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Bastard Out of Carolina book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Greenville County, South Carolina, is a wild, lush place. Bastard out of Carolina was the debut novel of Dorothy Allison. The book, which is semi-autobiographical in nature, is set in Allison's hometown of Greenville. Bastard Out of Carolina: A Novel [Dorothy Allison] on the author a National Book Award nomination and launched her into the literary spotlight.

Bastard Out Of Carolina Book

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David Cantwell on “Bastard Out of Carolina,” the author Dorothy Allison's Allison, who is gay, has also published a book of essays, “Skin. George Garrett, author and critic who reviewed Bastard Out of Carolina for The New York Times Book Review wanted to “blow a bugle to alert the reading public . Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of Bastard Out of Carolina. The book is a semi-autobiographical account of "Bone" Boatwright, a girl.

Bastard Out of Carolina

The family's fortunes plummet, with Glen losing job after job due to his anger management problems. It is then that Glen begins sexually molesting her. The abuse culminates in beatings and whippings that leave Bone nursing bruises and broken bones. When Anney discovers the abuse, she leaves Glen, who promptly promises never to do it again.

Anney takes him back and the abuse resumes. Anney leaves Glen again after her tough, hard-drinking brothers severely beat Glen upon discovering that he has beaten Bone once again.

Bone then announces to her mother that she will never live in the same house with Glen again. Bone tells her mother that she loves her and will forgive her if she decides to go back to Glen, reiterating that she will not return to the house with Glen. Her mother then vows not to go back to Glen unless Bone comes with her. When Glen discovers this, he attacks Bone at her Aunt Alma's house, breaking her arm and raping her on the kitchen floor.

Do you look back on it with a mixture of longing and contempt? Was it hard, scary, confusing? Did you have lots of family?

Did you have no family? Did people love you? Did people hurt you? Did people who were supposed to love you hurt you?

Or does it not fit into neat, black-and-white categories? Maybe it was sometimes happy, sometimes sad, and sometimes complicated? Now that we've effectively freaked you out, let's talk about a novel that takes a good, hard look at what it means to be a child trying to make sense of a tumultuous, perplexing, and often dark world: Bastard Out of Carolina, written in by Dorothy Allison about her experiences growing up. The book is a semi-autobiographical account of "Bone" Boatwright, a girl growing up in Greenville County, South Carolina in the 's and 60's, born fatherless to fifteen-year-old Anney Boatwright, sexually and physically abused by her step-father Glen, and surrounded by a big loving extended family who get called "trash" for their poverty and their penchant for drinking and fighting.

It has all the makings of a Lifetime original movie We know from the very beginning that this book is going to be no cakewalk.

Talk about a title that packs a punch. Who exactly is this "bastard"?

Well, folks, it's our protagonist, Bone. She is a bastard in the most literal sense of the word she doesn't know who her father is , but even so, the word "bastard" isn't exactly politically correct.

Bastard Out of Carolina

Even the term "illegitimate" is now pretty outdated. More to the point, the book that we are reading exists, and it is told in her voice.

Allison, who has devoted much time and effort to L. The strongest voices are those voices, those people who have come out of the poor and the disadvantaged circumstances to claim their right to tell a story.

Look at it from the other side for a while. The story she tells is one filled with rage, but also generosity and love.

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Her story inquires, unsuccessfully but unceasingly, into why her mother and stepfather, not to mention the town of Greenville, have acted so cruelly toward her. She has looked squarely at every monstrous thing her parents did to her and yet has resisted the too-pat path of depicting them as monsters. Bone has grown up to become a writer, in other words, and she has presented herself not as trash but as the flawed, honest, complex hero of her story.You can also choose to be emailed when someone replies to your comment.

But at the bottom, at the darkest point, my anger would come and I would know that he had no idea who I was, that he never saw me as the girl who worked hard for Aunt Raylene, who got good grades no matter how often I changed schools, who ran errands for Mama and took good care of Reese. View all 3 comments. Feb 02, A.

I wasn't at all sure what was so funny, but I laughed anyway. Anney even prostitutes herself one evening in order to obtain money to buy her children food. He curses at her, and Bone tells him that she hates him and won't let Anney go back to him.

It begins with the account of her premature and illegitimate birth, and ends with her violent introduction to adulthood at the age of Overall, I thought the premise of this book was excellent - there were some truly heartbreaking scenes, particularly the ending, and some incredibly shocking moments. I thought they seemed well-developed, enough so that for the most part, I recognized the names when they repeated after chapters-long hiatuses.

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