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Vyayamashi Maitri, Aarogyachi Khatri (Marathi Edition of Don't Lose Out, Work Out). by Rujuta Diwekar and Prof. Rekha Diwekar. - Buy Don't Loose Your Mind Loose Your Weight (Marathi) book online (Marathi Edition of Don't Lose Out, Work Out) by Rujuta Diwekar Paperback. Sold by VIKAS BOOK HOUSE, PUNE. ( out of 5 . Don't Loose Your Mind Loose Your Weight (Marathi) by Rujuta Diwekar Paperback Rs. In stock.

Rujuta Diwekar Book In Marathi

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Pregnancy Notes: Before, During & After - Now available in Marathi and Tamil The only book you need to understand exercise and plan your workout routine. Lose Your Weight (Marathi) by Rujuta Diwekar, Translation:Ujjwala Barve from Pages; Language: Marathi; Publisher: Ameya Inspiring Books . Women And The Weightloss Tamasha (Marathi) by Rujuta Diwekar, Diwekar; Pages; Language: Marathi; Publisher: Ameya Inspiring Books. Services.

The third meal of the day or a mid-meal snack between breakfast and lunch should be consumed with hours of having breakfast. This should be something which you can carry easily like nuts or a refreshing drink like coconut water.

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The fourth meal of the day is lunch, which should be consumed within 2 to 3 hours of your mid-meal snack. It can either include rice or roti, along with vegetables or meat or dal.

You can have lunch with dahi, pickle and ghee.

The fifth meal of the day should be consumed within 2 to 3 hours of having lunch. This meal should include a drink like seasonal sherbet, buttermilk, etc. Your 6th meal of the day should be wholesome and should be consumed around 4 to 6 pm every day. This can either be like your breakfast or the leftover portion of your lunch. Meal 7 of the day is your dinner, which should be consumed hours before bed time.

It should be rice or a millets-based meal with ghee. The last and final meal of the day should be at bedtime. If you feel hungry just before sleeping, you can have a glass of milk with cashews or gulkand or chyavanprash. Rujuta says in her Facebook post that this meal plan can work equally well for people suffering from diabetes , heart ailments or blood pressure problems.

Loss of fat can also be achieved by following the aforementioned diet, according to Rujuta. Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only.

It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information. COMMENT DoctorNDTV is the one stop site for all your health needs providing the most credible health information, health news and tips with expert advice on healthy living, diet plans, informative videos etc. I think typically in India, it's when girls are studying for 12th grade exams, or when they start living in a hostel where there aren't any home-cooked meals or for that matter when they take up a job that just changes their lifestyle; where all of a sudden they have accessible income and they start eating things that are more expensive but not necessarily rich in terms of nutrients.

So, at any point when you experience a significant change to lifestyle, women tend to become susceptible to things like PCOD and Thyroid. And basic things like eating outside food, sitting for too long, and being exposed to any stress are all major factors.

Monitoring your weight is extremely important when you're dealing with PCOD. What is the best form of exercise that women should be getting? First things first, it's not body weight that is important. What is very very important is body composition. And the reason is that the more muscle tissue you lose, the more insulin resistant you get.

So if the insulin is not functioning properly it means that all the other hormones are not functioning at their optimum.

Don't Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight

And when the body gets insulin resistant you will start putting on weight, develop pigmentation, and break out etc. So in this whole journey of losing weight, what we tend to do is adopt methods that compromise our muscle tissue. That's what most crash diets do. So the best form of exercise that one can do is strength training in the gym regularly, because it can rebuild lost muscle tissue.

You can also practice Iyengar Yoga. What about skin? Five foods women should include in their diet to get amazing skin.

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So ghee tackles both those problems, and its good for the skin too. Curd: Curd with its pro-biotic bacteria ensures that your skin is always glowing.

Coconut: Coconut has something known as Folic acid and it has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, which makes it very good. Banana: It's really healthy, and has a great electrolyte balance. It also ensures that you don't break out because bananas contain magnesium that's really good for the skin. Water: Water is very important, but that doesn't mean just the consumption of water, but also making sure that you don't consume excess cola, tea, coffee because these are all dehydrating.

It's not enough to just drink water, it's also important to prevent eating any foods that will dehydrate the body.

In your book, you talk about how we need to go back to the eating habits that our grandparents had inculcated. What do you think then about the growing popularity of super foods that everyone is obsessing about?

It's unfortunately a reflection of our state of mind. And it's common to see that people from lower-income countries like India, Asia, constantly aspire to be like the west.

And we are always keen to give up our native, indigenous foods to eat something that is exotic, unknown to us, while the rest of the world is adopting our foods as their primary foods like turmeric, ghee etc. So we really need to start eating and patronizing our local foods.

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If your grandmother doesn't recognize the food you're about to eat, you shouldn't even be touching it. And above everything else, just because you've eaten something exotic or unpronounceable, it's not going to make you healthy. So we shouldn't be eating these exotic foods because they're not grown here and our culture isn't used to these foods?

Yes that's one factor. The other factor is that if we keep eating food that is coming from the outside, we are going to have to deal with climate change. And we'll die because of climate change before we start worrying about our breakouts.

If you've been sitting for 30 minutes, stand for at least 3 minutes. Eat homegrown food. Bring back ghee, curd, rice. Basically everything your grandmother endorses.

Always fix what you're going to eat between four and six in the evening a week before. Because that's the time that we tend to mess up the most and we land up eating everything that we never wanted to eat. Adopt minutes of weekly exercises as a way of life.

Rujuta Diwekar Books

Get rid of your gadgets at least an hour before you hit the bed. Don't take your phone, your iPhone, your Kindle to bed.Bring back ghee, curd, rice. As the English version of the book is a very simple and reader friendly one, I have tried to keep the Marathi version similar. It should be rice or a millets-based meal with ghee.

As the English version of the book is a very simple and reader friendly one, I have tried to keep the Marathi version similar. Crash exercise and fad diets never work in the long run.

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