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Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jun 22, , Huidong Zhang and others published journal of structural engineering. write and submit to a special issue of the Journal of Structural Engineering 1 - A Multi-Layered Representation of the Highway Transportation The International Journal of Advanced Structural Engineering (IJASE) is a peer- reviewed open access journal Download PDF (KB) View Article.

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One of the oldest and most respected peer-reviewed periodicals in the field of structural engineering, the Journal reports on fundamental knowledge that. The most downloaded articles from Engineering Structures in the last 90 days. Emerging artificial intelligence methods in structural engineering. Structural Engineering High Impact List of Articles PPts Journals

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International Journal of Structural Engineering

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Pro analysis is Limit State Design and the water tank is subjected to wind load, dead load, self-weight and hydrostatic load due to water. The configuration of shear walls in plan of building will affect the seismic design of structure.

The position of these walls will change the stiffness of each floor in the structure, the diaphragm center of mass displacement, and the The position of these walls will change the stiffness of each floor in the structure, the diaphragm center of mass displacement, and the drift of floor.

Structural engineers preferred to distribute the walls in buildings to make the center of mass almost close enough to the center of rigidity, but to make this condition satisfied, they have many choices: In this paper and by using ETABS, each case is studied and compared to other cases according to three parameters: It is found that the core walls are the best choice for the position of the walls in the buildings to resist earthquake loads.

In Valencia, wandering around the old city, I enter a store crammed with used books and various junk.

For one of the luck hits that happens, I find myself in the hands of one of the copies of the catalog of the exhibition on Santiago For one of the luck hits that happens, I find myself in the hands of one of the copies of the catalog of the exhibition on Santiago Calatrava, which was held in Valencia in Hence the idea of stopping the story at that date when Calatrava has just blossomed and his work is free from the constraints of fame and the infatuations of success.

The two, as evidenced by the cover photo, met, probably in Madrid, where Candela lived part of the year, but there was nothing more than an exchange of reflections between two structuralists from different eras. They will then meet in Valencia, to work close together, in the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, but without any collaboration. But this is already after.

Here it is only interesting to present and deepen the judgment that Candela expresses on the first five years of Calatrava's work. View Comments.

This study presents the final response of the super structure of a building, by means of a representative reinforced concrete frame through static non-linear analysis methodologies Pushover.

Results are verified and compared with the Results are verified and compared with the dynamic linear elastic analysis results, previously done in accordance with the Colombian regulations.

As is known, non-linear analysis provides a better approximation to the actual performance of the behavior of the structural elements that are subject to tensions and permanent deformations due to actions of external forces. Seismic excitation energy could lead to one or more elements that are part of the seismic resistance system of a building to exceed the limits of response within the elastic range.

These work conditions generate variations in the intrinsic characteristics present in the constituent materials. Such characteristics as effective strength, as well as changes of inertia in the section due to dissipation of earthquake energy affect the local and global capacity respect to the initial design.

These variables are not normally considered in the traditional analysis model within the elastic range. Results were mainly obtained in terms of displacements and drifts, and in doing so made it possible to establish parameters of comparison between the methodologies, among other conclusions.

Post Earthquake Recovery and Reconstruction in Nepal. Nepal is a country lying in an activated seismic belt. Many calamitous earthquakes have been observed in the pages of history.

Nepal was formed as a result of the collision of the Indian plate with that of the Tibetan plate Nepal was formed as a result of the collision of the Indian plate with that of the Tibetan plate about 50 million years ago.

The continuation of plate activity is a major cause of earthquake in Nepal.

After about 82 years since the last major hit recorded in Jan 15, A. VANET provide us with the new ideology to enhance driver and passenger's safety and comfort level. Due to quickly evolving topology, deterrents Due to quickly evolving topology, deterrents and constrained portability in VANET, there is a need of wise and productive guiding conventions which guarantees enhanced proficiency as far as limiting delays, increment throughput and steady quality.

Although there are lots of routing schemes in VANET but neither they consider the social characteristics of fixed-line VANET nor the social relations among passengers while message forwarding.

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But in social based routing scheme all these factors are taken into account which helps in the perfection of routing efficiency and effectiveness. Keeping in view of the above, this paper provides a detailed description of various routing protocols involved in social based routing scheme in VANETs with the aim of comparing all of them and selecting an appropriate protocol depending upon its applicability.

An audit of latest conventions is displayed by utilizing its parameters. Index Terms-About four key words or phrases in alphabetical order, separated by commas.

A system for detecting the presence, direction, distance and speed of aircraft, ships, and other objects, by sending out pulses of radio waves which are reflected from the object back to the source is radar system.

Radar images When referring to equation numbers, the word equation and equations should be abbreviated to Eqn and Eqns, respectively.

Thus, one may write: " Eqns 38 and 39, on the other hand, relate to Figures and , respectively. Figure is seen to be similar to Figure a but the two figures have clear differences that reflect the differences in their equations To signify this, the symbols must be bold-faced or a note should appear in the margin where they are to be bold face.

Structural Engineering

Each paper is expected to follow one of these styles consistently. References References to published work should be referred to in the text by the last name s of author s followed by the year of publication in parentheses. For example, one may write "Smith et al. Ko, J.

Teng, J. Anson, M. Loo, ed. Ho, W. Illustrations The original or electronic file of each illustration must be provided with the final revised submission. Each illustration must be clearly numbered.Captions for the illustrations should be typed in numerical order and placed at the end of the manuscript. In order to improve the exporting rate of India, there is a need of development of small scale systems, which is not only helpful in improving the technological growth rate but also increases the exporting rate of our country.

Objectives IJStructE aims to provide an international forum for research in the structural engineering. Many complications occur if diabetes remains untreated and unidentified. Impact Factor: Reinforcement inside the concrete is protected from corrosion and its damages until several years after the construction. The illustrations should preferably require the same degree of reduction.

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