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AN INTRODUCTION. THE HUMANITIES: A STUDY OF VALUES. Today we think of the humanities as those broad areas of human creativity and study, such as. This powerpoint highlights the following: definition of humanities importance of studying humanities different forms of arts ways of presenting subjec. INTRODUCTION TO HUMANITIES. Lecture 1 – OVERVIEW ON HUMANITIES. 1. Meaning of Humanities. Humanus – Humanitas – Human, Humanity – it.

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What is the Humanities Academy. The humanities is the integrated study of history, literature, language, philosophy, psychology, the visual arts, theater, dance. Literature, the Humanities, and Humanity. Introduction demands of a high-tech economy. We'll reward schools that develop new partnerships with colleges and . This course is a basic introduction to the student of humanities . Your Introduction and .. (This is a PDF file – you may use the tools feature to create a digital.

It gives variety and beauty on art. It can be created by repeating same shapes and by creating a feeling of equal weight. It is seen in repeating of shapes and colors. Alternating lights and darks also give a sense of rhythm.

Proportions give a sense of size seen as a relationship of objects. Realism - the artists portrays the subject as ease.

Distortion - usually done to dramatize the shape of a figure or to create an emotional effect. Measurement is not proportioned.

Abstraction - there is no subject but only his feelings and ideas. Figura by Arturo Luz Visual - that can be seen and can occupy space. It also pertains to technical requirement of the particular work of art. Painting In art, the term describes both the act and the result, which is called a painting. Across cultures, and spanning continents and millennia, the history of painting is an ongoing river of creativity that continues into the 21st century.

Until the early 20th century it relied primarily on representational, religious and classical motifs, after which time more purely abstract and conceptual approaches gained favor.

They are engraved and painted using red ochre and black pigment and show horses, rhinoceros, lions, buffalo, mammoth or humans often hunting. However the earliest evidence of painting has been discovered in two rock-shelters in Arnhem Land, in northern Australia. In the lowest layer of material at these sites there are used pieces of ochre estimated to be 60, years old. Archaeologists have also found a fragment of rock painting preserved in a limestone rock-shelter in the Kimberley region of North-Western Australia, that is dated 40 years old.

In the East, ink and color ink historically predominated the choice of media with equally rich and complex traditions. Louis Exposition, USA in At a time when merely to have one's painting accepted and hung in the highly competitive International Exhibits was a mark of having arrived as a painter, Hidalgo's entries stood out among thousands of paintings representing in these Exhibits the best Europe and America had to offer to win distinction: Fernando Bustamante.

Painting commemorates historical events. For recognition of religious activities. Realism - introduced by a French man named Gustave Courbet in 19th century.


Adopted to describe things represent figures and exactly how they look like in real life. Surealism - invented from the word super naturalism.

It is used to emphasize the unconscious creative activity of the mind. Cubism - initiated by Cezanne, the father of cubism.

Expressionism - tries to express subjective feelings and emotions of the artists. It is how the artist feels about the subject. Impressionism - the artist depicts what stimulates the eye.

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What we see is important in an impressionist. When they create an art they are more concerned with the effects of lights that would get the attention of the audience.

Futurism - an art movement that originated in Italy in the early 20th century. Machine and motions is the main subject of this technique which try to show movement and speed.

Rejected the traditional perspectives and attempted to glorify a new life. Minimalism - the form is reduced to outmost simplicity geometrical shape which emphasizes space.

Fauvism - the painter try to paint picture by using bright and extreme colors in order to assume positive characters. Dadaism - a post-World War I cultural movement in visual art as well as literature mainly poetry , theatre and graphic design.

It shows a movement that shock and provokes the viewers. Statue of David and U. It is often use to form religious item like catholic saints.

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It is known to be the oldest art form. The art of sculpture continues as a vital art form worldwide. Sculpture has been central in religious devotion in many cultures, and until recent centuries large sculptures, too expensive for private individuals to create, were usually an expression of religion or politics. Moses's rejection of the Golden Calf was perhaps a decisive event in the history of sculpture.

In both Christianity and Buddhism these early views were later reversed, and sculpture became very significant, especially in Buddhism.

Christian Eastern Orthodoxy has never accepted monumental sculpture, and Islam has consistently rejected all figurative sculpture. Many forms of Protestantism also do not approve of religious sculpture.

Nonetheless, the Buddha remains a popular subject for sculptural art, and sculptors all over the world celebrate the Buddha in their work. Jewelry — objects of personal adornment made of precious metals, gems, or imitation materials.

Often unnoticed, it gives us a visual reference for our emotional experiences throughout the passages of life. Tombstones, for example, are a form of sculpture commemorating death, a universal event.

There is cast sculpture, where a material, such as bronze, begins as a clay form that is cast in a mould to produce a given shape; there is also carved sculpture, such as wood or stone. There is low relief, where the figure emerges at a level closer to the surface; and high relief, where the figure may almost be completely detached from the surface or ground.

Types of representation and composition in relief are defined by their need for the ground plane on which the forms are superimposed or from which they emerge.

Relief can be carved in wood or stone; molded in clay or wax; cast in metal, plaster or resin. Music Pitch - highness and lowness of tone. Duration - the length of time over which vibration is maintained. Volume - loudness and softness of voice. Rhythm - the over all movement or swing of music, slow or fast movements. It is what the listener remembers. Harmony - it is the combination of different tones and blending of voice.

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The Board of Regents has authorized the university to charge a student's delinquent account for all collection costs incurred by the university. The challenge is to keep thinking about how the history of the sciences and the history of the humanities may benefit from each other in the most fruitful way possible. On the contrary. We should not. They envision a strategic. Up to this point. Introduction- The Humanities and the Sciences.

Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Moral and Spiritual Learning Needs - a discussion Paper. Humn Entire Course Introduction to Humanities. Jump to Page. Search inside document. The Humanities and the Sciences Author s: Clint Peck. Business Expert Press. Kawshik Ray. Arthur Chow. George Clark. Alexander Decker. Tomas Mancin. Francisco Cadiz. Veasna Chann. Michael Wright.

The medical humanities - a brief introduction.

Daniel Hahn. Toni D. Joshua Burge. Motzkin-Invention of History Reinvention of Memory. Ernst Kantorowicz: A Life - Introduction - Robert E. Txavo Hesiaren. Lee Griffiths. Alessandro de Oliveira. Romi Setiawan.

More From Pedro Ortiz Antoranz. Samantha Becquer. Pedro Ortiz Antoranz. M Gonzalo Villegas. Space matters. Eric Rmrz. Edgar Cuellar. Nancy Urosa.

Why Praxis? Shantal Torres. Urban Appointment. A possible Rendez-Vouz With the City. Brian Massumi. Manuel Delgado. Four types of research in the humanities- setting the stage for research quality criteria in the humanities.

Popular in Humanism. David G Terrell. Sathyanarayanan D. Luis Alberto Marchili. Federico Ponzoni.Music Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. Script - the subject of the film.

Quartet - a method of instrumentation or a medium , used to perform a musical composition, and consisting of four parts. They show that cognitive aspects of evaluation cannot be separated from non-cognitive aspects and describe the evaluation process by peer review as interactional, emotional and cognitive. David Siervo de Dios. It is a speciality of the humanities to understand the historicity of all knowledge, hence it is wise to start a volume on research assessment in the humanities presenting and reflecting on the context in which this volume has been created.

They envision a strategic, comparison-oriented cooperation between historians of science and historians of philology, so as to bring the history of science and the humanities onto an equal footing.

It is not, in short, just one more soap opera following an old, old formula, no matter how well done.

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