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Friday, June 14, 2019

Customer Requests Form. Service Request request No__________________________. ICICI BANK Cheque book not received, request placed through. Ordering a new cheque book is now easier than ever! Now place a new cheque book request for your savings account without visiting the branch. Below are the. You can request for new cheque books by dropping this slip in a cheque drop box at our ATMs or branches or by calling our hour. Customer Care. You can .

Icici Bank Cheque Book Request Form

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Learn how to request a cheque book using Mobile Banking through our interactive check book request demo. Visit us now. Request for: Account holder I wish to request for a cheque book. in Customer ID is dormant/ inactive, it will be activated on the basis of this request form. 5. The word "CTS – " printed on the left side of your cheques near the as per the above features we request you to immediately order a new cheque book.

You need to apply for a new Cheque Book and get it before you tear the last slip from the booklet. Being an account holder, you must be aware of the methods. You will receive a confirmation message regarding your acceptance of your request for a new Cheque Book.

The bank will dispatch the booklet within 7 Working Days at your registered postal address. Select More Options from the screen. Select request for a Cheque Book. You can expect the new Cheque Book at your postal address within 7 Working Days. Login to the app using the 4-digit PIN.

Select Services option, and tap on Chequebook Services. Tap on Issue Chequebook option.

Select the account number for which you need a new chequebook. What do I do if I see an incorrect transaction?

It is quite simple to apply for Affinity Current Account. Please visit any of our branches, fill the Account Opening Form and furnish the following supporting documents.

Singapore Non Residents - Copy of Passport. Proof of Residential Address :E.

Please carry the originals of the above mentioned documents with you so that our staff may verify the same. Can I have the Affinity Account in joint names? Yes, you can hold the Affinity Account in joint names, to a maximum of four account holders.

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The account operations shall be in accordance with the instructions provided at the time of account opening for mode of operation of account. Please visit our branches and meet our Customer Service representatives. Can a non-resident of Singapore open an Affinity Current Account? The Affinity Current Account is only for individuals resident in Singapore.

How can I pay for the initial account opening? At the time of account opening, you can make the initial account opening deposit by cheque, cash or by swiping your NETS card.

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The refund of funds deposited for initial funding at the time of account opening will be as indicated below. In case of cash based funding:The funds deposited will be refunded by ICICI Singapore to the applicant by providing a cashier's order of the amount equivalent to the funds deposited at the time of account opening.

For existing account holders for subsequent account opening : For account holders, reversal of funds can be by either of the following means: In case of deposit of funds by a debit instruction: Reversal of funds will be by crediting the customer's existing account with the equivalent amount; In case of initial account funding by cheque or NETS transaction: The funds deposited will be refunded by a cashier's order in the customer's name and sent vide courier or post at the customer's registered communication address if the account opening is initiated bydepositing a cheque or vide a successful NETS transaction In case of account funding by cash: ICICI Singapore will return the funds deposited by cash to the customer by providing a cashier's order of the amount equivalent to the funds deposited at the time of account opening.

Account Servicing Whom do I contact for any grievances on product or service issues? For service or product related issues, you may contact our Customer Service Managers at our branches or write to us at sg. Accounts become dormant if there are no customer-induced transaction debit or credit for a period of 12 months.

ICICI Bank Cheque Book Request Form : Download/ Print : Customer Service Request Form

To avoid such instance please ensure that there are regular transactions in your account like: Cash and cheque deposits into the account; Cash and cheque withdrawals; Issue of fresh cheque book; Change of address and contact details; Inward and Outward remittance; Booking of Fixed deposit from dormant account.

Please note if the account is dormant, we will be unable to send any account statements.

How can I activate it? You need to simply visit either of our branches with your valid ID and residential address proof for verification.You will receive a confirmation message regarding your acceptance of your request for a new Cheque Book. Phone Banking. Find List of all sample forms and documents.

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