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Soft Copy of Book Losing My Virginity author Richard Branson completely free. 2nd Review about Losing My Virginity PDF Book by Richard Branson – How a dyslexic boy who did not perform well in school went onto become one of the most successful businessmen ever?. Losing My Virginity. Sir Richard Branson Author Sir Richard Branson Narrator ( ). cover image of Losing My Virginity. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. June Free Chapter - Like A Virgin by Richard Branson. The+Art+of+Strategy_+A+Game+Theorist%27%3bs+Guide+to+Success+in+B.

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Here you can directly get it ⇩ ⇰ File formats: ePub, PDF, Kindle, Audiobook, mobi , ZIP. Download >> Losing My Virginity. Home · Losing My Virginity - Richard Branson[1]. Losing My Virginity - Richard Branson[1]. April 29, | Author: Avegail Mansalapus | Category: N/A. 'Losing my virginity' is an atypical autobiography Virgin's founder, a gigantic business group and a well-known brand. Virgin has built numerous enterprises.

Branson did not back off — he rose to the challenge and spent the holiday trying to swim. Unfortunately, the time was short, and they left without him learning how to do it. However, that was not the end for him. On the way back home, he saw a river and asked his father to stop the car. His father did as asked, and Branson took off his clothes and jumped in the river. He kicked and moved, and finally, he pushed himself up.

When he looked at his family, they were all clapping and cheering, and his aunt was showing him the ten-shilling note.

The approach his parents had may seem like too much, but it seems that it worked — Branson developed competitiveness, strength , and persistence in his early childhood. However, his independence along with his dyslexia made him less than a good university student.

That did not mean that he would not do something, though — he quickly began looking for alternatives. However, it soon became a celebration of contemporary issues and pop student culture. The path to publishing it was not easy.

The biggest problem they faced was money, as you could already guess. In the time that they wanted to publish it, advertisements in magazines were not frequent. However, Branson did not give up and thought of a way to hook companies in. Soon he prioritized working on Student over his studies, and soon he and his coworker left Stowe to move to London. They started getting more and more students to help them with the increasing amount of work.

His magazine focused on music scene legends and reported on music events. Being involved in the music scene, Branson realized that people loved records and that they gave their last money to buy them. However, records were expensive, but people had no alternative. He's the British version of Elon Musk except maybe even mention re successful, in that there's absolutely zero boundaries when it comes to what can be a viable business.

Success of Virgin is guided by the single minded philosophy of building a better product for the customers, and Branson is a classic example of "success because he's too naive to know it's impossible". Overall a very inspiring read. Paperback Verified Purchase. If you're you are looking for a source that will truly inspire you to pursue your dreams, this is it!! I could not put it down. Don't overlook his early pre-digital, pre-internet experiences thinking that these experiences don't apply to today's start-up.

He demonstrates how, by being resourceful and persistent, and with a little well earned luck, any obstacle can be overcome while still having a lot of fun. You can hear Richard Branson's speaking style come through in nearly every line in his autobiography, as he demonstrates the building of a world class business without compromising social values.

One of the greatest autobiographies I have read from one of the most influential person in this world. I wanted to learn more about this incredible man and this book was the perfect place to start. I got to understand first-hand the mind of Sir Richard Branson and see how he began his journey to creating his business empire. The book is witty, funny, and inspirational.

I couldn't put the book down! There were times where I would stay up late into the night reading this book, just to know what happened to him, or I would start laughing out loud because of a funny incident he would mention in his life. I can say without a doubt my level of respect grew immensely for this person after this book. His storytelling is on point, and you can literally imagine yourself being there when he describes the moments of his life.

A man from humble beginnings. Although he has become a multi-billionaire, it is clear he has no forgotten his roots, which is conveyed in his writing.

Great book! I was able to find the adventurous spirit of Sir Branson in the first few pages - especially with his attempt to be the first hot air balloonist in the world.

The book really got down to the minute details of what drives him and what his mindset is like when facing challenges. A definite must-read for any aspiring entrepreneur! Just a crazy good read! Truly difficult to put down right from the get go.

There's a ton of great information in this book, and it's all presented in an exciting manner, which at times had me exclaiming "No way! Branson has to be one of the coolest, most positive entrepreneurs on the planet, and it's really great to be able to see the world from his vantage through his own person account. As I said in the title, this really is an inspirational, motivating, educational, and fun read, and I would absolutely recommend it to those who have an interest in the stories of great business leaders.

What an enjoyable read. So many things I never knew about such a great man. Thank you Sir Richard for always keeping your integrity, family and honor first in your life. Money turns so many people ugly. This is a journey about a man who has taken his power and wealth to give back to the communities.

He also teaches his employees how to think outside the box, to lead and survive on their own. Most employers try to keep their staff "trained". Highly recommended book!


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Shark Tales: Barbara Corcoran. Sam Walton: Made In America. Sam Walton. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? The New Autobiography Kindle Edition. Grow Rich Mindset: Gradually the magazine grew and made some profit for the duo. The basement was small, and most of the money went to printing the copies and bills.

Jonathan dealt with the editorial side, and Richard took care of printing and selling ads. The magazine had other collaborators, but while the others listened to music and talked, Richard grew more mature and became responsible for the business.

In the fall, Jonathan returned to school, and the teenagers moved from the basement to a house on Albion Street. Richard asked Nik Powell to replace Jonathan and control the company's finances. The house was from a church and had been rented on behalf of Richard's parents.

The property was residential and couldn't house a company. Hence, homeowners inspected the house regularly because of complaints from neighbors. When Branson's team received an inspection notice, they hid the phones and moved the furniture.

Losing My Virginity - Richard Branson[1]

This worked until one day they forgot to turn off the phones which rang during an inspection. They had to move once again. A few months later, Richard launched a new business: Being novices in the business world, Richard called the company Virgin. The Virgin Mail Order Records business made a lot of money.

Selling by mail allowed lower price than the competition and good margins. Richard's plans for Student's future were postponed to meet a huge number of requests to buy and ship the records to customers. Virgin prospered until the postal strike in January With the strike, sales stopped, and they decided to open a physical store. They found a free place above a shoe store and convinced the owner that he would sell lots of shoes if he let them stay there.

On opening day, the Virgin record store had a meter queue. Richard believed the record business was profitable and shortly after that found a room mansion for sale to become Virgin's new headquarters.

He knew this was illegal, but he felt he wouldn't be caught since he always broke the rules and wasn't discovered. Customs quickly found out his scheme and planned bust. Richard was arrested, fulfilling Stowe College director's prophecy. The prison made him appreciate freedom.

Quickly, his mother paid his bail, and he got out. The fines increased his motivation to earn enough money to pay them, and after paying his dues, he opened a new record store and a record label and began exporting records. He understood music more than any other friend of Richard's. Simon agreed to become a record buyer and his skills, and good taste ensured Virgin's success.

Each month they opened new stores, and by Christmas , they had The following year they noticed a drop in sales and Richard was intrigued. Gradually he understood that his stores were very casual and that customers paced and listened to music, but didn't buy records.

With that in mind, they added lights and redecorated the stores to boost sales. As the mansion had a recording studio ready, Richard launched Virgin Records, and as early as it would release its first artists and albums.

Virgin Records was slowly starting to show its first signs of success. Richard flew to New York to find a distribution partner and signed a contract with Atlantic Records. In , Richard again faced problems with Virgin Records, which had only a single star, Mike Oldfield. Virgin was unsuccessful in hiring a second star, and Mike decided to renegotiate his contract in That made them cut artists, staff, and costs, to bet on the "next big hit.

Read Richard Branson classics as eBooks

In , Virgin tried to hire bands like Dire Straits, but all gave up at the last minute. However, luck helped, and Richard was contacted by the Sex Pistols manager, who offered the band to Virgin. They signed a contract, and the band's outrageous behavior generated a lot of publicity. Richard decided to take advantage of this, but was sued because of the album "Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols.

Meanwhile, Richard began a relationship with a woman named Joan Templeman while she was still married. The two lived a double life, Joan, with her husband and Richard with other girlfriends, but he always declared his love for her.

Time passed, and Richard and Joan fled to New York as they recovered from their failed relationships. They were both married, but not with each other. Richard claimed he wanted to buy an island for his rock stars and rented a helicopter to observe the islands.

Richard liked an island called Necker Island and told his real estate agent that his budget was , pounds, which was well below the sale price of 3 million. On one of his trips to the island, when he tried to return to his home, Richard noticed that many flights had been canceled.

So began the history of Virgin Airways. In , Richard continued to diversify the Virgin group. He launched a book publisher, nightclubs and began to expand its international operations.

To make matters worse, Joan was pregnant from Richard, and the couple's daughter was born premature and died four days later. This brought them closer and their second child came a year later.

In his personal life, things were beginning to improve.We recommend it to all readers who want to get excited about starting a business, and who think playing by the rules is the only way to success — on the contrary, it is not. That is how Virgin Mail Order came to be.

Start now Signup with facebook By continuing, you are agreeing to our terms of use. He was supposed to go on a bike and with no directions. Branson made a pitch in five minutes for an advertiser, who didn't know he was a year-old student.

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