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A new edition of our classic, The Other Bible, including a new index, new cover, and a new introduction from the author to bring The Other Bible up to date. The Other Bible Paperback – September 20, The Other Bible gathers in one comprehensive volume ancient, esoteric holy texts from Judeo–Christian tradition that were excluded from the official canon of the Old and New Testaments, including the Gnostic Gospels, the Dead Sea. Willis Barnstone Marvin Meyer IX GNOSTICISM, GNOSTICS, AND THE . In the Gospel of John and other texts the divine logos, or word, plays a similar role.

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The Other Bible. Edited by WILLIS BARNSTONE. New York: Harper and. Row, xxiii + pp. $ This is an anthology, drawn from current, standard. Get Free Read & Download Files The Other Bible Willis Barnstone PDF. THE OTHER BIBLE WILLIS BARNSTONE. Download: The Other Bible Willis Barnstone. Willis Barnstone (Editor). · Rating details · ratings · 40 reviews. A new edition of our classic, The Other Bible, including a new index, new cover, and a.

His collected essays on the two most notorious of these ancient gospels, Thomas and Secret Mark, demonstrates their importance for the origins of Christianity and brings them into the main stream of New Testament scholarship.

His new book deals principally with the enigmatic appearance of a naked or near-naked young man both in canonical and extracanonical writings dealing with Jesus.

His book includes a respectful review of existing primary and secondary sources and culminates in a thoughtful comparison of the Mark fragments with the apparent myster-initiation depicted at the Villa of the Mysteries in Pompeii--without, however, directly dealing with the potentially disturbing implications of that comparison regarding Jesus' own role in religious initiation practices. Still, his book is a capably written and thought-provoking discussion of a perennial puzzle in New Testament studies.

Overall, Meyer's scholarship in his essays is quite well done.

He introduces and makes clear various opinions and interpretations of the passages and clearly outlines his own position and arguments. His positions are well presented and thought out, taking into consideration pertinent and relevant material in his arguments.

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Enter Willis Barnstone. These sayings of Jesus, now separated out and rendered in poetic typography in this new volume, also appear in the complete Gospel texts of his Restored New Testament. Or, well—almost—Barnstone tells us in our interview later this week.

When this more compact new volume was prepared, Barnstone freshened the prefaces to set the tone of each gospel and he did tinker with a few lines here and there—perfecting them in this purely poetic format. Bottom line: If you care about reading the Bible in fresh ways—and especially if you find yourself among the broad movements encouraged by the many other Christian writers, described above, then order a copy of The Poems of Jesus Christ from Amazon now.

By coincidence or perhaps by fortunate inspiration, Barnstone wrote a new poem on the occasion of our ReadTheSpirit interview, which we have published today.

This new poem a fascinating additional perspective on the multi-faceted ways Barnstone reflects on his longevity, his vocation and other issues you will find raised in more prosaic fashion in the interview, later this week.

In his book, Barnstone argues that Jesus spoke in poetry—at least his most famous sayings were in that form.

Secret Gospels

This idea makes sense, if you are involved in regular Bible study in your church and think about this point for a moment. First, we know that Jesus often was quoting directly from the Hebrew scriptures—lines of poetry from psalms, prophets and other ancient texts that were set in Hebrew poetic forms.

Beyond that, most of the teachings that his followers shared so widely were in memorable forms poetry. Rather, Jesus taught in poetry and Barnstone is simply restoring the original format in this translation.

Faith or disbelief makes one person's miracles another's sorcery In keeping with other works of the period, the Gospel is virulently anti-Jewish. It attempts editorially to dissociate Jesus as well as early biblical figures from Jewish identity Before that happened, though, Jewish leaders advocating for Jesus' death imprisoned Joseph. He is rescued by divine intervention.

Joseph describes how, 'at midnight as I stood and prayed, the house where you shut me in was raised up the four corners, and I saw as it were a lightning flash in my eyes. Full of fear, I fell to the ground.


And someone took me by the hand and raised me up from the place where I had fallen, and something moist like water flowed from my head to my feet, and the smell of fragrant oil reached my nostrils.

He and Satan are fearful that Jesus will steal all the dead from them and bring the dead up to heaven.If anyone has any insight they would like to share on the Alphabet, feel free.

It will not only challenge and al so far this book is quite interesting. Thereby he gave us our immortality.

This is one of the many aspects of the secret gospels that Meyer examines with expert insight and creativity. He introduces and makes clear various opinions and interpretations of the passages and clearly outlines his own position and arguments.

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