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The Human Design Systems' newest and first authorized publication is now available for purchase. The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of. Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be [Chetan Parkyn, Becky Human Design: The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of. The Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA (Paperback) Human Design: The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation (Paperback) Lynda Bunnell, editor: Bethi Black, Artist: Kate McCavitt (Original work: Ra Uru Hu).

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Print Book - pages. The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation, by Lynda Bunnell, Director of the International Human Design. Human Design books. This book is a reference and keynoting guide to Circuits, Channels and Gates. It includes Advanced keynotes for: Gates of Melancholy. Human Design explains how you were built, and how to best respond to the load up the talking Bodygraph here, or book a reading with a certified analyst.

It includes Advanced keynotes for: Understanding these motivations can help you to objectify and simplify your life. It covers the Gates and Channels of the Sacral center and investigates how they affect the ways In this commentary, Ra describes each Gate and Line in much more depth and detail.

All quotes from the.. It covers Line values, explores the relationship of It is an accessible support Instructor Manual is for teachers and guides of Living Your Design courses.

It aids in enlisting your students in the all important voyage of Design Discovery: Is love a chemistry and therefore an illusion? Many of us have been conditioned by an inaccurate idea of love.

The bulk of the text is comprised of descriptions of the Forty-Eight Profile and Type Combinations and how they It builds the full skill of synthesizing all Human Design information into a single analytic understanding. It outlines a course that spans a year; over this year students It illustrates the connections between Circuit Groups, Circuits, and Channels.

The book also describes each Channel and how Would you like to create your free Human Design chart? Out of my experience and my background as sociologist, I had no real expectations.


To my surprise I got answers to questions in my life I had never dared to ask. I can highly recommend to give it a try and be open minded to the results. For me it was life changing in my personal approach of life. Strategy and inner authority has given me this sense of being protected from within, always and absolutely. We have been given all sorts of rule systems and identities to follow blindly whether they have any bearing on our reality at all.

This state of disassociation from our true Self is what is actually responsible for all the pain and misery in this world We are moving into the age of the individual where everyone lives their life according to their own nature; a period that challenges us to be more accountable to ourselves.

Human Design not only attunes someone to their own unique nature but also clarifies and demonstrates how each individual can make better decisions that are in accord with their own nature. This is enormously empowering and freeing! If we recognize within ourselves what suits us best we find a life that is constantly fulfilling.

Can you explain how "science meets spirituality" in Human Design? It might appear that Human Design and astrology have common ground but, in actual fact, they're very different.

This system divides the sky into 64 compartments, not 12 signs of the zodiac and its insights focus on the person within, not the journey ahead. It can provide a much more detailed snapshot evaluation of an individual than astrology can which is why the book suggests that a better social question would be 'Forget your sign, what's your design?

Its science is contained within the relevance of neutrinos and quantum physics, as well as the scientific finding that suggest a strong link between the 64 codons of the DNA and the 64 gates within the Human Design system.

So there is a real symbiosis with our spiritual journey and science. There's nothing like Human Design in terms of self-discovery, our soulful purpose and the scientific evidence.

Can you explain the difference between the two and what role free will plays in all of this? The conscious side of humans is the tip of the iceberg - hiding the much deeper unconscious elements beneath the surface. Ultimately, a personal awakening and an increased awareness of the true self all hinges on getting to know these unconscious characteristics.

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We say and act out so many things that we do not understand and this is the unconscious at work. Human Design is the first system of its kind where, at the stroke of a key, both your conscious and unconscious personality traits are laid out on the page before you - and that's when the true self discovery can begin!

Human Design doesn't affect our free will - it better informs it. When you know your design for life, and know what suits you, then you're better armed to make wiser choices within that free will.


When we live our life more consciously and in accord with our design, we have the closest proximity to what we describe as 'free will', the state in which we can watch our choices as they become implemented in our lives. Are there certain personality types in Human Design that are better than others?

You can walk along any beach in the world and not find two grains of sand the same.The best book so far. Human Design Paperback by Lynda Bunnell.

The Definitive Book of Human Design

It covers Line values, explores the relationship of You find out about yourself, then your partner, then your siblings, then your children I wish I could memorize all this info in a few days so I could stop people on the street and amaze them as well - LOL!

Annette McGrath I received this as a New Years gift and have found the wisdom of my human design report most insightful. It is an accessible support The Book of Destinies: Learn more about our books at www.

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