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Real Marriage by Mark & Grace Driscoll. In today's world, many lose focus on Mark and Grace Driscoll begin their book by telling their story. From their family. Most marriage books use "intimacy" as code for "sex." This is not one of those books. In Real Marriage, Pastor Mark Driscoll and his wife, Grace, share how they. Book Review: Mark and Grace Driscoll's Real Marriage. Let me tell you about my car. It's your typical sedan. It doesn't have many special features, but. I honestly.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Pastor Mark Driscoll is the founding pastor of Mars Hill Real Marriage: The Truth About Sex, Friendship, and Life Together - Kindle edition by Mark Driscoll, Grace Driscoll. Religion & Spirituality Kindle. Adapted from 'Real Marriage' by Mark and Grace Driscoll series and marriage books is that they focus solely on the marriage without considering the rest. Real Marriage: The Truth about Sex, Friendship, and Life Together. by Mark Driscoll You may be reeling from a devastating sin in your marriage. Or the two of.

Real Marriage: The Truth About Sex, Friendship, and Life Together

But men, you should make money. You should feed your family.

Driscoll's interpretation of this passage has been dismantled thoroughly elsewhere, but note that Driscoll's model of family assumes that "family" means the "Post-Industrial Revolution White Middle-class Nuclear" family. But such a family structure is totally foreign to the Biblical world. In fact, the type of marriage the Driscolls describe in Real Marriage isn't based on a single biblical couple.

To be fair, they do lean heavily on Song of Solomon. But assuming the author is Solomon as they do is problematic, since according to the Scriptures, he had over wives, which makes him sort of a polygamist. Marriage for the Driscolls seems to be a reinvigorated idealization of the Leave it to Beaver family.

And this family is every person's created intention. The Driscolls assume full personhood is found in marriage and childrearing. Anything else is sin. There's no picture of Biblical singlehood. Little discussion of how married and single person integrate into one larger whole in the Church.

What's problematic for me is that none of these commands the Driscolls offer us from the Bible are actually followed by Jesus or Paul. Both men would, according to Driscoll's own criteria, belong in the "boys who shave" category. When your theology of personhood excludes the fullest picture of human personhood we've been given, you should definitely at least reevaluate your stance. The most problematic aspect of Real Marriage is a total lack of a strong, clear picture of healthy Christian sexuality.

Don't misunderstand me. There's plenty of talk about sex. And like everything else in the book, it's an inseparable blend of helpful and hurtful. For instance, Mark makes this statement early on in the book: The previous church I had attended was Catholic, with a priest who seemed to be a gay alcoholic.

He was the last person on earth I wanted to be like. To a young man, a life of poverty, celibacy, living at the church, and wearing a dress was more frightful than going to hell, so I stopped going to church somewhere around junior high.

But this pastor was different.

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He had been in the military, had earned a few advanced degrees, and was smart. He was humble. He bow hunted. He had sex with his wife. He knew the Bible. He was not religious. It's a shame that the priest Mark knew was such an uninspiring person. I've personally known priests - and other single, celibate Christians - who live full and inspiring lives.

Again, we're missing a compelling vision of sexuality that includes a place of honor for celibate persons. But it's also weird, isn't it, that the other pastor's credibility stems in part from his apparently healthy sex life? Just the first chapter, which was linked at the end of the second paragraph of the blog post. And even in your earlier post you say that he calls it a sin to be a victim of sexual assault, and he says he forgave her for being abused, like it was her fault. I think that the bit where it says that he forgives her is ambiguous as to what it refers to.

The writing of that chapter, though, just makes him sound sad. Perhaps knowing more about his character makes people interpret his story in a different way.

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What the fucking fuck fuck. Anonymous Also, in the first chapter p. The only way for her to get out of this conundrum is to now say she was sexually abused or assaulted in some way. The story evolves over time, I think. She is at fault for her crappy sexuality in her marriage. This is important. One cannot really blame the husband or god or Jesus or this bizarre religious attitude that women are not supposed to be sexual but they darn well better turn it on and please their husbands no matter what once they are married.

Anonymous The guy is a sociopathic, batshit insane nutjob. His views on sexuality and gender are twisted and crazy. He has some serious issues with women and traits he perceives to me feminine in men. But what he teaches is the same inhuman nonsense as any other fundamentalist. I was raised in churches that taught home-schooling through high-school, young-earth creationism, a strict literal interpretation of the Bible, and that women should stay at home and submit to their husbands authority.

Driscoll is very popular in those churches although a lot of them disagree with him on alcohol in moderation being OK.

Real Marriage

His hangup on demon possession, especially as a result of sexual abuse, is bizarre, as is his claims that Freemasonary is demonic and practices child rape in their ceremonies. Anonymous If you correctly inferred his internal homophobia just from that — you should read some of the other stuff he wrote.

He has a blog and wrote whole posts just about that. Can we do this? Is it appropriate? Is it godly? How would you advise a couple in which one spouse—and usually it is the wife—is uncomfortable with a particular act that her spouse wants?

How does mutual respect play out in the bedroom? M: I'll let Grace answer that. If one spouse says, yeah, I just really don't like sex, well, the Bible talks about sex as part of marriage. So you can't just vote "no" on sex. Now when it gets to particular sexual things that are controversial, that's why we encourage couples to actually talk.

Usually what happens is they make demands about it, and to make demands about it in a sexual moment is tense and awkward. It's better to begin a conversation in a moment that's a little less tender emotionally, shall we say. From the guy's perspective, 1 Peter 3 says to be considerate of your wife. And to be considerate of your wife means you're not always going to get what you want, and even if you do get what you want, you may not get it for 10 years.

Considerate means a level of love and patience that wants to encourage the wife and not just use the wife. G: If there's hesitation from either side, that needs to be discussed.

Sometimes there are good reasons behind that hesitation, such as previous relationships where abuse has been done. That's an opportunity for those things to be revealed, if they haven't been discussed already, because those issues affect how women respond in the bedroom.

It's an opportunity to be considerate of the wife and ask, "Is there something that I can help with and walk through with you? Or is this a fear that we need to pray about and then trust the Lord to get us through? It can be an opportunity to work through a fear that the Enemy might use to keep us from deeper marital intimacy. How would either of you advise a couple where the wife believes a particular sexual act is immoral or makes her feel "dirty"—especially since Mark, in a sermon on the Song of Solomon, told the women, "Ladies, let me assure you of this.

If you think you're being dirty, he's pretty happy"? M: The Bible says to heed your conscience, in addition to Scripture and governmental law, so we would never encourage anyone to violate their conscience. Any time one person in the marriage, husband or wife, says he or she cannot see that an act honors God, or it makes him or her feel dirty or defiled, then that has to be honored. Sometimes husbands who have a history of sexual sin and pornography suddenly have crazy stuff they want to do, and the wife is not okay with it.

He needs to put his wife above his fantasy and honor her and not press that. If even a Christian man has something he would like to try with his wife, chances are that he has been exposed to pornography at some point in his life and has perhaps struggled with addiction to it.

So his sexual imagination has in part been misshaped by the tropes of pornography. Are there specific guidelines beyond Paul's guidelines in 1 Corinthians 6 that you use to distinguish between godly sexual practices and those that are just borrowed straight from pornography? M: I have been working in missiology for a long time, and at our church we use the language of "receive, reject, redeem. I don't know if a pagan invented the telephone or not, but we can receive it and use it.

There are things we have to reject. We have to reject pornography. There's no such thing as Christian pornography. Then there are things that God created good that are defiled through sin but can be redeemed. So there may be certain sexual practices or positions that were introduced to someone in a sinful context, but they're not sinful in and of themselves. They may be able to be redeemed within marriage, if both parties have a clear conscience and are willing.

So certain sexual practices from pornography are degrading or defiled in that particular form, but can be extracted and redeemed for godly marital sex? M: Yeah, the Bible doesn't say "do this" or "don't do that.

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The Bible doesn't give a checklist to put on the nightstand: "make sure you don't check these bad boxes. For example, I once counseled two married couples where one husband and the other wife were committing emotional adultery.

The husband from one couple and the wife from the other couple would meet at the grocery store and hold hands while they were shopping. If they were married, that would be wonderful. That would be beautiful. There's a husband and wife holding hands going grocery shopping. But the fact that they're married to somebody else made it horrendous. So what they were doing was not bad; who they were doing it with was the real problem.

God gives us freedom. It's porn that took that freedom and enslaved us. We're receiving what God originally gave us and asking what those freedoms are for in our marriage, and not allowing any of that to enslave us as the porn industry wants to do. Is there tension in teaching sexual purity before marriage while encouraging frequent and wonderful sex within marriage? M: No, and for us, we sinned, quite frankly.

We were virgins when we met and were sleeping together as high-school boyfriend and girlfriend. Then Grace came back to Christ, and I came to Christ in college, so we had to stop sinning sexually.

I'd say if we both could go back and rewrite history and change one thing, that would probably be the thing we would change. But we did repent and met with our pastor.Feinberg and Paul D. In short, the students loved it! But We loved it. The Bible often gives more freedom than our consciences can accept, and we then choose not to use all our freedoms.

Amw January 25, at 1: Men and women are wonderful creatures and if they are given a Gospel based, grace filled, giving context for their marriage then a emotionally healthy couple should be able to experiment and discover new joys all the days of their marriage… And should not need charts from a pastor to do it.

Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience.

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