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Dragon Magazine - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. WOTC Dragon Magazine issue # Dragon Magazine # - August - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online. Dragon Magazine August | DRAGON Editorial: Splitting the Treasure. We revisit this question to some degree almost every month—which, I suppose.

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Dragon Magazine - pdf, , MB. Dragon Magazine - pdf, , MB. Dragon Magazine - pdf. Dragon Magazine was the house organ for TSR and later Wizards of the Coast It was replaced with HTML articles starting with #, a full PDF magazine. DRAGON® Magazine IS available at hobby stores and bookstores 27 Dungeon Masters Guide, p. 28 Ibid. 29 Ibid. 30 The Merck Index, p.

Wed become attic witches, the aging whoever it was. I didnt have to look at them to know they sweltered in the summer and grew icy in the winter.

Dragon Magazine #167.pdf - Annarchive

The gods carry some of us off in were gold. Every one of them. Brightly polished, We had seen almost thirty winters, with dagger- far worse ways. Ankath stabbing cold and ice rime playing counterpoint to Outside, in the gloom at the top of our narrow was counting, but I knew there were more than sixty, summer damp and stormrain salt, and we were as stair, stood a lone man.

Stooping because of the low probably more than seventy. That was more coin than wrinkled as some of the duchesses up in Sea Ward rafters, he had his cloak pulled high and a gullnose wed ever had on that table. More coin than wed who had seen more than seventy seasons. We had sea hat worn low, so all we could see were his two mustered for the past twenty summers. My throat was suddenly as dry as windblown few of our teeth in place.

We never bothered looking His eyes moved from Ankath to me and stayed, Anauroch. I poured broth down it, swallowed, and in our cracked mirror these days.

Despite the asked, What do you want written? A false confession If we knew that the swift severity of the guild broth, I started to shiver.

Those eyes were two daggers that sacrifices our lives, a fake treaty that will start a enforcers would not trouble us, we would have taken of uncaring coldness, casually stabbing through my war, or words purporting to be those of a god? I gave you seventy-seven dragons, our visitorour meet. Unfortunately, neither of us looked enough like Tace, their owner stated, more than asked. I do not need you to feign any- the guilded potion sellers, so the ruse of strangling Youre Veldarmatace Rordan.

I want stories. I nodded, my wet hair sending small patters of Stories? What sort of stories? Believe me, wed thought about it, and we had water all over the tabletop and my broth. Unbelievably fanciful tales, came the reply. And you, I replied, are someone else.

Ridiculous everything-and-the-drunken-gnome I stared at the coins, thinking. It had been a long Indeed, came the flat reply, in tones that warned epics of silliness and overblown idiocy. Suitable for a time since we could afford to burn fuel in our little me not to inquire farther. You used to tell stories. If it hadnt been for the meager warmth coming So I had. In my days of shimmering and glittering A minstrel? A man too three floors below, wed have frozen long ago. Even many a fancy tale to earn chortles and extra coins.

We reheated our broth by broth. He was wearing a mask of black cloth that No, hilarity you can leave to mah, stories with balancing our little cauldron atop the Suppers chim- hung down over his mouth, though the mask was not conflict, comeuppances, and schemers. That involve ney, waiting seemingly forever.

Wed had more than the gem-bespangled things nobles wore to masked these elements and anything you care to add. It didnt look coquettish, or grand, or fantastical. The hand reappeared with a list written on parch- and an orc would all huddle together to keep warm. It looked menacing. Ankath seized it before it hit the coins, and ten A sudden rap on our door jolted me out of my mus- Can you write? A flat wooden ings and caused Ankath to start.

I shrugged. I have a fine hand, but I lack parch- box appeared, and then came a sealed inkwell. No one ever came calling at this time of day. Not in ment, ink, quillsand inclination. Ill return not tonight, but the next one, our visi- these frigid depths of winter here in icy Dock Ward.

Out of the folds of his cloak came an arm clad in a tor informed us. If I like what I read, Ill add as many Ankath was closer, so she kicked the door bar up silken sleeve as fine as any nobles. He dropped some- more dragons as Ive given you already. Those, and all out of its holder and let the door sag open with its thing on the table with a clinking thud: a heavy purse. Open it, he ordered. Behold your inclination. And if we just flee? What then?

Ankath asked. I dislike both was the thief s lover back before he got enspelled into I groaned again. Theres more, isnt there?

No place in all the the sword, is in, er, hot pursuit of this blade. The drow mage who enspelled the thief into the Realms will hide you from me. And with that flat I groaned. Seventy-seven more gold dragons, Ankath World Above. She was exiled from her city in the The two of us looked at each other.

Anything you care to add, he said. Underdark for being disgustingly cheerful and perky, In unison we both plucked up a coin from the I groaned again.

Before I add things, is there any- and dressing in gowns of orange, pink, and yellow. Gold, sure enough. All at once?

Another madwits. Or is she supposed And none of the tingling that I had learnedmy only It might be a nine lives stealer, my attic-mate to be a kind, nice, loving drow? A No, hes quite clear about that. Shes evil and meant magic, great or small.

And mad. She carries around a These coins were what they purported to be: high on one side only. They float side by side like a pair of bag of holding full of dead kittens. From time to time dragons of full worth. Seventy-seven gold coins. The sword is entwined between she dresses them in frilly things, animates them as We stared at each other.

Im dreaming, arent I? I asked Ankath. They, uh, see eye to eye. I told the ceiling several of the filthiest expressions She shook her head slowly and looked at our visi- I winced.

Who writes this stuff? I knew. Im beginning to see why our visitor was des- tors list again. You do, she reminded me sweetly. Oh, and this perate enough to come to us. What should we do? I asked. The famous She was reading the list. Frowning, now, and shak- separate the two beholders.

The combined magic- Tace of the Tales. How am Ankath! Whatre you thinking? As her empty gut rumbled and free the thief s soul. Stick the sword between the given this to work with? Oh, theres more. I rolled my eyes at our leaky, crumbling ceiling. Ill just stlarning bet there is.

Why dont you take Im thinking you should start writing. Only a man would write that. Want to us some of the strong wine I need so that I can start Chapter 2: hear the rest? Fancies, Silly and Otherwise No. Seventy-seven gold pieces isnt enough to Why dont you write something first? Before I get Was he drunk, or?

He didnt seem madwits. Not barking, singing, babbling Serious pixies have found the sword and are wor- Ive got a gold dragonor guesses Ive got a coin of any crazed, no, but he is a minstrel. Or a bard.

Splitting the Treasure

Were in Dock Ward after So he must be madwits, you mean. Not nearly far a nasty snowstorm, remember? The Watch wouldnt Ankath shrugged. Well, minstrelsyou know what enough down the list. They have chants. The sword! We love the sword! Give us more sword!

After that, Castle Waterdeep knows that! I nodded. I cant believe what he says, though. An he has written wild rituals again. I sighed, nodded, and picked up the nearest quill.

The last of it, All of them were trimmed and sharp, of course, and of a sneak thief who wants to get out of it? How hoary stlarn it. With two beholders woven around this sword, squid ink. I set one of the nice, new, blank pieces of Theres more, Ankath told me sweetly. The Ill bet theyre wild rituals, I told Ankath. Probably parchment in front of me. An elf lass from involving lots of shrieking and running blindly for Blank. Given what was on our mad clients list, Icewind Dale, who goes by the name of Kitty and their little pixie lives.

And tossing taste to the winds. J u l y 2 3 The Rise of BardicBeauty What had the legendary Mirt the Moneylenders the hostlers chase her across the rooftops of half the smell your delightful rotting half-eaten rats, Gar, so motto been? Tasteless with gusto. That was it! Taste- city, or into Mistshore, or right into the harbor! Tell me, man. I opened the I see, Hornadar replied in a tone indicating that Well, I have Brenhris scrivening scrambler, Harkles inkwell, reached to dip my quill, and he thought Garuskus was more than a little madwits crushing anvil Oh, Ive got tentacles on the brain So, what have you for me this time?

The high-in-the-air summoning version? Height The singers voice was male and cheerful. More Not out here! Garuskus almost shrieked. There depending on mastery of the Art? Er, ah, yes, as it happens. Then Volothamps dead- last bend, and coming closer! Ankath and I stared Oh, yes, Gar replied before we heard his door Aunguls cheesemelter, and lesser shavecat. So two cantrips, three rather useless journeyman Then I was rushing to snatch up the old axe we Ankath and I traded glances again, then with one castings, and two worthy spells.

For which I can see kept behind the door to deter unwanted visitors, and accord went silently to the corner and lifted the stone myself parting with, say, eight hundred dragons.

We pre- Per scroll? Our neighbors voice sounded more into her robe and shrugging it off to form a bundle ferred to keep our neighbors future meals down with sickly than hopeful.

Bedraggled, bareskinned women were him and not up running all over us as we tried to Eight hundred all told, Gar. Im neither a charity commonplace in Dock Ward, and bundles of gold sleep. Then we devoted ourselves to listening. I very much doubt you parted with a single coins were not. So its all In here, Garuskus snarled hoarsely, not up Who are so thincoin poor that theyll agree to any- rich sauce for there!

He hired them to spy on me, of Only if I can sell them at a decent price, Horna- Garuskus, the hairy and permanently unwashed course. Why, the anvil spell alone is forger, lived in a squalid and ill-smelling room just Of course, Hornadar agreed calmly. The ques- Worthless to you in this city, isnt it? You dont beneath us. He spent his idle hours skewering rats, tion is who wants to know all about your visitors and dare try to peddle it or any of yon scrolls here, or roasting them, and eating them with pleasure.

Who was this bard? Theres nothing but a pair of wrinkled old women I dont know! Ive no ear for music and no desire A shrewd thrust, and dead true. Gar did not reply. One of the old, forget- Silence stretched until Hornadar asked silkily, So Oh? By the looks of you, per- ful ones who spent most his nights strumming and will you gain nothing? Or accept my offer? Get in here before some- when he was younger. Rhandelvur something-or- Chapter 3: Darker Bargains one sees you, Hornadar!

Oh, naed, Garuskus snapped unhappily. Eight hun- Someone, Gar? Were in Dock Ward! Who I see, Hornadar said again, more softly this time.

Dragon Magazine 402

Yet when he spoke again, Seven hundred and ninety-four. Less, if you go on worry so much about them seeing what you do? You have no idea. Theres a dwarf who hires him- bards or anything else. So, Garuskus, whatre you Seven hundred and a talking chastity belt? So youve heard about that, have you? Hornadar outlaw on the run from somewhere along the Sword Scrollsreal magic!

Seven of them! After a long Coast who came here calling herself Ios but now pre- Real, you say? Youve tried them, have you?

I lack the time just now to tends to be a sage by the name of Rosemary, and Hornadar, you know I cant work spells! Or is this exploit it properly, so why not? Takes a lot of thyme to do things? Why not, indeed? Gar echoed, rather feebly. No, no, shes madwits. Goes around stables I must confess that it is. Let us be serious, then. We heard a series of heavy thunks then, as if some- by night salting any donkeys she can find.

Sometimes Ive crossed half Faern to climb your stairs and thing large and solid was being put on a table. Then a smaller clinking impact that was more familiar to J u l y 2 4 The Rise of BardicBeauty us: a purse, even larger than the one that had been Be easy, Gar. Im not going to kill you. This time. Various nobles, some traders Ive heard of but dropped onto our table such a short time ago. Not if you freely and truthfully answer a question.

Dragon Magazine #167.pdf - Annarchive

Ive others. There are four hundred gold dragons Oh, Gar was unhappy, all right.

Ankath and I traded glances. She looked as sewn into it, and a hundred more in the purse. Every Have any other mages been up these stairs to short of happy as I felt. Ill take your door, looking to buy thingsor information? In, Cupcake? Hornadars voice was idly casual. Mage who dresses in bright colors. I, ah, know Might have some smelly kittens with her. Dan- three hundred. Hinted she wasnt human behind her spells. A long list. Had He seemed very eager to find her. Its been the usual pleasure doing business a cloak wrapped around him that was covered in And hed come all the way from Cormyr to find with you.

Had a huge her. I winced. This Hornadar could make a handful of wooden club under it, for reminding folk of informa- Hmm. Not a land hes usually in. Did he say any- words drip with an ocean of sarcasm.

Introduced himself as Phyl of House thing about what hed been doing in Cormyr? Coins clinked as Garuskus swept them up. So, Attioan obvious false name, being as twelve traders No, he didnt Thay. If his accent Ha ha, Hornadar said wearily. You didnt nonchalantly.

A Oh, the usual. Woodcutters chasing treantsthat Eleven traders, after last night, Hornadar cor- halfling, for instance? There was a big werearmadillo moot last rected, almost absently.

A wizard, indeed. Does he usually consort with month, down Marsember way. What sort of items? There was? Coaches, wagons, horses, tools in good order.

He hired one as an assistant a season back. Of course not, Gar. I was trying to remind you to Asked if Id seen them in the hands of certain persons Name of Bahenny Wherryn. More of a diversion than attend to your own business in a way that employed recently. To be seized in place of unpaid coins, he an aide, Id say. He thinks he turns invisible when- some shreds of subtlety, but the effort was obviously saidback taxes owed.

So Ill be blunt. When making small talk, Ah, yes. I know himunder several names. As Now whos jesting? Dont pry. Surprising as it might seem to you, once asked you where you get these scrolls? Not that youd ers. Has a brother Hoar, who works a bridge, in Realms even more madwits than those who dwell get the truth if you did ask. Summer house in Arabel, very friendly here around you in Dock Ward.

Not unless I needed it and cast the sim- with pixies, spellscarred, always wears that Mrandrivurr? I glanced at Ankath. Well, those plest of spells to force it out of you.

Very strong on Thayan who listen to floors learn something new every day. Our neighbors voice was suddenly sharp. Put that away if you want to gain. I remember him all too well. Therell be a curse pickpocket who cant go as invisible as he thinks he live longer, Gar. Im a wizard, not a dullard. At 30 characters are expected to undergo some form of apotheosis, effectively becoming demi-gods or equivalent in power.

All-in-all, 4e has been compared to vidya like World of Warcraft and all that shit, which shouldn't necessarily be a bad thing if it wasn't oddly stiffing in a mild way.

Order of the Stick summed this up perfectly in their limited edition Dragon Magazine book; the 4e team relies on spacing and managing cooldowns and per-battle abilities, while the 3. Each character gains access to a pool of distinctive combat options as they level up, which are categorized according to their use; at-will, once per battle, or once per day - Utility powers are non-offensive powers that provide a boosting effect in some way, such as healing, gaining defense bonuses, gaining a new movement rate, teleporting, etc.

The big issue is that this system is universal; all classes use these basic mechanics, in contrast to warriors using their own little pool of of subsystems for combat stunts which were often dependent on "DM, May I? This meme looks sensible on the surface, because martial exploits and caster spells do use the same basic terminology and system - a push is a push, whether you use it with a Howling Wall spell or a Body Slam attack.

But it falls apart under closer inspection. The other major problem with comparing martial exploits to magical spells is that their outcomes are intentionally designed to reflect different themes; you don't have fighters throwing lightning bolts unless they have a magic weapon that lets them do that or teleporting unless they have a magic item that lets them do that , whilst you don't have wizards body-slamming people off of their feet, grabbing them as a human shield, or stabbing them deep and twisting so they start bleeding out.

Roles[ edit ] Arguably one of the biggest class-based mechanical changes in 4e was the introduction of Roles. What does each class give to the party? The most popular classes are always those that have a strong mission statement, and when that statement gets wobbly, then you end up with problems - hence the infamous Tier system of 3e.

Roles became a defining outline for creating classes, both for the designers and the players; a clear shorthand as to what sort of stuff this class should do in order to meaningfully contribute to a battle. Defenders are the "tanks" of the party. A defender's job is to keep the party alive by intercepting enemies and keeping them away from the squishier members of the group. To this end, WoTC decided that a proper defender should not just be capable of taking hits, but they should also be "sticky"; they needed some way to mechanically encourage enemies to not want to get away from the defender, and to punish them if they did - what good's a fighter if the enemy just shoves past them, taking a hit in the process, and proceeds to whomp the wizard?

Each defender has their own unique way of pulling off this stickiness; the common Fighter is more focused on pouncing on enemies that try to back off, whilst the Swordmage is more of a hit-and-run character, since they can punish "fleeing" enemies from a range.

Strikers are the "critical hitters" of the party. Opportunist attackers, strikers specialize in dealing out lots of damage to opportune targets. They usually can't take so much damage, but they can bring down big foes quick, which is their job. These are second-line warriors, working in tandem with defenders when done well; the defender's the anvil, the striker's the hammer.

All strikers have some unique way to boost up their damage against an individual target, such as the iconic Rogue sneak attack.

Leaders are the "supporters" of the party. They focus on aiding the other party members, be it by healing, granting extra opportunities, buffing, etc. What makes them different to the "healbot" cleric of editions past is that WoTC noted a lot of people complained that whilst clerics were useful, they were often boring.

So, leaders were designed to have "double-duty" powers; abilities that would help the rest of the party and still let them get stuck into the fray.

Leaders tend to have at least one class feature that lets them provide a passive boost to their allies - for example, the Warlord has the Commanding Presence feature, a subclass-based boost to any ally who spends an action point.

Controllers are the "tacticals" of the party. They manipulate the overall flow of battle, specializing in winnowing out weaker foes mowing down minions with Fireball, for example , impeding stronger foes, and in manipulating the battlefield to force enemies to make hard decisions that benefit the party.

Controllers don't tend to have any unifying class features; their ability to alter the battlefield and blast large groups comes from their AEDU System powers more than anything. It bears repeating that Roles do not apply outside of combat. The player with a Leader type class does NOT have to be the party's meta-game leader unless the party wants them to be.

It is perfectly acceptable, if not encouraged, to set up interesting contrasts between a character's Role and their personality. For example, the snooty, supremacist aristocratic elf warlord whose tactical genius can't be denied, but who is such an asshole that the party only keeps him around because he's useful in a fight, and certainly doesn't let him dictate what they should be doing outside of battle. To this end, 4e made two rather deep cuts to the sacred cow: First, classes would no longer have alignment restrictions of any kind.

Bards , barbarians , and bardbarians could be lawful, monks could be chaotic, and paladins could be whatever alignment they damn well pleased without losing all their class features. This got some murmuring at first, but it eventually died down, hence its survival into next edition.

After all, at least one campaign setting had similarly relaxed many of these rules, and it didn't immediately collapse from there. Second, and much more controversially, the design team stripped out more than half of the existing alignments, collapsing together "chaotic and neutral good" into just "good," "lawful and neutral evil" into just "evil," and all three neutral alignments into "unaligned.

And it hearkened back to the very olden days, when alignment was a spectrum instead of a grid, thus: Law - Good - Neutral - Evil - Chaos. It should be added here that there was some justification for doing this, although it was done rather poorly.

Chaotic good was always a slippery alignment to get right you usually wound up with somebody who was much more chaotic than good, or much more good than chaotic so collapsing it together with neutral good into a unified alignment of "cares about doing the right thing without necessarily following the rules slavishly" helps ease the problem, and if you're removing that, why not go for the poorly defined line between lawful evil and neutral evil as well, since both similarly often seemed to end up in the same pot of "evil, but has some personal rules about it?

Everything might have worked better if they left in the lawful neutral and chaotic neutral alignments as "lawful" and "chaotic" both of which had much firmer identities then neutral good and neutral evil.

Indeed, many suspect that this whole process was initially kicked off by a desire to remove "chaotic neutral" from the alignment system altogether for exactly this reason. Unfortunately, this was very much a "trying to please everyone, and succeeding in pleasing no one" scenario. People who liked the old alignment system hated the new one, seeing it, fairly or unfairly and there are some eloquent defenses of it in the PHB as a dumbed-down, stripped down version of the old one, tearing out more than half the options and leaving nothing to really replace them.

People who hated the old alignment system continued to be unhappy with this one, since it was, after all, still an alignment system, only with even fewer options. And even the people who liked it for indeed, the fractious nature of alignment-based discussions all-but guarantees there are people who see no difference between neutral and chaotic good, or lawful and chaotic neutral got to get blasted by the heat of the raging flame war this choice unleashed.

Worse, a setting that was somewhat-popular with the indie crowd that liked using the game to explore ideas more than actually playing it was pretty-tightly tied to the traditional alignment system, and completely-revamping the entire alignment grid from the ground up necessitated plucking it up by the roots after the last edition had instead been content to subject it to malign neglect.

And a variety of traditionally-friendly monsters were revamped into evil-or-at-least-dickish ones under the internally-consistent-but-externally-dubious logic that everything in the Monster Manual should exist to get killed, and putting in monsters that don't was just wasting everyone's time, leading to accusations that the alignment system was drastically revamped primarily to justify putting "it's okay to kill this, really" alignments next to as many critters as possible.

Character Generation[ edit ] Chargen is simplified compared to 3rd Edition although still time consuming. Skills are all-or-nothing, you either have training in them or you don't. The core of character generation for 4e, in many ways, is the AEDU System , a universal mechanic for handling class combat options. This results in intimidating large lists of potential options that players need to check, but for newcomers, it is fairly easy to break things up into just the options they need to pick between.

Other unique aspects of Chargen for this edition was the system of the Paragon Path and the Epic Destiny. This was then supplemented by the optional system of the Theme see below.

Races[ edit ] The races of PHB 2. People were upset that the Gnome and Half-Orc were not in the core book. Level Adjustment , Favored Class and the concept of negative ability scores are all out the window in 4th edition.Keeping that information distributors and retailers.

In kingdoms where one race holds power over others. Course, most of the Realms can sleep safe in was a mind flayer? Still, this race of outdoorsmen is losing a war against the wretched devils that inhabit the woods.

If a successful overbearing attack is made on a mounted character, the character takes hp damage and must save vs. I sighed, nodded, and picked up the nearest quill. Wrathful Recovery Prerequisite: His companion elbowed him in the stomach, caus- Haw, haw.

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