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If I Were You book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. How it all started One day I was a high school teacher on summer. If I Were You book. Read 59 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Just in time for summer, a body switch story in the vein of Freaky Fr. Editorial Reviews. Review. READING ORDER - MUST BE READ IN ORDER! Book 1 - IF I WERE YOU. Book 2- BEING ME. Book 3 - REVEALING US. Book .

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Read If I Were You (Inside Out #1) online free from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile. If I Were You is a Romance novel by Lisa Renee Jones. No In Between Book 4. My Control Book I Belong to You Book 5 .. IF I WERE YOU made my pulse pound, my insides clench, and left me. If I Were You (Inside Out Trilogy) Of course, you can imagine I was really excited to get to this book considering the “Fifty Shades” was hinted at.

Instant lust exploded inside me. I wanted to feel him close to me, to feel him touch me. To touch him. But I know now not to touch him without his permission. And I know not to beg him to let me. He enjoys the vulnerability of a plea far too much. Enjoys withholding his pleasures, until I am nearly quaking with the burn of my body. Until I am liquid heat and tears. He likes that power over me. He likes full control. I should hate him. Sometimes, I think I love him.

It was the blindfold that should have warned me I was headed toward a place of no return. Thinking back, I believe it did. He tossed it on the bed, a dare, and instantly a shiver chased a path up and down my spine. The idea of not being able to see what was happening to me should have aroused me—it did arouse me. I was scared and I hesitated. This did not please him. He told me so, in that deep, rich, baritone voice that makes me quiver uncontrollably. The need to please him had been so compelling.

I put on the blindfold. I was rewarded by the shift of the mattress. He was coming to me.

Soon, I knew I would come, too. His hands slid possessively up my calves, over my thighs. And damn him, stopped just before my place of need.


What came next was a shadowy whirlwind of sensation. He pulled me onto my back, flat against the mattress. I knew satisfaction was seconds away. Soon he would enter me. Soon I would have what I needed. But to my distress, he moved away. It jolted me to a sitting position, and I called out his name, fearful he was leaving. Then relieved when his hand flattened on my stomach. I must have.

It was a thought easily forgotten when he settled heavy between my thighs, his strong hands lifting my arms over my head, his breath warm on my neck—his body heavy, perfect. Somehow, a silk tie wrapped around my wrists and my arms were tied to the bed frame. It never occurred to me that he could not have done this on his own.

That he was on top of me, unable to manipulate my arms. But then, he was manipulating my body, my mind, and I was his willing victim. He lifted his body from mine, and I whimpered, unable to reach for him. Again silence. And the whisk of fabric. More strange sounds. Long seconds ticked by, and I remember the chill that snaked across my skin.

The feeling of dread that had balled in my stomach. And then, the moment I know I will die remembering.

If I Were You by Lisa Renee Jones

The moment when the steel of a blade touched my lips. The moment that he promised there was pleasure in pain. The moment when the blade traveled along my skin with the proof he would be true to his words. And I knew then that I had been wrong. He was not dangerous. Nor was he chocolate. Guiltily, I slam it shut and set it back on the simple oak coffee table where it had been left by my neighbor and close friend, Ella Ferguson the night before.

It was just…there. On my table. It makes no sense. Good Lord, I feel like Ella seemed to feel when living out the scene in the journal-—like I am the one hanging on for one more titillating moment and then another. Clearly, twenty-eight-year-old women are not supposed to go eighteen months without sex. Another knock sounds and I concede that, nope, my visitor is not going away. Inwardly, I shake myself and tug at the hem of the simple light blue dress I still wore from my final day of tenth-grade summer English classes.

Thankfully, it also cools my feverishly hot skin. What is wrong with me? How has a journal affected me this intensely? Without awaiting an invitation, Ella rushes past me in a whiff of vanilla-scented perfume and red bouncing curls. What makes me, even now, want to read more.

Together we are the family neither of us have, or rather, neither of us wish to claim. At first I had a big OS moment, thinking I had been seduced by yet another synopsis. I just couldn't get into the first couple of chapters. But by chapter 5, it got into me. It got into me fast I'm so glad I didn't give up on this book. I'm giving this book a standing "O" it's only fair that I return the favor. I've been seduced by something dark, thrilling and totally addict The next "it" book. I've been seduced by something dark, thrilling and totally addictive!

A few of the reviews suggest that this is a Fifty Shades mini-me insert bullshit sneeze here. You can't say that every book that contains a little kinky fuckery is doing it Fifty Shades style! It had its own way of doing "it". The plot is totally fuckable original. If I Were You just barely scratches the surface of what I know is to come. It was word lubricant getting me primed and ready for something big, something huge!!!

Something thrilling! You don't know if you want to scream, YES It blurs the line, seduces the soul, and leaves you begging for more! Reviewed at http: View all 7 comments. Sara McMillan is a boring high school English teacher. That is , until she finds the journal of Rebecca Mason. Life takes an unexpecting turn for Sarah , when she decides to find out , Who and where the hell is Rebecca Mason???

You see , Rebecca's journal is no ordinary 'I got up today , went out , had fun , worked , ate , came back home and slept ' journal. Its her account of a time spent with a man who promises her pleasure through pain.

Rebecca's journal becomes Sarah's choice of poison as she starts seeing things from her point of view and starts living her life by walking in her shoes.. Its here where the book starts going through this unforeseen twists and turns that are enough to keep you turning the pages and gobbling it all up till you reach the very end.

This book finds its base in San Francisco , amongst the rich and highly famous. Art , wine , fun and everything nice easily available to those who need it. Saran McMillan: Sarah , like I mentioned earlier , is a school teacher who has given up on her dreams just to get her bills paid.. Sarah as a character is someone who you could easily associalte with. She has dreams , aspirations to become something in the field of her interest , ART.

An interest or passion that she had to give up on when life hit her hard and bad. On the surface she at most of the time appears to be someone calm , but in reality she is all but a whirlwind of emotions. She masks her fulfillement of dreams behind the 'I need to know what happened to Rebecca Mason' facade.

Dont get me wrong , its not she's the bad guy here , but she's clever. She has an undying curiousity that makes her the target of all things dark and dangerous. Her thoughts merged with Rebecca's journal definitely had me thinking that I'm the one going through all stuffs happening in this book.

Chris Merit: Dark , edgy , dangerous , conflicting , scrumptiously sexy , tattooed , hot , alpha-ish , funny , complicated Chris had me drolling for the the most part. A man who believes its important for one to control over things in life , yet enjoys every moment. Ugggh , say what you will but I dont like him at all.. Owner and manager of the art gallery where Rebecca and now Sarah work. He may be sexy as hell or whateva but he seems like a guy too full of himself.

Sexy , commanding , dressed to kill , bossy , raw and everything carnal this man is what woman and girls should stay away from. Boy oh boy , the sex in this book is definitely off the charts hot and steamy.

I mean c'mon with a guy like Chris Merit in da house what did you expect!!! Sarah , Chris and their insanely hot sex-to-survive routine had me going gaga over them. This book is an excellent combination of hot and heavy romance , sexy characters and a mystery deeper than the depths of the ocean.

No one is who they seem and everyone's keeping secrets they dare not talk about. With a cliffhanger enough to make you go insane , this one's a must read for me.

Highly Intense , Highly mysterious and awesomely sexy , If I were you is definitely the next 'IT' book that will leave you panting for more!!!! View all 25 comments. View all 6 comments. Aug 14, R. Hunter rated it it was amazing Shelves: This book. That's it. That's my review. I can't form coherent thought.

All I can do is think of a ridiculous string of profanities that I want to yell while jumping up and down and running around in a circle waving my arms like wacky inflatable arm flailing tube man! It's a slow build. Sara finds these amazingly erotic journals and is determined to find the woman they belong to and make sure she's okay. You will be right there with her, questioning and wondering who the dominating man in the journals is.

But as the story progresses, she loses herself in this woman's world and gets caught up in the absolute pure, unadulterated sex that is Chris Merit. There are no words for this man. I love him, I love him and Sara together.

Just LOVE! And believe me, you will get caught up right along with Sara. I tore through this book in one day. I just couldn't get enough. So much so that I completely lost track of the page count and then BAM!

The story ends and I'm left trying to pick my jaw up off the floor wondering if that just happened. Did the author really just do that to me?!?! This book is definitely cliffy! But oh it is so so soooooo worth it. A book hasn't gotten under my skin like this in a long time. I can't stop thinking about it.

I might have to go back and read it again right away. But I have a feeling that this is only the beginning YES, I'm still thinking about this book almost two weeks later!

View all 32 comments. You'll learn that sooner of later. If I had read this book when it first came out a couple years ago, it would have easily been 5 stars.

Having had quite a few books in this genre under my belt, I can't say that it was an all encompassing 5 star read, but it was definitely a very strong 4 stars. I loved the combination of suspense, romance, and mystery here. I can tell you I was definitely hooked from the first few 4 Erotically Suspenseful Stars Everything I do is calculated and with purpose.

I can tell you I was definitely hooked from the first few pages. It all starts with a diary Art major at heart but high school teacher by day Sara leads an ordinary life But then everything takes a dramatic turn with a few stolen glimpses of a very erotic journal.

After her friend purchases a storage unit that has among its contents, journals. But these are not ordinary journals. These are the journals of one woman's erotically gripping journey with a man that equal parts terrifies and draws her to him like a magnet.

After reading page after page, Sara finds herself not only gripped by every word and experience of the journal's owner, Rebecca, but she feels compelled to find out what happened to her.

She doesn't believe a woman would just dissapear and leave such personal items behind. Something must have happened to her, right? This is how she finds herself standing inside a gallery where Rebecca works and face to face with it's enigmatic owner, Mark. But it's another man entirely that captures her attention irrevocably; Chris Merit, playboy and renowned painter. Within every wall lies a mystery and every word written and said brings questions.

Sara soon begins to question everything as her life spirals more and more into a dark pleasure she has never before experienced. She knows that Mark is hiding something, but what?

And Chris is certainly not at all what he seems to be either. But will her quest for answers lead her to a danger that she doesn't see coming? I definitely enjoyed this book, but it really left me with more questions than answers.

I've very glad that I waited to read when all the books have been released, because that cliffy at the end would have made me stabby kind of angry. As it was, I'm very curious to see how it all ends and the secrets all revealed. I was glad that Sara wasn't the typical virgin ingenue that I find in my books lately. Chris was the character that really stole the show for me.

Still waters run deep with that one, and you can definitely tell that he hides some dark secrets and I for one can't wait to find out what they are. I was also very intrigued with Mark and the history that he so obviously has with Chris. Jumping straight into book 2 now and hopefully getting some answers soon. View all 23 comments. Jul 20, Jill rated it liked it Shelves: The journal belongs to Rebecca Mason and details Rebecca's pull into a darkly erotic and possibly dangerous relationship.

Deciding that her possessions and journals should be returned, Sara tries to track down the missing Rebecca. But when told that Rebecca is on leave, Sar 3. But when told that Rebecca is on leave, Sara a high school teacher, offers to fill in at the gallery over her summer break. Since Sara loves art, has an Art degree and has interned at an Art Museum, she's hired.

Working at Rebecca's job, Sara may be able to find out more about Rebecca and where she is. Chris Merit is an artist whose work is displayed at Allure. Soon Sara is drawn into a relationship with the artsy rebel, who hints at a dark and twisted past. But she also attracts the attention of Mark Compton, Allure's manager.

Both these men are attractive, successful and hiding secrets. This is the first in the Inside Out Trilogy , a combination of romance, erotic themes and mystery. If I Were You has a lot going for it, but by far the mystery was the real drawcard for me. The journals were written with just the right amount of intrigue, suspense and eroticism that had me wanting to know more of this mystery woman, Rebecca Mason.

The romance between Sara and Chris didn't work as well. As in a number of romances, I really couldn't see why Chris who can have his pick of any woman in the world , chooses Sara specifically. Their relationship felt rather abrupt and quick. The 'dark' part of the hero did feel a little contrived, often talking about his dark side, without ever giving any real indication, until near the end of the story where a piece of his disturbing past is revealed. However, the author must know what she's doing and perhaps this comes into play more in the next books.

Where this book has the advantage is in the gripping mystery woven into the story.

If I Were You

The journal entries are dark, edgy and hints at some kink and possible danger that Rebecca may have gotten into. Readers are left with some burning questions at the end of this book. Who really is Rebecca Mason, the writer of the journals? Where is she now? Is she really missing? Is her non-appearance or disappearance suspicious? Who is the man she refers to in her journals? Could it be Mark? Chris even? Or is it someone else altogether?

This was a very difficult novel to rate as certain aspects worked very well, others didn't. So if I could divvy if up like this - Mystery 4. I'd recommend it to readers of erotic contemporary romance, readers who enjoyed Bared to You and possibly those who enjoyed FSoG. Kudos Ms Jones for drawing me into this mystery so deftly that despite my lack of enthusiasm for the actual romance, I did find the mystery compelling and enough to draw me into the next book to find out more about Rebecca Mason.

I know I'm going one amongst the minority when I say this! P No seriously, you're going to have to shoot me. In fact I freakin insist. Honestly, I think I'm quite done with reading books with the exact same concepts. One damaged billionaire? An Art Freakin gallery? One annoying sex crazy YET virginal heroine? Double Check!! To me, this book was nothing but anot I know I'm going one amongst the minority when I say this! P LOL. Take your pick. Honestly I can't give you a reason on why I even bothered to finish it to its boring end when from the very beginning I found myself unable to connect with the lead characters or the story's 'mysterious marketing manager-Rebecca'.

Or ANY other character at all.. To me,this book was a lost case from the very beginning. But since I'm not,I just stuck my butt down and finished it I really cant seem to pin-point where this book went wrong for me And now all that's left here in the end, is my one big frowney face and hours and hours of my precious reading time,wasted And I think by the end of all this blabbering, you can pretty much guess ,how really happy I am right now: So yea All the very best to all my GR buddies that decide to pick this book anyway View all 31 comments.

Apr 26, Penny rated it did not like it Shelves: If I Were You for me is a book that pretends to be something it is not , it pretends to have a wow factor, when in actuality it doesn't have it. There are many places where this book when wrong for me: A Strong 4. This book exceeded my expectations. The storyline was unique for it was two stories woven into one. They are very personal and very private. Why would Rebecca just leave these lying around? Did something happen to her?

These are the questions that drive Sara to look for her. Following a small amount of clues that she gathers leads her to the Allure Gallery, where Rebecca was last known to work. Sara has always dreamed of working in the Art Industry. This is perfect way to not only make her dream a reality, but to also learn more about Rebecca. While at the Gallery, she meets the most interesting people, particularly Mark Compton, her manger, and Chris Merit, a well known artist.

Both men are sexy as sin, but are opposite in many ways. Mark is dominating, intimidating, curt and demanding. He certainly fits the bill. Sara and he instantly hit it off. Chris is controlling, but in an extremely sexy, panty dropping way. Sara, as well as myself, fell head over heels in lust for this man. He seems to be very protective of Sara when it comes to Mark.

Chris certainly has a way of marking his territory when it comes to her. Chris and Sara ultimately begin a torrid sexual relationship. Their chemistry was off the charts. However, is their relationship purely sexual or is there something else brewing between them? Can Sara trust him? Yes, the setting in San Francisco adds a little bit of an allure and mystery to the story.

And a big YES: The sex scenes are unforgettable and blisteringly hot. Or maybe I was just too busy enjoying the story itself to even care to look for similarities. I absolutely loved it.

This first story in the trilogy left you with a huge cliffhanger and multiple questions that have yet to be answered: What happened to Rebecca?

Who is the mystery man mentioned in her journals? Where is Ella? Who was the creep at the storage facility? There are so many freaking unanswered questions, I can go on and on about it.

To say I want the next book now is an understatement. Jun 01, Rebecca rated it liked it. I don't want to be a grumpy reviewer but it's happening. I don't know how to review it. I'm gonna sliiightly rant I think but I don't know. I didn't hate it. I liked the story, I just felt that it was abandoned about halfway through because Sara got distracted by the pretty Mr Merit. I'm a bit like, huh?

I hate stupid characters. Sara in particular drove me insane. So Sara finds some journals, and they belong to Rebecca- a woman she has no knowledge about apart from what sh I don't want to be a grumpy reviewer but it's happening. So Sara finds some journals, and they belong to Rebecca- a woman she has no knowledge about apart from what she has read in the journals. Sara then goes in search of Rebecca because she is worried about what happened to her I don't know how I felt about this, she is a teacher and has the summer off.

Finds some journals, then goes on some humanitarian mission to find out what happened to her. BUT at this point in the book, I didn't care. I was intrigued enough to continue despite feeling Sara was being stupid. She discovers she works in an art gallery and gets offered a job Lucky Sara!!

Naturally owner boss guy is hot and dominant and silently demands she drinks the coffee he made, which she does because y'know Who also has an inexplicable interest in the new girl. A guy who is one of them annoying as fuh martyrs being all You deserve better" Then "I've never felt this way before, let me stay with you, I miss you" This is basically Chris throughout the book.

Who I liked in the beginning!!! But the plot just basically got left behind whilst Chris and Sara were having all the sex. And Sara! Well done for resisting so much, you waited like Before you forgot alllllllll about Rebecca and starting thinking with you slutty brain. Turns out all woman need is a pretty face to forget all there troubles.

She is even toying with the idea that these men had something to do with her disappearance I'm sorry, what book? It's ok Sara, I'm sure we would all ignore everything else if we were basically controlled by strangers Good one mate. Bleugh, annoying. The writing wasn't my favourite kind either. I know they want each other.

If I Were You

I'm not gonna detail everything that annoyed me because to be honest I could do a chapter by chapter blow of Things That Irritated Bec.

I'm mad because I liked the mystery element and wanted more from that.

So I will be going straight into book 2 but God Damn there better be a plot. View all 21 comments. Nov 26, Elyse Walters rated it really liked it. I just finished the audiobook The streets - the dance clubs - the dancing - the girls living conditions 3 I liked their 3 very different personalities - and their friendships - hardships - challenges -.

View 1 comment. Jul 05, Tee loves Kyle Jacobson rated it it was amazing Shelves: Man where to begin with this review. I have read a lot of erotica and adult books lately but I have to say That Lisa has added some things to her story that stands out among the rest. I did not feel like I reading about Fifty and I sure as hell did not thing basic instincts because this story really has so many dimensions to it I could not get my head wrapped around it.

First the characters are so different from any I have read about. I know a lot of people have said no one can fall in love that fast, well to them I say they may not but other people do and it is reality.

I have done some research into the BDSM world and I have talked to people who are in it and I can see the pull towards it and I can see how people fall in love so fast because it is like a drug and the adrenaline rush you get from it is like no other. To them it is like para gliding or bungee jumping the adrenaline brings you places you have never been before and before you realize it you are hooked and can't remember how it has happened.

So now that I have bored you with a little back ground I will get to the real deal and this the story. Sara is a school teacher that is on summer vacation. She is looking forward to spending some quality time reading and enjoying her summer of tutoring students. One night her neighbor is over watching TV and enjoying Sara's company when her boyfriend calls her to go over to his house.

The neighbor leaves and forgets her journal and Sara being curious reads it and is shocked to read what is in it. The next day the neighbor comes back to make sure she has not lost the journal and Sara is embarrassed because she read the journal. That is when her neighbor tells her it is not hers but it belongs to the woman who left her stuff in storage and is selling it. The neighbor is so excited about the paintings and the other journals and Sara tells her she can't sell someones private things.

Her neighbor tells her she will make a lot of money by selling this things and has no intention on keeping them. Sara is so shocked by this but what can she do.

Then the neighbor comes and tells her the next morning she is eloping with her boyfriend and she is on her way to Paris and Sara can have the storage unit and sell it or whatever but it is her's to keep.

Sara is excited because she really enjoyed the journals. They were dark and dirty and there is something in those journals that call to Sara. She decides from that moment on she will find this Rebecca and return her things to her.

Sara's first stop is trying to find out information on Rebecca and when she starts to dig in the storage unit she finds a brochure for the gallery she worked at. Sara is excited because she loves art and majored in it in college. Sara goes home and looks up information about the gallery and decides she will go to a unveiling of a famous painter that she loves for a charity.

While there she meets this guy who she is so taken with. Their is something about this guy and he is so knowledgeable about art that they talk and before you know it they are talking about different artists. As Sara is looking for the Art gallery owner he finds her and they talk about Rebecca which he says she is on an extended vacation but Sara is not buying it. Then the oddest thing happens and Sara ends up selling a painting to a couple looking to buy a piece for their main party room.

The owner of gallery is impressed by Sara and asks her if she would like to work for him and she agrees. See Sara has a secret that she is keeping and that is she has always wanted to work in the art industry but it does not pay the bills. So she has stayed away from it and became a teacher instead.

She is not happy being a teacher because her passion is in the art world where Mark the gallery owner has offered her a great summer. After agreeing to work for him and start that Monday Mark asks her if Chris Merit who is one of her favorite artists she studied in school proud of her for selling his painting. She has no idea what Mark is talking about and he realizes that Chris never told her who he was.

The guy she was talking to the whole time was Chris Merit and she never knew it.

Sara will soon learn that their are lots of lies and secrets shrouded in the disappearance of Rebecca. As she reads the journals and delves deeper into the life Rebecca had she will find out Rebecca was a tortured soul and did things in the name of love. She allowed her heart to rule instead of her mind and her instincts.

She should have followed her instincts because some things are better left alone. Will Sara follow the same path as Rebecca or will she carve her own path? Will she be forced to face her own demons? Will Sara's past come back to haunt her? Will she be caught up in a love triangle? Or will she chose Mark or Chris? As Sara will soon find out everyone has a past and the past can be a dangerous thing. Will she succumb to lust?

Will she giver herself to a broken damaged man? This is such a must read for this summer I am going to re-read it a thousand times! I love the story line and the ending is OMG! View 2 comments. Books should not be able to end that way I hate cliff hangers when I know I have to wait months to find out what happens! This book left you with so many questions. It was great though, captivating story.

I just loved Chris, can't wait for the next one View all 5 comments. Jul 22, Elizabeth Liz rated it really liked it Shelves: Review posted at: This story had me intrigued at the first page and absolutely hooked by the third!

Sara McMillan is a highschool teacher on summer break. Like many with an advanced education in the arts, she was forced to give up her dream of a career in the art field in order to make a living wage. While she enjoys teaching, it has never replaced her passion for the art world. By Review posted at: By chance, Sara is given responsibility for a storage locker her neighbor and friend, Ella, bought at auction, as Ella runs off to Paris to elope with her boyfriend. This locker and all of its contents, including a group of personal journals, once belonged to a woman named Rebecca Mason.

As Sara begins to read these deeply personal, erotic and slightly disturbing journals, she becomes obsessed with finding this woman in order to return her belongings. On the path toward this goal, Sara discovers that Rebecca works at a prestigious San Francisco art gallery, Allure. While attending an event at Allure in the hopes of finding Rebecca Mason, who she is told is on a leave of absence, Sara finds herself surrounded by the art she adores and cannot help but enthusiastically assist a couple trying to decide on a particular painting.

Witnessing this event are two different men. The first is Mark Compton, manager of the gallery. The second, Christ Merit, whose painting Sara has just inadvertently sold to an older couple.

Left alone to speak with Mark regarding the whereabouts of Rebecca Mason, Sara boldly offers her services to fill in for Rebecca at the gallery for the summer. She is shocked, dismayed and thrilled when the domineering and cold Mark Compton hires her on the spur of the moment. Sara is torn because she knows this began out of concern for a woman she has never even met, a woman whose place she is filling within the same gallery.

For Sara, though, this is the opportunity of a lifetime to also prove herself and possibly make a living in the art world she so loves. Sara also understands that, through one short meeting, she has become keenly aware of and interested in the artist, Chris Merit. Chris Merit, who, behind the easygoing and pleasant facade, hides secrets of his own and perhaps even danger. This will be quite the summer for Sara. What a fantastically evocative, sexy, thrilling, almost eerie read this was!

I could not put this book down, and, in fact, read it in one sitting! The mystery surrounding the missing Rebecca Mason is really what holds this story apart. If I Were You handles this beautifully! The characters themselves are wonderful and believable and slowly begin to reveal themselves to the reader throughout the course of this book.

The sexual tension between Sara and Chris, and even between Sara and her boss Mark, fairly leaps off of the page. If there is one small thing I might point out which brought me to a four-star rating rather than a five, I do feel that the author is not entirely purely comfortable writing explicit love scenes.

Though the scenes were by no means badly written, and were, in fact, still quite sexy and provocative, I could almost feel a certain hesitation, lack of confidence and comfort with this aspect of the book. I don't know that I can explain exactly what I mean, but I do know that I could feel it while reading.

The Verdict

I stress that it's a small thing, and perhaps entirely from my viewpoint only, but I want to be honest in mentioning that. I must say, though, when all is said and done, the first book in this new trilogy has a tremendous amount going for it!

The cliffhanger left me breathless, and I eagerly anticipate the next installment! I very much enjoyed it! View all 17 comments. Sara McMillan lives the life of an English teacher, five years celibate and just gets through life. Her mother has passed and she detests her father.

When her friend Eva gives her the keys to a storage unit she won at auction, she's intrigued to find out all about the owner of all the personal effects in this unit Rebecca Mason appears to have just disappeared What happened to her? Is she dead? Sara can't resist contacting her art gallery employer to find the trail that will lead to her. But these journals, they stir something in Sara. She's gone without sex too long. In the art gallery, Sara meets the owner Mark, who is impressed with her knowledge of art and offers her Rebecca's job in her absence.

Mark is polished, controlling and very dominant. Does he have something to do with Rebecca's disappearance? Everyone is so tight-lipped about it. She meets a rebel type at the gallery, all jeans, leather jacket, biker boots at this black tie affair.

Didn't he get the memo on attire at art shows? What she doesn't bank on is her attraction to this man And later finds out he's the multi-millionaire artist Chris Merit. He's an art legend and nothing like she imagined. Their chemistry ignites almost instantaneously.

The book has an awesome balance of mystery, intrigue, and eroticism. In a genre infiltrated with the dominant alpha meets weaker heroine, the mysterious component of the story keeps you turning the pages. Where is this Rebecca? Both Mark and Chris have dominant, controlling characteristics Maybe she's just on an extended vacation? But to leave all her belongings, beautiful artwork and personal journals behind? Chris stirs something inside Sara that's been dormant for five years.

She fears giving up control for fear of being hurt His perpetual warnings for her to stay away from him when he himself can't resist their pull? Moving on View all 33 comments. So I may have what might be construed as a small erotica problem. And there might have even been a rather brief period of time where I considered being a cop when I was younger , just so I could interrogate a nymphomaniac exhibitionist in the slight chance that she might not be So I may have what might be construed as a small erotica problem.

And there might have even been a rather brief period of time where I considered being a cop when I was younger , just so I could interrogate a nymphomaniac exhibitionist in the slight chance that she might not be wearing underwear and that she might just decide to cross her legs at the perfect moment and that I might be the one sitting directly across from her to witness the goods.

Sorry, what were we talking about again? Ah, yes, erotica is a wonderful, escapist genre when I pretty much want to forget who I am for a few hours and read about well-endowed blondes who like sex even more than I do getting it on till the break of dawn. And every once in a while destroying a box spring or a headboard or ripping through a trailer or exploding through paint and plaster faster than The Hulk.

The journal entries were a nice touch. In that case, you should realize that you have broken the bounds of normalcy and seek help immediately. Of course, the answer will always be: I would like two pieces of chocolate, please.

Tell me I am not the only one who thought of Darrell when we read that Ella found the journals in a unit she got at a storage auction But seriously now The journals that leave Sara with some unaswered questions If you are a fan of Lisa Renne Jones' work, you will enjoy this one! Sexy male lead s , mysterious plot twists, lots of steamy sex which Lisa does extremely well Sara is uncomfortable with the idea of selling the stranger's belongings so she vows to find the woman and return the contents of the storage unit to her.

Her only clues to finding the owner, Rebecca Mason, are through some journals that were found in with the woman's belongings. After reading the journal entries 4. After reading the journal entries and having no success in contacting Rebecca, Sara begins to wonder if something really bad happened to the woman.

In her quest to find out what happened to Rebecca, Sara ends up being hired by the same art gallery that Rebecca is an employee of but is currently on leave of absence from. My Cast Overall, I really enjoyed this book.

All the mystery and suspense surrounding the art gallery, Rebecca, Mark, and Chris really pulled me into this story. And I have so many unanswered questions!I'd recommend it to readers of erotic contemporary romance, readers who enjoyed Bared to You and possibly those who enjoyed FSoG.

Get naked for the hot artist guy who has control issues. Rebecca Mason is the missing gallery salesperson and author of the erotic journal that initially intrigues Sara about the world of BDSM. I'm sorry, what book? Kate and Melody are best friends. And I like to do that. While she enjoys teaching, it has never replaced her passion for the art world. But then everything takes a dramatic turn with a few stolen glimpses of a very erotic journal.

Dark Matter. Enlarge cover.

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