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Get this from a library! By the time you read this, I'll be dead. [Julie Anne Peters] -- High school student Daelyn Rice, who's been bullied throughout her school. Read "By The Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead" by Julie Anne Peters available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first. After a lifetime of being bullied, Daelyn is broken beyond repair. She has tried to kill herself before, and is determined to get it right this time. Though her parents.

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By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead has ratings and reviews. karen said: STOP!!!this is the second part of a conversation about this b. DOWNLOAD LINK: By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead ebook epub electronic book By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead by Julie Anne. By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Daelyn Rice is broken beyond repair, and.. .

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Are you pre-selling it? Are you promoting it properly on your blog? If you have a look at 10 blogs I bet that 9 of them have horrible opt-in form areas. Her father monitors her computer so she can't get on suicide websites. But she finds one that he can't trace and there she begins her countdown. Twenty four days. But a boy begins sitting on the bench with her while she waits for her parents to get her from school and he worms himself into her life without her permission.

Next thing she knows she's staying at his house because she can't be trusted to stay at home alone and her parents both have meetings when there's a half day of school. Despite the fact that Daelyn can't talk, Santana talks a lot asking lots of questions. She writes some answers down.

Others she ignores. Then she finds out something about Santana that seems to make her think. She doesn't stop her countdown, but one day in chorus she did it as a joke a mean girl elbows her and a teacher moves her to a different section.

In a way, he sticks up for her. And she ends up standing by the overweight girl. And she's nice to the girl and the girl starts chatting to her and sits with her in another class.

Daelyn even writes a joke about the mean girl to the overweight girl and they laugh in chorus. But she's not supposed to be making friends. She's supposed to be letting go of everything. Daelyn is not a pitiful character. The neck thing gets to me, but that's a personal thing. She's strong in her decision to end her life. She isn't blaming anyone. She blames herself. She doesn't believe in God because he was never there for her before. And she really thinks her parents will be better off without her.

She doesn't take her medicine that was seeming to work. She really is strongly convinced that suicide is the answer. The website is not one that talks you into doing it. It ask questions that make you think about your choices. It makes you wait those twenty four days. It asks if you've thought of this and that.

Have you decided how, where. Have you decided who will find you etc. But asks deeper questions like who will become you after you're gone. Daelyn keys in no one, but can't help but think of the overweight girl in chorus.

Tougher questions come. The author does a great job of portraying a girl in the depths of depression. There is no feeling. An absolute absence of any emotion. Inside is dead. That's how Daelyn is for most of the book until Santana starts to stir feelings in her. She's a sympathetic character. She doesn't whine about her life.

Maybe because she can't feel. She just lays it out in flashbacks in black and white. She doesn't even seem to hate the people that were so cruel to her.

She can't feel even that emotion. But Santana is hard to ignore. He's loud with bleached blond hair and colored tips and he seems to appear out of nowhere. And like I said, he talks a lot. I can't say I enjoyed this book because I don't enjoy reading about suicide. But this was a very well written book on bullying, its effects on the victims and suicide. It addressed a very tough subject with integrity. People that attempt suicide aren't doing it for attention.

Not like a freak, a criminal, or a burden. They should get help because the next time probably won't be an attempt. Now there is no clear ending to the novel. The author lets you decide for yourself what you think Daelyn did on the last day. I know what she did and I have my proof to back it up.

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But some others might see it differently. But be it bullying or suicide this novel is a great lesson on both. Nov 10, Libro Joven rated it really liked it. This book was hard, but at the same time it was so enthralling. Reading so openly about bullying and a parasuicidal kid made my stomach into a knot, but I couldn't keep my eyes off the book until I was finished with it.

It is short, but at the same time, it feels so long. Not because it's boring, but because the topics it talked about felt so I'm not sure what's the right word for it. I'm not sure there's a right word for it.

If you enjoyed "Willow", by Julia Hoban, this is d This book was hard, but at the same time it was so enthralling. If you enjoyed "Willow", by Julia Hoban, this is definitely a book for you, even though the books by themselves have little in common. In these pages you will read about the hopeless desperation of a girl, the angish in her parents, and about a hesitating, sweet and sad love story.

Until you reach the ending. Which I had to read at least three times to make sure I had completely understood it. Or did I? View all 3 comments. Jan 24, Charley Cook rated it really liked it. Check out my video review here: Sep 19, Mnemosyne rated it did not like it. Maybe I am rating this one so low but I guess It just didn't hit me that hard. I've read loads of stuff like this, tackling bullying and suicidal tendencies of youngsters, and there are a few which really stood out I just found it cliched, for one, because the narration of Daelyn's story and experiences sounded as if she's looking at the situation shallowly and as if she isn't problematic at all.

It wasn't really clarified if she attempted to kill herself because of her past problems or if she has new ones. Yes, she talks about her obesity issues and the tragic fate she had at fat camp. But look, she even gets skinny at the end, to the point that Santana hits on her. The problem of this book is having poor character development and being quite heavy on dialogues.

Daelyn became a poor character with low self-esteem. She seemed weak and dumb enough to follow tips from the internet on how to end her life.

I just don't get why people nowadays dwell on popularity and stuff online, as if that's gonna last and make you a star what? Go ahead and post some nudes. I kind of felt bad because it should've tackled a lot more of teenage issues and could've helped more teenagers going through a rough time being teenagers.

All this time I felt like I was there listening to how problematic Daelyn's life is in my head and she just can't think of any other ways to relieve herself of her problems aside from ending her life. Maybe if she tried to look at other aspects of her life, she could've succeeded and got over her issues with herself and her parents.

And there goes the other problem. The character of her parents in this book. Dec 15, Taylor rated it really liked it. I thought that it was a good book to show how drasticly people react to things like being called names and being made fun of.

I feel like the people in this book actually exist. Although I really liked this book, there was a reason for me giving it four stars. She gave up. She was a hard character to get at the beginning because I haven't had to deal with characters before, but by the end of the book I viewed her as a heroine and I really liked her character and I thought that it was a good book to show how drasticly people react to things like being called names and being made fun of.

I really liked her character and wish that in the end she didn't die. Every book that I've read has had some sort of happy ending. Ever since I was little, "Oh, she got her prince! Although when adults read those "magic" stories to you they made you think that everything was going to be all right when in the back of their mind they know isn't true.

That's why those five and six year old girls think that by the time that they turn sixteen they will be married to a handsome prince and live in a pink castle. This book was my first realization into what can happen to people that are your best friends, or just some random person you pass in the hall on your way to class.

The way that she died and the information in the back of the book really opened my eyes to what can happen. I told my mom what this book was about and she shooshed me because the topic that it's on is- too- too, I don't even know. I am thoroughly surprised that they kept it on the summer reading list. Recently, a boy that I knew attempted to commit suicide and ended up getting put in a medically induced coma. A week and a half later he died and the teachers couldn't even talk to us about it.

I think that they think if they talk about it, then we will do it, that's not true. Although I don't understand why this boy would go suicidal because his family was so kind and nice, he still tried.

I know that this isn't really a review of the book, but it goes along with the message that the author was trying to send to its readers. This book was an eye-opener and I suggest it to anyone and everyone.

Just want to say something to the parents of that boy. I can't even imagine the pain that you went through, and you're still going through. The pain of losing one child at seventeen months is enough to even attempt to handle, but to lose your fourteen year old too is just too much to bare. I just want you to know that I feel so bad and the memory of him will go on forever because he was so kind and helpful to everyone. He cared enough to set up a toy drive at Christmas because he didn't want anyone to go without a present.

Fly high. Always missed, never forgotten. View all 6 comments. Jul 22, Kate rated it it was amazing Recommended to Kate by: My friend Tammy dropped this off at the library for me to read, and one day as I was waiting for the virus scan to run on my work computer, I started reading.

I only got 12 pages in and I told myself I would continue the next day at lunch. By the next day, Lexi the intern who shares my desk had also started reading it while virus scans were running. She took it home and finished it that night. I had other things to read, but the whole time I was wondering and worrying about the girl in the sto My friend Tammy dropped this off at the library for me to read, and one day as I was waiting for the virus scan to run on my work computer, I started reading.

I had other things to read, but the whole time I was wondering and worrying about the girl in the story. Daelyn is going to kill herself in 23 days. Her most recent suicide attempt left her mute, and she spends most of her days re-reading her romance novels and visiting Through the Light, a website dedicated to suicide completers.

The book counts down the days as she pours her soul out to the website, horrific stories about being bullied about her obesity, and tries to avoid the weird boy named Santana who keeps showing up at the bench where she waits for her parents to pick her up from school.

This book had so much truth in it Daelyn's voice was very real and her journey will suck you in Beberapa cara pernah dipilih, seperti mengiris nadi, menelan cairan amonia dan pemutih namun Daelyn tetap selamat. Sambil menunggu waktu dan membaca pengalaman orang-orang melakukan bunuh diri, dia akan memikirkannya nanti, cara lainnya yang akan dipakai untuk mengakhiri hidupnya dengan cepat.

Tergantung apakah ada faktor penghambat, seperti orangtuanya yang selalu mengawasi dirinya dan tidak pernah membiarkan dirin Cara Bunuh Diri Yang Dipilih Daelyn Rice Keefektifan: Tergantung apakah ada faktor penghambat, seperti orangtuanya yang selalu mengawasi dirinya dan tidak pernah membiarkan dirinya sendirian, mereka tidak ingin kecolongan lagi.

Atau seseorang yang selalu mengganggu Daelyn ketika menunggu jemputan sepulang sekolah, seorang anak laki-laki yang sekarat sama halnya dengan dirinya. Lebih sakit menghadapi perlakuan orang lain yang mengolok-olok daripada melukai diri sendiri. Secara kebetulan ketika mencari informasi tentang surat wasiat Daelyn menemukan situs www.

Secara ajaib, Menembus-Cahaya mengetahui data diri Daelyn, seperti menemukannya, mengetahui keinginan sejati Daelyn. Tempat berkumpulnya para korban penganiayaan, orang-orang lemah dan tanpa daya.

Di situs tersebut ada berbagai macam ruang diskusi sesuai dengan tema kenapa seseorang ingin melakukan bunuh diri, mereka menceritakan pengalaman dan penderitaan yang pernah dialami.

Serta ada pula cara melakukan bunuh diri, metode dan peralatannya. Dari sana kita bisa menentukan cara apa yang cocok untuk mati. Aku adalah produk dari setiap luka yang pernah ditorehkan di diriku. Produk sapah manusia. Sambil menunggu 23 hari berlalu, Daelyn menjalani hari-harinya dengan biasa, menebalkan telinga di tempat baru. Dia tidak pernah punya teman dekat, pernah namun sejalannya waktu mereka menjauh.

Kegiatan favoritnya saat ini selain menikmati kisah hidup Maggie Louise dalam buku Hasrat dalam Kabut adalah membuka situs Menembus-Cahaya secara sembunyi-sembunyi, membaca pengalaman orang lain tentang perbuatan kejam yang pernah mereka alami, sambil mengingat kembali penderitaan yang juga Daelyn alami.

Ejekan teman-temannya, kamp khusus menurunkan berat badan yang malah membuatnya seperti di neraka, pelecehan seksual sampai tidak dipercaya orangtua sendiri kalau dia benar-benar mengalami bullying di sekolah. Kemudian suatu hari ketika Daelyn menunggu jemputan, anak laki-laki yang beberapa hari ini selalu mengamati dirinya berani menampakkan diri, dia sangat ingin tahu tentang Daelyn, buku apa yang dia baca, kenapa dia tidak pernah bicara, apa yang terjadi dengan lehernya sehingga harus memakai penyangga?

Membuat Daelyn gerah akan kehadirannya dan menghindari. Namun laki-laki tersebut tidak menyerah, dia ingin berteman dengan Daelyn, dia ingin menunjukkan kalau Daelyn tidak sendirian di dunia ini, akan ada orang lain yang tulus menyayangi dan mendengarkan keluh kesahnya, ada orang lain yang bisa dijadikan tempat berbagi.

Ada orang lain yang lebih menderita daripada dirinya. Laki-laki yang menunjukkan bahwa hidup bisa dinikmati. Aku tahu kata itu dengan baik. Bunuh diri sebagai jalan keluar dari bullying. Mereka membunuhmu dengan kata-kata mereka. Kegagalan dan kesalahanmu. Hal-hal itu melekat pada dirimu. Hal-hal itu mengumpal jadi kanker jelek yang bertumbuh di dalam dirimu dan membuatmu ingin mati. Kali ini Julie Anne Peters mengambil tema Bullycide, bunuh diri karena bullying, setelah sebelumnya berhasil membuat saya terkesan dengan tema Transgender dalam buku Luna.

Bullying selalu menarik bagi saya, walau saya belum pernah mengalaminya, paling hanya sebatas ejekan di mana tidak terlalu saya pedulikan karena saya adalah tipe orang yang sangat cuek.


Namun Daelyn tidak secuek saya. Waktu kecil dia sangat disayang kedua orangtuanya, anak kecil yang gemuk selalu menyenangkan dan lucu, tapi begitu remaja kegemukan bisa menjadi masalah. Sasaran olok-olokan, sasaran kejahilan, sehingga menjadi rendah diri, tidak percaya diri, merasa dirinya jelek, dijauhi teman-temannya. Membuat Daelyn tidak berarti dan tidak ada yang memahami dirinya. Dia berperang dengan ketakutannya dan kalah, yang akhirnya memilih mengakhiri hidup karena tidak tahan lagi menerima ejekan dan perlakuan tidak menyenangkan dari orang lain.

Ditambah tidak ada dukungan darinya, kadang orang dewasa, dalam hal ini orangtua Daelyn, hanya menganggap sepele, tidak usah didengarkan, melakukan hal-hal dengan cara yang mereka tahu, yang mereka pikir terbaik. Mereka tidak merasakan sehingga tidak mengetahui penderitaan Daelyn, hanya bicara saja mudah.

Situs Menembus-Cahaya bisa membuka mata kita, melihat penderitaan orang-orang akibat pelecehan baik verbal maupun fisik, perbuat sepele yang kita lakukan bisa membuat orang lain terluka dalam. Dampaknya lebih dari luka badan, pengobatan dari terapis saja tidak akan cukup, perlu berbulan-bulan bahkan seumur hidup untuk menyembuhkan luka mereka. Kehadiran Santana Girard membuat Daelyn memikirkan kembali akan makna hidup, memberikan warna pelangi dalam hidupnya yang abu-abu kotor.

Buku ini tidak diceritakan secara mendayu-dayu, jauh dari itu. Daelyn bahkan cenderung sinis ketika menceritakan kisah hidupnya, dan lewat Santana kita akan mendapatkan humor yang segar, yang menganggap hidup harus dinikmati sebaik-baiknya. Santana adalah tokoh paling favorit di buku ini, dia bisa menghangatkan suasana, bisa membuat kita tersenyum.

Sedangkan bagian paling favorit adalah ketika Santana mencoba berbicara dengan Daelyn di bangku tempat biasa dia menunggu jemputan, dan ketika Daelyn bertemu dengan Emily, ketika sadar kalau diam saja tidak akan mengatasi masalah, malah akan menciptakan Daelyn yang lain.

Selalu ada jalan keluar. Yang perlu kau lakukan hanyalah mengambil jalan itu. Yang kutahu adalah, kau tidak dapat kembali ke belakang. Kau tidak dapat menekan tombol "hapus" dan mengetik ulang kehidupanmu. Bagaimana mereka akan diingat, orang-orang yang menyerah pada kegelapan?

Sebagai pecundang, atau pemenang? Buku ini bercerita tentang makna hidup, akan ada bagian atau keajaiban yang akan membuat kita berbelok tiba-tiba, berlawanan arah dari apa yang sudah kita rencanakan. Tuhan akan menyentil kita, karena Dialah yang paling tahu bagaimana ketika kita meninggal nanti.

Buku ini recommended bagi siapa saja, bagi orangtua agar lebih mengawasi anak-anaknya dan jangan pernah membiarkan mereka merasa sendiri.

Terlebih untuk para remaja agar lebih menghargai orang disekitar kita.

Jagalah ucapan dan perbuatanmu, pikir dulu sebelum bertindak karena siapa tahu bisa melukai orang tersebut. Jul 06, Milena rated it it was amazing. This one really got me. I cried from the first to the last page. Sep 02, Sab H. YA Bliss rated it it was amazing Shelves: I was not expecting this, specially in such a short read. This is probably the most torn I've been since I finished Ballads of Suburbia.

By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead

This book is so harsh. And raw. And wrong.

And cruel. And depressing. And sick. Oh, and I loved, loved, loved it. Even though my stomach sometimes didn't. I had physical ache while reading, that's how amazing it was. Seriously, I believe every person alive should read it. If you dare to read something so heart-wrenching that will most likely stick with y Whoa!! If you dare to read something so heart-wrenching that will most likely stick with you. It leaves a great message. The world is a freaking messed up place, no need to hide that.

This may be a hard read, but only because it's so real that it hurts. The characters in the book were magnificent. The guy, Santana, I've never been so in love with a realistic-fiction character before.

I wanted to tear him out of the book and keep him. He will steal your heart and keep it. The writing was good, felt awkward at times, but worked perfectly. If you think you have the guts to read about bullying and suicide Bullycide you must go pick this up right now.

If you read Hate List Jennifer Brown and liked it, I think you will find this one really interesting too.

This book is highly disturbing! It's basically a suicide guide!!! I thought that this will be an YA romance with a happy ending bud god, I was wrong! If I would know that this is a guide to an effective suicide, I wouldn't borrow it.

Jun 07, Thea Villa rated it really liked it. The only thing that's keeping me from giving this a 5 was the ending. I don't hate it. It's just that, it's making me so confused that I can't make up my mind on what kind of ending Daelyn will have. I like how Julie Anne Peters write this book. I like the start. I like how Daelyn portrays her thoughts and I haven't been in the situation as her and luckily for me, I was not bullied but those thoughts about suicide, I can somehow relate to.

Her indifference to her parents and the thought were what The only thing that's keeping me from giving this a 5 was the ending. Her indifference to her parents and the thought were what got me but somehow I felt that she was too cold for them. But honestly that part does not really affect my rating. What really affected it was the ending. It was really It leads both ways, she either goes through it or she does not.

She deletes her account and starts a new life. She empties everything and no more Daelyn Rice. The dog refuses to serve the master. Daelyn refuses to succumb to her bullies. Her dad calls out if she's ready to leave. Then with determination and purpose, she heads into the light. Honestly, it feels like that she'll live and that's what irks me.

It seems too cliche and too obvious but I can't believe that she also dies because it all seems so positive in the last chapter. What if through the light was not really about suicide but getting through it?

What if deleting your account actually meant your name being put in the DOD list wherein you finally killed the demons in your head and start a brand new you? I just enjoyed Santana so much especially with his words.

Can't find a guy like that in real life so far. Too bad his days are numbered. Daelyn is starting to see the world in a new light and let me repeat my words from the start: The only thing that's keeping me from giving this a 5 is the ending. We don't really know if she dies or not. Some people might like an open ending wherein you decide the end but I can't, not with these choices because with these choices entail different consequences like otome games or choose your own adventure book.

It's like if Daelyn lives and finds a new ray of hope in Santana, he dies maybe and if Daelyn dies, everything ends for her and Santana will be left wondering on a love that could have been and will still die maybe. As you might have already observed, I don't like this open ending. I can't decide. But truthfully speaking, if I really have to decide, she lives.

It's not only about Santana but Emily also has something to do with it. She can't see herself in Emily because Emily was strong, courageous and bubbly unlike Daelyn who preferred not being talked to.

She drowns her demons that have been haunting her and not her physical body. She kills off her old self and starts a new life filled with hope and happiness. She heads into the light. Or maybe I'm just the glass-is-half-full kind of person.

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Sonsuza kadar. May 02, Jaime Arkin rated it liked it Shelves: Aug 25, Circe rated it it was amazing Shelves: Esta historia transcurre con Daelyn, que conoce a un chico, Santana, que se siente en la banca junto a ella cuando Daelyn espera a que su madre o padre la vaya a buscar, ha intentado suicidar varias veces, lo que ella dice esto que son intentos fallidos. Me fascino. Tapi aku merasa gaya penulisannya bikin buku ini jadi 'meh' gitu Ceritanya tentang Daelyn, gadis SMA yang sejak SD selalu jadi korban bully.

Awalnya karena fisiknya yang gemuk, tetapi bahkan setelah ia kurus pun ia masih sering di bully. Ia sudah pernah bunuh diri 2x tapi gagal, dan sekarang ia ingin mencoba bunuh diri yang ke-3x nya. Ia menemukan suatu situs panduan 2. Ia menemukan suatu situs panduan bunuh diri di internet. Lalu hadir Santana, yang begitu getol mendekati Daelyn walaupun Daelyn sekuat tenaga menghindarinya.

Jadi, memang pesan yang ada di buku ini bagussss sekali. Ga bohong deh. Tentang korban bully, dan aku paling suka pesan tentang sikap orangtua dari korban bully. Kedua orangtua Daelyn menyangka mereka telah menolong Daelyn, tapi yang Daelyn rasakan malah kebalikannya. Sebagai orangtua harus banyak mendengarkan anak dengan tulus. Yah, tapi seperti yang kubilang tadi, gaya penulisannya bikin cerita jadi terasa kurang.

Plot utama tentang Santana yang selalu mendekati Daelyn, kayak kurang backgroundnya. Lalu situs panduan bunuh diri itu Bukannya jelek juga sih ya bukunya. Cuman kurang mendalami mungkin. I read this because it fit for a challenge as I normally wouldn't choose to read about bullying and suicide.

I got hit over the head when we find out Santana view spoiler [ has Hodgkin's lymphoma. I am currently in treatment for Hodgkin's. Needless to say, I was really rooting for him and his mom to have happy endings. There are a lot of negative reviews regarding the ending. I found it fitting. It wasn't all wrapped up with a nice bow, but I read it as a new start for all the I read this because it fit for a challenge as I normally wouldn't choose to read about bullying and suicide.

It wasn't all wrapped up with a nice bow, but I read it as a new start for all the characters. In her 23 days on the Through the Light website, Daelynn was able to mentally and physically purge, enabling her to see a possible way forward with the help of the people around her, even though her intent was to die. I'm wondering if that is really the point of the website with the waiting period, daily questions, comment boards, etc The act of getting it all out, actually telling someone what happened, gave her a sense of empowerment, and encouraged her to stand up to the current bully.

Dec 30, Hannah Ashworth rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Through the book we learn more about Daelyn, a depressed high school girl, and why she wants so badly to commit suicide after several failed attempts. However things may not particularly go the way she planned them, and maybe that's even for the better. I have so many things to talk about, and about none of them are bad, so you might as well call my review a "praise" instead. What I really liked about this book is how much it pulled you into the storyline.

Daelyn is a year-old girl, I'm assuming I don't think she ever gives her current age, or else I've forgotten, but she is definitely in high school who has been tormented, put down, and bullied by school classmates, her parents, and people she doesn't even know because she was overweight at a young age.

And what happens to her really is horrible. Everything's happened to her, from being pulled out of a singing contest because she was more overweight than the other contestants, to being pulled inside of a boy's bathroom at the age of eight maybe and tormented in a stall. I don't know, I've read other books where all the reviewers have said, "This book changed my life, I definitely look at bullying differently now," but I've never gotten such a big reaction out of it as they did.

Sure, it's sad, but it just never hit me. This thing, on the other hand, made me hate humanity for the two days it took for me to read it. I'm not kidding—see my bookshelves this thing is under which is way too many bookshelves.Can't know for sure, but it's as if I really felt was Daelyn felt against these characters, and it's one of the few books that has ever done that to me other than Harry Potter, and that is definitely saying something.

Until you reach the ending. Got it up? Sure, you will get some experts in there but even they are looking for something. Nick and Norah is similar to the movie, but different. I had used real estate investing to get out of the rat race and was able to jump into my passion: teaching real estate to others. Tentang korban bully, dan aku paling suka pesan tentang sikap orangtua dari korban bully. Ia sudah pernah bunuh diri 2x tapi gagal, dan sekarang ia ingin mencoba bunuh diri yang ke-3x nya.

And the right offer will still catch their attention. It emanates one facet of reality; our words can really kill.

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