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In Downloads On March 19, Enter your password to view comments. There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. CHIP-Download-FEB Download Chip Malaysia - May magazine for free from ebookbiz. To download click on the following link. Download Chip Malaysia - January magazine for free from ebookbiz. To download click on the following link.

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Chip Malaysia - November is one of Malaysia's longest running IT magazine and widely acknowledged as the best selling IT magazine in. All digital issues of Chip magazine, read, view online and download free pdf. No part of CHIP magazine / shall be reproduced without the publisher's written permission. . the most common file formats such as TIFF, PDF.

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Please contact us if you need to return an item. Q: What is your privacy policy? Questions relating to kits Q: Do you sell electronic project kits? A: Currently we do not. We can supply PCBs for our recent projects and programmed microcontrollers for almost any projects we have published. Q: I want to build one of your projects. Where do I get a kit? Audio Boost 2 features dedicated amps for headsets. Modular By Nature For enthusiasts. Fret not however. This time around. Intel went all out on the young PC market.

BIOS forerunner and multitasking A dvanced technology: It was an experimental move played by IBM to test its chances against Apple. This operating mode made it possible to restrict the memory access rights of individual applications for the first time — Windows continues to use this memory management to date.

Commodore and Xerox. It turned out to be a successful experiment. In addition to a new CPU. In the end. Even the 20MB hard disk was a highlight with its access time of 40 milliseconds — today we have access times of about 8 milliseconds. Num and Scroll keys for the first time. The success of the AT platform was evident from the different costeffective reproductions of the same — especially in Asia.

MS-DOS programs could be executed only sporadically since most of them demanded full access to the system. They not only adopted the Intel architecture but also the AT label. Negotiating the bandwidth and coding have remained the same. When it comes to multi-user MIMO. Checksums are sent for error checking. For the sake of clarity. For this. The challenge associated with multi-user operation is that the channel information must be absolutely correct because a change in location of even one single client can change the complete transmission path and break down the WLAN throughput.

However for a better understanding of this technology.

On paper. The base station determines the optimal alignment of transmitting antennas separately for every radio signal.

WLAN bases can transmit to up to four clients simultaneously. If three devices use the radio communication. On the contrary. Using this technology. During beam forming. Apart from wider radio channels and improved modulation.

The clients respond to these packets and the base station stores information about the signal strengths. TVs and gaming consoles depending on what time of day it is connected to the radio traffic.

A clever technology now tunes the WLAN throughput for everyone. A device with eight antennas for instance. The WLAN client works just like a download manager. Although channel assignment is often measured. The recipient can thus differentiate between the data streams. One of the most effective accelerator since Each of the three antennas uses a fingerprint of sorts for transmission.

The confirmations about received data packets occupy the entire channel. It is the next device generation The client must recognise what it has already loaded and join the individual parts correctly. This is why channels are measured every 10milliseconds ms. It can transmit several spatial streams at the same time — as described in the beginning — but only to one address. Although it was also present in An important fact is that the clients too must be MU MIMO compatible because it is their task to filter out the data packets intended for them from the multi-user data stream.

Multi-user MIMO now resolves this bottleneck. On the other hand. They negotiate the coding separately for each client see graphics on the left. Devices with four antennas achieve MBit.. The MIMO technology was developed so that adding more antennas becomes worthwhile. WLANs as per the In an average household today. As we are in South East Asia. But nevertheless. By Nicolas See Tho november 14 chip malaysia. So in retrospect. We do not have enough channels for awareness especially from the government or private sectors.

Another problem is the lack of expertise in the IT security sector. We have many university graduates in the IT field. Cyberthreats are no longer a unique problem but rather a very common one. Security Advisor for F-Secure Labs. In many cases. Another aspect that the public is not aware of is the value of the data that is being stored on their mobile devices.

Many users would download free applications from various websites but this would place them in immediate danger of malware. First and foremost. Will cloud technology ever reach a point in which it can transmit and receive data with minimal worries and in your opinion. If I were to give you an example. Most application companies provide free apps. Having very good password management software is also another good way to solve this issue.

A common mistake made by the general public is assuming that smartphones are just a standard phone. Is this something a developer should look into and is it ethical? One example of a dangerous website would be a third party website like the many Chinese websites that offers free but malicious apps. Following up on that question. Thus we too see a potential in creating security solutions for these devices.

This also brings us to the topic on whether free applications are actually better. Hackers are an opportunistic bunch whereby if there is money to be made.

As most users do not read the terms and conditions. This means that a hacker will need both parts to access your data. The main issue from this case is actually password management. The weak points are actually found in the mobile space.

Is there a chance for these types of hackers to hop over to the other side to protect us from these mobile threats? The situation is exactly the same as when it comes to PC.

An example of this issue was the same with Dropbox in which passwords were leaked and everyone became worried. The most important factor needed by cloud services is trust. Which is why. Users will only use a particular cloud service because they trust it.

They were mostly obtained from leaked passwords. I can tell you when you got it. What is your opinion on the steps needed to ensure that this does not happen? A few years ago. Besides the cloud. As the saying goes. The key to solving this issue would be in two factor authentication whereby you secure your accounts with what you know. Once correctly encrypted. You will find all the necessary tools on our website By Christoph Schmidt.

It is not just hackers who steal data. The power encryption that is possible today provides protection. Security-conscious users were impacted severely when the development of the widespread crypto software TrueCrypt was discontinued in May. Providers of mail and cloud services such as Google make money by analysing your communication and displaying relevant ads.

If you have used the software to encrypt your files. Making access as difficult as possible With the recommended software we will use. The only solution for this is to store and transfer files in an encrypted manner.

If you want your acquaintances or colleagues to be able to open a file.

Questions relating to the online version of the magazine

For enhanced security requirements. Files encrypted with your public key can be opened again with your private key only. Encrypting files 1 You can protect files and folders with Gpg4win. In the next dialog. Then enter the passphrase you have created as mentioned in point 2 and the encrypted.

The email security solution that we offer in page 52 also uses Gpg4win. If someone wants to encrypt the file for you. Select your own certificate as the OpenPGP signature certificate. Add your own key and then the key of the recipient. This is also applicable to all email contacts It uses the asymmetrical encryption standard RSA.. For private use. When you receive the encrypted mail. Enigmail will ask you for your passphrase.

This add-on with the free mail program Thunderbird uses the secure OpenPGP encryption directly on texts and attachments of the mails that you exchange with other Enigmail users. You can send this in an unencrypted mail to the sender — to do so. You should also add your signature to encrypted mails so that the recipient can verify whether the mail has actually come from you. Pull the XPI file to the left section of the add-on manager and confirm the installation.

To encrypt a mail. Enigmail makes this possible. If you use one of the popular providers. In Thunderbird. You can send an encrypted or unencrypted mail by clicking the adjacent arrow.

If you want to send an encrypted mail.

You will see the Enigmail options after restarting Thunderbird. Enigmail then encrypts the mail text and the attachments with Gpg4win before they are sent via Thunderbird Image 3b. Give your consent to install the drive. To access the encrypted Cloud files from two computers or from more than two on paying some charges. When you encrypt a drive. Start DiskCryptor. The tool BoxCryptor available on our website encrypts data before it lands in Dropbox or Google Drive folders.

Everything that an encrypted folder contains is automatically encrypted. This way. Select the storage destination and size. If you access the Cloud folder from the usual file system. BoxCryptor creates a virtual drive for encryption. Before pulling it out. Now use the drive as usual. In the disk management. Secure use of Cloud Cloud providers such as Dropbox and Google can read all your data. According to Oppermann. Windows continues to be the only system that can satisfy them. Microsoft has significantly raised the prices of SQL servers and client licences.

Is this the beginning of the end? Business clients as cash cows Experts such as Peter Burghardt from the market research november 14 chip malaysia company techconsult believe that such issues do not exert a real influence on the situation: Axel Oppermann.

Nadella was right to remodel the company and point it in a new direction. Users around the world consider Windows 8 to be vastly more irritating than delayed trains and defective air-conditioning units. Satya Nadella. In the second quarter of Windows or Internet Explorer. And it gets better: Opinions about Microsoft differ quite starkly: Some are forecasting an imminent collapse. Such massive amounts of malice. Peter Burghardt believes that this can be attributed to the fact that customers make their decisions on the basis of their own requirements — and as far as the commercial domain is concerned.

After all. And a new CEO. This emotional impression is countered by hard-headed numbers: In April. Microsoft subsidises developers who want to port their mobile apps to the Windows Phone platform. The sales figures for PCs and Windows licences were sinking steadily.

In July The openness of the system becomes a security risk. And thanks to its various versions and its openness. Microsoft was overrun by this development.

Lynn Thorenz. They have to find software that can deal with all the varied tastes found in the world of mobile operating systems in a manner similar to the manner in which the monoculture of Windows desktop systems and server systems is handled.

Microsoft unveiled tools that make it possible for software developers to develop software for desktop PCs as well as mobile end devices without having to exert a significant amount of extra effort. And this is where Microsoft has plenty of trump cards. Many companies are of the opinion that iOS devices are too expensive to be handed out to employees. When it comes to the mobile sector. The PC market might be shrinking. The mobile system even features a speech- The old business model associated with Windows and Office still works.

According to Nadella. General manager. This also explains why so many companies from various sectors are replacing their Blackberry smartphones with Windows Phone models. According to the experts. The sales figures for PCs and notebooks are in decline. In the past. The entities responsible for IT must find a way to deal with the mishmash of devices brought along by the employees.

Apart from that. Stock price is flying high Getting into the mobile game Consequently. This is the phenomenon in which mobile devices that are acquired privately end up being used within the company itself. Experts believe that mobile applications.

Segment PCs Tablets. Private end customers prefer Android and iOS. The iPad version of Office may have contributed to these numbers. According to Lynn Thorenz. With regard to the future of the IT industry. Oppermann believes that this is a huge opportunity for the software company: According to him.

The points of criticism such as those associated with data protection cannot be sorted out that easily. Microsoft was a late-comer.

The holistic approach that Microsoft is taking facilitates a seamless range of products. These partners are indispensable. A situation in which companies would be able to speedily transfer their existing Windows applications to Windows-based mobile devices would definitely be good for the Redmond-based company. The cloud expands at a rapid pace According to the experts. According to market mavens. Companies are expected to invest particularly large sums of money in the new infrastructure — good news for Microsoft.

This includes one million users who signed up in the second quarter of Windows 10 will combine the separate versions associated with desktops and mobile devices like the Surface tablet and the Xbox.

Experten Group One system on all devices Next year. Google and the others could probably learn a lot from it.

The Office apps offered within the framework of the freemium model were downloaded about 30 million times in just a few weeks. If the strategy works. Microsoft has a time-based advantage over the competition. In recent years. Mobile and available on all platforms Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft is only too aware of how interdependencies work. Microsoft plans to offer a core OS for all devices — none of the other players can do that. New opportunities in the cloud Satya Nadella. Beginning with Windows Such technical measures should prevent thieves from simply resetting stolen smartphones or tablets to the factory settings and using them again. To do so. Identification is often quite difficult in the inner parts of a city.

Whether a thief can actually be tracked down also depends on spatial and temporal factors. The number of phones lost is quite high and usually. You are not the only one! Day in and day out. If everything goes well. As it so often happens in politics.

Google and Microsoft equip their mobile operating systems with appropriate protective functions. If the GPS is deactivated. We show you how to locate. The location finding function also helps the police in case of theft but one must be quick. You will also learn about the measures you should take to locate your device at a later point in time.

On the following pages. The chances of locating a device are quite high at night time. Among other things. In sparsely populated areas however. Google has installed a location finding feature in Android.

In a few seconds, you will see active devices in a Google Maps view. To curb this Apple has equipped its devices with a function that enables them be tracked, locked and erased via iCloud. If not, get yourself an Apple ID from https: However, you need to enable the location function. The service then opens a map. A green dot indicates that the iPhone is currently online.

If you lose your Windows Phone, you can track it down using some tools that are already pre-installed. The basic functions are available free of cost right out of the box.

You must then link the account with your phone. You will then see the current location of the phone. Similar to Google and Apple, you can also lock or erase the phone or make it ring. Extra apps Locate, play the signal tone, lock and erase: The following apps can do even more.

With this app, you can invite friends and determine the location of their device live on a map. But be careful: In addition to locating, locking and erasing, the app can also take pictures using the builtin camera or intercept the microphone.

Maggie Jauregui showed that radio signals can be used to melt home fuses. Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell. People like him can destroy the world — or save it.

At the Black Hat and Def Con events. The sheer breadth of the security loopholes that were introduced was larger than ever before. They can use a manipulated USB flash drive to take over the entire computer.

He and his family which is what he called his comrades-in-arms who were in attendance could change the world. At the end of the event. IT experts demonstrated how they can destroy. Even mobile telephones are much more vulnerable than everyone thought.

Street came on stage in Las Vegas. Modern cars are being networked to an ever-increasing degree. Owners of a Tesla S will receive this patch via a wireless over-theair update. They could then send commands to the critical network.

Tesla basically had no choice. Almost all cars need to be taken to the workshop for an update. Cyber-gangsters could then use the internal auto network to take over the brakes.

In the near future. Attackers could use hacking operations to access the internal control commands of the vehicle. Although the vehicle manufacturers now protect the internal CAN Controller Area Network network bus using gateways that are supposed to filter out such hacking commands.

This is an expensive procedure so many manufacturers prefer to leave the bugs in the vehicle. Manufacturers withhold updates Most manufacturers currently offer no update procedures. Miller and the members of his team have been exposing security loopholes in automobiles. Commands from the non-critical network cannot be loaded in the critical network — a gateway prevents this from happening. In all similar cases. According to car-hacker Charlie Miller.

The result is quite frightening: No vehicle offers adequate protection against hack attacks.

IHS Automotive cover story major security report. Owners of cars produced by other manufacturers will have to continue to make do with old software and run the risk of being hacked at any time. CHIP According to a study. Tesla plans to inspect the vulnerabilities in its car and release a patch. For years. In a conversation with CHIP.

At the Black Hat conference. Only 23 percent of them use a fee-based solution. At the conference. The system that he examined is currently being used in countries like the USA. Jakob Lell spoke about how critical this particular loophole is: The access point is connected to the traffic system via an Ethernet cable.

Someone like Cerrudo could thus paralyse entire sections of a city and cause traffic accidents. Medienberichte These days. Security Research Labs. All of this takes place without the user doing anything. The systems are made up of three components: A sensor that is embedded in the road. Cerrudo found out that although the radio communication between the sensors uses a proprietary protocol.

From a technical point of view. The system normally serves to ensure that the traffic lights are synchronised in a different manner when traffic is heavy or guarantee that they only become green when a car is waiting in front of them.

Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell demonstrated how USB devices can be manipulated and malicious code can be implanted in the computer — even anti-virus systems are powerless to stop it.

The radio signals make the fuses vibrate in a manner that is energetic enough to ensure that they are rendered inoperable. If Cerrudo and Maggie Jauregui decided to team up. A situation in which the home computer stops working altogether might be unfortunate. There are about Cerrudo obtained the components of the system and decrypted the protocol. They should install a hardware safeguard that would make it impossible for the USB firmware to be manipulated. Jauregui has discovered how one can.

Hackers allegedly made off with 1. The malware cannot be removed. Blackouts at the push of a button. In addition to being able to make keyboard-related inputs in a stealthy manner. Her attack makes use of a special frequency in this case. Hackers have now cracked the encryption. Lucas Zaichkowsky revealed a method that websites can be used to read out the contents of the chips — the data is Financial DNSencrypted.

In such a case. Butler gains their hands on things like account data. Up to now. According to the banks. The site informs him that he will not be able to use online banking facilities unless he complies. If the manipulated card is read by the terminal. With that. Usage Many users misjudge the risk factors associated with online banking Only one-third of users believe that the home PC can be risky when it comes to online banking.

This is what security researchers from Trend Micro found out. To do this. Jon Butler revealed a bug in the software Hackers pick off financial data at several used by mobile payment terminals. The mTAN then reaches the mobile phone. Changed Websites november 14 chip malaysia Keylogger Insecure connection Source: Kaspersky Those who refuse to use online banking can also be victimised.

Butler hides the attack code locations on the internet associated with this particular attack on the EMC chip of a credit The phishing mails just keep on coming — about 23 percent of all card. The first stage of the attack involves the Retefe Trojan. Criminals could then use a credit card that has actually been blocked. Hackers use these mails to get programme is installed on the system.

Another way of capturing the mTAN of the bank customer involves making use of the connection between an infected mobile phone and the computer. Phishing mobile Transaction data for phone confirmation banks or are also quite sensitive. Shops websites. The attackers thus captures the login data — such as the login name and password for the online account — by snooping on the PC.

After he uses his login data to log onto the site. When the genuine banking site is accessed in the future.

Thanks to the installed certificate. Since the latter is encrypted in a simple manner and identical for all devices. All the hackers need to launch the attack is a mobile radio cell a so-called femtocell. The experts cracked the security keys that the providers use to install code on the devices. Once the hackers get their hands on the access data. Kaspersky Smartphones are at a big risk Kaspersky has documented about According to Kaspersky.

Not even a virus scanner can offer protection against such an attack. Telcos can use this interface to change the configuration of the devices in a manner that is independent of the manufacturers. At the Black Hat hackers conference.

The trend is expected to continue this year. The smartphone was designed to be secure and offers special sandboxes for programmes that are currently running. Most devices are based on Android OS. Ever-expanding base for attacks by hackers The number of smartphone users is increasing every year. It is also possible to acquire ready-made devices. This attack can affect all devices running iOS. Effective protection can only be offered by the provider.

IT security experts Mathew Solnik and Marc Blanchoud demonstrated how the security mechanisms of mobile devices can be circumvented in order to execute malicious code on mobile phones or tablets that feature a mobile communication facility. Android or Windows Phone.

Towards that end. In the beginning. The telephone is equipped with special security software called Silent Circle. As thus. This means that everything here -. These are definitely a couple of our favourite cards to have come out recently.

At the time of writing. Will you be getting either phone? Or is the HTC Butterfly 2 or the Sony Xperia Z3 more to your liking considering the fact that they have much more practical features such as water and dust resistance? Hardware components layout. Varies according to product. Calculated from the performance and features of the product in relation to the price CHIP Outstanding Award Reserved for products that combine astute technical performance with good quality and design CHIP Recommended Award Given to products that possess singular quality worthy of a recommendation chip malaysia november 14 Finished products form factor and build quality.

Acer Sales and Services Sdn. Aspire V Nitro Black Edition. This new smartphone is touted as the first ever to use an octa-core LTE Cat 6 chipset. Huawei Honor 6 Price: RM Contact: Huawei Malaysia Mobile Hotline Phone: Sony Malaysia Sdn. It is also packed with 30 hours of high resolution sourced battery life which can reach 50 hours if you are solely listening to MP3 files.

Not only does it play music beautifully.

We've detected unusual activity from your computer network

ECS Astar Sdn. It comes with over current protection. Besides just its impressive photography package. Both boasts dual LED flashes. BSI sensors. IPS Panel with 10 finger multi touch. With a battery that comes with 5. It is powered by a bit Intel Atom Z 1.

HDR capability. This Android smartphone comes with megapixel front and rear cameras. Dynamics Distribution Sdn. Leapfrog Distributions Sdn.

Chip Attenuator Steps 31.5 dB to 55 GHz (.PDF Download)

TBA Contact: HTC Careline Phone: Jabra Move Wireless Price: Advance Digital Solutions Sdn. On top of that it has a new point all crosstype AF system. Ingram Micro Sdn. Connectivity options of the RE include Bluetooth 4. The speakers feature a Hifi frequency response to ensure the best in audio quality. It is also able to record p 30fps videos. No Worries With the magnitude of gadgets an average person carries around with them throughout the day. But if you feel that a point-and-shoot is also still a bit too big.

With the Jabra Move Wireless. Canon Marketing Malaysia Sdn. Other features that photographers will definitely appreciate is a USB 3. Seeing as this headphones is targeted at individuals that are constantly on the move.. Wi-Fi Like most wireless headsets. Lazada Malaysia Phone: Build Technology Supply Sdn. This device also supports DualSIM cards and retains the ability to interchange Motorola Shells to change the look of your phones to suit your style.

It runs on Android 4. It also has a built-in SD card slot to backup photos and videos from your SD card. Motorola Moto G Edition Price: RM 8GB Contact: Brightstar Distribution Sdn. RM 1TB. This device comes in two variants and can hold up to 1. Western Digital has solution to alleviate this problems and it is known as the My Passport Wireless. Eternal Asia M Sdn. RM 2TB Contact: Amble Action Sdn.

It is built with a It will also provide long term entertainment for frequent travellers as it is able to continuously stream videos for 6 hours and has a 20 hours standby time. Another neat feature is that it can also be used as a Wi-Fi hub for connecting multiple devices.

This new and improved Moto G has a 5-inch p IPS display protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and also dual front facing speakers that ensures total immersion when it comes to gaming or watching videos. Sony Malaysia Sdn bhd Phone: In terms of performance. It also features Beat Response Control and also comes with dual layer cords of various lengths. It also has a 2. This feature is supported by both Android and iOS devices thus allowing users to connect their mobile devices with the printer.

It has Liquid Crystal Polymer diaphragms which minimises colouration while maintaining its bass-lines. It can also take high quality pictures with its 13 MP rear camera and provide good self-portraits with its 2MP front camera. Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn. Logitech G Price: This wearable device can support Wi-Fi It comes with Dolby 7. For gamers looking for a good balance between price and features.

The smartphone comes with a large 2. MCL Sdn. Bluetooth 4. It has washable ear pad covers as well as a lay flat earcups. Additional features such as Accelerometer. The Padfone S runs on Android 4. M-Link Sdn. Samsung Gear S Price: Kaira Technologies Sdn.. The phone comes with a 5-inch Full HD display while the Tablet dock has 9-inches of display real estate. It also supports 3G connectivity.

This makes it easier for gamers who are on-the-go or when resting the device on your neck. The GALAXY Alpha comes with high-end hardware and was able to blast through our standard suite of benchmarks and produce respectable scores. The GALAXY Alpha bears many of the same design elements that make it a Samsung device and but the metal design really makes the phone feel more sturdy and its slimness and lightweight makes it very comfortable to hold and use. Octa-Core 1. USB 2. Equipped with only a 1.

Until now that is. We could even play games such as Dead Trigger 2 and Asphalt 8 with no lags whatsoever. Day-to-day use was also a breeze as the phone was constantly snappy and multi-tasking proved to be no problem for the phone. Android 4. In terms of display. The camera may only be megapixel but it takes really beautiful photos thanks to the always-on HDR november 14 chip malaysia hen it comes to their smartphones. With that being said though. IP67 certified Dimensions: All in all.

When we were testing it with benchmarks and games though. Samsung have always given their customers the best in terms of features and hardware. ASUS gave this card its usual red and black design. Thief and Skyrim. The results were beautifully rendered games that flow with minimal lag.

Silicon Chip Magazine 2007 06 Jun

It also has two cooling fans with the usual variety of display ports on its back which include a HDMI output. It also features an extremely quiet setup thanks to its DirectCU II with 0dB Fan Technology which provides minimal noise during gaming and maintains temperatures to an all-time low. Moving on to the fun part.

Other than that it has a solid build that feels durable and lasting. When we tested games such as Crysis 3. The only downside is that there is no option to zoom in due to its even design. The device has packed some features that helps power professionals throughout their busy day while keeping the process simple and seamless.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Frequency: Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Connectivity: If you can get used to its awkward design. When it comes to security. This device has an amazing battery life which comes at the cost of a non-removable battery. The camera also provides beautiful images. The square design makes it hard for single hand usage on the go but on the plus side.

The latest Blackberry device comes with a performance that can withstand its competition. The downside however. It also has the additional button for the Blackberry Assistant in between the volume controls. We tested it with movies and high resolution games with astounding results.

Brightpoint Malaysia 03 By Nicolas See Tho B Performance A Passport To Productivity chip malaysia lackberry has definitely had it tough over the years with its competition from Android and Apple smartphones dominating the headlines. Blackberry OS In overall. Following its namesake. The latest Blackberry Hub also keeps the modern road warriors happy with all their emails and social networks organised in one place reducing the need for multiple open applications.

It has volume controls on the side with the power button on its top. On its back. As we come to a close.Motorola Moto G Edition Price: Chang, I. Dawson, P. Its design is inspired by the wing of an airplane. The system that he examined is currently being used in countries like the USA. Ke and K. IHS Automotive cover story major security report.

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