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Overall Summary. Shakespeare's Measure for Measure centers around the fate of Claudio, who is arrested by Lord Angelo, the temporary leader of Vienna. Get all the key plot points of William Shakespeare's Measure for Measure on one page. Get the entire Measure for Measure LitChart as a printable PDF. Measure for Measure is clearly one of Shakespeare's more puzzling plays. Many critics and .. The summary of this act/scene is divided into subsections with.

Measure For Measure Summary Pdf

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Complete summary of William Shakespeare's Measure for Measure. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Measure for Download PDF. Theatre's production of William Shakespeare's Measure for Measure. The amount Here is a step-by-step summary of the action in the play. It points out key Graphic Organizer – Measure for Measure page 3. Measure. Measure for. ASIDES. | SEASON • Issue 1. A publication of the Shakespeare Theatre Company.

Angelo reneges on his promise to Isabella that he would free her brother, because he

Angelo, eager to make the hand of justice felt, arrests Claudio, a young gentleman who has gotten his beloved Juliet with child. He sentences him to death, although Escalus, an aged advisor of the duke, urges leniency. Lucio, a man who keeps company with pimps, bawds, and whores, learns of Claudio's plight from Mistress Overdone, whose whorehouse also falls to Angelo's zeal.

Lucio informs Claudio's sister Isabella of his arrest.

A religious novice on the verge of entering the sisterhood, she pleads with Angelo to spare her brother. Angelo is at first adamant, but finding himself tempted by Isabella's beauty, and by her very purity, he offers to pardon Claudio if she will yield her body to him. Isabella refuses and tells her brother that he must prepare himself for death.

When he pleads with her to meet Angelo's demands, she is outraged. The duke, disguised as a friar, now takes control of the action. Having reassured Claudio by bringing him to a sense of peace in death, he presents Isabella with a plan which will save both her virtue and her brother's life. Mariana, betrothed to Angelo and forsaken by him, will take Isabella's place in his bed.

Isabella agrees and Mariana is met and gives her consent as well. Claudio says that he is still hoping that he will not have to die, though the Duke tells him to count on death; that way, if he lives, life will be even sweeter to him. Isabella enters, and the Duke withdraws to somewhere he can hear her conversation with Claudio.

Isabella proceeds to tell Claudio of Angelo's proposition.

Measure for Measure Summary

Isabella tells him that to save him, she would have to sleep with Angelo; at first Claudio says that she should not do it, but then he considers his fear of death and the finality of it. He then asks his sister to agree to Angelo's terms in order to save his life.

Isabella becomes angry that he would even consider her shame to be less weighty than his death. But, just then the Duke, dressed as the friar, asks for a word with Isabella.

He tells Claudio that Angelo's proposition to Isabella was merely a test. Then, he tells Isabella that he found out about Angelo's proposition somehow, and has a plan that will free her brother without any negative effects to her.

The Duke tells her of Mariana , a maid that was engaged to Angelo, who Angelo dumped when he found out that her dowry was lost. The Duke says that Isabella should go to Angelo immediately, and agree to his terms. Isabella will send Mariana in her stead, which means that Angelo will have to marry her after all. Isabella agrees heartily to this plan; she will go see Angelo, while the Duke fetches Mariana, and convinces her to go along with the ruse.

Measure for Measure

After a comic relief scene, Lucio asks the Duke, still disguised as a friar, where the Duke may be; the Duke ironically answers that he does not know. Lucio then says that severity will never drive sin out of Vienna, for human nature means that people will always be vulnerable to sin. Lucio says he wishes the Duke were back, because the Duke liked drink and the pleasures of the flesh, and so understood the failings of others; the Duke is upset by these allegations.

Escalus and the Provost enter, with Mistress Overdone in their custody; she has been arrested for being a bawd because Lucio informed against her, though she says Lucio got Kate Keepdown pregnant, and she has kept Lucio's child all this time.

Measure for Measure

Mistress Overdone is taken to prison, but Escalus says that Lucio will have to answer to him too. Isabella enters as Mariana leaves, to tell the Duke that she has agreed to Angelo's plan.

Isabella has a word with Mariana, and Mariana agrees to go with the plan, provided the "friar" agrees, which he does, assuring her that she is doing no sin. The Provost goes to Claudio, showing him the warrant for his death. The Duke enters, still dressed as a friar, and says there is some hope for Claudio yet.

A message comes from Angelo, and the Duke is convinced that it is a pardon; but it is an order to go ahead with Claudio's execution, despite whatever orders to the contrary from other sources. The Duke asks the Provost to help him with Angelo; he wants the Provost to send Angelo the head of Barnardine , and say it is Claudio's, so that the Duke can have a few more days to try and save Claudio.

The Provost is unwilling to deceive Angelo so plainly, but is finally convinced. Barnardine is called forward to be executed, and tries to shrug the officers off by saying that he is tired and drunk.

The Duke says that to execute Barnardine then, with his soul completely unprepared, would be a terrible thing; luckily, a man in the prison died the night before, so they can use his head to send to Angelo.

Isabella comes to the jail, to see if her brother's pardon came through as it was supposed to. The Duke tells her that her brother was executed, so that she will be happier when she finds out the truth later.

The Duke tells Isabella not to be sad, since the Duke will be back tomorrow, to take power back from Angelo; Isabella says she will try to suppress her grief. Lucio enters, and expresses his condolences; he says that if the Duke were presiding over Claudio's case, Claudio certainly would have been allowed to live Escalus and Angelo receive notice of the Duke's return. Angelo thinks it would be a good idea to announce that any who have grievances can meet at the place where they are to receive the Duke back into the city.

However, Angelo also knows that this might give Isabella a forum in which to tell of Angelo's wickedness and her deal with him. He believes that she will not accuse him, because she would be shamed by saying that Angelo took her virginity.

Angelo also says that he should have let Claudio live, since his offense was not that bad after all. Isabella and Mariana are getting ready to play their part in the Duke's plan.

Friar Peter enters, and bids them come to the gates since the Duke is about to come in. Many citizens are gathered, and it is time to perform their parts in this play that the Duke has constructed for them. Act V: The Duke returns, greeting Angelo and Escalus by saying he has heard that they have done an outstanding job, and that Angelo should be praised for his good work. He calls for Escalus and Angelo to walk with him, as he greets the people of the city.

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Isabella then kneels before the Duke, and asks to be heard so that she can claim justice. The Duke urges her to speak, and to address Angelo with her grievance, since he is one that can give justice to her.

Isabella accuses Angelo anyway, of being "an hypocrite, a virgin-violator" before the Duke and his company. Isabella is allowed to speak her tale.Isabella and Mariana are getting ready to play their part in the Duke's plan.

The Provost goes to talk to Angelo, to plead for Claudio's life since his sin is hardly something unknown to Vienna. If Isabella will give up her virginity and sleep with Angelo, he will set her brother free. His masquerade revealed, the Duke carries out long-overdue justice. The Duke, disguised as a friar, visits the prison; he asks the provost to show him to the prisoners that he might minister to their sorrows.

But, just then the Duke, dressed as the friar, asks for a word with Isabella. In Act I, the Duke is presented as a serious man and ruler She calls upon Angelo's pity, mercy, and moderation; she recognizes that Angelo has the power to enforce the law in full, but impresses upon him that one must use power with moderation.

Begged by Mariana to plead for his life, Isabella at last consents. Angelo thinks it would be a good idea to announce that any who have grievances can meet at the place where they are to receive the Duke back into the city.

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