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5 DECLARATION I Adya Aiswarya Chand, hereby declare that this project report entitled “Employee Engagement” In Pantaloons Fashion. The survey will measure employee engagement – how connected employees feel to their Our plan is to support the university by developing a multi-year engagement enhancement project that is . results report – is to be. Employee engagement is defined by Kahn as “the harnessing of The survey is based on a report which was carried out by the CIPD in , which.

Employee Engagement Project Report Pdf

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Project Report on Employee Engagement - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Project On Employee Engagement - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Summer internship Project Report on Employee. The title of the report is “Employee engagement & job satisfaction level in opportunities, and threats involved in a project or in a business.

In , nearly ideas were submitted.

After choosing the top eight proposals at the end of , we held a boot camp in with the aim of developing these ideas in a quick and agile manner. In May , each team presented its project to the Executive Board. Three winners were then chosen, whose ideas were incubated at our Innovation Center in Darmstadt.

Along with the three winning proposals, a further three projects from our Healthcare and Life Science business sectors were selected. Besides Innospire, we annually present awards in recognition of outstanding ideas, teamwork and projects.

In , the Executive Board presented four teams consisting in total of 34 employees with awards in the categories of Performance, People, and Technology, along with a special CEO Award. Projects were submitted Group-wide by 80 teams from various countries, Group functions and businesses.

On top of these mechanisms, all employees have the opportunity to submit ideas related to human resources to our HR innovation campaign, with a total of proposals submitted in The ideas are evaluated by a jury of top executives from our various business sectors, who then select the two most interesting approaches to be further explored and advanced by interdisciplinary teams. Above and beyond our internal initiatives, we also collaborate with the nonprofit organization TED, one of the most distinguished global platforms devoted to developing new perspectives and innovative ideas.

Through this partnership, we aim to share ideas worth spreading with the world.

Project Report on Employee Engagement

In November , we joined forces to host TED Merck in London, an event featuring talks that have since been watched online by more than eight million people. Making room for ideas: Our Innovation Center in Darmstadt Over the last several years, we have undergone a major evolution and grown through acquisitions. We are now transforming our site in Darmstadt into a global headquarters that will bolster our ability to innovate, enabling us to respond flexibly to growth while also reflecting our corporate identity.

Opening its doors in early , our Innovation Center is the heart of our global headquarters. Replacing the previous modular innovation center, this new facility gives our employees room to explore their creativity by joining interdisciplinary teams and collaborating on pioneering projects — all with the aim of cultivating new businesses that transcend our existing ones. At the end of , 22 project teams were hard at work in the Innovation Center, where they have access to a maker space. Equipped with the resources to quickly develop prototypes, this space is also open to all our other employees.

Besides taking part in our Innospire competition, employees from around the world wishing to get involved at the Innovation Center can apply for a three-month think tank program that will allow them to drive innovation beyond our existing businesses. By analyzing current trends and technologies in select fields of innovation, the program aims to generate new ideas and initial business plans for innovation projects. Four think tanks were held in and focused on topics from areas such as biosensing and interfaces, liquid biopsy technologies, and clean meat.

Beyond facilitating cross-collaboration and creativity, the Innovation Center team regularly conducts events, workshops, seminars, and webinars. Through these channels, we introduce our employees to innovation methods such as design thinking and working out loud , which have proved very popular. Keeping employees informed and encouraging dialogue We keep our employees up to date and encourage exchange through a number of formats tailored to specific target groups. In addition to these formats, a variety of newsletters is also published by our business sectors.

Our collaboration platform EVA encompasses our global Intranet for all subsidiaries and business sectors and furthermore consolidates numerous collaboration applications in one central location. EVA ranks as one of the most important internal communication media — second only to e-mail — receiving approximately 1. In , we rolled out software that automatically translates news in 22 languages, thus facilitating digital participation and worldwide understanding.

Moreover, we publish articles on EVA and host various events to raise employee awareness of corporate responsibility issues. In addition, employees had the opportunity to engage in community outreach through our Good Deeds project.

Deepening employee engagement SPARK is a global volunteer program in which our Life Science employees conduct scientific experiments with school children around the world in an effort to ignite a passion for science in the next generation.

Benefiting both urban and rural schools, this initiative also gives our employees the opportunity to pass on their knowledge. Offering academic programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, KIIT allows aspiring managers to get a comprehensive view of the business world KIIT institute entered the education industry responding to the gap in quality education at post graduate level.

The Post Graduate Program PGP , a full time program worked around our principals of imparting quality education to individuals on the threshold of their careers. The specializations were designed keeping in mind the specific needs of the Indian industry and corporate expectations. Motivated by our success and the emerging need for executive programs, we have recently launched executive MBA programs.

The thirst for education by the public has also resulted in the commencement of diploma programs in areas such as Telecom, Insurance, and Banking and Finance Services.

Summer Internship Project On Employee Engagement

Realizing the need for holistic development in comparison to fragmented education which has been previously the norm, KIIT looks beyond employment as managers and works towards shaping individuals to be great managers. Through skills of lifetime relevance we aim at developing students to their true potential. Modules such as image management, language modules, public relations, personality development workshops hold an integral part of the overall curriculum. Professionalism, critical thinking and good communication skills have become synonyms with KIIT graduates.

Individual attention is the crux of our success. Some of the advantages of Engaged employees are: Research Findings.

For the analysis of the results we have broadly categorized the Gallup questionnaire in three categories. Category 1: Based on responses to us it is clear that employees are satisfied with respect to responsibilities they have been.

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Employees are aware of their roles and responsibilities. Almost all Employees in addition to the fact that they take steps to prepare for their work agreed to. Clearly Indicates that work great with respect to that employee engagement can therefore be seen as the area KIIT force management and human resource practices. The category comprises of: This is a strong parameter of employee engagement. The responses clearly demonstrate that the relationship of employees with their peers, subordinate and bosses is nice.

Responses received under this category supports that employees do believe that KIIT is a great place to work. Majority agreed that they want to serve organization in future as well. Limitations of the study. So the assumptions are drawn on the basis of the information given by the respondents.

What is Employee Engagement

So the findings cannot be generalized as a whole. Employee engagement plays pivotal role for any organizations success. It is a positive attitude held by the employees towards the organization and its values. It is rapidly gaining popularity, use and importance in the workplace and impacts organizations in many ways. KIIT Institute is working on all fronts right from increasing job experience by providing challenging and growing work culture, to the basic amenities and services required.

Employees know what they have to do and they get excellent support from their seniors. Employees are actively involved and are ready to serve organization further. It clearly indicates that employees share a relationship of trust with the organization. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page.

Search inside document. Introduction to Organization An institute initiated to impart quality education to the youth while equipping them with knowledge and skills which would enable them to leave their individual marks in the business world. Category 2: Category 3: Limitations of the study a In this study it is not possible to collect the opinion of all the employees owing to personal constraints.

Conclusion Employee engagement plays pivotal role for any organizations success. Ruby Singh. Divya Khurana.

Durgesh Agrawal. Suruchi Goyal. Jatin Arora. Praveena Ks. Royal Projects. Latesh Cool.As we can see from the table the significant value is.

Yet there is also reason for hope in these results. Therefore employee engagement should be a continuous process of learning, improvement, measurement and action. A well-administered satisfaction survey will let us know at what level of engagement the employees are operating. Durgesh Agrawal. Furthermore engagement entails the active use of emotions.

This enables the company to: Rather saying employee. Control- Employees value control over the flow and pace of their jobs and leaders can create opportunities for employees to exercise this control.

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