. Bhaiya ek lassi dena, I took a glass. One big glass of lassi and pakhi took only few sips. They Loved each other Want to dance with me?

With love poured eyes, I asked. She laughed, Oh, with you She dressed the same T-shirt and denim but now her dress was tight on her body. Every part of the body was giving the perfect response to the dress.

I was losing my sense. I was too eager to hug her once. She was looking smoking hot. I held her hand and pushed her on the bed. She placed her neck to my shoulder by tilting her head to one side of her shoulder on the bed.

I touched her fish shaped earrings then gave a soft gentle touch on her neck. She was looking at the ceiling and I was looking at her.

We both were lying on the bed. What you are doing? She looked at me and whispered. I placed my index finger on her lips, I love you shona, I just want to love you. Shut up Anuj and get up, She pushed me to the other side. I held her hand and placed one hand on her shoulder and other on her cheeks. I pushed her cheeks to my side very gently.

She looked at me with sharp sight. She hypnotized me within seconds. I swept my hand over her hair and kissed on her forehead.

She didnt tell anything without these words. Shut up, I kissed on her lips, placed my palm inside her top, and moved to her stomach. She laughed and removed my hand. I love this stomach, I grabbed courage and gently put my whole palm a bit up to fell the softness of her body.

Just shut up and remove your hand, She held my hand tightly when my hands were moving up to the neck from the stomach. I laid down on her and covered her body with mine.

I just pushed her both the hands on bed. I came close to her face. I sensed her warm breath. One hand on her neck and other just below, I kissed on her lips two three times deeply and she responded with the same passion. I licked her lower lip multiple times.

Hey switch off the lights, She whispered. I jumped and switched off the lights within seconds and I came on the bed. I smiled and responded by claiming her lips in a passionate kiss. I kissed very passionately. I was in the heaven with her. She kissed me more than four times with my pace.

She was loving me madly now. I pushed her back but then suddenly, she locked my lower lip with her. She won the battle of kisses and I lost the battle with a very low score.

She didnt just love, she owned me. We didnt speak even a single word but she made me wet. We were not in sense. I wanted to hold this moment forever with a girl for whom I was ready to do anything. The picture of her as my life-partner flashed in my head. She turned and laid down on me and kissed on my chest. I rolled again and came on her. I placed my both the palms on her waist and then one moved on her breast and other moved to her jeans.She could read the first one and then I picked second, I love to wake you up in the morning because your voice makes my day and your laugh, fills happiness in my life and when I talk to you, I dont know but I forget everything.

No need to cry ok, I love you a lot. He lives in Mumbai and works with NGO's over the weekends. Hey screen0. Baccha its raining and you are having gola, I said her, looking at her and then rickshaw wala.

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