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Athens Airport. Marina Alimou. Kalamaki. Zefyros. Loutra Alimou Elliniko. ELECTRIC RAIL - METRO: M1 PIRAEUS - KIFISSIA. M2 ANTHOUPOLI - ELLINIKO. Are you visiting Athens and want to have an offline map to view without internet connectivity? Moovit has easy-to-download transportation maps in PDF format. This Athens Metro Map is pretty much up to date and you can enlarge it to see it full size which is very useful since many maps you can't even read.

Athens Metro Map Pdf

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PLEASE READ: By summer the Athens transport ticket system has . You can find routes, maps and real time bus movement information. Also Used By Attiko Metro. myavr.infoTIAS. Anthousa. Gerakas. Filothei. ANO. PATISSIA. AGHIOS. ELEFTHERIOS. Halandri. P. P. Railway Station. Athens Metro. View Athens Metro in a larger map. Click on image to download the Athens' Metro and suburbs map. connect and experience. Download Banners .

This club provides the full range of services in surfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing in Athens. Also, it is worth participating in competitions of sailing boats: International Regatta … Open Famous hotels King George Palace is located in an old building.

List of Athens Metro stations

Initially it was built as a supporting building for the Royal Palace, but later the palace was purchased by a private person, who reconstructed and expanded it. A thorough reconstruction has turned the palace into one of the best hotels in the world, distinguished by European service of the highest standard. In the past, the hotel became an asylum for King George II … Open Weekend in Athens in original style If you like walking and find exploration of the mountains amusing, there is one more entertainment in Athens for you — ascension to Mount Parnitha.

This is the highest mount in the city, so a climb to it normally lasts a whole day, after which travellers are usually offered to sleep on the top.

Such a trip will be very interesting as sides of the mount are covered with dense pine forests. It is possible to buy tickets on the spot at the ticket counter but in July and August you should book your bus trip ahead of time because seats are sold out more often than not. Tickets are usually a bargain compared to other modes of transportation, so bus hopping around Greece could keep your entire vacation under-budget.

You will have to check you luggage. Right next to the parked bus that you plan to travel with you will find a scale and someone who can weigh it, tag it, and put it in the bus stowaway area. Stay with your luggage at all times and note which side of the bus it has been stowed so you can easily get it when you get off at your destination. You can take a small backpack in the bus cabin, but storage there is limited.

It is well connected with the Attiko Metro the Athens subway. As you exit the train station you will find plenty of taxis waiting in line for arriving passengers.

Always wait your turn and take the first taxi in line. Trains in Greece are notoriously inefficient so not many tourists prefer to travel that way. To get to the northern Peloponnese from Athens you should use the Proastiakos train.

Athens Metro

It is safe, clean, punctual and connects all major areas of Athens with subterranean and open air trains. You can get around comfortably by Metro, by bus, or by tram where you can use the integrated ticket. You must cancel your ticket as soon as you enter the first mode of transportation and keep it with you at all times.

The Attiko Metro connects the center of Athens to the suburbs, and to other transportation hubs like the airport, the train station, and the port of Pireas.

Each Metro station is adorned with the art of contemporary Greek artists, and in certain cases the subterranean station walls offer glimpses of ancient artifacts.

For example, the Monastiraki station has an open area where one can see the ancient sewer pipes.

The Syntagma station has on display a host of ancient artifacts, unearthed during the construction of the Metro station there, and a glass-wall with a representation of a subterranean cross-section with embedded artifacts and graves.

The Acropolis station sports copies of the Parthenon sculptures.

Click here to see, or print, the map of Athens Metro pdf Taxis To get to places that are not served by the Metro lines, you can utilize the myriads of yellow taxis that roam around the streets of Athens. City Busses The entire city of Athens is also served by a labyrinthine network of buses, trains, trams, metro, and trolleys. To find a route or a bus number, visit the Athens Urban Transportation Organization but be prepared for long searches. Better yet, use google maps to search for bus routes.

Last, we advise that visitors never attempt to rent and ride a moped, four-wheeler, or motorcycle in the streets of Athens unless you like living dangerously.

Driving Around Athens Traffic in Athens is notoriously bad and congested so driving in Athens is not recommended, especially since there are better alternatives.

Read more about driving in Athens. Where to Eat You will be bumping into eateries everywhere around the popular areas listed above, but you will find the most enchanting restaurants with views of the Acropolis in the Monastiraki and Plaka districts.

Tip: Rooftop bars and restaurants around Monastiraki offer better views and "selfies" of the Acropolis. The entire section of Adrianou pedestrian street that starts behind Monastiraki station and ends at Thesion metro station, is lined with cafeterias and restaurants sandwiched between ancient Athenian ruins and with good views of the Acropolis. Our favorite spot is MOMA restaurant.

Yes, the bathroom! Not unlike several other restaurants in the area, the building that houses MOMA was built on top of ancient ruins, and you can see them under the glass floor of the basement bathroom.

How is that for a unique experience? For fresh fish restaurants, take a taxi to the little port called Microlimano near Pireas where you will find many pricey fish tavernas overlooking the quaint fishing port.

Day Trips from Athens While Athens itself can fill a complete itinerary of exciting venues and things activities by itself, there are several trips worth taking around the capital.

Sounio Sounio is about one hour drive from the center of Athens through the coastal road and can be done in one afternoon or morning. It would take about 45 minutes to get there, and many visitors prefer to go in the afternoon to watch the sunset from the ancient ruins. There is a cafeteria where you can have a light meal or a drink with the moon over temple of Poseidon in your view.

Click here to visit our Sounio travel guide. Tip: Keep the Sounio visit for you last night in Athens, and plan to watch the sunset from the Temple of Poseidon. It would be the perfect exclamation mark to your holiday! These are extensive archaeological sites which require at least one hour for each visit, so our advice would be to only opt for a day trip if you have no other option.

Otherwise, we would advise at least an overnight stay in Delphi and a three-day trip in the Argolis. Going to Delphi for a day-trip from Athens would make for a really long day, mainly because the road to Delphi is only partially highway, and the longest part alternates between rural and mountain roads. We would therefore recommend that you make Delphi a destination in itself for at least one overnight.

Public transportation would not be a good option unless you stay in Arachova or Delphi overnight, and there is no train connection with Athens. The Museum of Delphi houses some of the most important artifacts from ancient Greece.

Information on the public transportation in Athens

Once you reach Corinth, you can get around with taxis. The biggest attractions of Corinth are the archaeological site and the spectacular Corinth canal that separates the Peloponnese from the rest of the Greek mainland. Mycenae and Epidaurus Mycenae and Epidaurus could be visited together during a long day trip if you are pressed for time.

The current system replaced s-era semaphore signals. Fares are prepaid, either as short term tickets valid for 90 minutes, 24 hours, 5 days, or as long term tickets.

As of February , there are 2 types of product types, ATH. ENA Card, both of which are validated using a contactless system by tapping the ticket or card at the electronic validating machines. The single minutes ticket is valid on all modes of public transport in Athens except on trains and buses to the airport, and airport tickets. ENA Card. Reduced fares are available for seniors, disabled and persons under At metro or suburban railway stations, the ticket or card must be validated in the electronic gates when entering and when exiting the station.

During construction of the metro tunnels, artifacts of archaeological interest were discovered and rescue archaeology was employed. Teams of archaeologists worked ahead of, then with, engineers for six years, protecting and recording archaeological finds streets, houses, cemeteries, sanctuaries, public workshops, foundry pits, kilns, aqueducts, wells, cisterns, drains and sewage tunnels.

This afforded new insight into the city's ancient topography, through unprecedented infrastructure development combined with the study and preservation of archaeological data. Exhibitions of ancient artifacts or replicas are found at a number of metro stations, including Monastiraki and Syntagma.

A fourth line is planned for the Athens Metro and it has been incorporated in the roadmap of Athens's mass transit system since The cost of the entire project is estimated at 3. The first phase of Line 4 will be between Alsos Veikou and Goudi stations, predicting fifteen 15 new stations and a length of It has been announced that an invitation to tender for the construction of the first phase of Line 4 will be issued in the summer of The construction is expected to start by mid and the opening of the line by circa The estimated cost for constructing the first phase of the new line is 1.

Currently, the project of the first phase is considered to follow a PPP scheme which might be extended for constructing the whole new line. It is also a high-profile candidate project to be included in the Juncker Plan of EU that will include also the second phase of Line 4 of Athens Metro.

Lines 5—8 are also planned. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Athens Metro Athens Metro train 3rd generation stock. Main article: Athens-Piraeus Electric Railways.

List of Athens Metro stations. See also: Athens Metro rolling stock. Syntagma Metro Station Archaeological Collection. Archived from the original on 3 December Retrieved Attiko Metro S.

Archived from the original on 8 July Retrieved 2 June Retrieved 3 October Archived from the original PDF on 14 March Urban Rail Transport S. Retrieved 2 October Retrieved 25 September Government of Greece. A Retrieved 24 September Archived from the original PDF on 27 June Retrieved 29 August Railway Gazette International.

Retrieved 21 June Archived from the original on 24 April Most of these achievements have direct or indirect influence to our own way of thinking and living our lives. From there, the best way to get to your final destination without getting lost in the labyrinthine public bus schedule, is to hire a taxi. Amsterdam Metro Rotterdam Metro.

The main terminal stations of Ktel are located in 2 major areas, the first is at Kifisou for western Greece and Peloponnesus and the other is at Liossion street for northern Greece. August 6, Nerantziotissa. As of July , the red line Line 2 was Retrieved 25 September

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