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Abandon All Hope - In the 27th century, after generations of war, Terra RPG Objects. ADD TO WISHLIST >. PDF. $ $ 1 2 3 4 5. Abandon All Hope: Seeds of Rage - Seeds of Rage is an introductory RPG Objects. ADD TO WISHLIST >. PDF. $ $ 1 2 3 4 5. [ / 40]. 3MiB, 1x1, dogs in the >Abandon All Hope Core Book Anyone have a pdf of The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric Not quite an RPG book but totally an RPG book all the same.

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Abandon All Hope - Core Rulebook - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. rpg. Abandon All Hope is a horror role-playing game with strong sci-fi themes that features mature themes The program is a rather unique release for RPGObjects. 1. nov drivethrurpg pelgrane press trail of cthulhu pdf download dark conspiracy rpg wild talents 2nd edition pdf. 29 Nov Abandon All Hope: The.

The Darkening of Mirkwood is a companion volume to The Heart of the Wild, using the material in that supplement to form a year epic campaign. Rivendell is the first supplement to be set outside of Wilderland. Ruins of the North is a companion volume to Rivendell. It includes six ready-to-play adventures that can either be played on their own, or together to form a campaign. Hobbit Tales is a standalone storytelling card game that also includes rules for using the cards in The One Ring Roleplaying Game.

Production and sales have stopped. Horse-lords of Rohan is the supplement describing the kingdom of Rohan , its history, its lands, and the people who live there. It includes rules for player character Riders of Rohan and the hillfolk of Dunland. Erebor: the Lonely Mountain greatly expands the details of the Kingdom Under the Mountain, including its history, crafts, surroundings, and people. Journeys and Maps is a collection of 4 double sided poster maps, along with a page booklet adding more options to the Journey phase, and an index of places in Middle-earth.

Adventurer's Companion is the supporting or expansion supplement, expanding the game system by introducing five new cultures and optional rules for players. Bree is a mini region guide and adventure supplement as it contains three adventures set close to the Shire in Eriador. Oaths of the Riddermark is the latest supplement, containing new adventures set in and around the region of Rohan.

Most of these are designed to be a campaign. Before the company took its in house forum down in May it was revealed that "Moria" would contain four books: two of these were common to both game systems and the other two were specific to the individual systems.

Your previous history as a mole working for the Penalty: Though few people care about treachery in general anymore, your kind are still considered the most hated of pariahs. You may Warden Computer permanently increases your Access take this trait multiple times. Your Social attribute drops to 1 over and Insanity permanent.

Having stood up and fought them before and won , you are not afraid of the custodians the way most Prerequisites: You know they can be destroyed! Must have defeated at least one Penalty: From all the trials and near-death experiences onboard Penalty: You may have had some skill working with robots on Benefit: You may take this trait multiple Terra, or repairing mining automatons on a distant star times.

Improvisation, Jury Rig. If you manage to gather the necessary components, tools, and accumulate the needed BP, you Prerequisites: You may take this trait multiple Penalty: You may take this trait multiple Benefit: You no longer accumulate Despair from times. Your current Madness is permanent. This often might be possible to enhance psychic potential.

Examples include plucking out their own Prerequisites: Sixth Sense. Whenever there is a manifestation, if you pass a Wits check you predict exactly when in terms of Prerequisites: Insanity 2 permanent. In Penalty: TANK Not only are you an ogre in close combat, refusing to drop, but your skin is almost as hard as iron as well. Must have been reduced to Health 0 and Prerequisites: Prowess 10, Refuse To Die. Any melee weapon not including unarmed personal goal. Whenever you are required to roll on the is immediately destroyed.

Recovery Table, you may roll twice and pick from the Penalty: You can move at normal speed in cramped quarters, and can also fit in tight spaces not normally accessible to someone your size for instance, ventilation ducts, steam pipes, etc.

Weapon Specialist in three or more weapons. You can apply your Weapon Specialist and Weapon Master benefits to all weapons you handle, of any type. Weapon Specialist. You may buy this trait more than once, each time applying your bonus to a different weapon. You try to protect your Identifying features are an optional rule.

They have no during the last war. If you choose comrades and. Do the 4 Rasping voice right thing when you get the chance. A character with this personal goal sees the situation on the Gehenna as a chance to save fellow prisoners. Lead by example. Must have killed three enemies with the a driving force behind her actions.

Characters with this goal gain bonus BP Tattoos awards for saving the lives of other characters. Share with others.

Whenever you attack using a weapon of that specific type. With the overturning of the order onboard. Be a leader. Look out for yourself. BP Awards: Pick impossible never flagging. Some shriek and hide. The only layout of the ship. Not many prisoners have the spark of hope left. Make others reliant on you.

Abandon All Hope - Core Rulebook

Now you want to call the BP Awards: Characters with this goal gain bonus BP awards for securing weapons and armor for themselves. Build contacts. Whether its Terra or some far-flung star she may or may not have a moral compass. And some even hope to run away. Role-Playing Suggestions: The more you structured society of prison. Characters with damnation in mind hope to useful later.

But a character with this personal goal sees the writing on the wall and. You seek to abandoned. Your fear could be mundane and Back story is important for characters not only from a realistic lights going out. Keep your identity secret! If your companions find you. Everyone has them.

Unless you took the Innocent trait. You are a sinner. If your character was abused. You hand. Since a part of this game involves struggles to overcome personal demons real and imagined. You actively seek to the insanity. Or it may simply mean you have Role-Playing Suggestions: Be subtle. If your character has Traits that a prominent place in Hell will be reserved for you indicate insanity.

It can also say a lot about why the character were guilty for your crimes. Characters with this goal gain bonus BP guilty of some crime or another. On the other or covertly. It might have been awards for betraying other characters. It helps to and sowing chaos. Here are some sample ideas you might want to include in your personal story: Even the toughest con fears something.

The Warden will need to know give her depth. It personal back-story to your character. Because Gehenna is a blowouts. Pay a Fixer to find an item - domes. These one magnetic bracer this is a metal band that can be are explained below. Even common Shoeshine 5 Smokes daily items taken for granted by most ordinary citizens Haircut 5 Smokes are strictly controlled on the Gehenna.

As a result. Chapter 3: Other weapons. Widely-produced on Terran colonies. The BP Cost: Precision 2. Complex 2 1. Abandon All Hope. A battery can hold up to 8 charges.

Basic 1 Tools. If an item can be crafted. Cheap knock-offs made by inmates. Pressurizing 1. A first aid pack cannot be used in combat unless the character has the Motion Detector 2 1. Basic Cost: Items that can be crafted will have Time Required: This list is by no means exhaustive. Rigid 1 component is needed.

If an item is not completed before the time is up. If an item can be crafted using the Salvage BP Cost: First Aid Pack 1 50 especially in first aid stations. Chemical 2. During a hydrogen cell. This is also the relative barter Control Level: Capacitor 1.

Conductor be listed here. Basic in this manner. Work Pass 1 poison. Utilizing to create the item. This item requires a hydrogen cell to operate. Stun guns. Conductor 2. Rudimentary Cost: A hydrogen cell can hold up to 10 charges. A hand feet. BP Cost: Gas Energy weapons were developed in the final wars masks originally slated for trustees recruited for riot on Terra and in its colonies.

Anyone wearing a gas police force required them for many powered. Light rods are primarily used as emergency lights. A character can only benefit from this once per to individual convicts assigned to work details. Light rods hand drill. After eight Basic. Rudimentary tools BP Cost: Rigid 3 Light rods are yard-long plastic batons that. Precision 1. Rigid 3 Cost: Control Level: Precision 3. Basic tools can be used to create are lightweight.

Complex tools can be used to create anything with a Complexity rating of Formerly used by custodians and trustees to track Rudimentary. A character consuming a ration Components: Tools like these can be handmade. Despite Cost: They are not able to Time Required: A Control Level: Rigid 6 Makeshift armor is typically constructed out of whatever materials are on hand.

While worn.

Work passes permit convicts to be in areas they would not otherwise be allowed in. Unarmed attacks do not roll Time Required: All in all this armor is not exceptional. Complex rolls maximum damage e. This BP Cost: Electromagnetic 1. Such armor can be made from Page Such Most forms of protective gear were restricted to trustees overalls are usually colored in vivid shades yellow.

A typical suit of riot Time Required: Riot armor. They do not protect against other sources of harm. All prisoners have at least hands and feet with which to Concealability: All weapons have a Concealability fight with… Unarmed attacks inflict 2 points of non- rating listed after their name. Slug Gun 3 Sonic Beamer 3 1. Basic A target struck by a cattle prod takes 1D4 points of Cost: If that square is already Components: Rigid 3 occupied.

Health damage and is knocked prone. Torsion 1. Prowess check or be pushed into an adjacent square BP Cost: This item weighted to imitate the hitting power of a riot baton.

Any time a 6 is rolled for damage. Rudimentary Components: Ignition Precision water. When thrown.

Time Required: A Pulsar generates a localized Cost: Pulsars were included on the ship in obscure armories. Otherwise it can Page The goo can be dissolved by applying Components: Chemical 1. Within a fraction of a second this Time Required: Whenever the weapon is fired.

If the number is equal to or greater than the number of charges remaining in the cell. Any human-sized victim 3. By combining specific Components scavenged from ship-borne instruments energy cyclotrons. On contact with the air the compound Complexity: Complex expands. They are in high demand. Pistol whip 1D4 As weapon A laser cutter inflicts 3D6 points of damage against any target it hits.

A laser cutter is so heavy that a character cannot move and fire one on the same turn. An irritant thrower Control Level: When found. A complete list of the various objects. Below are Conceal: When a hand Control Level: A robo-killer affects any robot or machine that it hits. A robo-killer is only useful against custodians and machines. Rigid 3 A homemade.

Electromagnetic 2. This item requires a Conceal: Conductor 1. A target struck by a pocket shocker must make a Prowess check or be knocked unconscious for 1D10 minutes. Complex Complexity: Complex Cost: Rigid 2 Precision 3. Torsion 1 point of detonation. A flash bang round emits a BP Cost: Any opponent directly hit by a rubber slug takes 2D6 points of Health damage this damage is considered non-lethal. When fully loaded a scatter gun can fire 10 made from converting irritant throwers. A room-broom can taking a -2 penalty to all dice rolls.

Anything struck by a barricade buster takes 3D6 points of Health damage. Rigid 4. Basic BP Cost: Slugs consisting of a tube filled with rubber balls that scatter in an area. Rigid 3. Most scorchers are below. When fully loaded a room-broom can fire 2 rounds The cost of scatter gun rounds is high 10 smokes for before it must be reloaded.

Volatile 2 shotgun that can be chambered with a variety of useful munitions. Pressurizing the scatter gun is essentially a compact riot-control 1. Barricade Used to blow holes in prisoner- Buster made barricades during prison riots.

Ignition 1. In addition to regular rubber rounds for Not a weapon sanctioned by the New Regime nor prisoner subjugation. Basic Flash Bang Used to stun rioters and suppress Cost: Pressurizing 1 Page The cost of slug gun ammunition is high 10 Conceal: Sonic beamers are generally considered point. A character in this area takes 2D6 points Conceal: Any time a 5 or 6 is rolled for Time Required: Any time results together.

A scorcher affects a cone-shaped area that is fifteen long and fifteen feet wide at its widest point. Rigid 1 Cost: Crude but cleverly constructed.

A successful strike with liquefying their targets instead of merely subduing a shiv inflicts 1D4 points of Health damage. When fully loaded a slug gun can fire 10 rounds before it must be SHIV reloaded.

Most such slug-throwing firearms fire being on fire inflicts 1D6 damage per turn until are extremely rare.

/tg/ - Traditional Games

A beamer a makeshift handle. A target struck by a stun stick takes 1D3 points incapacitated for 1D4 turns. If that square is already occupied. It can also be loaded with tranquilizers and Time Required: A stun gun Control Level: This item requires a hydrogen cell Complexity: Basic to operate. When a tear gas grenade is thrown. Any human-sized victim struck Complexity: Rudimentary by a sticky bomb must make a Reflexes check or become Cost: If this BP Cost: They come in many standard forms.

Rigid 2 have the right know-how. A syringe inflicts 1D3 points of damage on Complexity: A syringe can also be used to administer drugs on a This type of hand-held control device fires a ray that willing target without incurring damage.

Rigid 1. A typical zip gun the New Regime on how drug-enhanced maniacs is shaped from wood worked in a prison wood shop. The cumulatively. Torsion 1 powerful psychoactive drug was smuggled aboard the ship either by prisoners or. A character gun. But even before Perdition a thriving ship. Rudimentary Control Level: If two 6s are rolled. Each time a character takes a dose of Cardiolax her Despair is reduced by 1D4. Whatever the truth. A dose of Frenzy lasts six the results together.

Redline lasts for six hours. Although it is not a guarantee that a dying patient will come back to life. A character penalty or become paralyzed for 1D6 minutes. During this time the character must make a Willpower check each turn to act sensibly. Taking multiple doses of Lazarus has no effect.

A character taking a dose of Lazarus within 5 minutes of being dropped to 0 Health or below may roll twice on the Recovery table.

Lazarus is the next best thing. These temporary points are treated just like extra Health. Taking multiple doses increases the temporary Health by 5 each time. Tranq is a recreational drug. A character taking a dose of Redline gains 5 temporary Health. When taken. A character taking experiences strange sensations of sight and sound. The following list outlines recuperate.

In Abandon All electrical energy. Each salvage source has a Electromagnetic Component capable of producing list of potential salvageable parts.

Only one attempt can polishing be made per source. This is reflected in the fact that on a roll of the salvage source has no Volatile A component that is either salvageable components. Similarly computers. On a roll of This is done by rolling D12 and consulting or to serve as a propellant when the table below: Rolling D To create an item. This includes custodians. Rigid 2. Any piece of equipment or contraband can potentially unless the Warden decides otherwise.

Electricity courses throughout the ship. Power lines feeding electricity to various parts of Those parts of the ships intended for human habitation the ship are usually located behind the walls of the require atmosphere regulators.

ANY listing of the components needed to craft them under Components: Precision Components: All items have a complexity rating: Every cell block is served by a waste processing The ship is filled with computer centers. ANY 1. She must also Components: Jury-Rig from clothing to soap throughout the ship give is required for making Complex items.

Members of this rank are involved in the decision-making of the gang.

They are considered full-fledged members of the gang. Characters who have just joined to radically-differing views. These are exclusively drawn from the ranks of Senior members. Based largely on racial status. Characters who voice a willingness to protect and assist members of a given sub-group.

Members of senior standing have Some gangs are simply trying to survive and make full access to gang resources. Some have do as they say. As with prisons of the past. Characters with senior standing through their part of the ship. Most gangs defend enforcing the mandates of gang leadership. The Daughters are hedonists. Being Promoted: The Daughters only accept females into their ranks.

Senior Standing: Embracers are almost universally insane.

In game Perdition Only terms. Warden should feel free to devise additional gangs to suit her campaign. The the chaos to further their own aims. Slaughter abandon Junior Standing: All members of Junior Standing gain the Cold-Blooded trait for free if the character Embracers To betray the rest of the prison already has this trait. GANGS should determine when a character rises in status based knives and other weapons. All members of Junior Standing gain resources the Seen Beyond The Veil trait for free if the character Ultramax To dominate all others already has this trait.

Family To survive. These gangs are merely examples. Rimshank To protect their own by maintaining Rippers respect Probationary: In addition to Daughters tend to attract the most sadistic and depraved describing each gang. Daughters of To enjoy what little time is left with breast. As such most of the Fittest strive to profit off of other gangs and criminals looking for maintain combat readiness at all times.

Fittest are understandably scared and disorganized. Most of the manipulation. The rather made up of a motley collection of like-minded Family amassed its strength by lurking behind the individuals whose only aim is to survive the current scenes.

Mindful of their shelter. They have no immediate goal for the future through bribery and coercion. Inner Circle: To join the Family one must either Point bonus whenever they complete a mission that kill a member of a rival gang. It is unclear what their they have recently begun to be led by a brutish convict current goal is after Perdition.

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Junior Standing: They are known for source. The Furies have little ambition beyond their wounded or disabled behind. Senior members gain their choice of Senior Standing: The their choice of a shiv or two first aid packs as standard Furies make sure their sisters can get themselves out of equipment.

Small but ferocious. Chapter 4: To join the Fittest one must possess a Probationary: The Furies only allow females into weapon of some kind one-use weapons do not count.

All members of Junior Standing Junior Standing: All members of Junior Standing gain gain the Scrounger trait for free if the character already the Woodbourne Shuffle trait for free if the character has this trait. Though little chance of surviving. Open to Page All members of Junior Standing tattoo a blackbird on the shoulder. GANGS attacks on other gangs. All members of Junior Standing make sure their members can fight for themselves.

Formed from the ranks of the old timers and lifers aboard the ship. To join. Jaybirds to adjudicate grievances or settle disputes. The Jaybirds carry aboard the Gehenna even before Perdition. To join the Jailhouse Giants one must Probationary: Only Lifers and Old Timers may join possess the Tortured trait. Senior members gain their choice of character already has this trait. The Protectors are highly either Redemption or Power as a personal goal. All members of Junior Standing Senior Standing: Despite this.

All members of Junior Standing Probationary: To join the Protectors one must have receive the Found The Lord trait for free if the either the Innocent trait or Redemption as a personal character already has this trait. GANGS some stockpiles of riot weaponry early on.

In Inner Circle: In the Gehenna as the worst murderers and serial killers. Many gangs of differing origins exist even after Perdition. Senior members gain their choice of Probationary: Perdition Senior Standing: Not only learning new skills of self- defense.

All members of Junior Standing reputation and remorseless amorality of its members receive the Knife-Fighting trait for free if the character to coerce others into doing their will. All members of Junior Standing Chapter 4: Turn order is determined by each combatant and special effects is incurred as listed under the rolling a D12 and adding her Reflexes attribute. Cornered An opponent that is in a corner that is.

Abandon All Hope tends to Alternatively a character may move twice. To regulate actions and make sure all participants have a chance to act. The weapon or attack form. The first hit regulate movement. Combat Traits which either affect attack rolls or or require some means of determining success or defense rolls. The most common action in combat is attacking. Combat in Abandon All Hope is a means by full-tilt. A highest goes before lowest.

Whenever a character attacks. The total is called the attack Combat in Abandon All Hope is broken down roll. Defense rolls so long as she is cornered. She loses this bonus once there is a clear path out. In such a case the victim reduced by half. If she Reloading a weapon either with a new round of ammo fails she cannot move away that turn. Defense roll against the surprise attack. She may then move as normal. After this she is no longer considered surprised.

This allows a Under normal circumstances. A weapon that is thrown in resulting in her using a dice one step down from this way has a range of one square for every two points her normal Defense dice i.

Damage will usually be the same penalty no longer applies if the odds are evened for as if it had been used in melee. Delaying Moving Through There are times when a character would prefer to hold When moving.

When this happens a pinch. This applies to firearms scatter guns and zip guns. Chapter 5: The Warden may rule that large or heavy Disengage objects might preclude a character from also attacking Sometimes a character must disengage from an enemy or moving in a turn.

Reloading fall back to a more advantageous position such as to Certain weapons must be reloaded once they have avoid being ganged up on. D12 drops to D Ganging Up Any character or creature that finds herself alone Throwing Weapons and adjacent to two more enemies in melee combat is Weapons which are not intended to be thrown may. A character occupied by allies. This D10 instead of D To drag something a character must be have a free hand Surprise Attack to grasp it.

Standing Up Dragging A character standing up after being on the ground for Sometimes a character will want to drag a large object instance. This may be because she wants to attack someone else. Here are two important things to remember: You are the final word. Chapter 6: This chapter. Be prepared to make judgment recovery. This leads to the keystone rule of all role-playing games: So that when they do appear.

Toss them out and devise something new when the existing rules seem inadequate. Do demons fight each other if no humans are around? Perdition and other challenges to be encountered in Abandon All Hope.

Although its always tempting to throw demons en masse at the PCs. What does zero-gravity do to movement and combat? Do guns fire in a void? If a character was former military. Can a Page Warden Only!. Your Demons are powerful. Unlike some role-playing games. The logistics of supporting far-flung Gehenna. Whether development of better and more efficient propulsion simply serving as the backdrop for your stories.

It lay in the historical efforts to colonize Australia and has hundreds of levels. There were. Build Points as the player characters perform actions. Chapter pauses. But even with the the action takes place.

The sheer size far between. Although by the end of the 25th century Chapter pauses also give you a chance to give out Build Terra had already succeeded in seeding several nearby Points earned from role-playing and pursuing personal star systems with small colonies.

To this end the government what is happening just a level above or below might be emptied its prisons and put them aboard a ship of entirely different. It helps you the prison ship Gehenna is a marvel of 25th century reign in the players and maintain control of the game. Entire Tasmania. Gehenna was not a new or unique idea.

Nor should you. Make use of the concept of the Still. As overcrowded as the ship is. Agro domes are generally well-lit and have their own mechanized irrigation and humidifying systems. After Perdition most agro-domes have become abandoned.

By Dominic Covey and Miguel De Dios

A typical cell block consists of twelve cells arranged injecting fresh foods into the diet of the population around a central annex or corridor. There are over 1. Fresh foods than the exterior walls of the cell block itself made were likewise useful as rewards for trustees and inmates of the standard beryllium alloy.

Each cell is while at the same time giving prisoners something to do approximately 10 ft. These agro-domes were intended to complement the recycling facilities of the ship. Agro domes are situated on the upper half of the ship. Entire agro-domes have become dangerously overgrown. The ship is. Other other than stare at the walls of their cells. Food and tobacco produced in the agro domes was processed on-site before being transported to the general food distribution network via automated conveyors and tunnel systems.

After Perdition many cell blocks well as space needs. Each cell block is linked to the ship-wide ventilation systems over ten thousand miles of ducts and pipes. Here scrap metal could be molded and shaped or melted down for the shoring up of damaged sections or stressed structural supports.

Cells typically feature either one or two beds depending on the security level of the given block. Such work centers resemble the largest industrial factories of Earth or her colonies. Yet at the same time. Multiple cell blocks corridors and has been hiding here hoping they share cafeteria areas. Characters wandering the are shut down leaving the lights in the annex as the various levels of Gehenna are likely to encounter a vast only illumination.

Privacy is virtually the panicked routs following the appearance of said non-existent. Some cover hundreds of square yards. In these large facilities. Characters using the maintenance tunnels can such facilities on multiple levels. As such machines. Most hospital facilities are now darkened corridors. After Perdition the majority of often visited by human trustees when called for.

Most are lit only sporadically. Ranging from local infirmaries to large hospitals With the expectation of a ghastly creature around every serving entire wards. Typical maintenance tunnels are tight. Dehumidifier units. A typical tunnel will carry a maze of fires. These foundries and workshops are now deserted. They may be inclined to fight to keep bitterly cold in tunnels that run close to the outer hull intruders away from the valuable contents of the to inhumanly hot in tunnels that run past foundries foundry.

Part of the New miles of labyrinthine conveyor tunnels. Most recycling centers remain To keep the program enticing and to prevent boredom. Open glass elevators and escalators connect the various levels. All outsiders PCs included are strictly forbidden. These comes to visit her anymore. TRAMS lounges. Filled with the worst killers and and freak electrical shortages have led to structural maniacs and the most wild-eyed crazies. An exterior window. These vaults were sealed up. They annexes that rise several stories vertically.

Since the life. The only way in or out was via heavily-guarded Post-Perdition: The imagined safety of fleeing to the prison transfer in the rare event of an ultramax prisoner tunnels to escape demons in one cell block complex exhibiting good behavior and rehabilitation. Like hope to pass through their territory. Perdition the greater portion of demons manifested in and among the terrified inhabitants of the ultramaxes. Most ultramaxes are abandoned now. Considering most of demonic images. Even after Perdition.

Entirely 12 Distillery equipment uninhabited. In effect. It includes 1D3 ration packs. If chased. Having given up all hope with demons.

Once there. Though she behaves 03 A former cellmate of one of the PCs. Though much of the ship when spotted. This is danger. Roll again twice dwelling nearby to lure prey to it.

Abandoned all hope rpg pdf files

In reality Gehenna before he was sentenced to the he killed a friend and robbed him before very ship he helped create. He may join the party if the presence ofe demons within ft.The worst criminals are subjected to long periods of isolation in solitary confinement.

Most scorchers are below. So, The Quiet Year. As many former nations collapsed under the weight of Following a series of catastrophic nuclear. Scavengers - Those that seek out wealth and artifacts from the ruins of the past. A syringe inflicts 1D3 points of damage on Complexity:

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