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-IndoorOutdoor-Medical-Growers-Bible-By-Jorge-Cervantes-Ebook Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible By Jorge Cervantes. Marijauna Grow Basics - Jorge Cervantes - Free ebook download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read ture: The Indoor/ Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible. Marijuana Horticulture the Indoor Outdoor Medical Grower s Bible PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. cannabis grow guide -indoor and out. The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower's Bible - by Jorge Cervantes CHAPTER . plus Jorge's articles and numerous tips on growing in today's world . www.

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Download PDF Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Book Details Author: Jorge Cervantes Pages: Publisher: Van Patten New greenhouse and outdoor growing chapters make this a book both indoor. Does anybody have an active link to download cervantes hall of fame grow guide ? I have been looking for it with torrents and cant find it. any. Pdf The cost of growing a cannabis plant is very low indeed. The Cannabis Grow Bible: The Definitive Guide to Growing Jorge Cervantes Ultimate Grow DVD.

Switzerland is much different than before. Time to look closely at CA. Americans have all the new technology and a burning desire to grow. This book is definitely the best resource for growing. And The Man himself on the boards? Hope you have time to share some of your knowledge every once in a while.

Apr 3, Messages: I do appreciate your hard work. Mar 16, Messages: Very cool to see Jorge on the forums. A friend of mine just bought your newest book and it looks beautiful. I just need to find a retailer near me that carries it so I can buy my own. Sep 16, Messages: Ya I bought the book even though I knew I could probably download it.

It was worth the money, I feel like I know a lot now and have a really detailed backup if I'm uncertain. My first grow is coming along beautifully. Thank you Jorge, I hope that is actually you! Sep 25, Messages: Hey, if that's really you, Jorge, thanks for the great information. I just bought my copy of the bible off from amazon about a month ago and it's been worth every penny.

Come to the states man and help us overgrow the BS. Jun 25, Messages: I love that JC popped up to address that. I've got the book. It doesn't cost much. GrowFAQ is sweet! Thanks for the kind words! California is very interesting these days. In Europe, things are much different than 10 years ago.

Most countries here lean to the right. I think California is where the heart of the marijuana movement is now. Do not throw them out, plant them. But such seeds might never germinate, and if they grow they could turn into weak plants. Water the mix in the flat with plain water until it is completely satu- rated; water should run freely from the drainage holes in the bottom when the medium is saturated.

HAP T E R 3: Seeds and Germination 33 Seedlings do not have enough stored Use tweezers and carefully remove energy to force through too much each sprouted seed and set it in the soil before sprouting. Plant seeds premade planting hole. Take care twice as deep as the width of the not to expose the tender rootlet to seed. For example, plant an eighth- prolonged intense light or air.

Point inch 3 mm seed O. Make small indent about O. Cover the sprouted seed with a Once covered, gently press the O. The photo above shows clones on the left and seedlings on the right. Seeds set inside rockwool blocks often heave up and out. Germinate seeds before planting and make sure the white rootlet is at least D.

S-inch 1. S cm long to avoid this common problem. Some seedlings will of the seeds will have broken through show their first signs of "true the planting mix or emerged from the leaves" with the classic cannabis root cube.

After seven to ten days, all the seed- In 10 to 14 days all the seedlings lings will have cotyledon leaves and should have true leaves that are many will have their first set of true the same size or larger than leaves. Some growers apply a mild quarter-strength fertilizer, but it is not necessary for another week. Most important now is to keep the soil evenly moist. Some growers wait until leaves yellow to begin feeding. Use a mild quarter- strength solution. If yellowing persists, give seedlings a little more fertilizer.

Peat pellets or root cubes both seedlings and clones may be transplanted in two to three weeks or when the roots show through the sides. Feed with a dilute, quarter- strength fertilizer solution. This is a critical time for plants, and they need extremely close attention. Do not let them dry out! This sickly freak trifoliate seedling is the result of dodgy genetics as well.

Overwatering and underwatering are the biggest obstacles most growers face when germinating seeds and growing seedlings.

Keep the soil uniformly moist, not waterlogged. Do not Underwatered seedling with a let the growing medium's surface dry for long. Setting root cubes or toxic nutrient accumulation. This seedling is also a planting flats on a grate allows good drainage. A properly watered flat of rockwo01 cubes needs water every three to five days when sprouting seeds. When the surface is dry 0. Remember, there are few roots to absorb the water early in life, and they are very delicate.

Seeds do not need any extra hormones to germinate. Household water contains enough Soggy overwatered soil causes dissolved solids food to nourish seeds through many problems. The "approved" imaging devices are able to record differences in heat levels outside of buildings. This means a two bedroom home can host 2 0 0 0 watts. If light escapes from vents.

This invasive "evidence" is used with other "evidence" to secure a search warrant. Avoid thermal imaging problems by turning grow lights on during the daytime. According to US police sources. In-line fans are much quieter and more efficient than squirrel-cage blowers. For more information on Internet. Unhook the dryer and other appliances that draw much electricity.

Electrical use information from previous tenants might be available from the electric company. Ozone-treated air should discharge through a roof vent or chimney to decrease ground-level odors. Stealing power from the electric company causes even more exposure than paying for it! The extra risk is insane.

In the USA. Turn the water heater d o w n to degrees. Security Checklist: Regular schedule Simple lifestyle Very little contact with neighbors Always be pleasant Never open the grow room door for anybody! Electric bill should be about the s a m e as the neighbors and previous tenants Garden a n d grounds should be tidy and similar to neighbors No light leaks whatsoever Use friend's car to visit grow store No noise-humming.

Be careful w h e n installing a ceiling vent or w h e n venting out chimney. This will eliminate unsightly light leaks. The water is packed with potent cannabis fragrance. The law stipulates specific parameters for the camera.

Place a thick pad under ballasts to absorb vibrations. They slither around the neighborhood early in the morning or under the cloak of darkness to snap the hot shots. Light shining out the chimney and around roof vents looks very suspicious! On the average. See " O z o n e Generators" in Chapter Thirteen. The daytime Keep air conditioner water from draining outside.

Most often narcs use the cameras illegally to secure a search warrant. Law enforcement officials can legally lie. Law enforcement legally coerces terrified growers into squealing on their friends and family. Growers are arrested daily on "hearsay" evidence from an arrested informant. Federal laws require a fiveyear minimum sentence with no parole w h e n convicted of growing plants. Always grow fewer than 99 total plants in America.

Shield and insulate walls and windows from heat loss from lamps. The lesson here is simple. This information could save another lawyer a lot of time. Cool grow room air before exhausting outdoors. Air vented out underneath a structure is nice and cool before mixing with the outdoor environment. They have an excellent study on thermal imaging devices and legal aspects compiled by Carlos Ghigiotti. One last bit of simple security detail: Growers in a Drug War-torn America should harvest 0.

Stay away from the heat. Deception is one of their biggest weapons. Store ballasts in separate rooms. The decision determined that the use of a thermal imaging device constitutes an illegal search.

A carbon Filter will remove the fragrance of cannabis before expelling grow room air. Thermal imaging cameras are rendered useless. High-tech thermal imaging devices often get as much press as police bullying tactics. Always keep a life extinguisher nearby master the basics of growing. Growers that do not harvest this much are cheating need to themselves and Put rubber feet on fans and blowers to shunt vibrations and noise.

This grow room has been lined with a material to keep the heat signature inside. I would like to exchange e-mail with every reviewer that reviews my works.

Heavy insulation will keep grow room temperature easier to control and will help keep the heat signature inside. For more information check www. If you make a review on any of the websites that we have on our list. Leaflets will increase from three to as many as eleven during vegetative growth.

Spmutcd seed was placed between two pieces al a rockwool seed block and caused virtually no transplant shock. It needs light. Life Cycle of Cannabis After days of germination. During the first growth stage the seed germinates or sprouts. In nature. A seed that is planted in the spring will grow strong and tall through the summer and flower in the fall.

Introduction The key to successful indoor cannabis cultivation is to understand h o w cannabis produces food and grows. The chart below delineates each stage of growth. Strong healthy seedling emerges from a Jiffy " cube.

The annual cycle starts all over again w h e n the n e w seeds sprout the following year. When all these needs are met consistently at optimum levels. The sprouted seed was carefully inserted into a hole with the taproot pointing down. Without any one of these essentials. Germination During germination moisture. Cytokinins signal more cells to form and gib- Strong healthy 'Chronic' seeds from Serious Seeds germinated after being soaked in water overnight.

This rooted clone is ready to transplant LEFT: Male pre-flowers a small nub above the fourth internode develop on plants after about four weeks of vegetative growth. Vegetative Growth Vegetative growth is maintained by giving plants hours of light every day. Seedling should receive hours of light to maintain strong healthy growth.

Feeder roots are fuzzy white. The tips of the roots produce elongating cells that continue to push farther and farther into the soil in search of more water and food. Tiny rootlets draw in water and nutrients chemical substances needed for life. As the plant matures.

Marijauna Grow Basics - Jorge Cervantes

The embryo expands. Strong healthy roots ore vibrant white. Seedling Growth The single root from the seed grows d o w n a n d branches out. Roots also serve to anchor a plant in the growing medium. The center and old.

The single-celled root hairs are the parts of the root that actually absorb water and nutriThis 'Marley's Collie' Sensi Seeds is planted in a 5gallon I9L bucket and was grown in a greenhouse.

Like the roots. Extreme care must be exercised during transplanting. They are very delicate a n d are easily damaged by light.. In order for photosynthesis to occur. Without water. Chlorophyll the substance that gives plants their green color converts carbon dioxide CO. If the stem is bound too tightly by string or other tie downs. Female preflowers usually sprout after male pre-flowers.

This process is called photosynthesis. It requires water drawn up from the roots. Sugars and starches manufactured in the leaves are distributed through the plant via the stem. Once the leaves expand. The stem also supports the plant with stiff This close-up shows female pre-flowers. She can provide more than a hundred clones every month.

Marijuana leaves are also protected from drying out by an outer skin.

Marijauna Grow Basics - Jorge Cervantes

This large mother plant is growing in a iQ-gallon 38 L container. This fluid flow takes place near the surface of the stem. The stomata open and close to regulate the flow of moisture. The stomata are very important lo the plant's well being and must be kept. Tiny breathing pores called stomata are located on the underside of the leaf and funnel C O. The central or leaves. The stomata also permit the outflow of water vapor and waste oxygen. Cannabis plants are normally either all male or all female.

Male plants flower before females. Mother Plants Growers select strong. Once rooted. Cultivating from the mother plants and root them. Each sex has its o w n distinct flowers. Female plants are cultivated for their high cannabinoid content.

Pre-flowers will be either male or female. Growers Once the branch tip has been cut. Clones take days to grow a strong healthy 'Haze Heaven' female is starting to flower heavily. Growers cut branch tips The Clones grow a strong root system in N days under fluorescent light. Branch internodcs are shorter and white female pistils grow from calyxes.

Mothers are given hours of light daily so they stay in the vegetative growth stage.

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They generally appear between the fourth a n d sixth node from the bottom of the plant. Cloning Branch tips are cut and rooted to form clones. Many receptive female pistils on this 'Hash Plant' await pollination from male pollen. Left unfertilized.

At flowering. When both male and female flowers are in bloom. Once fertilized with male pollen. After weeks of heavy flower and cannabinoid-laden resin production. As the seeds are maturing. Cannabis has both male and female plants. Left unpollinated. Flowering Cannabis flowers outdoors in the fall w h e n days become shorter and plants are signaled that the annual life cycle is coming to an end. Clones are given hours of light so they stay in the vegetative growth stage.

Once the root system is established. The male dies after producing and shedding all his pollen.

N o w they are ready to grow for weeks in the vegetative growth stage before being induced to flower. Flowers form during the last stage of growth. Seeds form and grow within the female flowers. T H C production peaks out in the unfertilized.

The mature seeds then fall to the ground and germinate naturally or are collected for planting next spring.

Cannabis Strains Technically and legally. Regardless of origin. Each area of origin has specific characteristics. Cannabis Sativa Cannabis sativa — C. Leaf from the strain 'Thaitanic' demonstrates the classic C. The main bud on this 'Thai'plant growing under the tropical sun appears to be much denser that it actually is. Cannabis sativa can be further classified as: Each has distinct growth patterns. Most exported Columbian.

This abuse causes more rapid. Sativas bloom several weeks to months later than indica strains. While good producers outdoors. CAB International. But potency can also be minimal.

An HID bulb is unable to efficiently illuminate tall plants. Hemp is often seeded and contains very. Hemp strains are all considered to be Cannabis sativa. Indica is prized by indoor growers and breeders for its squat. Thai strains produce very light. Heavily resinladen plants tend to be the most fungus and pest-resistant. South Africa has major seaports.

Few indicas with heavy. While Thai and other sativas from the area are often super THCpotent. Central African sativas. Foliage is very dark green. Sailors brought Cannabis sativa from many different places and planted it in South Africa. Potency of the "high" ranges from fair to stupefying. Tetrahydrocannabinol THC production and potency is often quite high. IMepalese sativas can grow oversized leaves on tall leggy plants that produce sparse.

A few indicas from this part of the world have narrower leaves. The famous 'Durban Poison yields potent. Industrial "no high" cannabis will pollinate drug cannabis. Some indicas have a distinctive odor similar to that of a skunk or cat urine. It yields a headache rather than a high! Today a few breeders have incorporated the early flowering C. Photoperiod does not induce flowering in C.

Sometimes confused with more potent indicas. C indica. Very similar. Cannabis indica plant Cannabis indica leaf has broader blades than C.

The most common examples of pure C afghanica include the many different hash plants and Afghani strains. It is known for the high cannabinoid content. One of the first Seed Bank catalogs from shows a C ruderalis plant alongside the highway in Hungary. It is quite short. Many growers and breeders do not distinguish C afghanica from C. Dense branching and short internodes. Many breeders mistakenly hailed this plant as the "Holy Grail" of cannabis.

C afghanica is cultivated exclusively for drugs with much of the resin being made into hashish. Seeds Explosive growth of seed breeders and legal seed sales in the Netherlands.

Most popular strains of cannabis are a combination of two or more of the following: C sativa. Seeds are the result of sexual propagation and contain genes from each parent. Vigorous seeds initiate growth within seven days or sooner.

Strong seeds produce healthy plants and heavy harvests. The genetic makeup of a seed is the single most important factor dictating how well a plant will grow under artificial light or natural sunlight and the levels of cannabinoids it will produce. Seeds that take longer than a month to germinate could always be slow and produce less. The cask. C afghanica. Close-up of 'Eclipse' seeds. It also causes 'Kali Mist' seeds are spotted and mottled.

A seed contains all the genetic characteristics of a plant.. Seeds stored too long will germinate slowly and have a high rate of failure. F2 F3. See Chapter Seventeen. Some plants. The genes within a seed dictate a plant's size. Others grow best in greenhouses.

But there are also many seeds with the genes from just one of the above. These strains of cannabis are bred to grow best indoors. Seeds sprout without light in a wide range of temperatures. Of these "super" females. By and large. This super female is selected to be the mother of countless super clones. These are weak seeds and do not have enough strength to grow well. A simple picture of a seed reveals an embryo containing the genes and a supply of food wrapped in a protective outer coating.

Such seeds are immature. Permeable seeds signal diseases and pests to move in. They do not need extra hormones to germinate. Properly nurtured seeds germinate in two to seven days. Immature seeds germinate poorly and often produce sickly plants. Once germinated. Mature seeds that are hard. Germination Cannabis seeds need only water. Although seeds need only ppm of nitrates before they germinate. For example. Seeds not rooted by day 30 will probably grow slowly Once seeds are rooted.

The radicle emerges upward to bring a new plant into the world. At days First roots become visible At days At least half ol seeds are rooted by day Planting seeds too deeply also causes poor germination. Once inside. Plant seeds twice as deep as the width of the seed.

Avoid high temperatures and low light levels. Seedlings do not have enough stored energy to force through too much soil before sprouting. Seedlings develop into full vegetative growth within four to six weeks of germination.

Use a mild quarter-strength solution. Household water contains enough dissolved solids food to nourish seeds through their first few weeks of life. Some growers wait until leaves yellow to begin feeding. If yellowing persists. In fact. In a few days. High temperatures upset seed chemistry causing poor germination. Low temperatures delay germination.

Start feeding two to four weeks after seedlings have sprouted. Seeds germinate best under the native conditions where they were grown. Letting germinated seeds suffer moisture stress now will stunt seedling growth. Seeds are prompted to germinate by: Water Temperature Air oxygen Water Soaking seeds in water allows moisture to penetrate the protective seed shell within minutes.

Once a seed receives moisture. This sprout is the root or taproot. Timeline for germinating seeds At hours Water is absorbed Root lip radicle is visible stream of moisture to transport nutrients.

Air oxygen Seeds need air to germinate. At germination. Some growers prefer to use distilled water that contains virtually no dissolved solids to germinate seeds. Some seeds have a very hard outer shell. Shake the box for about 30 seconds to rough up and scuff the seeds. Do not let seeds soak more than 24 hours. Let excess water drain away freely. The seed contains an adequate food supply for germination. Make sure seeds get good and wet so growth is activated. Set the moist cloth or paper towel in a vertical position so tap root grows down on a grate for drainage on a dinner plate.

Water the cloth daily. Put the seeds in the matchbox and shake for about 30 seconds. Remove the seeds. The cloth will retain enough moisture to germinate the seed in a few days. To scarify. Take care not to expose the tender rootlet to prolonged intense light or air.

Just a little scuffing will allow water to enter and set germination in motion. Cover the germinated seed with 0. Close the match box with the seeds and emery board inside.

To scarify seeds. Soak seeds in water overnight to germinate before planting. Once soaked. Once seeds have sprouted and the white sprout is visible. Prevent fungal attacks by watering with a mild two-percent bleach or fungicide solution.

Two Popular Germination Techniques: Pre-soaking in water Soak seeds overnight in a glass of water. This is why it is best to germinate seeds before putting them into the rockwool substrate. They make excellent pop-up pots to grow seedlings.

Letting germinated seed suffer moisture stress now will stunt or stop seedling growth. Jiffy pellets expand when water is added. Direct seed One of the problems with rockwool can be that the seeds heave out before germinating.

Planting seeds too deeply causes poor germination. Once the taproot sprouts. Tip plate to drain off excess moisture. Water penetrates the outer protective shell. Cover the germinated seed with one-quarter to one-half inch of moist rockwool.

Add water to moisten the paper towel. Once seeds have sprouted and the while sprout is visible. Soggy growing mediums cut oxygen supplies and cause seeds to drown. Place seeds between leaves of a paper towel on a plate to germinate. Keep the rockwool evenly moist. Germinate seeds before planting to avoid this common problem. The black tip of the root tells me this is what has happened. They are also very easy to transplant Seeds set inside rockwool blocks often heave up and out.

Place planted seeds under an HID lamp to add dry heat while germinating. Over-watering and under-watering are the biggest obstacles most growers face when germinating seeds and growing seedlings.

The cover will keep the humidity and temperature elevated. A shallow flat or planter with a heat pad underneath may require daily watering. Sow direct seed or move the sprout into a shallow planter. Use a spoon to contain the root ball when transplanting from a shallow planter.

Seeds usually need only one initial watering when under a humidity tent. Do not let the growing medium surface dry for long. Seeds do not need any extra hormones to germinate. He has started hundreds of seeds in this seedbed. Place a heat pad or soil heating cables below growing medium to expedite germination.

Peat pellets or root cubes may be transplanted in two to three weeks or when the roots show through the sides. Feed with a dilute. Remove the cover as soon as the first sprout appears aboveground.

A properly watered flat of rockwool cubes needs water every three to five days when sprouting seeds. When the surface is dry 0. Some growers prefer to use distilled water which contains virtually no dissolved solids to germinate seeds. To build. This outdoor grower made a seedbed from fine potting soil. Leaving the tent on after seeds sprout through soil will lead to damping-off and other problems. The heat dries soil. Keep the planting medium evenly moist.

Keep it evenly moist. Household water contains enough dissolved solids. Supplemental nutrients will disrupt internal chemistry. Plant seeds twice as deep as the seed is wide. Setting root cubes or planting flats up on a grate allows good drainage. Keep the soil uniformly moist. As the seedlings mature. This germinated seedling was allowed to dry out for a little more than an hour. A higher nitrogen level and a lower potassium level for the first two weeks increases females.

More red light increases male tendencies. Water and heat are critical at this point of development. Lack of water will cause the infant root system to dry up. They require less intense light now and grow well under fluorescent tubes for the first two to three weeks. High humidity increases the number of female plants. Cull sickly. A little heat now will help nurture small seedlings to a strong start.Where sky arts part 2 fresher resume format for engineers free or read online on FreeBookez.

Jorge Cervantes Marijuana Horticulture: Indoor Growers Bible for FREE?

Clone production room in the basement of a Swiss retail store. Keep leaves up off the rooting medium. Gingerly pack more potting soil around the wet root ball and water the transplanted seedlings heavily with a fertilizer solution containing vitamin B which will ease transplant shock. Cannabis Sativa Cannabis sativa — C. The genes within a seed dictate a plant's size.

If the cube is left uncovered, roots tend to stay in the root cube and not grow into the soil. If you get the balance right, you won't need to read the chapters on insect and mold control.

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I do enjoy studying docunments safely . Also read my other posts. One of my extra-curricular activities is insect collecting.