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Bestselling selections from Oprah's Book Club. Available in a variety of formats including epub and pdf, here you will find the Library's Overdrive ebook. Enjoy the best books we have to offer completely free of charge. Instant downloads. Formats for all devices. Free ebooks, ebook library, pdf books download, free ebooks pdf, ebook pdf All The Light We Cannot See Best Books For Men, Best Selling Books Must Read.

Best Selling Books Pdf

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Now, without further ado, enjoy what I think are the top 31 motivational books .. Number of copies sold: ~ million, making it the third best-selling book of all. These 11 websites have loads of free e-books for you to download The site offers more than 1, free e-books, it's easy to navigate and best of all, of all the classics you've always wanted to read in PDF Books World's. Blocks erotica books from appearing on the home page and in search results. . All your favorites including the best "Yo Mama" jokes, "Knock, Knock" jokes and more Kate sells the story to a UK tabloid newspaper, setting in motion a bloody .

Here are just a few works that have made must-read lists that you can access for free. Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert: French bourgeois life in all of its soul-crushing triviality is explored through the character of Emma Bovary in this novel. Moby Dick by Herman Melville: Follow along with this book as Captain Ahab tracks down his arch-nemesis the legendary white whale. The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo: Full of tragic characters, this novel explores life from its beauty to its horror.

Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky: Is murder ever justified? This novel explores through its main character the student Raskolnikov.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen: This story explores the many difficulties associated with marriage and morality in 18th century England. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte: Jane Eyre follows Jane, an orphan, throughout her life providing readers with a compelling story full of love, social criticisms and many elements characteristic of the Gothic novel. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens: Get a more personalized tale of life during the French Revolution as the monarchy is replaced by a regime responsible for terror and numerous executions.

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War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy: Many know little of this novel other than that its long, but the story takes readers through the impact of the Napoleonic invasion of Russia through a vast and varied cast of characters. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad: This novella takes readers to the depths of the Congo to find the mysterious Kurtz, along the way exploring ideas of imperialism.

Siddhartha by Herman Hesse: This novel parallels the life of the Buddha, employing Eastern philosophy in a beautiful and poignant tale of a quest for enlightenment. This Side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald: Set in the years following WWI, this book explores the life of Princeton student Amory Blaine as he struggles with greed, morality, status and more.

The Time Machine by H. Little Women by Louise May Alcott: Follow along with the young women in this novel who come of age in this 19th century setting. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson: Readers will be familiar with the title character in this novel who leads a double life as the unpredictable Mr.

Dracula by Bram Stoker: With all the hubbub about vampires these days why not read the classic vampire novel about the most famous vampire of them all? Philosophy and Religion These famous works will help you get a better understanding of religious and philosophical theories from around the world and through many different periods of time.

Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes: This 17th century book on social contract theory explores the nature of legitimate government and the structure of society.

Beyond Good and Evil by Freidrich Neitszche: This work expands on Thus Spoke Zarathustra, attempting to move beyond traditional definitions of good and evil and tries to gain a better sense of the nature of knowledge and the condition of modern man. Discourse of a Method by Renee Descartes: This philosophical and mathematical work is essential to understanding modern science and thought.


The Tao Te Ching by Laozi: Written in the 6th century, this text is fundamental to the Taoist school of Chinese thought and has had influence throughout the centuries since its creation. The Sayings of Confucius : With lessons on morality, social relationships, justice and society at large, these teachings form the foundation of Confucianism. The Problems of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell: This book is an attempt to create a more accessible guide to the issues of philosophy.

Berens: The mythology of ancient Greece and Rome is a part of any complete reading of Western history. The Golden Bough by Sir James George Frazer: This study of mythology and religion takes a logical approach to understanding the place of these in modern society.

Politics, Economics and History Check out these free books to learn more about some important political and economic ideas.

Common Sense by Thomas Paine: Those looking to learn more about American history will appreciate this work that encouraged colonists to pursue freedom from British rule. These free selections can be a great place to start.

Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson : Get a good background in the works of a great American poet though this free collection. The Complete Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley : Learn more about the works of this Romantic poet through this large collection of his works.

Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw: While many people may have seen the film adaptation of this play in My Fair Lady, the written version is just as full of wit and charm.

100 Free Online Books Everyone Should Read

The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri: Explore the depths of hell through this highly important work of Italian literature. Paradise Lost by John Milton: This epic poem follows the fall of Lucifer and his subsequent seduction into sin of the human race. The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe: One of the most well-known poems ever written, this work by Poe is essential to any reading list.

Hedda Gabler by Heinrich Ibsen: In this play, a bored housewife dabbles in the lives of others with disastrous results. The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde: With plot twists and turns about mistaken identities, love triangles and romantic affairs this play is an entertaining way to spend an afternoon.

In a book, emotions, characters and events are explained in full detail. You can also simply read them online if you prefer!

Oh, and if these are going to be a little too difficult for you, try out these books first. People have enjoyed these books for a long time, and they still enjoy them today. That means that these books contain themes and topics that are relevant to every human being. One of these is the lexile range. Click on the name of any book in the list to get a free e-book through Amazon.

These books are listed in order of their reading difficulty, from the easier books to the more difficult ones. Also, keep in mind that some of these books are old.

If you have trouble understanding the language of the book, try something different! He loves them so much that when his many pets scare away his human patients, he learns how to talk to animals and becomes a veterinarian instead.

He then travels the world to help animals with his unique ability to speak their language.

The Red House Mystery by A. Milne Does the name Winnie the Pooh sound familiar? Author A. One day while exploring outside the home, she discovers a secret: a locked garden. The secret garden helps her make a friend, and thanks to the love of their friendship she learns to be a better person. Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson Everything you know about pirates probably came from this one book: wooden legs, parrots on the shoulder and treasure maps. The book is told by the horse, and describes his life and the many cruel people and difficult times he had to live through before finding peace.

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She makes many friends along the way, but also deals with the kinds of fears that a child would have, like being alone and away from the people who love you.

My Man Jeeves by P. Wodehouse These days not many of us have butlers servants hired to care for you and your house but whenever we talk about a butler, his name is often Jeeves. This book is a collection of stories about the legendary, kindhearted thief and his group of outlaw friends.

Be prepared for many fun and funny moments, and some with a more serious tone.

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This book is perfect for reading little by little, since the stories are only connected by their characters. The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane There are many war books that show how terrible war is physically — all the violence and death.

It uses many symbols and metaphors to discuss the important themes.The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe: One of the most well-known poems ever written, this work by Poe is essential to any reading list. Maxwell 4. Into Thin Air: A People's Future of the United States: The Splendor Before the Dark: Simon Zingerman Goodreads Author. With more than 29, free e-books at your fingertips, you're bound to find one that interests you here.

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