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Monday, May 13, 2019 .. To be honest I'd like PDF/epubs of the raw volumes so i can read from phone. This is a story about: A defective elder brother low achiever. A perfect, flawless younger sister high achiever. After both siblings entered a Magic High School. You can now Download Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel volumes in . epub Format Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, also known as The.

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Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei, EPUB and PDF Download. The Irregular At Magic High School • 魔法科高校の劣等生 latest chapter. Create your own ebook with. Re: [Light Novel][English] Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Status: http://www. Help the Writer, Buy the Novel Light: HERE Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei follows the siblings, Tatsuya and What's with that PDF link -_-.

However, Tatsuya's technical knowledge, combat abilities, and unique magic techniques cause people to view him as an irregular to the school's standardized rankings. LN Her specialty is freezing magic, and her unique magic allows her to freeze a person's consciousness. In addition, half of her magic casting ability is used to seal Tatsuya's powers.

Before the family vacation in Okinawa, Miyuki treated Tatsuya coldly akin to how the other Yotsuba Clan members did. She began to warm up to him and when Tatsuya saved her life, she devoted her entire existence to him.

It evolved to the point where she disdains the touch of other males and expresses jealousy towards females around Tatsuya. They often assist Tatsuya during investigations and dangerous situations.

Erika Chiba [Jp. She has a tomboyish and optimistic personality, and is considered one of the best swordsmen in the clan.

She considers Mizuki to be her best friend and has a crush on Tatsuya. Leo inherited his grandfather's physical augmentations and fears he may also have inherited the Fortress Series' faults. He is voiced by Takuma Terashima. She has a timid, calm, and feminine personality, and is voiced by Satomi Sato.

Years prior to the series Mikihiko failed a summoning ritual which created a psychological block and prevented him from using magic effectively. His involvement with Tatsuya restores his confidence, allowing him to regain his magical talents. One option would be to first write your chosen name manually, then leave the formal signature to the tildes.

To be on the safe side, best to change only things that one can feel nearly certain about and that no one has objected to in the past. Thanks for the info. I was just copying whatever I could here at the discussion page since I am not really a user, so do expect me to make a few beginner-like commands. On a side note, does the tildes only match the CDT time zone? I'm quite intrigued.

The CDT-matching. That's why I in turn was intrigued when it looked as though you had a way to make them give a non-CDT time zone. Posting now with a hyphen and four tildes after having logged out. We probably have gone off-topic now huh. Sorry for that. Yeah since I plan to visit BT every now and then in the first place, I just made an account. Hope to be of help! I added some missing materials in Mahouka, that's all for now.

It's the double 7 arc, so starts covering the events in the Tatsuya's second year. From memory, those chapters should start after this arc is complete; I think it'll end up being started as volume Maybe 12 depending on how volume 11 goes..

They will probably make another failed adaptation like SAO. Just look at previous works of the director or what Madhouse did to Kaminai. The worst thing is that we can expect americans buying licence for novels after the anime, and B-T dropping the project. Another title I'll never come to finish. How so. If you would care to electorate. Well, how should I put it to keep it short Let's say butchered character design was enough to completely put me off.

Then we have the overall feeling or atmosphere and some plot points. I can say the same about Kikou Shoujo I'm quite enjoying the novel but anime is unwatachable for said reasons. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind minor changes but when anime feels and looks like something completely different than the original, just with the same names, something is wrong.

I don't want to go into a lengthy discussion about quality of LN adaptations so let me just sum it up like this: I don't care about the anime as long as I can read the rest of the story. Of course without waiting years for some US company to catch up with B-T and then dropping the thing.

The art style is a little worryingly simplistic reminiscent of Vocaloid visual quality? In recent season, 'Campione! No matter what, there will always be dissatisfaction with how much ends up not adapted from a novel, but I aside from a certain incorrect error message was thoroughly satisfied by the SAO anime adaptation.

It would be a deep shame to not be able to keep reading new Rettousei volumes, but on the other hand most main climaxes have already taken place. Granted, I would be deeply interested in reading about Miyuki taking over the Yotsuba family, or about Miyuki and Tatsuya's super-babies, but if the translation was shut down I would hopefully be able to focus on the wonderful volumes that have been translated thus far and be happy and grateful that I had a chance to read them.

Horrible-quality animation comes around every once in a while, but most anime adaptations these days are quite good. An anime of a beloved series is something to be interested in, to be curious about, and definitely something to be happy about.

Though unrelated, the studio is completely different from the one behind the SAO adaptation. If in the worst case scenario the visual quality in fact turns out to make it painfully unwatchable, one can always minimise the window and listen to it like an audio book.

In any case, it would take some quite serious mangling for one to not be able to get happiness from this anime, and mangling of that level is rare indeed though admittedly not unwitnessed. Although I will agree with you on the "Campione" adaptation. Just have to wait and see. A lot of the adaptations don't quite work It has its place, but overall I prefer "plot" to be measured in chapters rather than cup-size.

Grimjakk talk , 8 October CDT Having watched the first episode, I feel like they did a decent job of trying to adapt the huge amount of information included in the novels to the anime. My biggest concerns are along the same lines as you Grimjakk, I worry that the darker aspects of Miyuki and Tatsuya will be glossed over. Lastly, I am worried over the character of Mayumi and Tatsuya. They may have difficultly pulling off Tatsuya's demeanor, and they seemed to have taken Mayumi in the opposite direction of the novels.

He hasn't made any progress and having his name there prevents anyone else from picking it up. You have it the other way around, the regular translators don't seem to be interested on taking on the two very side character side stories, so we are lucky to even have zwabbit's irregular updates.

What is the general consensus here? In my opinion, they screwed it up big time. I even went out of my way to tell my friends to watch it because it should be epic. In the end though, it feels like they focused too much on the important scenes but ignored the things in between that make those scenes important. I understand that they have a limited amount of time, but they managed to get enough of a following to take up a 2 month 25 episode slot, why couldnt they break it up into using only the first 3 volumes volumes instead of forcing down the 4th?

There was definitely enough content. After all was said and done, Miyuki seemed like a Sakura-gone-brocon Original Naruto where she stood back and cried as Tatsuya did all the heavy lifting. Tatsuya was a badass like he should be but the show made him too OP instead of emphasizing the leash that Miyuki has over him. In my mind they wasted what should have been gold. I did enjoy the anime and felt it was rushed through it a bit; I would have liked to see more of the others in action as well I love subplots.

But all in all I would give it a 6 out of I liked the anime, inasmuch as it was nice to see everything animated, but I think they tried to pack too much story into a 26 episode season.

They ended up skimping on the character development of the others, making for a more boring experience overall. Mayumi is a delightful contrast to Tatsuya and the others, but in the anime, they cut out most of her character, leaving her as a cool beauty. Basically Miyuki without the Bro-con.

Volume 12[ edit ] Is it just me or is volume 12 the start of the second year for them? In the epilogue of vol 11 its written that the first year ended Syfer talk , 18 November CST I asked just to be sure it's not a side story or the likes. If it is the second year it would explain some of the illustrations of it. Poor Tatsuya will have to deal with his new kouhai I think you can get an answer to some of the new characters there Shouldn't we wait at least till it gets a proper ISBN number?

In a nutshell: if those in charge do it, it prevents constant reverts, editing, complaints and sermons we would get if someone who doesn't follow the standards of this novel wiki did it. Therefore, it was only after dinner that they had a chance to talk about it, they immediately understood the reason behind the summons.

It would be hard to think of any other reason than the recent confirmation to the Magic Association about Tatsuya and Miyuki's positions about being a part of the Yotsuba Family. A mix of questioning, and reprimand for reporting false information about their identities to the school and pressure to ensure that, despite the fact they were engaged, they would still act with moderation within the school grounds.

These kinds of things were expected. This prediction would prove to be spot on. In front of Tatsuya and Miyuki was the Dean Yaosaka, and deeper into the office, behind an imposing desk, was the Principal himself, Momoyama Azuma.

Meanwhile, Minami was in her classroom. The mail had been addressed to Tatsuya and Miyuki only. Since it was even recorded in the Family Registry, up until now, I too believed it. Yaosaka had become quite perceptive of the Principal's mood changes over the years and he was starting to get nervous himself as he continued to interrogate Tatsuya. In the eventuality that your custodians intentionally falsified official papers, there is a possibility of you being erased from the School Registry.

That there was a writing error from your departed mother on your birth certificate and that you had never noticed until now, was that it. However, I question the idea that it is impossible not to notice such a mistake for as long as 17 years.

Now that I think about it, it might have been because I was never his biological son. That's because these sort of stories, whether in the present or the past, were not that rare. Therefore, he did not think of Tatsuya's excuse as a lie. If we take their family's special circumstances into account, I do not think that there is a need for punishment, what do you think.

On the other hand, Yaosaka was showing clear signs of relaxation. It is not the place of the educational team to inflict punishment on the innocent party. However, even if your revocation from the school registry will be canceled this time, do not forget what such errors can bring about.

Please transmit this important reminder to your parents. With your special circumstances in mind, I don't plan on opposing your cohabitation. The sermon from the Dean and the Principal ended much quicker than expected. Still, compared to the usual time Tatsuya was a little late in going to Class 2-E.

Been a while. Leo greeted him from behind when he passed by Class-F. By the way, the reason Erika's name was the first to come out of his mouth was because otherwise she would enter a bit of a sulking mood.

Sorry about not keeping you informed. To be more precise, he was unable to forget things. However, this once, he didn't even have the spare time to remember it.

It must've been pretty tough right? I've already got past the initial shock so, no problem on my end. It was no surprise at all for Erika to be aware of the latest letter from the Yotsuba Family to the rest of the Magic Association. The Chiba Family was included in the list of the various Families to which duplicates of said letter were sent to after all. However, Leo's house had no relationship with the Japanese Magic Community.

As a matter of fact, Leo's magical genes came from his. That is why he shouldn't have the means to get information from the Magic Association nor even hear rumors from any of the Houses that are part of it.

Has the information about me, Miyuki and the Yotsuba Family's relationship already spread that far The answer to the question Tatsuya was asking himself was soon afterwards given to him. As soon as he entered the classroom, all of his classmates' stares gathered on him, then immediately turned away. It was made obvious that she had heard about Tatsuya and Miyuki's situation.

Tatsuya also turned his eyes away from Mizuki and ejected the terminal attached to his desk. The two people who had talked with Tatsuya before he entered the classroom. Erika, who was resting her elbow on the window's bottom frame, and Leo who was right behind him, sent anxious looks his way. Tatsuya met their gazes and wore an expression that said don't worry. This morning, Mikihiko didn't appear in Class 2-E.

The morning classes came to an end. It looks like Tatsuya's classmates' way of dealing with him was to ignore him as much as they could. Tatsuya typically didn't talk much with his classmates in the first place; however, it was the first time not even a single person addressed him for half a day.

Despite the fact he had kept his distance, it had been a daily occurrence that people asked him for help when they had problems. Tatsuya didn't care about his classmates' stares, even if they were filled with ill will or hostility.

If they were ready to ostracize him then he would just have to shut out and deny their very existences. It's not as if Tatsuya hated humans. But at the same time, it's not like he particularly liked them.

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Himself included. Tatsuya strongly felt that so long as Miyuki was near him, he didn't need anything else. The existence of people other than Miyuki was of no real importance to him, although it was preferable to have people around in order to live a pleasant school life, it went no further than that.

For that reason however, he wanted to maintain at least reasonably good relationships so as not to let them turn into clear hostile ones. In the current atmosphere, it would be unpleasant to make the first step. That was what Tatsuya thought. So as to not lose Mizuki completely, it had been necessary to interact, even at the cost of scaring her.

Tatsuya wasn't lying when he said he was heading towards the Student Council Room. However he made a U-turn in front of the door. That was because Honoka and Shizuku were inside. Without opening the door nor using his Elemental Sight, he could understand this much, if they were only separated by a single door.

It would be another story if they could make their presence difficult to notice like Tatsuya, for him, this had become an unconscious act, regular students however were unlikely to conceal their presence on the school grounds.

Since Honoka was a member of the Student Council it wasn't surprising that she was present. He was also used to Shizuku spending a lot of time there as well. However, the fact that the two of them were present on this particular day was indeed surprising.

Contrary to his expectations, Miyuki wasn't present in the Student Council's Room. Tatsuya left the place as it was. The reason Honoka and Shizuku were in the Student Council Room was to escape the curious glances they would be exposed to in the dining room. It was a pretty well-known fact in First High that they were close friends of Miyuki's. The number of girls in their second year who also knew about Honoka's feelings towards Tatsuya were not just a few.

For the same reason, Miyuki avoided the dining room. Even more so because she was the one who the rumors were talking about. Tatsuya thought it'd be the case today as well. If anything, Tatsuya thought that the one who would want to avoid Miyuki was Honoka, but it seems like it was the opposite. Keeping in mind what the Principal told to them this morning, for the time being Tatsuya thought it would be best to avoid having lunch together. It seems like Miyuki thought this would be a necessity as well,.

Tatsuya had come up with this proposition as soon as they came out of the Principal's Office, wearing a dissatisfied expression she had reluctantly accepted. For that reason, they hadn't determined any particular meeting spot.

However, by focusing his senses even just a little, Tatsuya would be able to immediately tell where Miyuki was. It wasn't that difficult to imagine what she was up to either, after confirming her position, Tatsuya headed towards the place she was. The door to the rooftop was opened. And without a shadow of a doubt, Miyuki was there. Even though snow hadn't fallen or anything like that, the temperature was still only in the first half of the single digit range.

If you think about it, there really wasn't any other student who would come here with such cold weather. It was a good place for someone who wanted to be alone.

I've been waiting for you. It seems like that was Miyuki's plan from the very beginning. It wasn't just his imagination. That was Miyuki's magic. Please sit over here. She was currently sitting on a threeperson bench, at the right end of it. Since Tatsuya had originally planned on sitting next to her, he accepted her offer without any reservation.

Miyuki took out two boxes of varying sizes from the insulated pack that was resting on her lap. The small one was left on her lap and she presented the bigger one to Tatsuya. Needless to say, they were bentoboxes. I thought they would be useful today. Thank you, Miyuki. However that's not exactly what he should have said, or so he thought. Miyuki most certainly prepared the bento-boxes because she anticipated what would happen today. And the reason for keeping silent about them was probably that she didn't want him to realize how bad the situation would be.

Still, it looks like we'll end up having lunch together after all. Probably because, setting the small details aside, they were having lunch with only the two of them.

However, in Tatsuya's eyes, a little bit of bravado might have been mixed in as well. Then, allow me to dig in. Showing a mischievous smile, Miyuki held out a pair of chopsticks for Tatsuya. She then brought it near Tatsuya's mouth.

Miyuki's face quickly reddened. Miyuki rearranged her sitting posture in a panic and opened the lid of her own bento-box. In other words, she had just performed a self-destroying move. And, he estimated that the teasing should not go any further. To tell the truth he really wanted to follow up with a "Won't you feed me for a bit longer?

If we could find a suitable, unused classroom I'd like to relocate there from tomorrow on. Although, the days when the Student Council has a lot of work will be different. Tatsuya started this conversation after the both of them had finished their bento-boxes and cleaned up. It looks like everyone is looking at me from afar and it feels like they're all talking behind our backs.

At the very least I got the impression that they were avoiding me. I think these two will understand that we had no choice in the matter.

There's no use worrying about something we can't do anything about. Miyuki pressed her own hand against his and shut her eyes. For now, it's not to a point where we should be pessimistic about it.

I think that occasionally, one should step up to solve these kinds of problems, don't you think? After returning home, Tatsuya called the direct number for the Yotsuba Familys Head. Even though Tatsuya wasn't allowed to directly call Maya up until New Year's Eve, their current relationship was officially that of a Mother and Son. Miyuki was next to Tatsuya. Even though this was usually the time to start preparing dinner, Miyuki knew this matter took precedence.

Tonight's dinner had been left in Minami's hands. The timing on Tatsuya-san's report is excellent. During the first call it had been Hayama that appeared on the screen.

He asked them to call back in roughly 20 minutes, instruction that Tatsuya followed to a T. Judging by the way she was talking about him, they were probably acquaintances.

Tatsuya-san doesn't need to do anything in particular. Apparently, they were about to receive a new mission. Thinking so, Tatsuya adopted the posture of someone listening with attention. Even though Miyuki's voice had remained calm on the surface, a strong resentment was hidden beneath it. Understanding this much wasn't that hard for Tatsuya and Maya.

It wasn't because she was sensitive about Miyuki's feelings that she hesitated, rather, it seemed like she was thoroughly enjoying the sight of Miyuki struggling to keep her emotions in check. The talent of a Magician is a property of the Nation, it would do no good to have the next generation plagued by genetic abnormalities. That is why the law might forbid a marriage depending on the degree of kinship.

Surely the Ichijou Family had something else to say? As expected of Tatsuya-san. I also have a problem with the fact they replied with a notification of marriage with a marriage proposal of their own. I don't plan on answering the Ichijou Family for a while.

Maya answered Tatsuya's question with a nod carrying the meaning of an "I know". That's why the two of you shouldn't worry about it too much, alright. You two just have to happily spend time together as usual. Even though it was now the second day of the school semester, there was no change in the current life of Tatsuya and Miyuki at First High. The other students hesitated to approach them, yet but they were unable to hide their curiosity.

Oh well, this isn't the kind of situation that can get better in just a single day after all. It could easily get worse in a single day however. Originally, Miyuki had a tendency of being idolized in First High.

Appearance, Ability, just because of those two traits of hers alone, she was hard to approach. And now, lineage was added to the mix. Not only her classmates and underclassmen but even her upperclassmen were nervous in her presence. On the other hand, the number of people who deep in their hearts felt fear towards Tatsuya were not just a few.

The kind of fear, dread and awe that an exceptional warrior would inspire. And after they learned that Tatsuya was a part of "the" Yotsuba Family, these feelings were amplified. Getting closer is too scary and at the same time, they're too afraid to completely ignore him. This contradiction made it look like they were being cold towards him. The interest they bore towards them, of course, wasn't only because of their youthful High School Student curiosity.

Stars and Idols being the center of scandals was not something new. They couldn't help being curious about the story of the siblings that had too good of a relationship, were later revealed to be cousins, got engaged and are, even now, still living together. Before the start of morning classes. Soon after arriving at Class 1-C, Minami was encircled by a crowd of people who seemed to be mainly composed of girls. Her responses sometimes varied between They didn't do such a thing to I am not allowed to respond to this or even Sorry, I can't answer.

Minami on the other hand emitted a discreet sigh. She did so because they might take her silence as consent otherwise. Maybe her perseverance won out in the end because the next questions were different. Could it be, Sakurai-san is also a member of the Yotsuba Family? What would she answer? They were waiting with bated breath for her response. I am, well, I have a debt towards the Yotsuba Family, so".

Her original answer would have sounded too much like the truth that she is a being dedicated to serve the Yotsuba Family so she hurriedly changed it. However, due to this, she stumbled during her explanation, this really betrayed the given impression that she's hiding something. If she had raised her voice and used a strong denying tone, it might have been easier to deceive the students. It wasn't that unusual to hear reports of Magician's sons and daughters dying while performing their work or accomplishing their duties.

In First High.

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No, in this very Class-C classroom, there have been such cases already. That was the reason there wasn't any particularly awkward reaction at Minami's they helped me explanation. That may be the case but was it natural to investigate by directly asking the concerned person persistently?

If you don't go back to your seat as soon as possible you might lose a few points on your evaluation scores. But we still have some time. To Kasumi who had loudly interrupted the questioning from the back, a single female student had a look at her terminal to confirm the hour and answer back. Kasumi folded her arms and saw off the remaining students before proudly sitting at her own seat.

I hate these kinds of things too. During recess time Minami managed to avoid being the center of the usual crowd. However that was only because second period was a practical class and they couldn't do that while moving towards the classroom. Unfortunately, it wouldn't be that easy to dodge during lunch break.

The number of classmates who thought this would be the best time to talk freely weren't just one or two. More than half of Class-C stood up as soon as the bell rang to signal the end of the morning classes. Let's go together. In a sense, it was a natural result since the seating arrangements for the First Years was the traditional gender-based syllabic order.

Kasumi's family name was, of course, Saegusa while Minami's was Sakurai. In other words, Kasumi's seat was just in front of Minami.

So it was indeed natural that, given everyone reacted at the same time, Kasumi would be the first to reach her. Her surprise was understandable, after all, despite the fact they had been classmates for nine months now, it was the very first time that Kasumi directly invited her somewhere. Kasumi didn't have anything against Minami herself. Since she was a close acquaintance of Tatsuya's however, she kind of avoided her up until now. And suddenly, this happened.

Minami wasn't the only one who was surprised. However, may I ask why you are helping me.

That certainly wasn't just an impression on Minami's part. It was a fact that there had never been any degree of conversation above the expected minimum between the two classmates.

Minami herself never really tried to proactively talk to Kasumi, hence why she still couldn't understand the reason behind her actions. That I hate these kinds of things. The reason was that being openly told by someone who you aren't well acquainted with to begin with, you helped me, was a little too much for Kasumi, in other words she was shy.

They likely don't have any bad intentions, theyre just satisfying their curiosity, but they can get pretty insensitive sometimes. Still, since she also wanted the other side to take her feelings into account, she couldn't help but nod at Kasumi's words.

I also have had quite a few bad experiences. Kasumi unintentionally referred to herself using Boku, something she had never done at school. Kasumi didn't notice her blunder.

When it reached her ears, Minami was a bit taken aback, due to her training as a servant however she managed to keep a straight face. Saturday, January 12th, it was the first weekend since the beginning of the new school semester. Even though the classes on Saturday were only in the morning, the dining hall was still left open for the students with Club activities and members of the Committee.

Erika, Leo and Mizuki had Club activities while Mikihiko had his duties as a member of the Disciplinary Committee, they all gathered in the dining room to prepare for the afternoon.

Compared to a month ago, the number of people present during their lunch break had been halved. Since Tatsuya, Miyuki, and Honoka were members of the Student Council they should be having lunch in the Student Council Room though in Tatsuya and Miyukis case, it seems that since the beginning of the new school semester until yesterday they had taken their lunch in secret in another classroom.

This is what information Erika had heard from Shizuku. The reason there wasn't much of a conversation at their table wasn't only because of their decreased number. The usual mood-maker, Erika, her expression and her every gesture were practically oozing of irritation. Maybe Mikihiko thought it was best to quickly disperse, he finished his lunch in a hurry and was about to stand up from his seat. The one who tremblingly calmed down the two's arguing was Mizuki. In the end, Mizuki put down her chopsticks on her plate which still had about a third of its original contents left.

Currently, the four of them were sitting in the following order, Erika and Mizuki were next to each other while Leo was in front of Erika. Erika directed a sharp voice towards Mikihiko, who was sitting diagonally from her. In that case I will! Erika's swung her palm down on the table. She paid no attention whatsoever to the numerous stares that turned towards her due to the loud sound she had just made. Everyone's gazes were concentrated on Erika and Mikihiko.

While Erika could ignore the others' stares, Mikihiko didn't have such composure. So you're gonna play dumb? Putting that aside, Mikihiko. It's just as this tomboy is sayi--" After having said that, Leo suddenly let out a scream.

You have something on your shoe! The atmosphere loosened a little. For Mizuki and Mikihiko, this wasn't that rare of an occurrence. Miki, to be honest, I don't even want to hear why you're avoiding Tatsuya-kun. However, if it's just because Tatsuya-kun is from the Yotsuba Family, then it's not a reason to avoid him like you do.

If you think it is, then there is no point in calling yourself his friend. It was because Erika had been so aggressive that Mikihiko had been obstinate a few moments before. However, with such sincere eyes turned towards him, the guilt that he felt deep inside didn't allow him to feign ignorance anymore. No, to be honest that is one of the reasons.

Rather I resent Tatsuya for not telling any of us sooner. Despite saying that he was resenting him, the expression that Mikihiko wore was one of regret. Erika and Leo instinctively looked at each other. Don't you think it's a bit wrong? You should understand better than anyone that this was some kind of tradition he had to abide to right?

Erika sent a sharp voice flying towards a Mikihiko that still didn't show any reaction to Leo's words. No, even if he tried to answer back he was unable to form a coherent response. Using this opportunity, Erika pressed even further. Do you think you'd have been able to hang out like before?

Looking at the way you reacted to this affair, I really don't think that's the case. He couldn't even come up with a makeshift lie. Taking a defiant attitude, he answered back at Erika with a somewhat pouting voice. However, that was a silly question. If we ever found someone who wasn't afraid after hearing that, he'd just be a gigantic fool. We're way past the limits of the things you can just hear about for the first time and be done with it.

Erika answered his question wearing the exact same expression that she had when she admitted that she was afraid earlier. No one knows what they do and it makes me uneasy. But still, Tatsuya-kun is my friend. And that holds true even if there are a lot of things he needs to hide. We've been hanging out for a long time after all. Things I don't want you guys to know, things that I absolutely don't plan on sharing with you, there are a lot.

The reason was, he actually had an idea as to what her things she doesnt want known was referring to. Well of course, we're not married or anything, so isn't it actually normal. As he was right now, he didn't have any excuses left. I don't even know how dangerous Yotsuba Magicians are. However, I know Tatsuya. Despite knowing how dangerous Tatsuya can be, I also know that I can trust him to the end.

Leo felt embarrassed at his own speech and forced a clumsy smile before continuing. Though I figured it out on my own. I understand why he was keeping silent about it and above all, I trust Tatsuya because he's my friend. Letting this possibility ruin our relationship would be stupid. Erika was the same.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

When she caught Mikihiko's eyes turning towards her she hurriedly regained her composure. However, I didn't need to dwell on it for three or four days.

Even if she was aware of that fact, the shock she received was exactly the same as the others. However, even if their situations were different, Erika managed to recover from the mental damage in less than a day.

If Erika hadn't suffered the same kind of shock then it would have been impossible for her to understand Mikihiko's dilemma to this extent, that's what he thought.

However, he couldn't come to terms with the fact that while he had been indecisive, she had overcome the trauma. His posture didn't have the serenity of someone meditating, but the suffering of an internal conflict.

I will do my best. On Monday of next week, everything will be settled. Mikihiko's expression seemed a little refreshed. Erika smiled with satisfaction, she then turned her eyes towards the nearby Mizuki. Even Miki said he'd do his best, so you should be able to do it as well, right?

I will do something about it! Let's do it together. Let's do our best. Admonishing Mikihiko in front of Mizuki had been Erika's plan. Erika expected Mizuki to be difficult to persuade if she had tried to do it alone, that's why she first made Mikihiko promise to amend his relationship with Tatsuya, to get her to do the same.

The result was just as she had predicted. However, as she had planned, faced with the two people who mentally held their hands in encouragement, Erika showed an I cant stand this expression and turned her head away. Due to Erika's and Leo, a little persuasiveness, Mikihiko and Mizuki decided to abandon their current attitude towards Tatsuya and Miyuki. However, fighting her feelings wasn't that easy for Honoka. She had already decided how she would act towards Tatsuya in the future.

However, she had yet to muster the courage to actually do it, not to mention how she should act towards Miyuki. Honoka honestly thought of Miyuki as a friend. However, at the same time, she was a strong rival in love. Moreover, she was leading by two or three steps already.

After being admonished by Shizuku, she no longer cared about the fact Tatsuya and Miyuki had deceived her. After all, it seemed like Tatsuya and Miyuki themselves had been deceived. Still, it wasn't possible for Honoka to smile at them like before. Due to Honoka's behavior, Miyuki herself didn't know how to act and the atmosphere had become awkward between them, it was a vicious cycle. Honoka was the Student Council Treasurer. Allowing a supplementary budget to the various Clubs was part of her job.

As such, there wasn't anything strange in her visiting the Club Management's Headquarters.

Talk:Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

However even if the people in her surroundings didn't think it was strange she herself knew that she was just avoiding Miyuki. The fact she was actually aware of that fact depressed her even more. The current head of the Club Management Group was in the same club as Honoka, an acquaintance of hers since their first year, his name was Igarashi.

A boy whose temperament was a subtle balance of gentleness and timidity. There was a saying that went He's neither sugar nor salt though in Igarashi's case, you could definitely say that he was sugar. He wasn't to Honoka's taste but in her current emotional state, he was an agreeable partner. He had become a suitable person to speak to when she wanted a change of mood. It's Mitsui from the Student Council.

The student who had come out was the first year Shippou Takuma. Even though, at first, there had been a lot of bad rumors about him from his classmates, his attitude greatly changed near the end of April. His self-assertiveness was just as strong as usual, however he did not feel the need to push it anymore. His ambitions and desire of taking over leadership was still present, however taking a good look at him, you could notice that his former complacent attitude had for the most part, totally vanished.

Well, to begin with, his hot-blooded nature couldn't be easily changed but he had come to a point where he could honestly apologize and reflect if you pointed out his mistakes. Above all, anyone could tell that he was putting in the effort to change and grow up, he thus garnered the sympathy and even trust from his classmates. It had accumulated to a point where during the Nine Schools Competition, he had spontaneously become the manager of the nine first years registered on First High's team.

Without any arrogance, he steadily increased his abilities. As of today, not only his classmates but also various seniors openly recognized his efforts. Honoka as well bore ill will towards Takuma at first, after the incident with Tatsuya.

However, right now, she didn't have a bad impression of him. She could humbly recognize that he was a promising junior.

There was a call just a few moments ago and he had to go out. However, it seems like some sort of trouble had risen.

Even though the former President Hattori's efforts had been concentrated on abolishing the stigma that only top students could attain important posts, Igarashi seemed to have had a negative effect on peoples attitudes. Honoka thought it would be great if that was just a coincidence.Today, Mikihiko had suggested the after school coffee break. Then, allow me to dig in. I don't really want to see Mahouka Translations getting abandoned again. However, Tatsuya's trust in the prediction of military conflicts instead soared.

Thats easy Race him, you guys. It had everything to do with the passion Akane acknowledged she felt.

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