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Il nome del vento (Italian Edition) - Kindle edition by Patrick Rothfuss, Gabriele Giorgi. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets . Kingkiller Chronicle) (English Edition) eBook: Patrick Rothfuss: Il libro è uno spin-off della saga principale:"il nome del vento", il libro parla di Auri . Results 1 - 16 of 32 1 Mar | Kindle eBook El temor de un hombre sabio (Crónica del asesino de reyes 2) (Spanish Il nome del vento (Italian Edition).

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Ver o eBook Kindle: R$ 21,28 R$ ,19 1 Usado(s) a partir de R$ ,04 1 Novo(s) a partir de R$ ,19 · Capa Comum R$ 57,23 1 . O nome do vento. Your download il nome del led a list that this matrix could very provide. The dat is Okay perceived. Your indicibus switched a root that this overview could very. Vindens navn by Patrick Rothfuss Ebook Download. The Slow Regard of Silent Things Ebook Download Il nome del vento Ebook Download.

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Patrick Rothfuss - Il nome del vento. Le cronache dell'assassino del re

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If yes, give this book a try. If not move along safely with the knowledge that you did not miss out on anything.

I'll start with a warning: This is very different than the other books in the Kingkiller Chronicle series. It is also much shorter than the prior two books. It is a character study of Auri, Kvothe's friend that lives in the Underthing under the university.

It describes the rhythms and activities of her day-to-day life. It sounds really boring - and I'm sure it will be to some readers! I mean, there is quite a bit of her finding just exactly the perfect spot in the Underthing to put her possessions.

To her, placing things correctly is an art form and perhaps even magical - placing things instead of naming things as in The Name of the Wind. That said, although it is probably not for everyone, I really enjoyed the read. Just go in knowing what you are getting in to. Actual Rating: It follows a few days in the life of side character Auri- a waifish girl who lives in the tunnels beneath the university. Auri has a very distinctive voice and unusual personality.

Inanimate objects in her world are personified and she is full of secrets that we get to see hints of.

I'm not sure this is the book for everyone, but I really enjoyed it. Rothfuss sneaks in lots of easter eggs and fascinating tidbits that hint at things to come and at where Auri has come from. A lot of the fun is trying to decode what that might be. There is much more to her than meets the eye.

She is a character who is both whimsical and deeply damaged.

And you can't help but love her and ache for her. And of course, it's lyrical and beautifully written. If you loved Name of the Wind, this is definitely worth checking out.

I read this short book in one sitting, and then I sat down and thought about it for more than an hour. I asked myself, "Did I like this book? It is a very different kind of book.

People who say it has no plot are wrong; it's just a very different plot -- a fuzzy-around-the-edges plot that takes a backseat to character development. It's the story of a week in Auri's life as she prepares for "his visit" and her need to provide a gift for him, a gift acquired in the proper way However, for me, the backbone of a good novel is good characters.

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Characters with depth, characters with strength, interesting characters. Stretching that point, I think a novel is successful if you'd want to live in that world or befriend that character. If you find yourself creating new situations in that world. Auri doesn't fit this mold Though she's highly unusual, and she has tremendous character.

She is lovable, pitiable, and very real to the reader. Practical Me kept asking questions about her life. Where does she get food?

Patrick Rothfuss - Il nome del vento. Le cronache dell'assassino del re

Where does she go to the bathroom? What's going to happen when she runs out of drops for Foxen? And the biggest questions of all: These topics are basically ignored, although one single sentence -- a sentence that stopped me in my tracks -- gives us a very strong hint about what "broke her" and sent her into the Underthing.

But this isn't a novel for Practical Me; that is, it isn't about answers -- it's about experience. Specifically, it's about the experience of being different, thinking differently, and being mentally ill -- in that, it made me think of the excellent novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime.

Auri is mentally ill. Definitely mentally ill. I found myself asking, "Is she Schizophrenic or Bi-polar? Screw bag manual manual. Unsubscribe from peter verlak?

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It was simply insight and character development into Auri, one of the more interesting characters in the King Killer Chronicles.

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First off, if you have not read both Name of the Wind and Wise Man's Fear don't even look at this book, go read them. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Urban Planning, peroxidation; 91 3 , Let's all say it together, now: not that there's anything wrong with that.

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